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Pantheon: The ultimate Assassin

written by sgtray

Pantheon Build

Starting items

  • x 2
  • OR
  • OR
  • x 2
  • OR
  • OR
  • x 2

Core Build

  • x 1

Late Game / Luxury Items

  • x 1

Situational Items

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  • x 1
  • OR
  • OR

Skill Order

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  • 2
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  • 4
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  • 9
  • 10
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  • 17
  • 18
  • Aegis Protection
  • Spear Shot
  • Aegis of Zeonia
  • Heartseeker Strike
  • Grand Skyfall

Runes for Pantheon

Masteries for Pantheon

Table of Contents

  • What is Pantheon technically?

    Pantheon is what we call an AD Caster, NOT carry. He does not rely on auto attacks like other carries do and as such does not benefit much from things such as Attack speed, crit, or items such as Madred's Bloodrazor. Think about a Pantheon that is out of mana? Totally useless and as such we build him as like any caster except with a twist.

  • Solving Pantheon's mana problems

    Now this is where people differ and get in all kinds of an uproar about. There are 4 ways to tackle this difficult problem with Pantheon with different degrees of utility.


    1.) Manamune - Some people totally hate this item and some people love it, more discussion later.

    2.) Chalice of Harmony - Commonly used to solve his mana issues.

    3.) Runes - Some people only rely on per lvl MR/5 runes

    4.) Blue buff and scant use of abilities - Some people just say use his skills seldom and wisely

  • Masteries and Runes

    Masteries - I usually go 21/2/7 as I see no need to put points in good hands in the utility as you shouldn't be dieing in the first place and would rather have some armor/magic resist. Also havoc is practially worthless and everything else in that tree. I dont get defence masteries because  you are not a F%@#ing tank. Also you critically need that 3 MR/5 and I'll explain why


    Runes - ArPen marks everytime, all your spells will take advantage of this, you put magic pen runes on a caster right? Same with Pantheon as it will scale better than flat AD past lvl 2 and onward.


    Seals I go for flat Magic Reg/5 runes (MR/5) that will give you a total of 3.69. Doesnt sound much but look at the next section for the math. As usual this is by preference so your other options are flat armor, dodge, flat health, and AD.


    Glyphs I get the Magic Resist per/lvl runes everytime, 24 magic resist is nothing to laugh at for runes. Other options are flat magic resist, although you wont be hit too much early game by that much magic but thats my thoughts. Another good option is Cooldown because you want to spam as much of your abilities as possible as you rely on them the most. You can get mana regen glyphs but are more exspensive and not as effective as the seals.

  • Thoughts and Theory

    Mana - The ultimate pain in every Pantheon players butt


    You've looked at the masteries, runes, and the items and some wonder wtf? This is why:


    As a melee champion obviously you are limited in your capabilities when fighting ranged champions and so forth, so most people recommend that you spear chuck (Q) to last hit and harras as this is your main form of range combat/High damage spell. Time for math.


    This is your who needs mana Pantheon.

    Your base mana regen is 6.6 MR/5. You bring a dorans blade. You are laning against cait, mord, ashe, graves, or some other annoying ranged champion. Your spear costs 45 mana to throw. This means at 0 mana it will take you roughly 34 seconds to throw a spear. Thats a long damn time, I guess you'll be bringing mana potions instead of health potions eh?


    This is my Pantheon.

    Runes 3.7 MR/5. Masteries 3 MR/5. Meki pendant 7 MR/5. Base Mana Regen 6.6 MR/5. Equals 20.3 but rounds up to 21 MR/5.


    This means at 21 MR/5 I can chuck a spear at you every 10.7 seconds at level 1 versus 34 seconds. That is 3x as much as the Pantheon who ignores mana regen. I don't know about you but thats alot of harras and last hitting all day long in lane. Now lets look at full combo mana amounts.


    The usual spell combo is as follows Spear (45) Zeonia (55) Heart Seeker (45) Spear (45) and this is assuming at lvl 1. This totals to 190 mana, this is a decent chuck of your already pathetic pool of 312. Lets say I pulled off a combo like this and got a kill, this would take me with 21 MR/5 45 seconds to regen, ouch right? How bout the other guy? At 6.6 MR/5 it would take him 143 seconds to regen, you might as well go back to pad because you are basically useless or just run around for a long time but not be able to pull off another combo, sticky choice at the most important part of the laning phase. Whats the point of denying the enemy exp and gold if you have to go back to base too besides the kill of corse.


    This is why I buy FLAT mana regen runes, because I want that regen now between lvls 1-6. After that you should find a way to permanently fix his mana.

  • Manamune, Love it or Hate it?

    So much flak for just mentioning this item, but hear me out.


    Stats: Manamune

    Gold: 2110

    AD: 20

    Mana: 350

    Mana Regen: 7

    Passive Unique: every auto attack gives +1 mana to your pool (3 sec cooldown) every cast gives +4 mana to your pool (3 second cooldown)




    B.F. Sword

    Gold: 1650

    AD: 45


    Point in case, the difference in price is 460 gold. But for 460 extra gold you have a decent mana pool up size (350 thats a good number of combos), mana regen, a weapon that deals with AD and your mana, increases in AD with mana pool size increase items that you buy [banshees veil?](+1 AD for every 50 mana in your pool), and by the time you get this item around lvls 4-6 between the flat 20AD and the passive you have AD=roughly45. Assuming no mana gear and mana runes at lvl 18 with stacks full at 1000 you have AD with manamune equal to 63.4. You can easily get this fully stacked within 12-15 mins, you spam the crap out your spells do you not? Stacking hint: Heart Seeker strike EVERYWHERE you go while not in battle. At summoner pad? HHS. Walking to your tower? HHS on the way there. This will also proc your passive shield so its ready to go when you get where your at, nice eh?


    Chalice of Harmony: Basically a quick fix it item, getting your butt kicked and cant get any gold? If you can't beeline for Manamune, which for it to be even effective, go for this. Manamune needs to be bought as soon as possible to reap the stacks, mid-late game its not worth it at all. Chalice of harmony is a cheap item that can get you by, the only down side is it takes up a gear slot and provides no AD, and if you get full you cant afford to sell this item and its too late to get manamune so you are stuck with it if you get it.


    Runes: Yeah I guess you can rely solely on runes to get by, but you will be going back to base an aweful lot, or with 2172 mana with manamune at lvl 18 you can stay out and play all day long.


    Just get blue bluff and quit whining: So you have no mages on your team whatsoever? No Kass, Cass, Ryze, Fids? Really get real oh let me guess go to enemy jungle and get it right? Yeah Pantheon won't shine much on this game.

  • Core Build

    I wanted to mention that since Pantheon is one of the fastest champions with a base speed of 330 you can forgo boots with Meki pendant.


    AD Hammer:

    (Boots of choice)

    Manamune (AD/Mana)

    Brutalizer (AD/ArPen)

    Frozen Mallete (AD/Health/Slow)

    Bloodthirster (AD/Lifesteal)

    -Situational Item-

    Hit hard like a ton of bricks, large health and mana pool. For the fed Pantheon. 311 AD not including the last item and if you upgrade Brutilizer.


    AD Heavy Enemy Team:

    (boots of choice)

    Manamune (AD/Mana)

    Brutalizer (AD/ArPen) Really important since your ArPen will go clean through AD carries

    Frozen Mallete (AD/Health) You need the health and the slow really helps

    Frozen Heart (Amor/Mana/20AttkSp Slow/Cooldown)

    Atmas Impaler (Armor/AD/Crit who cares?) For AD purposes the Frozen Mallete/Atmas provides more AD then Watmogs/Atmas

    The Frozen Heart is right up your alley, 99 armor whats not to love? 500 mana (Manamune = +10 AD awsomeness) 20% attack speed slow this is OVERALL not something lame like reduces their Atksp equal to a dagger. 20% cooldown? Are you kidding more spears, hops, and mandrops oh my.


    Caster Heavy Team:

    (boots of choice)

    Manamune (AD/Mana)

    Brutalizer (AD/ArPen) seeing a pattern yet?

    Frozen Mallete (AD/Health/Slow) Again as a melee champ you need a health item, and AD is up your alley

    Maw of Malmortius (AD/Magic Resist/Magic Shield)

    -Situational Item- [Force of Nature/Quicksilver Sash]

    Omg could you get a better item against annoying casters. Ever get into that hot 2v1 battle, pull off a pro move and exhust ignite, spear throw and just pwn some noob butt and get a double kill? Then you see that red cloud of death over you and BAM you die, while the enemy Karthus just laughs and gets bonus gold for shutting you down. Say no more with hexdrinker/Maw, because the next time that happens that lame Karthus ults, waits for a few seconds and starts laughing, only to hear BAM and what? nothing, no shut down, no kill, NOTHING. Because you just popped a shield for 250 or 400 magic. Now that brings a smile to my face, or what about that malzahar with his ungodly 2.5 second ult? Sounds little but you are just sitting there for what seems like FOREVER while he just drains you dry. Then all of a sudden your shield pops up, you dont die, now you get to smile and open a can of whoop @$$.


    Force of Nature: This is for the 3+ Magic team, the highest magic resist avaliable. Now one game I went from Malzahar ult instant death to the next time Malzahar eats my spear after ulting. The movement speed is very welcome and with Frozen mallet and the health regen I was getting 100 roughly hp/5. Now with lifesteal whats not to like about that?


    Quicksilver Sash: Will save your butt so many times, have fiddels life draining you for what seems 10 seconds? Morganna snaring you in her pool of death? That damn Sion stunning you left and right? And don't get me started on Nasus with that 5 second slow, might as well be a stun. Say no more, as long as you remeber to hit the active.

  • Situational Builds


    Berserker's Greaves

    - Now while AttkSp is not your thing, going from 1.02 to 1.20 is a difference you can tell. Not to mention it helps last hitting, procing your phage/frozen mallete, lifesteal, and passive. Not to mention you won't ALWAYS be spamming spells, there will be that guy with 25% health that you just nuked that you will have to auto until your cooldowns are done. I don't knock it but don't really support it either.

    Boots of Mobility

    - Meh not really, in Dominion yes. But running at 450 can have its advantages, and since you will be ganking (Alot) and chasing (Alot) its not the worst nor best, up to you. Note: You will revert to 400 movement when attacked or attacking.

    Boots of swiftness

    - Just, no.

    Ionian Boots

    - You will be laughed at, probably called noob. But I can't count how many times someone got away running under a turrent with 10% health and my spear had 0.5 secs on cooldown. You are an AD caster afterall, viable.

    Ninja Tabi

    - 3+ AD carries go for it. That 10% reduction in auto's is no joke. Afterall who are you supposed to be focusing as an assassin? Derp.

    Merc Treds

    - More often than not you will build this the most as the magic resist is nice but that tenacity really helps in those stuns, short stuns like shen taunt and soraka silence no I wouldn't but for Nasus oh yeah buddy.

    Sorc Shoes

    - Unless you are going Troll AP Pantheon, no.


    As an early game champion you need to get AD as fast as possible, for building manamune get the longsword, brutilizer get that longsword, they are cheap and that 10 AD can make the difference. Read the Longsword Pantheon guide it has alot of good material. Doran blade stacking is viable but you are hopeing and praying on a short game as selling those sucks and that lifesteal doesnt do you much good.


    Bilgewater Cutlass:

    - Take a step away from the standard AD carry build, your not an AD carry so think outside the box. With this you get good AD (+35 build pickaxe first) 15% lifesteal (lane substane but you shouldnt be pushing really) but check that passive. 150 magic dmg (nice) 50% slow for 3 seconds (60 sec CD 400 range)..... You basically have an exhust slow every 60 seconds. Do I need to say more?


    The Black Cleaver:

    - Now I can hear the rage already, but this is situational and this is I have so much money what can I do with it. Pretty soon you will get to a point where your spells wont melt everyone on first combo, most likely the 2nd time, now while on Cooldown what are you doing? Slowing them with your phage/FMallete autoing so they cant run off while you wait for CDs. Wouldnt it be nice to bring them down -45 armor while you wait? And with -45 armor from cleaver and 40+ from ArPen, puts you around knocking through 85 armor. Now what AD carry is going to have that? And if you have a health stacking tank around the 100-200 armor range hell you still knock em dead. But thats up to you.


    Hextech Gunblade:

    - What the? Hextech Gunblade seriously this is so troll. Until I read up on Pantheons abilities and tested it on a bot game. Bare with me and just read what this does (seriously).


    Ability power: 70 (Who cares, that part sucks)

    AD: 40 (Well least thats useful)

    Lifesteal: 15% (Meh, so does bloodthirster)

    Spell vamp: 20% (Now this is the fun part, read below)

    Spear Shot, Zeona, Heart Seeker Strike, and his ultimate. ALL PROC SPELLVAMP.

    Thats right kids, math time. Now you usually get Pantheon in the 300 AD range maybe? right? Hell lets make it lame at 211 AD ez right?

    Spear shot does at lvl 5 376 AD * .20 (spell vamp) = 75 Hp. So yeah you can toss that sucker like what every 3.5 secs?

    now at 311 AD

    Spear shot does at lvl 5 516 AD * .20 (spell vamp) = 103 Hp. I don't know about you but your combo Q/W/E/Q is gonna be healing for ALOT of health. You get all mad and crazy over lifesteal right? Guess what only works on auto attack, and comeon people how often do you auto attack hmm? Oh did I mention that passive of 300 magic dmg with a 50% slow for 3 seconds? (700 range which btw your Zeonia range is only 600, meaning you can slow them OUTSIDE your W and catch up to stun them, nice eh?)



  • Basic What not to Build

    Infinity Edge:

    - No, No, and No. You can get tons of gear that will benefit you better. Unless you are so fed you are just bored. Crit chance? useless you dont auto much to proc 25%. The unique Passive? Sounds cool but guess what, it doesn't alter your auto crit with champs below 15%. You would be better off with stacking a bloodthirster.


    Madred's Bloodrazor:

    - Expensive as hell and none of the abilities work for you, armor is too low. Attack speed not for that money, and the passive no you dont auto attack enough.


    Comments and will add later.

  • Skilling Order

    Back in the pre-nerf days it was all about Heart Seeker Strike.


    Yeah not anymore, now the spear scales alot better than HSS. Every point in that skill almost does +40 base damage so SKILL SKILL SKILL that sucker. On your 2nd skill get the HSS but only for the passive auto crit on minions/Champions below 15%. Also take note that lvl 1 Spear is really weak, you can barely last hit minions with it so don't go all out on it till lvl 2 when it does 105 vs 65. By lvl4 you should be hitting like a ton of bricks with your spear compared to most champs. 105 AD is no joke and thats just the base when you can spam every 3.6 secs. Don't mess with Mord tho his cone spell is well within your spear.

  • Champions good to lane against

    Jax - Make him pay for last hitting minions, with a spear mana free every 10 seconds this isnt hard. Remeber when he does his defensive stance don't bother touching him.

    Akali - Your spear does more damage and has a lower cooldown, and when she goes into her "You can't touch me bubble" be sure to make her pay with HSS.

    Cho'Gath - Dodge his skill shots, even at 330 its not that hard. Just harrass him, his spikes and scream is more talk than bite at the time. Just dodge those ground spikes

    Galio - Magic tank, you do AD.

    Gangplank - He's melee, and his Q is blocked by your passive. Just make sure ur shield is up and make him pay for Qing you with yours. Block for you, spear in the face for him.

    Gragas - His skills shots are easy to dodge, even tho he can heal/mana still you should be able to handle.

    Irelia - She has a stun closer, so do you. But you can burst more, make sure she sees that.

    Jarvan - Pain in the but, dodge that darn spear and flag and you should be ok. Just harrass alot with your spear.

    Rumble - Spear Spear Spear, make him eat your Q all lane long and deny as much as you can. He gets lvl 6 switch with someone or you'll be eating dirt. Otherwise farm him while you can.

    Katarina - Your spear outdoes her bouncing blade, shes squishy as hell, and if she shunpos. Make her pay with your stun and HSS. If she ults even better, ult denied anyone?

    Karthus - psh really? If you can't dodge his Q uninstall. But his lay waste spell sucks when you try to stun and HSS when taking him out, as when he dies its still going. God forbid he has Rylais.

    Nasus - You can actually take him, that annoying whither that reduces your attack speed to idk .4 ouch? Guess what doesnt matter because you use your spells.

    Garen - A pain but doable. Kit him all day long as he has no range spells. Don't let him run around for long before his passive kicks in or you just wasted your time. If you see him running at you to silence run off and throw spears.

  • Champions to beware of

    Mordekaiser - Hate this guy with a passion, with high enough cooldowns and spellvamp he can passive shield you all day long, I'v seen him tank 4 people before. The trick is to take advantage of his crappy shield early game, as it gets crazy late game. With your nuking abilities you do have a leg up, but you have to do it without his shield up. For Mord to keep his shield going he has to use his cone alot on minions, i.e pushing lane. Take advantage and call your jungler as you need to flank from both sides. DO not EVER encounter him inside your minion wave, make him choose shield and no damage to you, or damage you and get very little shield.

    Kennen - Stun, Stun, and more Stun. You rely on your spells too much.

    Singed - Just dont bother, he'll run circles around you and laugh.

    Olaf - Run, run far away. True damage, Hatchet ignores your passive shield, hurts you more than your spear. Outheal and outdamages you, and the lower health he gets the faster he beats on your head.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash: 2 Reasons

    Oh S#'t button

    Aww you almost made it to tower? Flash, spear chuck, passive shield block turrent, turn back to minion wave. Kill.


    Ignite: 3 Reasons

    Those pesky people who flash away with 50 hp left? Won't do them any good.

    Soraka (pain), Mundo, Swain, Taric, Sona. Heal heal heal all day long, won't do any good.

    Summoner Spell mastery: +5 attack Dmg on cooldown, every bit helps.


    All others are players preference.



  • Pros and Cons


    - Heavy Nuke abilities

    - AD scales well

    - Top fastest champions

    - Great farming with HSS when upgraded

    - Ult great for: That juicy 30+ minion wave at tower, Get the heck out of dodge, save tower from champions, #1 way to enter the teamfight with better style than draven. Backdoor end game.

    - Powerful early game harrass (with mana regen augmenting)

    - Passive shield that will save your butt


    - CC will shut you down

    - Miss HSS will kill your DPS

    - Mana hungry early game

    - Somewhat squishy

    - Misuse of ult can end you up feeding than assisting

  • Teamfights and your ultimate

    You are an AD caster assassin, meaning you come out of nowhere and just kill the AD carry before he can even react. That means tanks and casters will mess you up. You act like an AD carry in that you wait for the tank to start, your casters to do their CC and you take out target of opportunity. Now this doesn't mean casters are off the list, you can melt them just as fast as the carry, and if the caster is more fed than the carry take him out first. As with the enemy team with a disabled CC means you can go after everyone else uninterupted. One of the best ways I have found is when the teamfight goes down ult in, I dont care if you are 5 feet away and can smell the blood ult in as you are untargetable when you go in. This gives you one free spell before they can do anything, most likely your W. This is a 1 second shutdown so make it count, also your ult does alot of damage. With your tank holding them there and your caster CCing this shouldnt be too hard, also it will make the enemy pick "get nuked by a 1000 magic ult and stay in the fight or run off?" more than likely you will scare off the enemy team and cause a panic. This is good as you will be able to pick off the straggelers, you are execptional 1v1 take advantage of it.


    As always I hope you enjoy my guide, please leave comments if you do not agree with something or I mispelled/miscalculated something please let me know. Do not be negative its for educational purposes be positive. Also this is my first one.

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