Evelynn Build Guide

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How To: Jungle Evelynn

written by TheShenox

Evelynn Build

Starting items

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Core Build

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Late Game / Luxury Items

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Situational Items

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  • OR

Skill Order

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  • Shadow Walk
  • Hate Spike
  • Dark Frenzy
  • Ravage
  • Agony's Embrace

Runes for Evelynn

Masteries for Evelynn

Table of Contents

  • Mindset

    Evelynns Mindset is the first thing to learn before playing her. I got tired of all those bad Evelynns, so thats why I write this guide. Since I jungle her for nearly a year, I pretty much understood how to play her, so let's get right into it.


    Evelynn is probably one of the best assassins in the jungle. In my opinion, her ganks CAN turn out way more devastating then Shacos ganks, if she is played the right way. You get revealed by being too close to your enemy or by using skills. For ganks, you need to get as close as possible, so don't use your Dark Frenzy as a ganking tool. With the stealth rework, Summoner Spells like Flash or Ghost break your stealth aswell, so don't even think about using them as a ganking tool either.

  • Summoner Spells

    For Summoner Spells I take Smite and Ghost, but I leave it up to you here. Important: ALWAYS TAKE SMITE! I often see people not taking smite and I often show them, that I was a big mistake. Stealing Baron or Drake often shows them, why Smite is great. And if you still don't take smite, I will find you and smite your Baron away right before your eyes. I warned you! (xD)


    Awesome Summoners:

    Surge - Yep. You read it correctly: Surge. Surge is simply awesome for Evelynn, it grants both AP and Attack Speed and you are a hybrid character - focusing on pure AD in this build though - so Surge boosts everything you need.

    Exhaust - Do I even have to tell you why this is an awesome pick? It's Exhaust, damn it! 

    Ghost/Flash - Positioning/Chasing tools. And escape tools aswell. No need to explain why they are awesome. Case closed!

    Ignite - For those of you, who may be unsure if you will deal enough damage. Take this in the first games and try to get in your damage asap. As soon as you know your full potential, this spell isn't useful anymore, if one lane got it aswell. 


    Summoners you should never choose:

    Promote - May be a nice Summoner Spell, but not for a jungler. Uninstall if you're about to take this thing instead of Ghost or another Summoner Spell.

    Clairvoyance - USELESS. If your Support didnt took it, he/she had a reason. Fact is: YOU DONT NEED IT.

    Clarity/Heal - We're not playing on noob level! Heal is for the ones being totally unsure if they are able to position correctly and being scared of the enemy. Clarity is simply useless for Evelynn, since her stealth gives you 1% Mana per sec.

  • How To: Gank

    Ganking is simple as Evelynn.


    For Blue Team - Top:

    Gank by moving through the tri-bush. Move up to the dual bush if the enemy top pushes to hard, gank directly if hes at the middle of the lane. Ping to make sure your ally will follow. Spam Hate Spark as often as you can, use Ravage whenever its off cooldown. If the enemy top tries to get away from you by slowing you, use Dark Frenzy, chase him/her and beat the crap out of him/her.


    For Purple Team - Top:

    Gank directly by moving top over the river. Make sure your top ally clears the river frequently, if the enemy top got a pink ward. If he/she sets up greens only, move straight through, you're Evelynn. Gank him/her and make him understand: You don't give a f**k about wards. ;)


    For Mid - Both teams:

    Gank directly. But make sure that your ally baits the enemy a bit, to be able to gank mid from behind and cut his escape route. If he/she burns flash, you're fine, if he/she dies, you won this gank.


    For Bot - Both Teams:

    Since this is the same as top lane, I explain it as simple as possible.

    Purple Team: Gank by joining from the tri-bush. Or simply move straight in over the river.

    Blue Team:  Gank straight from the river.

    To explain it even more simple: It's the same for top, just vise versa. 

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