Hecarim Build Guide

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The War Horse of the Jungle

written by eniradian

Hecarim Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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  • Warpath
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  • Spirit of Dread
  • Devastating Charge
  • Onslaught of Shadows

Runes for Hecarim

Masteries for Hecarim

Table of Contents

  • Introducation

    Hi guys, and welcome to my first guide!


    My name is Eniradian, my in game name for LoL is eNi East Journey. I play on the NA server from Australia. 


    This guide is based on my success with Hecarim in the jungle, and the way I play him and use Hecarim to win games. I have played a lot of Hecarim games and he is by far my favourite champion in this fine game. 


    My stream can be found at http://www.own3d.tv/eniradian



    This is a work-in-progress and will be edited as I go. Any tips or advice would be appreciated!


  • Abilities


    The first part of this ability is not really used in the jungle, there just is not much unit collision going on in there. But it is really helpful when ganking as it allows us to get into position with out being creep blocked, and positioning of ganks is what wins you the game fairly often. 

    The second part of this ability is quite unique and is good...but not worth building around. We do how ever get quite a bit out of it as we must get boots, we have a   as our main damage item, and we also want to be building a [item_icon=Force of Nature] as our magic resist item quite often. After all, movement speed is at our advantage. All in all, cant complain. 


    This is our main source of damage through out the game and generally what we will max first. It synergises really well with our  from Triforce and is an AoE damage ability. We take this first to clear camps faster and max it for the damage. Good spell for the jungle, even with the damage reduction to creeps. It is AoE physical damage, synergises well with our core item, and looks awesome!

    Spirit of Dread

    This ability is our natural sustain. It is the ability we want to be maxing second. It allows us to basically stay in the jungler for as long as we have mana. This is also good for team fights as the healing effect is not capped on champions, meaning the more damage done, the more healing we get. Another good ability for the jungle; AoE damage, and sustain. This is also helpful if you ever tower dive the enemy or are tanking dragon, baron as our build does not generally leave us with much sustain in the way of items. This ability also gets some damage increase from our A good ability, max it second. 

    Devastating Charge

    This spell is quite strong in the ways of ganking. We dont really use it in the jungle at all but it is our SUPRISE im over here now spell. Grabbing this at lvl 4 lets us gank with double buffs. The knock back effect from this can be a little buggy when going against champions like Ezreal or people with blink like abilities. If you knock them back as they use thier blink, all sorts of things can happen. You can knock them further in the direction you want, they can be knocked behind you or in the complete wrong direction to what you intended. BUT it is a very good skill, quite strong in the way it gives us map presence and scary ganks. Strong ability, take it at lvl 4 and max it last.

    Onslaught of Shadows

    Ah, the lovely specral riders we call friends. This ability is great fun, and as a much loved childhood game of mine would say, Super Effective! It is a gap closing, damage dealing, position breaking ultimate. Its like Malphite and Gragas had a baby and this ultimate was born. 

    Disgusting thoughts aside summoners, this is a very powerful ultimate and can scare the hell out of unsuspecting opponents. Using this in conjunction with your E is game breaking to a whole new extent. You become an Alistar Pulverise+Headbutt combo with a gap closer. This does take a bit of mastering but once you can do it right you will be God Like! 

  • Summoner Spells


    These are all you need, ever.


    is great for some real suprise attacks, you can get ahead of people and knock them back easier (flash is also buggy with Hecarim's E) and you are also impossible to chase once you use this, no one will catch you.


    Is self explanatory. If your going to jungle, your going to take smite. If you choose to jungle without please dont use Hecarim, he doesnt deserve to be put through that much pain. 


    Replacments for


    If you dont want to take Ghost and prefer another spell, then by all means have at it. These are my recomendations;


    - This is a good spell for all game, allows you to duel in the jungler better and makes your ganks even stronger. Not a bad pick


    - Is ok, the cool down is huge, it is very buggy with E and really doesnt seem to do much for me on Hecarim


    - It is ok to take, I do not advise it though. If they have a lot of healing and you want that extra kill power then take it. I personally would prefer though.


    Anything else is really not on the list as far as I am concerned, although on Hecarim is pretty damn funny :)


  • Item Build

    Starting Items

    I like to start with regrowth pendant and a health pot. This allows you to rush a fast philo stone. But if you dont get a leash of you have a bad leash you can be left a long way behind. I would recommend taking it if you have a good grasp of your team mates or think they are skilled enough to know how to leash. 


    Boots and 3

    Boots and 3 pots is my favoured way to start in solo queue games. It gives you more sustain in the jungle and earlier ganks. You are able to change your build path more easily if needed and ganks are more powerfull.


    Core Items

    After building our , [Item_Icon=Heart of Gold] and our  we need to look at some offensive items. At this point we should be looking to complete a . We want to start building our Triforce with a first. This is our best damage item out of the Trinity Force as it synergises well with our Q and W and boosts our damage A LOT! Phage and Zeal can be built in what ever order you deem more important. If you need more move speed as you have yet to pick up your lvl 2 boots than grab zeal, If you need more health or maybe a slow grab your phage first. 


    Defensive core items on Hecarim are anything with CDR or move speed. For armour its hard to go past and  . Both great armour items, both give enemy de-buffs and both have CDR. Randuins is built straight from your HoG as well! As magic resist we want to try and get a [Item_Icon=Force of Nature]. Gives us move speed and health regen as well a large chunk of MR. 


  • Other Common Items

    Lately I have been trying a lot of different build paths. This encludes things like building straight off the bat, and pretty much anything under the sun. Successful items that, I feel have a possible place, i would consider viable on my Pony are as follows; 


      -   This item gives us crazy sustain AND a target slow. The lifesteal and extra damage are nice, as well as the synergy of the with our Spirit of Dread Handy as hell....but costly. I suggest only getting it when fed or REALLY late game. 


       -  Gives us our boost in AP and makes us a absolute scumbag. No one will escape you with your AoE slow. Good amount of health as well and adds survivability. Not bad. 


     -  Good amount of health, constant slow and a bit of damage. Not a bad item if your wanting to catch people out or need more health. Still prefer the Triforce build and would not take both items. Triforce is better, but might be a item for really late game or if you are more the sole tank.


    -  No



    Comment to add more items you might like to be put on here. 

  • Your Role in the Team

    Hecarim is not by any means a pure tank, he does not have any shields, he is not a support as you have no support orintated abilities and you are not a hyper carry....that one is for sure. BUT you are a bit of everything. Your have a amazing initiation, a knock back to keep others off your carries and you have a sustain move to help you tank and a suprising amount of damage after , so this is how we play him...


    Your key role is to be a disrupter. You initiate, knock back and then just cause hell. Spaming Q while W is active will really begind to hurt people after you have a and your will be quite chunky if you have built similar to this build. 


    You are not a tank, as we said, but you do initiate fights and you do cause a fair bit of damage as well, this will often cause people to target you...and this is good! Giant armoured ponies are tough to bring down and every attack that is hitting you, is not hitting your carries. With our large frame model it is quite easy to block skills from our carries and this is esentially better than a target heal or shield, we our selves become a giant, awesome, damage dealing shield. And this is awesome.

  • Good Guy Hecarim

    Hecarim is not a very item dependant champion and this is a really big advantage to playing him. You can build straight damage, you can build pure tank you can even build all support items if you want to and this is why i really enjoy playing him. This build is one that i have the most success with but it does not mean you HAVE to build each item every game. 


    If your team needs more of a tank then build more tank, if you have a few champs that will thrive off a Zeke's Herald, build it. If your support is struggling for gold and you think your team needs an then get one. Hecarim will work with almost any item you throw at him after he has his which allows you to bring a lot more to your team. Use this and help the team, teams win games. If your not sure about an item, ask your team if they think it will help. 

  • Early Game

    Hecarim really excells in the middle and later stages of the game. For this we have to sacrifice a little, but thankfully not too much! Our lvl 1 is fairly weak and we are very reliant on blue buff for our first clear. Once we have our blue buff and lvl 2 we are set to go and start clearing out camps speedily with Q and W. 


    After our first clear we should be at lvl 4. This is when we put out first point into E and, with the help of our newly grabbed red buff, we look to gank. Our first gank should be trying to be on mid, If mid is not open then go to either top or bottom depending on your side of the map. 


    After this gank we return home and grab our , some [Item_Icon= Health Potion] ]and hopefuly some wards if our gank went to plan. From here, we look to gank any pushed up lanes or lanes that need help. Counter Jungle when you can. 

  • Middle and Late Game

    Our middle game is really when we start to show our real power! After we have our Sheen and either phage or zeal or just our full triforce if we are doing well, We can really put pressure on lanes with out great map coverage and strong ganks. This is the time of the game where we want to be looking at getting an Oracle Elixar as well. We are great for carrying the Oracle as we are hard to keep in one place, and chasing us for a kill can often be as bad as chasing a singed! 


    Map control is key to game success and something we really excel at. Clear wards, place your own, gank, farm and gank! 

  • Summary

    Hecarim is a great champion and brings a lot to a team. He is a strong jungler, good ganker and a fantastic disrupter. He can peel for carries and initiate well. Hecarim is a strong champion when played well and can counter jungle well. Downsides Hecarim seems to have is he does not bring as much damage as other junglers such as Notcturne, Mundo or Lee Sin early, but has a strong kit and works well in most situations.