Jayce Build Guide

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Jayce's Top lane!

written by ronakk

Jayce Build

Starting items

  • x 3

Core Build

  • x 1

Late Game / Luxury Items

  • x 1

Situational Items

  • OR
  • x 1
  • OR
  • OR

Shopping List

  • #1 Buy
  • x 3
    #2 Buy
  • x 2
    #3 Buy
  • #4 Buy
  • #5 Buy
  • #6 Buy
  • #7 Buy
  • #8 Buy
  • #9 Buy

Skill Order

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • Hextech Capacitor
  • To the Skies! / Shock Blast
  • Lightning Field / Hyper Charge
  • Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate
  • Transform: Mercury Cannon / Transform: Mercury Hammer

Runes for Jayce

Masteries for Jayce

Table of Contents

  • Pros/Cons


    +Gap Closer

    +Range Poke




    -Skill Shots

    -Alot of combos to master

    -low base movementspeed

  • Abilities

    Not the best passive but the 40 movement speed is great for chasing or escaping.


    To the skies!: This spell is great for a gap closer, It has decent burst specially with its 1.0 bonus attack damage ratio.

    Shock Blast: Unlike most tops Jayce can harrass from a range Shock Blast is great range poke with a 1.2 Bonus attack damage ratio. Combind with Acceleration Gate you can pick off many low health tagets under there tower. I put 1 point in  To the Skies! / Shock Blast at level 1 and rank it up second.


    Lightnight Field: the Passive mana on hit is decent, allows you to harrass more often.  The active is alright late game for some extra AoE damage. 

    Hyper Charge: Good late basiclly turns 1 auto attack into 3 attacks dealing Varied damage depending on the rank. I put 1 point in Lightning Field / Hyper Charge at level 2 and rank it up last.


    Thundering Blow: Pairing Thundering Blow with To the skies can put out some great burst and allows you to put distance between you and your target. Also if ganked Thundering Blows knock back can save you.

    Acceleration Gate: Acceleration gate is one of your most used spells. It helps for initiating, escaping, poking better. Acceleration Gate is really good paired with Shock Blast increasing its speed/damage making it very hard to miss. I put 1 point in Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate at level 3 and rank it up first.


    Mercury Cannon: Ranged 

    Mercury Hammer: Melee

  • Summoner Spells



    Best Summoner spell in the game enough said do not replace this.



    Most top lanes bring this for teamfights. This or Teleport.




    If you do not like exhaust or your team already has one bring this.



    Only take if there is a lot of CC (Crowd Control) on the enemy team.

  • Credits

    Thanks for reading comment/rate tell me what you thought about it and if it improved your Jayce playstyle. Positive comments and Likes are greatly appreciated. I will try and answer all your guys quetions, See you on the battle field! *Don't get frustrated everyone has a bad game. If one of your teammates are struggling give he/she advice on what they are doing wrong, don't be mean about it just calmly tell he/she what they are doing wrong and help them overcome there problem. Being friendly goes along way :)*