Lee Sin Build Guide

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Abyss's 2k Support Lee Sin Guide

written by AbyssHeal

Lee Sin Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Flurry
  • Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
  • Safeguard / Iron Will
  • Tempest / Cripple
  • Dragon's Rage

Runes for Lee Sin

Masteries for Lee Sin

Table of Contents

  • A Little Presentation :

    Hi everyone !

    I'm Abyss, high ELO (2k-2k2) support main on EU West.

    On this guide, I will talk a bit about how to play as a support, and in particular, a underrated support : Lee Sin.

    Lee Sin has been a dominant jungler and even sometimes top laner in every levels of LoL, but Lee Sin, having to build quite tanky, usually doesn't stack in terms of damage very well into very lategame, so he gets more concentrated in tanking and protecting his carries. This build is based on this particular side on this champion, in which, I will show you, he can be surprisingly efficient.

  • The Role of Supporting :

    But let's start with some basics about the role of supporting; the support is an underestimated role in solo queue, due to the fact that it's probably even more dependant of it's allies than most of the other roles.

    The job of a support, placed on bot lane with his AD carry, is to protect this AD carry in early game, if possible give him some kills and lane advantage. By protection, I mean as well in a fight as with map control and awareness, try to follow the enemy jungler's position with his ganks and/or counter-jungling, to help you know when and where to put your wards, when to push or when to play aggressive. These are points we will see in more details through the guide and through the particularities of Lee Sin as a support.

  • Why Lee Sin ? The Spells :

    Lee Sin's set of spells are amazing for carry protection, his Safeguard / Iron Will is to be maxed first, it's a decent shield, slightly weaker than Janna's in terms of absorption of damage, but allows you to jump to your ally, which is a great synergy with Lee Sin's other spells. This Safeguard / Iron Will doesnt need to be activated twice, as the "Iron Will" counterpart doesn't provide much as a support, and is more energy waste. It is to be comboed, though, with Tempest / Cripple which, upon second activation will slow both movement and attack speed of opponents attacking your carry (or you) and that will provide him a great help. His Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is more of a movement tool, dealing ok base damage very early on, but will quickly deal nothing, as we will skill it last. It can be used to have placement for a follow-up with Tempest / Cripple, since Lee Sin can be played either defensively or aggressively on laning phase, depending on the matchup (which ad carry with you ? which bot lane against you ? which junglers ?). His ultimate, the one and only Dragon's Rage can, again be used both aggressively to put out of position an enemy and help your team get a kill (using flash, often) or defensively to safe your carry from enemy aggression, usually on enemy jungler ganks or in teamfights, as it is also a great escape tool. So let's say your AD carry has 2 bruisers focussing him in a teamfight, the classical combo will be : a shield, followed up by a slow on both, and a kick out on one of them, if possible cc'ing the other one aswell, which will then get focussed by your AD. That is quite easy to do, and surprisingly efficient in teamfight ! Your ad carry will love you ;-)

    Play, as any support with Flash, usefull for so many reasons that I dont need to point out, just like any other champion, but can work great combo'd with Lee's ultimate. And Exhaust mostly for your carrie's protection, but can also be used aggressively. I dont believe there are many other viable options there, you can go for  Ignite instead of exhaust if you want to play aggressive and your carry needed  Heal or  Cleanse (and/or if you're up against a soraka, this is pretty situationnal). A good example for this is if you're up against Ashe on bot lane, your carry might want to grab cleanse to counter her arrow, and Ashe is an AD that often plays with Heal, not ignite, and then your own ignite can counter that (dunno if I made myself clear there, I hope you get the point).

  • The Runes :

    Now for the runes, after a lot of different tries with some hybrid builds with AD runes, I noticed that AD runes were efficient only a bit in early game, and made you much less tanky and built, cause of the sacrifice of both Gold and Armor runes. And you need them, most of your damage will come from the base damage on your spells anyway, especially on the kick, which has quite good dmg. So I came up with a classical Gp/5 + Armor runes which works great.

    You can still use the flat AD runes as an alternative, most likely with aggressive bot lanes, as I am not here to force upon you guys a build, you can of course personnalize it. So here's for the runepage (I didnt know how to put two different runepages up there, if someone can help, it's my first build here) :

    - x9 flat Atk Dmg marks (+8,55 AD)

    - x9 flat Armor seals (+12,69 Armor)

    - x2 flat Atk Dmg glyphs (+0,56 AD) & x7 flat Armor glyphs (+4,9 Armor)

    - x3 Gold/10sec. quintessences (+3 GP/10)

    For a total of : +9,11 AD; +17,59 Armor; +3 GP/10.

    You do NOT need these runes to play aggressive, it's just as a plus for stronger laning phase, this is pretty situationnal.

  • The Masteries :

    I most of the time go for a classic 0/9/21 support masteries page. So we grab the improved flash, the +10 energy, the GP/10 of course, with the +40 starting gold, and go all the way down to improved CDr (+6% on your spells, and +15% on summoners spells). Get the Armor and extra HP on defense, which will help a lot early game.

    But there are, I would say, two variants :

    - A more aggressive one, to go with the second rune page mentionned earlier : http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/1300400010000000000314001000000001030400400000000;

    - A more tanky one against bursting bot lanes, with more movespeed also : http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/0000000000000000003304021000300001030400400200000.

    (sorry my "links" aren't working, you can copy/paste, I'll fix this soon !)

  • The Build(s) :

    Building Lee Sin is just slightly different from other supports, but overall quite similar : allways ask your jungler and top laner who builds what for later !

    Start with boots, a ward and two potions, or if you feel like the lane is gonna be hard, a cloth armor, two wards and one/two potions (if you can wait for it at base).

    Try to get your [item=Heart of Gold] as fast as possible, but without sacrifising a good lane warding.

    Change your boots according to enemy team,  Ninja Tabi in most cases as they are cheaper and will help you more on bot lane, but  Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has a lot of ccs can do the trick.

    I will now use and change Phreak's quote on his spotlights "TONS OF DAMAGE" into "TONS OF WARDS", and I will say it a lot ! Buy TONS OF WARDS !! Wards makes the game, and are the basic buy on supports, there are nice guides about where and when to ward, and I'll try to update with a link later on, but you can also learn by playing, by watching streams of pros etc...

    So don't hesitate a second to delay a lot your build for buying wards, they are SO important.

    As for [item=Oracle's Elixir], nowadays in the actual meta, the first Oracles are usually bought by the jungler, as he is roaming and can clear the wards all over the map, not only in bot lane as a support would do early game. But talk with your jungler a lot, and it's often your job to buy Oracle later on.

    You also have to see with your jungler, as mentionned earlier for the build, who buys Aegis of the Legion, who buys Shurelya's Reverie (in which case you can start with 2 gold items, with a  Philosopher's Stone aswell; whatever for the mana regenaration, it's a very small gold/stat part in it, better help the team and get it if needed), an who buys Randuin's Omen. Try to get Aegis and Randuin's Omen, as they are the most efficient on Lee Sin. The best plan for you is : your jungler gets Frozen Heart and Shurelya's Reverie, while you get these two ! So try to play with junglers such as Alistar, Nautilus or Maokai, who often build these items.

    Another break to tell you to buy TONS OF WARDS, this is your first priority, over items.  :-)

    If it goes to very late, you can grab Zeke's Herald, but in most games you won't get there, since you dont produce much gold and buy a lot of wards. Remember to allways keep one slot in your inventory to buy them, dont ever have all 6 slots filled with items.

    On Lee Sin it might be interesting to keep 1/2 wards on yourself later on, to be able to escape or close distance with a Safeguard / Iron Will on it.

  • Gameplay : The Early Laning Phase :

    So let's talk about the gameplay :

    On laningphase, you need to be very reactive, you can, just like Lee Sins do on top lane, deny some lasthits with your Safeguard / Iron Will on minions, but be careful, you need training to do that efficiently, and it is not to do in any situation, as you might need it for your carry, or find yourself out of position after, so don't do it at first, get some training and do it when you feel confident ;)

    Be reactive on your carry, if he gets attacked, your sustain is not a heal but a shield, like Janna, so you have to anticipate the incoming damage ! Best way is to do your zoning work, in brushes, and keep your mouse on your carry to be able to W on him very quickly. That will make you win the lane, if your carry and you can retaliate after that, without taking much damage thanks to the shield : free damage wins lanes !

    You will have only 1 or 2 wards on yourself, depending on your starting build, so use them carefully, be aware of where the enemy jungler is, if he is or just ganked top, keep your ward, it will be time wasted ! But if you're not sure, be cautious and use it, most of the time on tribush if you're blue, and on river if purple, and possibly one on side bushes.

    Another thing : enemy jungler ganks top : he's far from you, that's when you can put pressure, fight them if you can, otherwise, push the lane to their turret : their AD carry will miss a few lasthits and the lane will counterpush by the time their jungler gets near your lane, preventing him from ganking, but allowing yours to gank successfully ! Get your Heart of Gold quickly and buy just enough wards, around 10mins there will be the first dragon attempts, a pink ward might be usefull there ! See the synergies section for more in-depth information about laning phase.


  • Gameplay : The Middle/Late Game Phase :

    Your midd/lategame role, will be, in most cases, protecting your AD carry at all costs that's where your combo's we talked about earlier will come in very handy : a good Tempest / Cripple combined with Randuin's Omen's active and Exhaust will hurt a lot your enemie's damage output, and a good kick will take them out of the fight for a few seconds or put one out of position in a trap situation, it can be game changing :-)

    So focus on your carry, and protect him 24/7 (unless he's playing Urgot, see the synergies section).

    That's where you buy TONS OF WARDS, you want permanently Drake, Baron and either your (defensive warding) or their (aggresive warding) jungle entirely warded depending on how the game is going.

    All throughout the game, get the timers, drakes, barons, and enemy wards if possible. Invoker's spells aswell can be timed, but sometimes you might not be sure depending on enemie's masteries etc. Best way is to assume he has the lowest CD possible for his role !

  • Bot Lane Synergies/Counters :

    Here we're gonna talk about which AD carries works great with Lee Sin, and against which bot lanes Lee Sin is strong.


    Synergies :


    - Ashe + Lee Sin is a bot lane that works great, especially if you have an aggressive roaming jungler/midd laner, as you have strong initiation : arrow allow you to kick easily the target away from his turret ! You also have very nice carry protection, considering Ashe has low escape, she's a lot about kiting, lategame the synergy is awesome aswell. Probably one of the best synergy I've tried !

    - Urgot + Lee Sin is a very aggressive lane, that can easily with both ultis put completly out of position the enemy carry ! Urgot being extremely strong early/midd game, you can actually roam a bit, go for a 3-man midd lane gank, invade enemy jungle with your jungler etc... Lategame, you won't protect Urgot so much, as he becomes kind of a tanky bruiser; play aggressive by going in and assisting your hyper carry on his focus (Irelia, Jax, often played with Urgot setups for lategame) or protect your AP carry, if squishy lategame based ;)

    - Tristana + Lee Sin works very well, as you can follow her jump early game very well with your W and play aggressive ! Tristana is also awesome lategame and with your Kick and her Ultimate, good luck for enemies to approach her ;) But beware, Tristana has probably the weakest midd-game amongst AD carries, so make sure to adapt your setup !

    - Corki/Ezreal/Graves + Lee Sin works quite fine, despite having no particular synergy, you can actually dominate early game, protect lategame, pretty nice stuff with some training ! :)

    - Vayne + Lee Sin is way too risky, it might work very well lategame but laning phase is too weak, to do only if your jungler can camp, and if enemy bot lane is not too aggressive.


    Counters :


    - Lee Sin is not squishy, and can escape easily, I find him pretty efficient against Blitzcrank, which is played a lot lately, as you are not so fragile to grabs, you can get away easily or actually initiate out of it :)

    - Lee Sin is strong against Vayne, as he can give vision on her invisibility once she's 6, but I'm not gonna talk a lot about that, as Vayne is quite weak and not played lately, due to an pretty bad laning phase.

    - Lee Sin can reduce attack speed, which makes him efficient against auto-attack based AD carries, such as Vayne, Ashe, Miss Fortune or Caitlyn, and about lategame, against teams with 2 melee bruisers in particular (but works aswell against CC Tanks, just efficient against bruisers in particular).

  • Pros/Cons :

    Now let's compare Lee SIn to other supports :


    Pros :

    - Strong carry protection during the game;

    - Can allow a counter-pick on a first match, since they will expect you top or jungle;

    - Very reactive and quite rewarding champion;

    - Decent base damage early game, and can get pretty tanky late game;

    - Good mobility, making him a good oracle carrier despite being melee.


    Cons :

    - Not so easy to play efficiently;

    - Most of gold items are pretty uneffective on Lee Sin, you can't really go for a triple GP/10;

    - No sustain/healing on lane, you need to be very reactive on shielding (just like Janna);

    - Melee range, so you can't really harass, if you go in you go in for the kill attempt most of the time (like Leona for example).

  • Tips :

    I will add some tips in this section as I think or try them out ;)

    - I dont play most of my champions with smartcast, but play Lee SIn with smartcast, he needs to be reactive, it will help you a lot ;)


  • Conclusion :

    That was my first guide there so I hope you guys enjoyed it ! I'll try to upload some more stuff, maybe a video :) Please give me some feedback about the guide, I'd love to have some critics ! I've been playing him on high ELO and in teams so I think it can be viable ! Next time a guide on a more usual support incoming, tell me which you'd like to see ;)


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