Irelia Build Guide

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written by Erbsenzaehler

Irelia Build

Starting items

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  • OR

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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  • OR
  • OR

Skill Order

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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  • Ionian Fervor
  • Bladesurge
  • Hiten Style
  • Equilibrium Strike
  • Transcendent Blades

Runes for Irelia

Masteries for Irelia

Table of Contents

  • Laning Phase and some Stuff about teamfights

    Irelias early game is pretty much bullshit. I start with my q to farm better and be able to escape some early situations. If you invade, w or e are better, cause u need the cc or the dmg. I would choose e, cause the slow or stun is massive.


    Irelia Early Game:

    Until u are lvl 6 or smthing, you are just farming, dont try to trade your enemy. Try to get as many cs as u can without using your q, to save some mana. Just FARM NOTHING ELSE. If you get some ganks, q to an minion, which is low hp, u must kill this minion, to have your q still up. Turn on your w and e him. If he flashes, q him and deal tons of dmg.


    Mid Game:

    First i wanna say, irelias mid game, depends on how do you build. Some ppl go double gp/10 or smthing. Its ok to do this, but you can deal so much dmg, and bully your enemy. Normaly i finish my boots and rush tri force. If you are able to start with zeal, do it, cause ur main dmg comes from your w. If you got an enemy like lee or jax, buy phage first, cause u need the slow to trade them better or to chase them. In teamfights, your main rule is, to kill the enemy ad. q to him instant e and w and spit in his face all you got. if you got ur triforce or sheen, q auto hit, e autohit, r auto r auto r auto ...


    Late Game

    Now you are the god of the gods, cause you are irelia. You got your ga, tri force, and fh, feel free to engage or counterengage. you must kill the ad and the ap before you die :=). YOUR LATE GAME IS AMAZING!!!

  • Teamfights

    Your main role is killing the enemy ad carry.


    If the enemys got hard cc, you need to wait, until they uses oll of their shit on you or your jungler. After they uses their cc, focus the enemy ad, you are one of the best champs to do that, in my opinion the best. Make sure, that you got lower hp than the enemy ad, cause u must be able to stun him. If not its also ok, but champs like ez or corki got good escape skills, which will help them to stay alife.


    If they got soft cc, jump into them, and kill the enemy carry. It sounds pretty easy, but if they disengage, you got big problems.


  • Some Stuff about Irelia

    The hardest part in learning how to play Irelia is, to understand her mechaniks.


    Her main dmg depends on your attackspeed.


    To understand irelia, is to play her. I can write so much as i want here, but i wont helps you.You need to play her often in normals or rankeds. You can also 1on1 against an friend, to learn how to lane with her against any1.


    Keep in mind, that your e stuns only if you got lower hp than your enemy, that you deal so much dmg if you press r and autoattack and this 4 times, that your laning phase is not good and that you are able to engage pretty well.

  • Items

    Boots: Against heavy ad like tryn or renekton, buy ninjas, against everything else buy mr boots


    Against Normal Teams:

    TriForce: The best item on irelia at all. Buy it.

    GA: Also an good Item on Irelia, cause u can go for risky engages or play so much more aggressiv

    Warmogs: I play irelia very aggressiv and i need the bonus life from warmogs, to be more aggressiv

    FH: AMOR + Passive

    QSS: I like qss on irelia, cause u can engage and stuns doesnt matter to you.


    Against Heavy Ad:

    Tri Force






    Against Heavy ap or duo ap

    Tri Force



    Basnhees or FoN

    FH/Randuins/Warmogs: Depends on the enemy ad carry. Against champs like corki or vayne warmogs against the rest fh or randuins, depends on what they build. If they go for many attackspeed go for fh if they build normaly randuins


    If you are able to Snowball rlly hard cause you are feed:



    Ionic/Wits: Depends on what you gonna do, do you wanna push or do you wanna burst




  • Irelia Counters

    Rumble: Rumble destroy her. You cant farm, trade or smthing. If you wanna play irelia, ban him


    Olaf: Olaf is not an counter, but he do well against you. Dont get hitten by his axes


    Teemo: Teemo destroys irelia, but only with some of his ga* skins


    Kayle: Kayle is like Teemo but she deals so much more dmg. If you play against her, let her push and go gp/10. You cant win any trades against her until you are lvl 10 or smthing


    Singed: Singed is for some reason, an very good counter against you. He pushes you, you cant chase him, hell escape any trades. you need an good jungler to win against him.




  • Jungle Irelia

    Some ppl thinks, jungle irelia is an troll or doesnt works good, i dont think so. Irelia is an strong ganker, got livesteal and is there also op.

    When i Jungle irelia, i start with my w. w>q>e. It is pretty good, to start at red, to gank early, cause you dont need blue so much. I dont know why, but the most players in this game thinks, if you got mana as an jungler, you must start at blue, i dont think so. Start at Wraiths, Red, wolves, blue gank.


    Items as jungler







    Irelia rlly does well in jungle. I would buy 2x gp/10 and sell them later or build them into shu and randuins, depends.


  • Last Words

    I got 70% Win Rate with irelia and shes the best carry in the game in my eyes :)


    I hope you enjoyed my guide, and im sorry for my bad english, but i hope it helps you atleast a bit.


    HF GL

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