Skarner Build Guide

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Skarner Jungle Bruiser

written by kevinle06

Skarner Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Crystallizing Sting
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  • Crystalline Exoskeleton
  • Fracture
  • Impale

Runes for Skarner

Masteries for Skarner

Table of Contents

  • Skarner Jungle Bruiser

    Skarner is a rly fast Jungler! You can use Skarner as Sup-AP or Sup-AD but the best way to play Skarner and Carry ur Team is on Offtank! I gave u the Right items for him. Some words to my Person im Ares Alien X im between 1500 and 1600 elo and Skarner is one of my Main Jungler! In the Following Guide i show u how i jungle my skarner and how i carry my team!

  • Beginning in the Jungle

    The best way to Jungle Skarner is with Smite Flash and start with boots and 3 Pots. Start at Wolves then go blue(ask ur Teammates for some help cause u wont smite!) then Save smite and after doing blue start the way fast to enemy Redbuff. u Start Enemy Redbuff and finish it with Smite. Now u gank Top or Botlane from behind. They feel save from behind and think they see u cause the ward.

  • Warding & CounterJungling in Early midgame or late Early Game

    If ur enemy starts at blue... blue is up at 7:20 so u need to go base at 6:20. u buy first 1 Ward and then ur Items. After Buying u start to enemy blue and place the Ward in the Bluebrush. then u do ur own Wraiths. At 7:20-7:30 u can see the enemy Jungler is going to give the blue to Mid... NOW ITS UR TURN! u start to go to the blue and wait for the blue is on 545 health... on lvl 4 u have 545 true dmg with smite! u need to be rly rly rly nice with Smite and after stealing blue u start to ur blue and give ur blue to ur AP Carry. After ur Counter Jungling Action u start to jungle a bit place a ward for top and a ward for midlane and gank a bit.

  • Midgame - Early Lategame

    In Midgame u try to gank botlane and Midlane... when u kill someone u start to ping Dragon! Dragon is all time betweeen botlane and Midlane so the AP Carry can come and the AD CArry and Support start to dragon! the first dragon is rly Important cause 190 Gold are rly much at 20 Minutes! and only Start Dragon when u have Smite rdy!!!!!!!!! If bot and mid is warded jungle a bit and buy oracle... so u can bait the enemy sup with wards and kill the sup out of game then dragon force.

  • Lategame

    In the Late ur Position is in front of the Carrys! u try to catch someone with ur ult or counterjungle! but stay near ur Team. Help the SUpport bit with warding and counter warding... Then hes having more gold for items. at 25 Minutes u can try to force a Teamfight and win the Fight... When Ace u push When 3 for 0 or 3 for 1 u do Baron! only do baron when 1 carry is alive! u rly need the Towers more than the Baron! if u win Teamfights u can force baron in another fight!

  • Ur Position

    Ur Position in the Game is Catch a Carry and bring him to ur Carrys that ur Carrys can get him out of Game... NEVER TRY TO KILL A FULL LIFE CARRY WITH SKARNER!!!! HE WILL KILL U!  Another thing u have to do is feed up ur Mid and Toplane in Earlygame. Babysitt them! When u see they have problems or the other can farm denie the enemy the farm and show presense! Fuck off wards only Show the enemy that ure there if he want to kill ur mate!

    When u can do all this Thinks u win all ur Skarner Games cause u Carry ur Team up!


    Regards Ares Alien X

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