Blitzcrank Build Guide

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written by Lemt

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction


    Welcome to Critzcrank's guide for Carries! Hear you'll learn of a sweet little build for everyone's favourite golem, that abuses the fact that when you have a high crit chance and Trinity Force, every use of Power Fist activates the Triforce, stacking up to tons of damage. And thanks to the extra move from Trinity Force, Overdrive and Ghost, you can skip spending money on boots, turning you into a killing machine early on!

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    A very useful ability, but don't count on it protecting you. Instead of considering an extra buffer of health, forget you have this. I find playing this way gives me better results.

    Rocket Grab
    You're only going to use this to grab, the damage won't be something you'll really benefit from. Remember it shoots from the right hand, so it's off center if close to you. It can also grab people past the walls of the base, so use that to your advantage in both defense and offense. Grabbing someone this way will leave the rest of the enemy unable to support your victim. Remember it also stuns during the pull, so you can use it to shut off some abilities that need channeling.

    You're going to use this to move around a lot. When in combat, don't use it until de enemy is well within killing range, so you can give chase if they try to run. And be wary of the cooldown. Another use is as soon as you respawn in your base, to get to your destination faster.

    Power Fist
    Your primary ability, and the one this build is centered on. A stun with a 4 second cooldown, a HUGE increase to your DPS too. Once you get your critical chance high, well, the double damage of Power Fist also stacks with the bonus from Trinity Force and criticals. This is one of the most spammable stuns in the game.

    Static Field
    Not something you'll be actively using much. It can soften a group of enemies in a team fight, and can kill waves of creeps in an emergency. Specially useful when the enemy mass-dives a tower with creep support, as it suddenly makes them vulnerable and means the turret will target then right away, as you'll wipe out all normal minions. However, always blow it if you are about to die, or if it will guarantee a kill.

  • Skilling Order

    1-Grab (1)
    2-Fist (1)
    3-Overdrive (1)
    4-Fist (2)
    5-Overdrive (2)
    6-Static (1)

    From here, always level up with the following priority:
    This build tries to maxmise the amount of stuns you can dish out, and is recommended if your team is very low on CC, or if you think you'll need to break lots of channels (such as Nunu's Absolute Zero).

    An alternative is to go like this:
    1-Grab (1)
    2-Fist (1)
    3-Overdrive (1)
    4-Grab (2)
    5-Fist (2)
    6-Static (1)

    Then follow like this:
    This build maximises burst damage early game, to help set up and finish ganks.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash-The best chasing and evading tool available. Use it to jump over walls or get in range of an enemy for a Rocket Grab. Sometimes you can even use it to suddenly chang your position and Rocket Grab from an unexpected direction.
    Ghost-The second best chasing and evading tool available. You really don't want to stack it with Overdrive later on, but you can use this to start a persecution, then use Overdrive when you are within striking distance, right after a punch.
    Teleport-Great for long-range movement. Not having this makes it much harder to support later on, but Flash and Ghost are usually what I pick.
    Exhaust-I prefer Ghost here. Ghost is similar to exhaust for chasing, but better at running away.
    Clairvoyance-This spell is critical in any team. In addition, you can use it to set up a wall-pull, helping you isolate a target, or to prevent ganks. Remember enemies that see the eye tend ot act more cautiously.

  • Items

    [item=Meki Pendant] You will need lots of mana for your pulls, so this is pretty much a must.
    Philosopher's Stone This will give you all the HP/MP regeneration you will need. In addition to that, it becomes a free item over time.
    Boots of SpeedUpgrade this to your favourite boots. Sometimes you need them before completing the Stone, but you'l only ever want either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.
    [item=Ruby Cristal] Extra surviviability is always good. This item also allows you to go tank if you change your mind.
    Phage The last item that will give you a chance to go use a different build, by upgrading to Frozen Mallet.
    Trinity Force How you build it is up to you. I start with Phage because it opens up more otions and keep your opponents guessing for longer, but after that it depends on your tastes.
    Youmuu's Ghostblade Randuin's Omen Now you need these items, in any order. Think if you need more DPS or more durability, and build accordingly.
    Atma's Impaler An alternative to the previous two, or in addition to any of them. It will give you better criticals, and more durability.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Good DPS, and surprisingly high burst damge.
    -Awesome in team fights, as your grab will turn any 5v5 into a 5v4, or 3v3 into 3v2.
    -Great ganking capability. There's little the enemy can do against a grab from the grass. And it'll be really hard for the enemy to escape you, as you'll be fast, and can grab them back.
    -Grab can be used defensively to save a teammate. Just grab/punch the menace away.
    -Great at killing creep bosses, because you will stun them a lot. Not only will you deal lots of damage, but you'll prevent them from damaging you.
    -Tough. He's designed as a tank, so he has great natural HP and armor.

    -Not a tank. Warn your team at champion selection to NOT count you as a tank. You're not going to be one.
    -Hard-to-use skillshot. Rocket Grab will take a lot of getting used to. But practise makes perfect!

  • Creep Jungling

    Don't jungle, unless you need that last bit of gold for an item. You also don't need the buffs from Golem/Lizard, so let another teammate get them. You CAN help someone kill Lizard or Golem at level 1 with ease. Just take Power Fist as your first skill, let the jungler initiate (this is important), then fist away. This stuns the creep, and deals good damage, so you'll help kill it faster AND stop your ally from receiving some damage. Just be careful to not last-hit.

  • Working in the team

    Grab enemies from/to towers, so your team can kill them with ease. Grab and punch enemies that are channeling to shut them up (specially Amumu, Warwick and Nunu). You have a stun with a 4-second cooldown. Abuse it.
    Once you hit level 6, stop laning. Move from lane to lane for ganks, as you are one of the best initiators in the game. And while doing so, call MIAs as needed. Be your team's map awareness.

  • Farming

    Last hitting is very important to rush the Trinity Force. Teach your enemy to fear the Rocket Grab and Power Fist combo. This will mean you can advance, force the enemy to retreat, and get some last hits. It's usually a good idea for you to lane with a teammate, a stunner if at all possible. Stun plus Rocket Grab or viceversa can make for easy ganks. If an enemy is running away and enters the grass, guess where they're going for and Rocket Grab them. You won't see them until they're close to you, however, so ready your Power Fist.
    Late game, you should one-hit most minions, and thanks to punches will have no problem with supers. That means you can clear waves for an advance without spending the team's mana.
    Once things get hectic in the teamfight, when everyone's mixed up, check Rocket Grab. If ready, back up a bit, grab someone, kill him, then re-enter the fight. Just a step or two will do, the idea is to get whomever seems to be contributing the most to the fight, and punish him for it.
    Spam your punches. Never let it go unused during a fight. It's a stun you can't Cleanse or Banshee's Veil from, so abuse it. Plus it's a great source of damage.

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