Garen Build Guide

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tank build

written by theegust

Garen Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey all, In conjuction with garen-free week next week, I wrote this guide. The aim is to build a tanking garen becoz lets just face it, some of us are born tank. we have tanking instint but if we were to dps, we su ck Xp with this build, you will have great survivability and great DPS output but its unlikely u will get kills early in the game :P

  • Abilities

    Great for making u stay in ur lane longer before needing to go back and heal.

    Decisive Strike
    use to silent casters and increase small amount of MS. take 1 lvl will suffice. Remember u r not Dps-ing, u r tanking.

    Ur bread n butter in tanking. Max this out as soon as u maxed out ur judgement. dont used it straight away in teamfight tough. this is usually what i do:

    > Activate decisive strike
    > flash into enemy n silence their caster(u may include ignite or exhaust here too :P)
    > Judgement
    > (and here is the time when they will focus fire on u) Courage
    > teams comes in and do their stuffs
    > demacian justice any carry/caster/low health champs.

    If u communicate well with your team or they arent noob + ur good finger reflex, u would survive n score some kills/assist. :P

    The main skills that makes enemy target you in a team fight. Its a small AOE with great DPS even in tank build (see items below)

    Demacian Justice
    ur insurance of getting kills in a teamfight XD well of coz u dont have to se it all the time if ur team's carry can finish the job BUT... if its rammus, Just justice it. dont get fool by its low hp. defensive ball curl is a pain in the ass and this is all u need to smack rammus in his face :D (defensive ball curl ma S!)

  • Masteries + Runes

    i will go with 9/21/0. in offense i would take giving priority to cd reduction and a final point in armor penetrations. In defense, I will go for magic resist n armor, reduce physical dmg, reduce dmg from minions, nimbleness n tenacity.


    3X quintessence of vitality (+32.7 health flat)
    yellow > hp/lvl
    blue > cd reduction/lvl or magic resist/lvl
    red > Arm penetration

  • Items

    ur items shud go like this:

    >boots + 3 red pots(YES health POTS! even with ur passive, this red glowie things make u stay in u lane longer coz its gonna be some time till u go back :P)

    > giant belt and eventually sunfire cape (Why sunfire cape? coz its and additional 40DPS and great armor. With ur judgement, it would most likely be ur judgement dmg per 0.5 sec + 20 dmg. ur aggro generator)

    > after that, its ur shoes. if u r against heavy castes, mercury thread work wonders. else, just get swiftness so u can catch up with eemy while u r in judgement and burning them with ur sunfire cloak.

    >Athma impaler. this is ur second aggro generator. I mean y would they wanna hit u 1st if u have large health pool but hit like a girl? If they dont, u arent tanking, are u? In addition, this item gave u extra armor and it scales ur attack dmg with ur health. From this point onwards, u can fully inviest in tanking items without worrying about ur dmg output

    After this is where it diversify. My personal fav at this stage is aegis of the legion. It checks on everything. hp, armor, Magic resist and dmg XD. additional sunfire capes is fine if you are dealing with heavy physical dps. frozen mallet is a great options too. below is my usual items list

    1) boots of speed
    2) sunfire cape
    3) boots of speed
    4) Athma impaler
    5) Aegis of the legion
    6) leviaten
    7) froxen mallet

  • Skilling Order

    1 > judgement
    2 > decisive strike
    3 > courage
    4 > judgement
    5 > judgement
    6 > demacian justice
    7 > judgement
    8 > courage
    9 > judgement
    10 > courage
    11 > demacian justice
    12 > courage
    13 > decisive strike
    14 > courage
    15 > decisive strike
    16 > demacian justice
    17 > decisive strike
    18 > decisive strike

  • Summary

    I dont recommand getting courage maxed out 1st becoz at those lvl, 35% aint much. Its better to maxed out judgment so u can farm or even kill enemy champs. in this build, u r an initiator. dont couraged too early bcoz it only lasted 4 secs. even if u cant out run a fleeing hero, if its save, just tailed along. ur sunfire cape will do the job if ur desicive strike MS bonus did not :P

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