Diana Build Guide

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Nacho's Diana Jungle Rehab: Getting off the Blue Buff and Your Role in a Teamfight (TL;DR Edition)

written by FloppyNacho

Diana Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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Skill Order

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  • Moonsilver Blade
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Runes for Diana

Masteries for Diana

Table of Contents

  • The Jungler's Duty

    TL;DR: Feed everyone but love your top as you would yourself.


    I feel as if this could not be left out of any guide on a jungler or jungling.


    As your team's jungler there are needs and wants...


    As the jungler you are needed to make sure top lane is getting more gold than if you were not there, while still providing a detrement to the enemy team.The easiest way to do this is to treat the top lane as you would treat yourself.

    This is not as easy as it sounds because most of the time the enemy has a jungler aswell, and it is impossible to know what they will do next.You are also needed to defend mid, top and your jungle from the enemy jungler, however top lane is top priority.

    Treating the jungle as a lane between you and the enemy jungler is a good way to assess how effective you are, with assessment comes pointing out flaws... fix them. Try to do what their jungler does, better, but never get desperate.

    The wants...


    You and your team want gold before the enemy team gets it. More ganks, counter jungling and controlling the dragon. Perhaps your mid is playing a mana dependent champion?

    Yeah they want your buffs too.



  • Why choose these Runes and Masteries?

    TL;DR: According to laboratory testing, they keep you healthy and agile. Take "Meditate" Mastery.



    The attack speed/AP allows players to use Diana's passive burst, while applying more damage to it at the same time while at the same time, putting less emphasis in spamming abilities to deal damage.


    The armor denies jungle camp damage and fills a lack of armor in Diana's build paths.


    Meditation more than doubles Diana's base mana regeneration, while Bladed Armor skims time wasted on small jungle creeps.



    In a custom match, I tested viable mixes of the following runes.

    1. 26 Flat AP, 13 Armor, 15% attack speed
    2. 25% attack speed, 13 Armor, 11 AP
    3. Spellvamp Quints/Masteries (9%) 15% attack speed, 11 AP
    4. Lifesteal Quints/Masteries (9%) 15% attackspeed/ 8.5 AD, 11AD


    After testing each Rune and Mastery combination, I recorded health and time and each buff and upon clearing.

    Tests 1 and 2 were the most effective out of more than 14 runs of starting several items and runes/masteries.


         However. Rune/Mastery combination #2 was able to more stably start with Boots x3 Pots... Which I love.


    Config # 1 is also able to use Boots 3 Pots, however it clears with roughly 80 less HP, and I prefer the strongest possible setup. (Even though that would be either 1 or 2 with cloth 5pots)

  • Time and Resource Management: Pacing Yourself

    TL;DR: Don't get below 50% Mana. Expect counter-jungling. Don't spam Shield outside buff-fights. Try to get "Q" to Level 2 before a gank using the route provided.


    All jungler's are dependent on 2 things...


    Their health bar and time in game.


          But you've chosen to play Diana, so you have a mana bar to gauge aswell!

          Your job is to clear the jungle the fastest, with the most health, using the least mana.


    Put simply enough...


          Q: Spam it when you have it.

          W: Use directly after being targeted by monsters. Use once per small camp, twice per buff. Always autoattack before activating this.

          Embracing these habits maximizes health at clear.


    Mana Management


    Never drop below 50% Mana in the jungle, you never know when an enemy will appear or a lane will need assistance.




    Typical jungle route for a mana-dependent jungler.

         1:40 Wolves

         1:55 Blue




         Wraiths              ~Boom Level 4... Ganking without Q to Level 2 can be weak.

  • The 5W's of Ganking with Diana


    1. Never "Q" before the enemy knows you're there, it staggers you and warns them to leave
    2. Do not initiate ganks with the shield on, it's too expensive (mana) to waste potential
    3. Cast "W" only while the enemy is flying toward you from your "E" it pops all the bubbles.
    4. The "E" applies a short stagger when tossing enemies from the edge of it's radius, rather than a slow.
    5. Seriously that shield gets expensive.


          ... actually that about covers it. Oh wait...


    Summoner Spells

           Ghost: Speed past wards when ganking from the river.

           Flash: Snap enemies in range of your "E"

           Exhaust: You took Boots of Mobility to get in range to use this.


    In competitive play, the most viable summoner spell alongside smite seems to be Flash. However.


           If Ghost is paired with Boots of Mobility, it can send you flying into lane with far too little warning.

  • The Build Paths: Tanky AP Disruptor or Nuking Pseudo-Assassin


    1.  Do not build glass cannon if your mid is doing well, or if you have an AP top.

    2. SorcShoes for AP Nuker.    Mobies for Ganks.    Mercs for 2+ Hard AoE CC's

    3. Cooldown Reduction is Amazing on her due to non-scaling Q and E Mana costs.

    Building Beefcake Diana

         Personally, when I jungle I prefer netting assists more than kills. The kills feed the people in the lane to an unfair degree. To fit this playstyle, I build Diana fairly tanky throughout the game, sometimes this can even mean skipping Deathcap to offer more utility. Do not be afraid to skip Rabadon's Deathcap. A utility build Diana is best suited with an early Randuin's Omen and/or Morello's Evil Tome for strong CC and late ganking. Luckily, this allows for you to build 2 GP10 items; [item=Heart of Gold]  and [item=Kage's Lucky Pick].

    Building Crowd-Assassin Diana


         When playing a more aggressive Diana, damage dealing-wise. Players should be encouraged to atleast rush a Rod of Ages for a larger mana pool, more health to turret dive and ability power for whackin' evil-doers. Upon completing the RoA, go straight for a Rabadon's Deathcap. Put bluntly, Diana requires quite a bit of AP to start seeing red bars instead of green. The rest is obvious. More damage.

  • Diana's Job in the Teamfight

    TL;DR: Dive at the enemy AD carry fearlessly.


         This section contains easily the most bias because it is tuned to playing Beefcake Diana. For several reasons that will be listed shortly... It is in Diana's best interest to assassinate the enemy AD carry. Her long ranged ult and Q allow her to get in and out clean. (chicka bow-wow)


         In the perfect senario that tanks are in front, carries are in back, Diana destroys a teamfight. These fights are most commonly made late-game when carries are most afraid to die due to their deliciously squishy nature. Begin the fight by Sending a "Q" Through the tanks, with the endpoint focused on the enemy AD. This strategy is why the skillshot is an arc in my opinion. Dive at the carry with your ult, then use "W" and autoattack until a passive burst is released. "R" at one of the tanks you passed the "Q" through earlier.


         Chances are, you just scared, or killed a carry while the rest of the enemy team is wondering why they do such crap damage. Building items with high resistance, health, AP and CDR allow this strategy to work the best. Randuin's Omen provides you with a slow that does not draw enemies near, while [item=Morello's Evil Tome] Will allow for higher burst potential and the Active on it can help kill champions like Swain.


    So... Why did we attack the AD carry most preferentially?


    Diana's build paths find plently of every stat she needs, with the exception of armor. Making her an effective assassin, even if she has built beefy.


    And then there's that part where the AD carry is more likely to put out large constant damage...

  • The Logic Used in Composing the "Shopping List" Build and More Great Items

    TL;DR: The site doesn't allow me to list several build paths.


    The "Shopping List" Build seems a bit unorthadox, but I feel it is one of many possible build paths discussed in the guide that will work almost universally.


    Boots of Mobility: Diana has no movement steroid and her ganking CC is fairly short ranged, making Mobies a good answer to the ganking phase. They're also cheap and easily re-sold for Merc Treads if needed.


    Rod of Ages: Health, Mana and AP? What's not to like?


    Zhonya's Hourglass: This one is the least expected... Instead of using this to avoid focus, use it to assume focus as a tank or to block CC ults like Zyra's and Amumu's. Dash to your target and burst until the enemies turn, activate the hourglass and watch as your team eats theirs.


    Rylai's Crystal Scepter More Utility, Health and Damage.


    Lich Bane This one is interchangeable with Abyssal Scepter but due to the web software used to compose a guide I couldnt make multiple build paths. Defense against APs. And extra damage.


    [item=Morello's Evil Tome] Stems from GP10 CDR, Active: Healing Reduction, Mana regen and AP... This gives a lot of utility.






    Rabadon's Deathcap Obviously enough, AP champ.


    Randuin's Omen Stems from GP10 and gives a CC that you can use that does not pull enemies closer.