Lulu Build Guide

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Lulu, the ultimate AS Carry

written by HaiThere

Lulu Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Pix, Faerie Companion
  • Glitterlance
  • Whimsy
  • Help, Pix!
  • Wild Growth

Runes for Lulu

Masteries for Lulu

Table of Contents

  • Opening

    As someone who has played the Suppordle since opening day and loved her because of her flexibility and team fight presence, I find it saddening how underplayed Lulu is. The fact that this is the second guide on Leaguecraft dedicated to her might show that. Many people say that as a support she is inferior to Janna, and although Lulu's teamfight presence is better than Janna's, during the laning phase Janna simply does a better job at protecting her carry with her knock-back ultimate, Zephyr slow, and shield. But just as Janna can be played as an AP carry, supporting is not all that Lulu brings to the table.

  • AS Carry Lulu

    Because of her passive: "Pix, Faerie Companion" whenever Lulu attacks an enemy Pix the faerie will fire three bolts of magic, causing 5/8/11/14/17/20/23/26/29 damage with each bolt. The damage increases every two levels, starting at a total of 15 damage at level one and reaching a total of 87 damage by level seventeen. These bolts home in on the target Lulu attacked, but can be intercepted by champions, minions, or monsters that are in the way. This ability seems a little odd on a support champion, but it was quickly realized that by building Lulu with attack speed (like one would build Teemo) she can utilize this passive to give her a large amount of free on hit damage. Lulu had a great early game already, you can use this to generate a gold advantage and dominate your lane to become an amazing carry.

  • Masteries

    Put the first 21 points in the offensive tree, getting all things auto-attack related like damage, attack speed, lifesteal, etc. You can put your remaining 9 points into the defensive tree for a little more survivability or into the utility tree, getting some extra mana regen and movement speed.

  • Runes

    • Flat AD marks, as you will be focusing on attack speed early game.
    • Flat armour seals, for survivability and defense against other carries.
    • Flat magic resist glyphs, for survivability and defense against the other support's harassment.
    • Movement Speed Quints, to help make up for Lulu's painfully slow base movement speed of 300.

  • Items

    With proper positioning and no minions in the way, Pix can add plenty of damage to your attacks for the early game. I recommend starting with a Dagger and one health potion, as this can be built into Berserker's Greaves when you first recall. Boots of Speed and three health potions could work as well, and if you want a little bit of health and damage at the cost of slowing down your core build a Doran's Blade is an option. As stated earlier, when you recall for the first time you should have enough gold to build your Berserker's Greaves. If you have gold leftover, get another Dagger, as your next core item will be Malady. Malady is a great item on attack speed Lulu, as it gives a good amount of AS, some on-hit magic damage, and will lower the enemy's magic resist, making them more susceptible to damage from Pix and your abilities. From here, you should build Wit's End and then a Bloodthirster for some AD. If the game continues, get a Frozen Mallet for some consistent CC, a Phantom Dancer for more AS and movement speed, and a good old Infinity Edge for some more damage and crit. If the enemy team is tanking it up, get a Madreds Bloodrazer to melt them. If you are being fed early game and are confident in your abilities, get a Sword of the Occult so you can snowball.

  • Abilities

    Pix, Faerie Companion

          As mentioned earlier this passive cause Pix the Faerie to fire three bolts of magic whenever Lulu attacks, dealing damage. This bolts home in on Lulu's target but can be intercepted by minions, champions, and monsters, causing them to take the bonus damage instead of your target.



          Glitterlance causes Lulu and Pix to each fire a piercing skillshot. Enemies hit by this skillshot will take magic damage and be slowed for two seconds. The slow degrades over time, starting at 80% and decreasing in intensity over the two seconds. This ability is good when chasing, harassing, and can be also used to check bushes. When Glitterlance hits and enemy it makes a distinct *ping* sound, so you can fire it into a bush and listen to see if there are enemies lurking there. The two bolts can be crossed in an X shape by moving the cursor closer to Lulu before firing, potentially hitting two targets going different directions.



          Whimsy is one of Lulu's most useful and creative abilities. When cast on an ally, they gain movement speed and ability power for the duration, when cast on an enemy they are polymorphed into a cute squirrel for a few seconds, preventing them from from attacking or using abilities and applying a light slow. This ability is best used to shut down the enemy AD or AP carry, prevent fleeing enemies from using escape abilities, or to speed up a running ally, ensuring their escape. Be careful how and when you use it though, as it is on a fairly long cooldown.


    Help, Pix!

         Like whimsy, this spell has two different effects, one for casting on an ally and one for casting on a foe. When cast on an ally, Pix teleports to the target, giving them a shield. For six seconds after using this ability, Lulu loses her passive and the targeted ally gains it. When cast on an enemy, Pix teleports to the target, dealing damage to them and revealing them for the next six seconds. This ability can lead to some interesting comboes with Glitterlance because it moves Pix. You can attatch him to an enemy and lead up with a long range and easy to hit Glitterlance, or you can use minions as stepping stones to slow a fleeing enemy at long range. If Pix is put on an enemy he will continue to fire with Lulu's attacks from his new position as long as he remains in range of your target.


    Wild Growth

          This is Lulu's ultimate ability and when used can make target ally champion (including yourself) grow massive, giving them bonus health. The rapid increase in size in combination with the wild magic used knocks up all nearby enemies and gives the target a slowing aura. This can be used like a heal bait to turn the tables in a fight, stop a fleeing enemy, save a fleeing ally near death, or to help your tank initiate in teamfights.

  • Laning

    Personally laning is my favorite phase of the game, though I'm not sure why. Lulu's early game is great, she can take down squishy targets with ease because of her deceptively high damage output. Although sitting back to farm is great, depending on the enemy lane composition you may want to switch into kill-lane mode. I would recommend this if the enemies are squishy, gave you first blood, or are just plain bad. Lulu has a lot of CC, a short duration high power slow, a reveal, a 2-in-1 silence and blind, and a knock-up on her ultimate. The thing is though, without blowing your ultimate, there isn't much to keep the enemy from getting away. Because of this I recommend laning with a friend who has a some hard CC, like Leona. Taric is also a good partner because he can heal you, initiate, and stun enemies. Blitzcrank theoretically seems to be a good lane partner for Lulu, though I have not tested it yet. To whittle down your opponents before going in for the kill, I recommend harassing by tagging someone with your E, then firing Q from Pix's new location, and following up with some basic attacks if possible. Another easy way to get kills is to burst the enemy squishies down with the help of a stun or pull from an ally. Be sure to have you or your support get some wards and keep an eye on the river, being shut down from a gank that could have been avoided entirely is no fun.

  • Your Role in the Team

    In teamfights, try and stay in the back, out of harm's way, and use your rapid and powerful attacks to decimate the enemy squishies. Unlike in many support Lulu builds it is likely you will be very squishy for most of the game, so getting caught out of position by the enemy off-tank or assassin can be disasterous. Remember, although you are the carry, do not be afraid to lend your supporting capabilities when needed. Polymorph that enemy mage! Enlarge that tank! However I do not recommend shielding allies when it is not needed as this strips you of your passive damage for a bit.

  • Final Thoughts

    • Remember, you are the carry! Try and net a support with hard CC during champion select and get as many champion and minion kills as you can during the lane phase.
    • Don't underestimate yourself! With your core build, you can do insane amounts of damage to those who sit in your range and can easily solo enemy carries with the disable from Whimsy.

    Well, this is my first guide and I hope it was helpful. Now go out there and show everyone the true power of the Fae Sorceress!