Vladimir Build Guide

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Vladimir, the crimson Raper

written by Hyhea

Vladimir Build

Starting items

  • OR
  • OR

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

  • OR
  • OR
  • OR

Skill Order

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
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  • 18
  • Crimson Pact
  • Transfusion
  • Sanguine Pool
  • Tides of Blood
  • Hemoplague

Runes for Vladimir

Masteries for Vladimir

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    : This is Vlad's "main" ability, because it costs nothing, has low cd and gives you health even without               spellvamp. It's also good for farming, because it deals the damage immediately.


    : You will get health with this too, but it costs health. It's very good cause you can became almost invincible. The only one who can attack you effective while you are in the pool is Fiddle with his drain. In teamfights you have to use the pool when you are low on health or you want to chase someone or hold them in nunus ult or so. Otherwise you would waste your health

      : Not much to say about this, it attacks everything near you so it's good to farm with. Don't spam your enemy with it at beginning it will cost too much health and you don't get it back so fast.

      : His ult. Everytime use it in teamfights. It costs nothing. Gives you vision at the point you use it. If you've got spellvamp and use it in a mid fight or to gank, try to hit minions too.

  • Runes

    I think it will work with almost all runes because i just have AP per lvl and no health, life regen or other stuff.

  • Masteries

    Well you can take the masteries you like i have 21(the AP way of it)/9(the armor thing, the magic resist thing and the health thing)/0

  • Summoner Spells

    I take everytime:
    one of the main reasons is somewhere below 
    Vlad's ult + ignite is kill if they have no heal and you have been a little bit good in maths

    What's good too:
    You can get fast to teamfights and you can also get fast away
     help for you and your team
     if you really like it
    you are low on HP and got stunned or silenced use this the W and run
     you can go back while you lane is pushed or help at lanes or other stuff

    What's not that good:
     well you can push withut being on lane and you get money 
     well you get AP and health in Teamfights

    What I would never take:
     too high cd but you can take it, but i just take it with karthus
    no words
    just like it as support

    just like it as jungler or sometimes as AP Yi, Zilean or Malz

  • Build

    My usual build:
    I prefer to start with  and health potions, because it's easier to use Tranfusion on enemies when i'm faster and i can run away better aswell, but you can also buy  or  
    Then buy as fast as possible because you can stand almost forever on lane.
    And the next thing i buy is  because as vlad you gain AP and Health for every stack I even buy it when i play 0/5/3 or so because after I have it I'll turn good for a chance of 90-95% and also gank often when you have it.
    After that buy mostly because of it's passive to get more heal, but the health, cd reduction and AP are good too. And i can last longer in fights because i get more Health because of the cd reduction.
    The next step is to build  just to be faster and cd reduction.
    After that i build  for the extra AP/Health.
    Then get for 612Healt and 92AP and i prefer to start with  when building it, because you don't have that much AP at that moment
    The last thing is of course  you can buy it earlyer too if you like, just feel free.

    This build works at top and mid, i think bot too

    Changes in the build:
    The usual build is against a normal team with tank, support and everything now i show you some changes in the build for different situations.

    If they have much squishy then I'll get  to kill them faster.

    If they have much AD: Then I get  instead of you will do more  damage and have more health too. And survive at least 2 sec. And if you have to, get  or

    If they have much AP: I'll get instead of you will do more damage and you will have more health too. And your E is even better. If they are still too strong get 

    If they just beat the shit outta you: Get  instead of the good old [item_icon=Spirit Vasage]

    If you don't know what's wrong and you still die sell  and buy one of these:  [item_icon=Force of Nature]  or 

    If you want to know why i don't get any of these items in my usual build It's because.... hmmm... i don't know but this build even worked in ranked.

  • Maybe you find a use for this hints

    If you are low on HP get in the jungle and get your health
    If you get chased always turn and use Transfusion you may be a bit slower but the enemy gets weak and with rylai's slowed too and you get HP
    If you choosed flash and you have to run away from enemys with many cc run away use pool and as you are in pool Spam the Key for flash to get away as you are out from the pool (use Flash just over walls, to fool enemies at your turret, to jump in/out of teamfights, dodge skillshots, to flash to your teammates or to steal baron.
    Skill W earlier if you are scared from enemy ganks
    While running to teamfights or you think a teamfight may start soon keep or bring E to 4 stacks
    The thing with the stacks also counts if you are ganking or destroying a turret, because if you get ganked you can fear them if you do enough damage  or youncan even kill them
    if your enemy is fiddle you are screwed

  • Last words

    If there are some problems i have to apologize cause i was a bit confused and if there are grammar problems or something like that it's because my englich isn't the best.
    Try the build 3 times if it wont work to be sure that it wont
     leave some comments if you want and if it's able
    if it wont work for you I can show you in a game that it works you just have to be EU west tell me in the comments if you want
    have fun with it 

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