Hecarim Build Guide

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(guide in progess)

written by haplosoul

Hecarim Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Warpath
  • Rampage
  • Spirit of Dread
  • Devastating Charge
  • Onslaught of Shadows

Runes for Hecarim

Masteries for Hecarim

Table of Contents

  • intro

    I Bought hecarim when he first came out. he takes a few games to get the hang of like any champ tryin new builds and such hes pretty fun and does well against most champs. only counterd by fast attackspeed high life steal crit champs which most people have trouble with. anyway here goes the guide

  • reasons for masteries and runes

    so for runes armor pen is highly benificial with all the runes masteries and ghost blade u get 51 armor pen total fair amount. the defence runes are obvious beacause not alot of defence is built in my build so it makes up for it and since u are melee u need what u can get theres a fair amout of health with the trin force prospectors and masteries. i dont take havoc rather then 3% life steal thats just my prefence hecarim with spirit of dread capped gets 30% lifesteal. masteries are based around dmg in the crystal scar i would build him more tanky but this build is focused on dominion. would work ok for twisted tree line



  • items


    k so i dont think there is any question or argument about starting with a prospectors blade and boots of speed which give him more dmg as well.


    i buy the boots of lucidity because hes got long cooldowns and u wanna keep ur survivability up(with spirit of dread) mobility chasing and dmg (devastarting charge) and get ur ravage cd down so it can get its passive bonus working faster.


    moving onto the full ghostblade and not leave it as a brutalizer. its active works really well with him because it also gives dmg. more armour pen.  (any squishies u may be doing more then true dmg to them if u are doing well and they dont build armor). also the crit chance works well with this build


    next its trinity force. ive debated on this item with him and goin for lifesteal instead via sanguine blade. but the health attack speed movement speed more crit and his ravage procs the passive pretty much everytime. it works really well with him though it is replaceable


    next i go for atmas armor and crit by now u have 50% crit chance and 270 AD roughly


    next i tend to just build a hexdrinker if the game is not over yet wits end would also be a decent magic resist item. force of nature is really expensive but it is a good item if they are really ad heavy skip atmas get this and hexdrinker and then the maw


    throwing in a phantom dancer would never hurt instead of the last 2 items or agis of the legion for defence the options are pretty open just pay attention to the opposing team randuins and thornmail mainly for AD heavy teams and ive listed probably the best dmg/attack hybrid items already


    as i stated lifesteal and an extra phantom dancer would make u one of those crazy attack speed and lifesteal chars but i enjoy the health and beef that i play with


    obviously if they are armour heavy build a last whisper or black cleaver somewhere

  • skilling order

    cut n dry get ur dmg up get the longest cd down asap so u can chase better...the first rank of spirit of dread gives u 10% lifesteal which is enough in most fights. so i leave that tho u r kinda gibbled on healing vs minions because it has a cap per rank. so if ur laning and need staying power level that above devastating charge.

  • summoner abilities

    ghost is a must ups ur dmg chasing all that perfect for him. i usually take exhaust. ignite would be ok as well but i only like it on certain characters. u could do some interesting things with devastating charge and flash kinda like an alister flash and push..