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Ezreal: Prodigal Carry

written by RosesAndSwords

Ezreal Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Ezreal

Masteries for Ezreal

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome, my name is RosesAndSwords, better known on Summoner's Rift (US Server) as XIIILelouchXIII. Ezreal has been a favorite of mine since I first bought him 2 years ago and there has been plenty of debate on how one should play him. Some argue that his passive dictates he should build like any other AD carry, while his copius amount of skillshots have others saying he's better off beam-spamming Mystic Shot. I've come to the conclusion that he actually is a hybrid of the two, and excels most when he takes advantage of all he has to offer. So with no more gilding the lily, and no more adieu, I am happy to present my first guide on Ezreal.

  • Runes & Masteries

    We go with 21/9/0, adding to Ezreal's damage while minimizing his squishy shortcomings.


    While it really is your discretion when it comes to runes, I prefer going with 6 Armor Pen marks, 3 Flat Attack Damage Marks, 6 Flat Armor Seals, 3 Flat Attack Damage Seals, 6 Per-Level Magic Resist Glyphs, 3 Flat Attack Damage Glyphs, and 3 Flat Attack Damage Quints. The reasoning behind this is that it provides you with enough Armor Pen to make you a threat, while giving enough additional attack damage to capitalize on that threat. Also, it assists in last-hitting. The Flat Armor and Per-Level Magic resist is to give you a little more staying power in trades, duels, and teamfights.

  • Summoner Spells

    Again, it is up to your discretion as to what summoner spells to take, but I prefer Flash and Ignite.

    Other good choices are...

    Ghost Increased movement speed is always useful for catching that bugger who flashed away with 2 bars of health left.

    Exhaust Good for gimping a foe when going in for a kill.

    Heal I personally despise this spell, but I won't deny that it can turn a fight around and give the edge you may need to secure the kill.

  • The Build

    Ok, this is where things start to come together.

    Start with a Doran's Blade, which will make you beefier and deadlier than an Ezreal who goes with Boots of Speed. Make sure to last hit as many minions as humanly possible, as this will make building Ezreal that much easier. Preferably, you should stay in lane as long as you can. Depending on how things go (Opposing champs, Good/Crap Support, Getting Kills, Etc) on your first recall you should either pick up a [item=B.F. Sword] and Boots of Speed if things are going very well, or Berserker's Greaves and a Vampiric Scepter if things are just going ok. The goal is to have your 3/4's of your core by level 10 or 11 at the latest. After you upgrade your B.F. Sword into a The Bloodthirster, start working on your Trinity Force, starting with your Phage, followed by Zeal and finishing up with Sheen. After this point, it really becomes up to you. As for me, I like grabbing a The Black Cleaver and, if time permits, a second Bloodthirster for additional attack speed, armor shred, sustain and damage.

  • Tools of the trade and how to use them

    Ezreal has quite an interesting kit in my opinion and in the right hands, is utterly devastating.


    Rising Spell Force Ez's passive is a little lackluster, but is still vital to how we are going to play him. Every time you hit something with one of his abilities, he gains a stack, granting him 10% additional attack speed, to a max of 50.


    Mystic Shot Your skillshot nuke, this is what make you a terror in bot lane early game, and what makes you annoying lategame. Use it to harrass the enemy carry whenever you know you can hit them with it and watch the bars start to disappear. Pick this first, and max it first. Oh, did I mention it triggers on-hit effects? Yeah, the lifesteal you'll be building will make this absolutely frustrating for your enemies.


    Essence Flux Mostly useless in the aspect of damage, this skill really shines when your team is pushing and taking down towers. This is what's going to let your team crush towers right in front of the enemy. Also good for debuffing the enemy carry when he decides he's going to go toe-to-toe with you. Take this at level 4, and max it last.


    Arcane Shift Our wonderful blink skill, proper usage of this is what will really make you stand out as a "good" Ezreal player. You can jump walls with this, and it has a handy little homing arrow for putting a little damage on the enemy if you use it to catch up to them. Just remember, it costs a good deal of mana, so don't spam it. Save it for escaping, chasing, and on the odd occasion, positioning yourself for a kill. Take this second, and max it second.


    Trueshot Barrage Ez's ult is quite a useful spell, but often is horribly underused or just plain used wrong. Many people will save it to try and pick up kills (a la "sniping") at the end of a team fight, which is damn crying shame. Rule of thumb, if it's less than 2 people your fighting, save it for that coup de grace. if it's an all out team fight, this is your shotgun startup to the mayhem you are about to bring.

  • You and your team: making it work.

    As Ezreal, you should be going bot lane with a support, such as Alistar, Soraka, or Blitzcrank. Long story short, your job is to: Farm, Harrass, Kill, in that order. Farming should be your first concern.


    Now, a quick word about psychology....

    In bot lane, early on one team will become submissive, while the other dominative. Make sure you are the dominative. Give the impression that you are not to be messed with. If the carry steps too close to your minions, hit him with your q or an autoattack. Eventually he'll learn that "trying to hit minions" equals "getting hit by Ezreal", which will let you have more free reign.


    Now, back to you regularly scheduled Ezreal guide....

    When it comes down to teamfights, make sure you are behind your tanky dps and your tank. let them initiate, and when all hell breaks loose, fire your ult and start laying waste to the enemy. Remember to keeping move around and retreat when necessary, positioning is everything. Use your Q to harrass the enemy before and after the engagement has occured.

  • Pros & Cons

    To make a long story short, without going into strenous detail, Ezreal's pros and cons are these.


    High burst damage

    Good sustainable damage

    High Mobility

    Long poke-bility

    Capable of buffing team's attack speed.



    Mana-intensive if your aren't careful

    No CC

  • Conclusion

    Well, that's pretty much it. Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed, as this is my first guide.

    Also, if you play on the US servers, feel free to add me.

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