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Stupid Hybrid laners

written by KulliK357

Kayle Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Holy Fervor
  • Reckoning
  • Divine Blessing
  • Righteous Fury
  • Intervention

Runes for Kayle

Masteries for Kayle

Table of Contents

  • An Indoctriduction

    Hybrid kayle is dead, the removal of holy fervor and replacement joke of a passive that helps in absolutely no way whatsoever has rendered it niche at best, it's gone, get over it. At first we raged, we continued to build hybrid and we failed in most respects. Then we pretended we were Teemo, cause thats what our passive and our E told us to. Then we adapted, we took to the jungle and beat the snot outa people. Kayle is back... again.

  • Why Kayle, what makes her so special

    Kayle has one single aspect that pushes her above other junglers: a ranged auto attack that doesnt suck. You have no idea how useful being a ranged jungler is until you've played jungle Kayle, the wonderful thing about it: it's not shit like jungle Ashe or whatever. The Righteous Fury splash combined with the Divine Blessing give her an acceptable clear time and sustain level, with good early gank potential and some devastating ganks later, you're also very resistant to counter jungling because you dont rely on either buff and you're extremely potent 1v1 early, these factors also make you yourself a competent counter jungler. So thats why we jungle Kayle.


    Let's run through the spells one by one


    Holy Fervor

    Nerfed into uselessness, dont even think about this, it is so fucking bad its unreal, you'll take like 5 armour off of a level 18 ashe and like 20 off of a level 18 fully geared rammus, not worth the attention i gave it to work out those numbers.



    It's a decent spell, does a wee bit of damage, good slow, alright damage amp, i like this spell, and you should too.


    Divine Blessing

    Main jungle sustain, helpful in ganks and general chase escape situations, its better than ever.


    Righteous Fury 

    Range, Splash, a wee smidge of hybrid scaling and a whole lot of bonus base damage, yzplz, great spell for jingle jangling, bit like udyr's phoenix form only not quite as good cause that would just be crazy OP.



    You can pretend to be tryndamere or let your allies do the same, shrug off veigar ult or dive a tower to beat his scrawny little ass into the dirt. 

  • Masteries and Runes also Summoners

    If you're playing a jungler like kayle at all, you really should use a rune and mastery setup like that, your E is most of your damage, AS makes E better more than any other stat, and your naturally quite vulnerable, so AS everything, Armour yellows and 9/21/0. There's little in the way of choice here.



    Take this or die... likely more than once.



    If you think junglers dont need smite, you're an idiot, they might not need it to complete their route, but they need it to take buffs and secure dragons. it IS required. 

  • Early Itemization

    Boots of Speed and three Health Potion 

    This is a traditional jungle start, good sustain and movement and stronger early ganks, works for me, what i use in 99% of games


    Doran's Blade

    Good starting item in some games, like if  you dont think you're gonna get counter jangled and you wanna slap bitches and take a slap yourself. Tend to follow this up with two more of these little beauties for maximum sustain and defense.


    Wriggle's Lantern i dont think i need to explain this one, dont forget the ward and dont get this if you get dorans, unless you need to.


    Berserker's Greaves Get these ASAP, your base attack speed is a pile of dicks and if you dont get these early your jungle speed and gank frequency will suffer.


  • Mid Itemization


    That one item makes ganks win.


    Wit's End

    This item gives damage and defense, its sexual.


    Trinity Force 

    This can be gotten before or after wits, its the natural upgrade to phage on a ranged DD like kayle, the sheen effect is kull, the attack speed is kull and MS crit mana and AP are just gravy, use W to proc sheen.


    The Black Cleaver

    It gives you what your passive cant, penetration, always a difficult itemisation on hybrid kayle but now its easy.


    Guardian Angel

    This is core cause you always build it, it's usually your last item though, its good cause you're a bit like shaco or lee sin, with clever use of your skills, you can almost always get away after it procs.

  • Late Itemization

    Build ALL the things... or just some of them.


    The Bloodthirster

    It's a strong choice, sustain and damage are always good


    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    Against high HP low magic resist teams it works a treat.


    Hextech Gunblade

    I know i know, hybrid isnt that gud, but gunblade has its uses sorta, its basically the slightly more expensive alternative to bloodthirster if you cant hold up your stacks.


    Banshee's Veil

    it blocks spells, guess when you build this....


    There are other items out there that are great, feel free to experiment and have fun but i'd personally advise you stay away from the items in the next section

  • Items to avoid

    Nashor's Tooth

    yay AP mana regen and cooldown reduction, three stats kayle doesnt need.



    No place in a late game build at all, not a horrible item, but not a great one either.


    Aegis of the Legion

    Why the fuck are Kayle's recomended items doomed to be absolutely horrible?


    Zeke's Herald

    As above


  • Jungling

    Start at wolves, have the mid guy damage them after you first hit them so they dont run all over the place.

    Then move to blue, again have mid pull it, he shouldnt lose any CS if he helps you properly.

    Then go blue > wraithes > wolves > red > golems/gank/wraithes > gank if you didnt before.

    back and get whatever you can to help you jungle faster, assuming no kills, zerkers greaves or a lifesteal sceptre based on preference, return and kill whatever camps, gank when appropriate and give blue to the jungler, red is useful to you but you could give it to top if they are your girlfriend and you wanna get laid or something. 

  • Laning

    Kayle can lane just fine if you wanna, i'd pretty much do everything the same but bring items like infinity and phantom dancer into consideration and probably drop the emphasis on trinity wits while still keeping them as options. Also drop smite for ignite obviously.

  • to tha haterz

    fuk u

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