Gragas Build Guide

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Solo Top Gragas God of Sustain!

written by Carbonwyre

Gragas Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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Skill Order

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  • Happy Hour
  • Barrel Roll
  • Drunken Rage
  • Body Slam
  • Explosive Cask

Runes for Gragas

Masteries for Gragas

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Gragas is an amazing solo top that can harass and sustain along with the best! Though he can also mid I will be focusing on building him as a tank/AP caster bruiser. This guide will focus on how to hold your lane without running out of mana, how to play in extreme situations and how to be effective late game.


    I have spent a good amount of games playing him and learning his skill set quite well. A lot of things fall under the radar when playing him so I will highlight these points and try to shine some light on how to play him to the best of your ability!

  • Solo Top Gragas

    When played correctly he can hold out against even the hardest of lanes while maintaining his farm and gold. Though his damage output as an off-tank/AP bruiser isn't so spectacular thoughout the game his skill set is one that is not easily trumped. He should never be played as a support. It is important to maintain your farm and keep up your gold and levels. With higher levels then other people, your skill set will fall perfectly into place with unstoppable ganks

  • Runes

    Even though Gragas is naturally tanky it is important to take tank runes on him to give him a little bit more of an edge when holding off on a 1v2 lane top or against high damage like Nasus or Darius. If you are in draft pick you can customize them to suit whoever you're going against but in general I reccomend the runes above. The main focus of Gragas top is just to stay alive until your team needs to you break up a fight or shut down an AD carry. Tank runes will do that the best.

  • Masteries

    While you can take AP runes or damage on Gragas, it won't scale as well as health and tank masteries into late game. Taking early game health and damage reduc will help you stay around the minions without get your health grinded down. Health masteries will help your passive keep you alive longer.

  • Items

    Boots 3 pots: This will give you the sustain and the movement you need to get around top lane until you are level 4-5 and have higher levels of what you need to survive.


    Boots of Lucidity: This will bring your CD high enough to make your ultimate be up almost every fight you can have.


    Philo Stone: This gives you the health regen and a little mana regen you need to sit around and be a little more beefy. Combined with your passive this will go a long ways when low on health. It will also provide a good amount of gold if you are in a 1v2 lane that isn't pushing.


    Heart of gold: This will build into a Randuin's Omen late game, combined with the debuff on your q this will go a long way to shutting down an AD carry. It will also play into your passive and to good gold late game.


    Zhonya's Hourglass: This is the ultimate tanking/AP item. You will be going in first in team fights so you will be taking a lot damage. This will give you a way to force them to turn off you when you're about to die so that you can have time to do dps or help our your allies after more damage has been wasted.


    Randiun's Omen: Like I said above, combined with your q attack speed debuff this will go very far in shutting down AS AD carries like Tryn. It will also help you keep people around when combined with your Body Slam.


    Force of Nature: This will round out your build to be a general tank. The health regen will stack nicely with your passive.


    Other Items

    Thornmail: Take this against an AD heavy team but it while you take Randuin's it shouldn't be part of your main build


    Shurelya's Reverie: Good mobility/health/health regen, it's an all around good item but you should only take it if your support isn't.


    Elisia's Miracle: Take this if the other team has extreme arounds of crown control. It's great mana/health regen which goes well with Gragas in general.

  • Skills and Spells

    Barrel Roll: This is your main poke and damage. It also applies an attack speed debuff to anyone it hits. In team fights save this to hit the AD carry. People seen to be afarid of this even if it does no damage, it's a good tool to zone if you are getting dived a lot.


    Drunken Rage: This give you mana back and give you a % damage reduc buff. Use it before fights, when low on mana/low health. The buff is only applied at the end of the channel so give yourself the time to cast it before a fight, if it is interupted you will only get 1/2 the mana and it will be put on cd with no buff.


    Body Slam: This is your slow/escape. It has an extremely low mana cast compared to other things so it will be of great use when running from enemies. Take it at level 4 and max it last. With a little mana regen/lucid boots no one will catch you.


    Explosive Cask: This is mainly used to break up team fights/pick off enemies from their team. If you get good with it you can use it to save an ally or make it mean certain doom for your target. With blue buff and Boots of Lucidity it will be up for almost every fight. With full CDR it's about a 48 second cooldown.

  • Tactics

    When Running

    There will be times when you are oom and need to leave your tower. If you are getting tower dived use your Body slam to move you, it will proc your passive for a little bit more likelihood to survive. If you are running with full mana but are low health, use body slam when it's up and throw a Barrel Roll when you feel safe. Make sure in between spells to let your passive take full effect.


    When fighting 1v2 top

    Hug your tower and Barrel Roll when you can. Constantly use Drunken rage to keep mana. If they don't push then just farm from a far and get ganks from your jungler/mid.

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