Zyra Build Guide

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Zyra the Plant That Keeps on Growing

written by sirdivine

Zyra Build

Starting items

  • x 3

Core Build

  • x 1

Late Game / Luxury Items

  • x 1

Situational Items

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  • x 1
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  • OR

Skill Order

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  • Rise of the Thorns
  • Deadly Bloom
  • Rampant Growth
  • Grasping Roots
  • Stranglethorns

Runes for Zyra

Masteries for Zyra

Table of Contents

  • Zyra Rise of the Thorns

    (PLEASE do not forget to comment or rate, and explain commentary)Welcome to my Zyra guide where I will be discussing how to play her as an ap carry mid. Zyra excells at dishing out burst damage along with DoT thanks to her plants. She is able to control the pace, whether you enjoy cs and pushing...or kills by snaring them. Keep in mind however that she requires extreme difficulty to master....similar to casseopia.



  • Skills

    This is what makes or breaks you as Zyra; how you use her abilities. Often enough when you place a seed...they run. Therefore my combo is to snare first, then seed and rampant growth.  If they get to close,seed first, root them, another seed and deadly bloom and auto attack (allowing the plants to continue hitting ur enemy). Run away and ur plants will continue dealing damage. TIP: keep in mind that deadly bloom plants contain faster atk speed, but the grasping roots slow them


    Advanced Tactics:

    1.You do not have to use deadly bloom directly over the seed in order for it to become a plant....if the opponent is near it, use rampant growth to hit him and make the seed

    2. More than two seeds can be on the ground at the same time....up to 4. Use this to your advantage as wards in the bushes, or place them near the minions to create more plants when your opponent gets near to last hit.

    3. When they are low health and playing defense, my favorite suprise is flash>grasping roots>seed>deadly bloom

    4. DO NOT save your ult as a final tool..too many times i see zyras save their ult just to deal the finishing blow, throw your seeds down and deadly bloom/grasping roots for plants and IMMEDIATLY ult in the center of them. Allowing the plants to gain additional atk speed and to land the knock up


  • Items

    1. boots of mobility with health pots. Allows movement to escape ganks and last hit easily, health pots to stay in the lane.

    2. Cataylst next for the survivability, unfortunately Zyra has no escapes

    3. Sorcer\'s boots for the mobility and magic penetration

    4. Rabadon\'s Deathcap, more ability power=more damage 

    5. After Rabadon\'s is when i buy my ROA.

    6.From here you can chooose either a void staff for more damage or a zhyonias (my preferred since team seems to dive me every time) if they have a tank that can dive....like olaf.

    7. The game should be over by now, if not that leaves one item left, abysall scepter for added damage to everyone and resistance or rylais for the slow and some survivability.

  • Runes

    Runes in my opinion (imo) are inteded to help the early game. Ability power for the extra damage in lane, magic penetration for more damgae and mana regen to cast abilities more often for more damage.

  • Masteries

    Simple enough....we want the most damage output since we are an ap carry. 21/0/9

  • Credits

    Thanks for Donshardo and whiteshadowfist for helping me with this guide....much appreciation.