Varus Build Guide

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Varus - Shot Of Destruction

written by ronakk

Varus Build

Starting items

  • x 3
  • OR

Core Build

  • x 1

Late Game / Luxury Items

  • x 1

Situational Items

  • OR
  • x 1
  • OR
  • OR

Shopping List

  • #1 Buy
  • x 3
    #2 Buy
  • #3 Buy
  • #4 Buy
  • #5 Buy
  • #6 Buy
  • #7 Buy

Skill Order

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • Living Vengeance
  • Piercing Arrow
  • Blighted Quiver
  • Hail of Arrows
  • Chain of Corruption

Runes for Varus

Masteries for Varus

Table of Contents

  • Pros/Cons


    + Attack speed steroid

    + Long range harass 

    + AoE Root *Great for teamfights*




    - No escapes

    - Very Squishy *Goes for any range carry*

    - Skillshot champion *Gives you a chance to miss*

  • Abilities

    Living Vengeance

    Good steroid it can really change the tide of the battle once you get a champion kill/assit in teamfights.

    Piercing Arrow 


    Piercing Arrow is great for harass in lane and to pick off low hp targets from a distance. Your main objective is to get 3 stacks of Blighted Quiver on your target and hit them with a piercing arrow. I put a point in Piercing arrow at level 2 and max it second.


    Blighted Quiver

    This is where you shine as a carry with 3 simple auto attacks and 1 spell you have already done more then 15% of the targets hp. Your goal is to tag as many stacks on a target then snipe them with Piercing arrow, Once that target has to back you can initiate with Chain of corruption. This will create a 4v5 situation and if played correctly your team will win the teamfight. I put a point in Blighted Quiver at rank one and max it first.

    Hail of Arrows

    Hail of Arrows is only really good for a slow or if Piercing Arrow is on cooldown you can use this to proc your Blighted Quiver stacks. Also note that this spell Desecrates the ground reducing healing effects by 50%. So in team fights throw this down right in the middle of the chaos. This will hopefully slow the enemy from getting to you and reduce all incoming heals. I put a point in Hail of Arrows at rank 4 and level it last.


    Chain of Corruption

    Chain of Corruption is what makes Varus shine over all the other range carries. He is the only carry that is able to initiate

    teamfights without putting his ass on the line. Chain of Corruption works just like morganas ultimate besides you shoot it at a target. Landing a good Chain of Corruption can lead to an instant teamfight win so watch for the enemy team to cluster up before using Chain of Corruption.

  • Summoner Spells



    Flash best Summoner spell ingmae enough said.


    You are very slow once a target reaches you from the back hit him with exhaust and take him out.




    Heal bait wins games and saves your life from time to time.


    If the enemy team has a lot of CC (Crowd Control) replace heal for this trust me it will save you more often then heal would.


  • Early - Mid - Late game playing style

    Early Game

    Your early game should be like every other carry, Last hit your ass off. You can play Aggressive but don't be to aggressive it will lead to a death and about 1 min of you not being able to farm. Stick close to your support and you should be fine. Keep tagging the enemy with Blighted Quiver everytime he/she gets into range *If they have 3 stacks hit them with Piercing Arrow *. Keep Hail of Arrows ready to stop a gank or any other sticky situation. If you see that the enemy is below half hp and grouped together set up some chain CC with your team mate and tag them with Chain of Corruption this is almost guaranteed a kill or two.

    Mid Game

    In the mid game you should have your core or be really close to it. Continue to farm and try and grab as many CS as possible the first carry to get a luxury has a big advantage. If your lane is over extended talk with your jungler and set up a  gank communication is the key to sucess.  If your gank was a sucess be sure to take advantage of that dragon.

    Late Game

    This is when team fights breakout, sit in the back until the enemy team starts to cluster Soon as you think the time is right fire off your ultimate. *Hopefully rooting 3+* auto attack until 3 stacks then throw your slow on top of them to allowing you to get a few more auto attacks in before they can touch you. Once you have 3 more stacks hit them with a low charged piercing arrow *release it as soon as you can*, you will lose dps if you charge it all the way. If this is done correctly you will have a big advantage and be that much closer to a victory.

  • Lanning combos



    Attack speed buff and a really good slow is one deadly combo.



    Leona is great she can ether save you or assist you on a kill her stun/peeling power makes her a great lane partner.



    Grabs are op and will get kills!



    Taric can put out some dps that paired with his stun and maybe your jungle can get some easy kills.




    Lulu puts out some good dps and if you bait your target it can lead to a kill.



    Shield gives you great AD allowing you to get some extra harrass in while tornado saves your ass.



    She is a good combo because of her AD increase this will make last hitting/harass easier her one downfall is mana cost.



    Best support in the game, his headbutt/pulverise can get work done. I suggest Alistar > everyother support.



    Great heal, gives you mana, and has some decent damage.

  • Credits

    Thanks for reading comment/Rate tell me what you thought about it and if it improved your Varus playstyle. Positive comments and Likes are greatly appreciated. I will try and answer all your guys quetions, See you on the battle field!