Ziggs Build Guide

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Zigg's Explosives 101

written by ronakk

Ziggs Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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  • x 3
    #2 Buy
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    #3 Buy
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Skill Order

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • Short Fuse
  • Bouncing Bomb
  • Satchel Charge
  • Hexplosive Minefield
  • Mega Inferno Bomb

Runes for Ziggs

Masteries for Ziggs

Table of Contents

  • Pros/Cons


    +High Burst

    +Low Cooldowns

    +Great Mid

    +Great Zoning Potential



    -High Manacost

    -Tricky Escape

    -All Skillshots

  • Abilities

    Short Fuse 

    Free harrass, Everytime you have Short Fuse up auto attack your enemy. *note don't hold Short Fuse and miss CS its not worth it* Combind Short Fuse with Bouncing Bomb for max harrass potential in lane.


    Bouncing Bomb

    Zigg's key spell Bouncing Bomb has a very low cooldown and very long range. Start harrassing your enemy with bouncing bomb once its rank 3. I level Bouncing Bomb at level 1 and Level it first.


    Satchel Charge 

    This is your Escape/Displace ability, Satchel Charge is basiclly a skill shotted Rocket Jump  with a mini Explosive Cask. It allows you to jump over walls or knock enemies into you.Throw Satchel Charge ahead of you and detonate as soon as you pass the middle for max jumping distance. Using this correctly can save you from ganks so start practicing. I level Satchel Charge at level 2 and max it last.


    Hexplosive Minefield

    This is your zoning spell, Throw these right behind the enemies range minions forcing the enemy to play further back then normal, this will make him miss more cs and fall behind making you the Dominate AP Carry. This spell is also great for chasing, once your target is running away throw Hexplosive Minefield ahead of them forcing them to ether go around it or take the 20-40% movement speed reduction. I level Hexplosive Minefield at level 4 and max it last.


    Mega Inferno Bomb 

     This is your Globalish Nuke, Once you reach level six keep your eye on other lanes or communicate with a teammate that is about to harrass his enemy, Landing this can lead to many assist/kills. This spell is also used in your combo against your lane, once your enemy reachs around 40% you are going to want and throw this on top of them hitting them with everything else you have should give you an easy kill.

  • Summoner Spells



     Best Summoner spell in the game enough said do not replace this.



    Great for both Lane/Teamfights, this combinded with a full combo is an instant kill.





    This is alright it can save you from time to time but i would only take it if your team don't already have one. *Replace Ignite not flash*


    Only take if there is a lot of CC (Crowd Control) on the enemy team. *Replace Ignite not flash*

  • Early - Mid - Late game playing style

    Early Game

    You are going to play pretty passive until Bouncing Bomb is rank 3, only harrass with Short Fuse if you are not going to miss any CS. Once you reach level five start throwing Bouncing Bomb at your target any chance you have.*Don't use all your mana* Your oppenant should be around 40% hp once you hit level 6 this is where you get your first kill. Line up a Mega Inferno Bomb flash as close to your target as possible, Ignite , Bouncing Bomb. If your target Flash out of the way use Satchel Charge to close the gap finishing him off with a Short Fuse. Rinse Repeat untill lanning is over.


    (Main Objective for Early Game) - Watch your minimap for low hp targets to pick off with your ultimate. Be very aggressive to your lane opponent and burst him down once he reaches 40% hp.


    Mid Game

    If your early game went well enough you should have all your core and maybe one Luxury. Communicate with your jungler and Bot lane and try and set up a gank. If successful do dragon if you control dragon the entire game it will be very hard for the enemy team to catch up in gold. so keep ganking bot lane every 5 minutes. *Dragons respawn time* If any lane needs help go and attempt a gank even if you don't kill the enemy he is most likely forced to back giving your teammate 20-45 seconds of free farm.


    (Main Objective for Mid Game) - Put a gank timer on bottom match it with dragons respawn time. *5 minutes* Relief any lanes that are struggling. If everything is going good continue to farm your lane including the opponent in it.

    Late Game

    This is the teamfight stage of the game. Respectfully farm unoccupied lanes/jungle creeps, ask your jungler if you may have his blue this helps you a lot. Keep main objectives warded Baron/Dragon, you are not a support but you should have some extra gold if played correctly always keep wards on these if the enemy team gets them there is always a chance of a turn around. In teamfights you are going to want to play in the back poking them until something happens. Wait for your team/there team to initiate once the fight has started throw Satchel Charge on top of your range carry and activate it as soon as an enemy is close to him, Try and hit 3+ targets with your Mega Inferno Bomb and keep tagging enemies with both Short Fuse  and  Bouncing Bomb If you are being pursuited throw  Hexplosive Minefield between you and your enemy try burst him down before he gets to you. If he catches your Flash back rinse repeat.

    (Main Objective for Late Game) - Eyes on Obejectives, Farm, Poke, Protect your carry, Win games :)

  • Credits

    Thanks for reading comment/rate tell me what you thought about it and if it improved your Ziggs playstyle. Positive comments and Likes are greatly appreciated. I will try and answer all your guys quetions, See you on the battle field! *Don't get frustrated everyone has a bad game. If one of your teammates are struggling give he/she advice on what they are doing wrong, don't be mean about it just calmly tell he/she what they are doing wrong and help them overcome there problem. Being friendly goes along way :)*