Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndemere Good Build

written by LegitxJoeDaddy

Tryndamere Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • 18
  • Battle Fury
  • Bloodlust
  • Mocking Shout
  • Spinning Slash
  • Undying Rage

Runes for Tryndamere

Masteries for Tryndamere

Table of Contents

  • Why this is a good build.

    This build helps alot because it gives Tryndemere a good steady attack base. Since T (Tryndemere) relys on "Fury" and not mana stay away from mana items. The reason I used the Infinity Edge is because that gives T the amount of attack you want nice and early in the game. The Phantom Dancer was chosen because the way you refil your Fury bar is from hitting opponents so the quicker you can hit the faster itll fill up resulting in a faster way to get "Bloodlust" and refil you health bar. I also chose the Berserker Greaves to obviously help with the attack speed to increase movement speed. Then later in the game I found it was best to obtain a Trinity Force because it help pritty much everything all around and gives you that extra little boost. Lastly I chose the Stark's Fervor because of the life steal you get and attack speed. So now on top of having the 1 or 2 Phantom Dancer you have this that will get you a little help while your refreshing your fury to activate "Bloodlust" and it provide a nice little 250 Health bonus. Once you reach level 18 I recommend that you really then focus more on the attack speed rather than damage since you will be alot better off getting the fury up instead of the damage.

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