Hecarim Build Guide

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Heavy Bruiser Hecarim

written by SampahBoy

Hecarim Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Warpath
  • Rampage
  • Spirit of Dread
  • Devastating Charge
  • Onslaught of Shadows

Runes for Hecarim

Masteries for Hecarim

Table of Contents

  • Hecarim ? Just an underpower champion ??

    Many peoples says that Hecarim suck, just because he has no damage + too squisy, but I'm making this guide for any summoner that want to try this "underpower" champion real power


    Hecarim ulti Onslaught of Shadows can denied many champion ulti, such as Katarina Death Lotus or Nunu Absolute Zero can be canceled easily, Devastating Charge can be used to chasing or retreating, Spirit of Dread & Rampage are perfect skills to farming (especially Rampage because of short cooldown), Warpath can give an average bonus damage :D

  • Hecarim's most important build

    When playing Hecarim, try to build his movement speed first, then try to increase his mana & mana regeneration, Hecarim Rampage & Spirit of Dread can be a very usefull skill to farming in early game, especially Rampage because of it short duration of cooldown, my suggestion, try to buy a [item=Meki Pendant] first, then build a Tear of the Goddess, then go to Manamune for more additional attack damage :D

    Manamune with full stack : + 71 damage ( 20 from Manamune, 51 from Manamune unique passive )

    So, I think that Hecarim most needed item is Manamune :D

  • Hecarim Item order ( my own creation )

    Buy Boots of Speed, then buy [item=meki pendant] if possible, bought Tear of the Goddess for sure, then upgrade ur boot to Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, try to get a Manamune first before getting other item, Sheen is the best after u get ur Manamune, then followed by Phage & Zeal, u can directly built Trinity Force or u can built Phantom Dancer using Zeal, then u can focus to built an Maw of Malmortius, u can bought Aegis of the Legion if u wanna a bit armor, resist, health + damage :D

    finally if ur Hecarim 're really rich & feeded, buy a Infinity Edge to prove that u're the player of the game.

  • Hecarim's alternative build

    Hecarim is one of the fastest champion in LoL, but also a squisy one, try to get a tanky mastery & runes, if u don't want have a rune page for tanky build, u can switch it with building tanky item such as Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, [item=Force of Nature]

    NB : this is just a alternative item build, don't blame me if this build makes ur Hecarim suck :D

  • Easy or Hard way ?

    Solo or jungle can be a answer for easy leveling & farming for Hecarim, if u want to jungle, remember to take Smite, try to fight with wolves first, then u can go to blue buff, after recieved blue buff, u can go wherever u like :D


    But if u prefer laning with ur teamate, always use ur Rampage to farming or damaging enemy champion if they're in ur Rampage range, Spirit of Dread can be used to restore ur health & deal a average damages to enemies in range.

  • Summoner Spell suits to Hecarim

    I can say that Exhaust + Ignite suit to Hecarim, but u can change Ignite into Ghost for bonus damage & movement speed :D

  • How to engage 5v5 using Hecarim

    Unlike other champion, I prefer engage the 5v5 when all enemy channeling their ulti on my allies, just Onslaught of Shadows into the middle of battle, then damaging all ur enemy with Rampage & Spirit of Dread.

    Chasing enemy using Devastating Charge is fun, unless chasing near enemy turret ( try to not tower diving )


    But if u're building tanky Hecarim with Warmog's Armor, Sunfire Cape, [item=force of nature] & other else, u can stand in the front line if u like it :D