Warwick Build Guide

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Warwick, Bringer of doom

written by Varkentjeknor

Warwick Build

Starting items

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Runes for Warwick

Masteries for Warwick

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi. This is my second guide and I plan to make more, that is, if you think they are usefull. This guide is about warwick and the way I like to play him. This does not mean this is the one and only way, but I think it would help to make your warwick? even scarier than he already is.


    Most of the time I see warwicks build attack damage items or tank. A few of them ap and some of them start with madreds.


    I like to think of warwick as the most on hit effect based champion in the game. His damage output is mostly autohits and ulties. Another part of his arsenal is his % damage dealing Q, but you will all read about it.


    Please note that I'm currently busy finishing my Alistar guide and this is simply the beginning. Please do not rate this guide just yet.


    update: Alright my Alistar guide is finished. Here comes this one.

  • Warwicks role/lane

    Alright. Warwick is a very unique champion. Even when you are running around and have no idea what you\'re doing, you can be usefull. Because of your aura. Because of your aura, enemies have a hard time getting away with low health. You may not be able to catch up with them, but your team will.


    Because of your aura you can fulfill multiple roles at once. You can assassinate (since your ult does a tonload of damage with the right items) and find enemies at low health. You can be a very effective ganked (since your ult does have an inbuild flash and once again, the aura) and you can be some sort of ad/ap carry (mainly ap.... not because you have ap, but you deal mainly mage damage)


    Because of warwicks awesome lifesteal abilities (passive, hungering strike and ulti) he can pretty much go everywhere. He can go bot with someone that can replenish mana, he can go mid (not always a good idea, but sometimes he can deal more damage than ap mid). He can jungle because he can kill minion pretty fast (although his ganks are not as good as other junglers such as rammus/lee) but most of the time top is a good idea. Since warwick really needs gold and can stay in lane for a long time, he can often outfarm the enemy, kill him and become very dangerous at ganks.


    At this moment he is one of the best top champions. Bot may seem like trolling because he is melee, but because of his lifesteal, he can take quite some hits. Also, if you can play aggresive, the aura gives you increased movementspeed. Enough to dodge everything they throw at you.


    Do keep in mind that Warwick kinda needs buffs (blue/red). Without blue, warwick has mana problems and without red, enemies can get away. This may be a good reason to jungle with warwick.

  • Abilities&order

    Eternal Thirst

    Each of Warwick's autoattacks deals 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 additional magic damage and heals him for the same amount. Each successive attack against the same target will stack this amount of healing and damage up to a maximum of 3 stacks. The stacks remain for 4 seconds.


    This means that autohits have a nice increase of damage. This is magic damage so each hit will deal deal mostly attack damage and a little bit of magic damage. Also, the lifesteal is pretty nice. This does mean however you have to hit the same target three times before your passive is most usefull.


    You can semi-counter warwick by not letting him attack multiple times in a row against the same target.


    Hungering Strike

    (Active): Strikes an enemy for the higher value between the flat magic damage and a percentage of the target's maximum health, and heals Warwick for 80% of the damage dealt. Minions and monsters can only be dealt the flat magic damage.

    • Range: 400

    Cost: 70/ 80/ 90/ 100/ 110 mana

    Cooldown: 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 6 seconds

    Flat Magic Damage: 75?/ 125?/ 175?/ 225?/ 275 (+1.0 per ability Point)

    Maximum Health Percentage: 8?/ 11?/ 14?/ 17?/ 20%


    This spell is very powerfull even without any ability power, during the entire game. Because it is based on maximum health it's powerfull against champions with lots of health and because of it's basic power early phase. 1.0 per ability power is pretty awesome, which is why I see people go ap. However, this is the only ability that's based on ability power so that's why I wouldn't recommend it. Magic penetration is much more usefull because his passive, hungering strike and ulti are magic, you will be dealing a lot more damage with that.


    Do keep in mind that this ability is the only one that doesn't apply on hit effects (such as red buff)


    Hunters Call

    (Active):Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions, increasing Warwick's attack speed and all affected friendly champions attack speed by half of the amount for 10 seconds.

    • Cost: 35 mana
    • Radius: 1200

    Cooldown: 24/ 22/ 20/ 18/ 16 seconds

    Self Attack Speed Bonus: 40?/ 50?/ 60?/ 70?/ 80%


    A very powerfull attack speed buff. Not only does your own attack speed increase greatly, also teammates benefit from it a lot. Always use it when you are trying to destroy a turret because there is no passive attack speed increase that's removed once the ability is on cooldown

    Blood Scent

    (Toggle):Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within a certain distance of him, revealing them until they heal, leave the area or Blood Scent is deactivated. While sensing an enemy, he gains extra movement speed.

    • Cooldown: 4 seconds

    Distance: 1,500?/ 2,300?/ 3,100?/ 3,900?/ 4,700

    Movement Speed Bonus: 20?/ 25?/ 30?/ 35?/ 40%


    This is the main reason why warwick is usefull no matter how bad you are. This makes killing so much easier, you would always want to have a warwick in team. Do keep in mind that even though your movementspeed increases when there is a stealthed enemy at low health around, you won't be able to see him. Also, enemies will see the debuff, showing that warwick and the rest of the team can see them. This means that chances are enemies will escape from you because they know you're coming and will not recall near turrets.


    For this reason, you might want to turn it off. Once you've seen the location of an enemy and know the direction, you can turn off your ability. This will remove your speedbuff and vision, but the enemy are more likely to recall at turrets etc.


    Infinite Duress

    (Active): Warwick lunges at an enemy champion, suppressing the target for 1.8 seconds and striking for magic damage five times in 0.334-second intervals. Warwick gains 30% life steal for the duration. Each of his strikes triggers on-hit effects and benefits from life steal and Eternal Thirst.

    • Range: 700


    Cost: 100?/ 125?/ 150 mana

    Cooldown: 90?/ 80?/ 70 seconds

    Magic Damage Per Strike: 50?/ 67?/ 84 (+0.4 per bonus attack damage)

    Total Magic Damage: 250?/ 335?/ 420 (+2.0 per bonus attack damage)


    Ah, his ult. The main reason why Warwicks are so scary. This is an inbuild flash ulti that may not seem much at first, but do keep in mind he applies 5 times on hit effects. Also, it scales greatly with attack damage, making attack damage also a viable option. Not only do you get lifesteal from your passive, your ulti has an additonal 30% lifesteal.?


    Now, what I want to explain is when you use your ult. Most of the time I see Warwicks use this ult as a gap closer and a stun, starting with ulti first. Sure, it works, and with a lot of teammates around this is most likely the best way to use it. However, when fighting 2v1 or 1v1 (or you vs a lot of champions) you dont want to start with this. First, you want to run to them. Now, unless you are fed or your entire team is missing, the enemy will most likely not run right away. First, they will attack you. Now, first you start with a couple of auto hits, till you have dealt some damage and you are damaged as well. Then, you use hungering strike to get some health. At this point you can see whether you can kill the enemy without any help (ult/summoner spells) but most likely, you can't. So you hit a couple of times, finding out you are nearly dead. Thats when you ult. Your ulti will not deal much damage at level 6, but the lifesteal will return so much health, you have pretty much full life again. This is the moment when the enemy is most likely going to run away. That's why I like to apply ignite during my ult. Like I said, the enemy is most likely going to run so you want the enemy to have half hp at max. Now your aura is activated, so you can chase and finish him off.


    Also, when you use hungering strike before you ult, you can most likely use it again once you have ultied. This will do a lot of damage in a very short period of time


    Now about the order. Because your hungering strike (q) is your damaging spell early and also your lifesteal ability I always level and max hungering strike first. Now, you can either level your attack speed buff or aura first. Most warwick takes a point in attack speed early. I say don't. While your attack speed buff is awesome, you are most likely able to kill the enemy without it. Your aura however is a must. Not only does it grant you and your entire team early phase kills, it's also the only way for you to escape. Thats why you level aura second.


    Do you really have a hard time (or no chance at all) killing the enemy champion(s) in your lane you can take one point in attack speed. Also, jungling can be easier with attack speed but once again, you also need the aura for effective ganks. I'm not saying attack speed is bad. It's great. But the other abilities are even better.


    at 6/11/16 always level ult, like pretty much any other champion. This is now your damaging spell.


    I want to point out that warwicks ability regenerate health is often underrated. Quite some time you can actually kill multiple enemies when alone, because they simply expect you to be dead by now. But then you ult... and you have health!


    Also, you can use your ult to escape sometimes. When you find yourself all alone, fighting against 5 champions with 5 health, you simply don't stand a chance. By using ult, you can suddenly teleport to another champ, confusing the enemy (where the fuck did he go? oehoe... oe... ). This only works when fighting pretty stupid enemies such as trundle (he's a troll... not much brain there) and alistar (you don't expect cows to be smart do you?). Na, i'm joking. Don't expect much from it but sometimes you can save your ass with it.


    Also, because your ulti does regenerate a lot of life, you can bait enemies into thinking they can kill you within tower range. Wait for them to hit you and then baaaam, ult in their face. While they get killed by your ult and turret, you got enough health to take down whats left of him. Never underestmate the power of your infinite duress!

  • Items

    Like I've said before Warwick applies on hit effects with pretty much everything (except his q). That's why I like to build on hit effects on Warwick. First of all, I start with dorans blade. The attack damage makes it easier to kill minions, deal a little bit more damage. The lifesteal isn't that much, but you will be able to lane a little bit longer. The addional health also helps with that.


    Now, this isn't the only starting item. You can also build dorans ring (more healing on your hungering strike, more damage and you can use it more often before running out of mana), dorans shield (if you want to play it safe), boots (movementspeed) and vamperic scepter. Vamperic scepter is great. Witht it you can stay in lane for as long as you like, but later you don't really need the lifesteal, nor does it build into something good if you want on hit effects. Sure, bloodthrister is great too, but I like to do it my way.


    Now, once you got your starting item and went top (I'll explain jungle warwick soon) you need to farm. I like to make about 2350 gold, so I can go back to base to buy boots and wits end. Why wits end and not well lets say bloodthrister... or madreds bloodrazor?


    While these items are great, they are also very expensive. That's the main reason. Often I see warwicks that do build on hit effects, start with madreds. It's true that it's very usefull, but the reason why I start with wits end is: madreds does damage based on the amount of health the enemy has. Wits end deals flat damage. This means that while Wits end is more powerfull early game (because the damage is flat), Madreds becomes more usefull lategame (because of the %).


    Another item that I see build often is bloodthrister. Now let's assume you got max stacks on bloodthirster, dealing 100 attack damage. Your ult scales with 2.0 bonus attack damage, so your ulti will now deal 200 additional damage. Pretty sweet hm? However, wits end deals 42 magic damage on hit, so 5 times on hit (ult does 5 times on hit effect), dealing 210 damage. Sure, bloodthrister would be better because your autohits also deal more damage, but bloodthrister also costs 1000 more gold. (850 more next patch because of the wits ends nerf).?


    Once you got your wits end, it's a good idea to finish your boots into swiftness. Some of you may wonder why, since I've pointed out how important magic penetration is and I have to admit, I don't know why really. It's just that warwick doesn't really have escape moves, except for his movementspeed. Also, you run a lot faster with these boots + aura than sorcerers shoes. I've tried sorcerers shoes a couple of times but it just felt different.


    Now you already deal some damage with your ult. You need these items as soon as possible because this is the core.


    Once you've got this, you can start building madreds bloodrazor. It doesn't really matter what you buy first because all of them are pretty awesome. I like to start with pickaxe. The attack speed is nice but doesn't really improve your ulti damage, nor does razor. Sure, razor is nice to kill minions but at this time you are farming champions, not minions.


    Anyway, this item may take a long time because it's really expensive after all. Once you've got this item you can chose which one is more important. You can buy malady. Malady is pretty cheap and your damage increase will be huge. You deal an additional 20 damage per hit and each hit decreases the the amount of magic resistance the enemy has. Because of this, your ult can be an instakill sometimes (that is when you are really fed and the enemy is not). However, if you die all the time, it's of little use. The other option is guardian angel. It's a little bit more expensive but you will live longer.


    No matter what you've chosen, now you will buy the missing item. Once again, it can be guardian or malady, depending on the item you bought previously.


    The last item... well... i don't really know which item is best. Bloodthrister is nice, because of the attack damage. You don't really need the lifesteal but this item is better than any other attack damage item. Why? Well, let's see, infinity edge is also really powerfull but is pretty much a crit item. Warwick needs a lot of stats, but crit isn't one of them. The reason is simple: on hit effect doesn't include crits. Except for gangplanks perry.


    How about Maw of Malmortius? Well the attack damage is nice and so is the shield. But, warwick isn't really a champion that fights with low health (unlike tryndamere). When he does, he will regenerate his life so quickly he will have full health in no time. That's why I don't like this item on warwick.


    The third option is black cleaver. The attack damage isn't that impressive, nor does warwick need more attack speed (with those three items: malady, wits end and madreds+attack speed buff warwick has 2.2 attack speed). His damage output is magic damage so he doesn't really need the shredded armor but black cleaver can be a good item with a team that deals a lot of attack damage. The shredded armor will help your team but is most usefull when you are the only one having it (the same target can't have more than 3 stacks no matter how many people have cleaver)


    Another good item is Frozen Mallet. Some hp/attack is nice but the main reason is the slow. Now, just because you do 5 times on hit effects with your ult doesn't mean you slow more, but it's nice to slow enemies so you aren't the only one who can keep up with them. Sure, you can get red buff all the time but it stacks, so you will slow the enemy even more.


    Now about jungling. Warwick is pretty good at killing jungle creeps because of his lifesteal. His ganking abilities are decent because he does need his ult to be of much use. Red buff also works but the enemy will most likely see you coming.


    To jungle, Warwick doesn't really need anything. Because of his lifesteal, you can jungle with the same build and same summoner spells (ignite/ghost). You will be faster jungling with smite, but the summoner spells ignite and ghost will be more usefull when ganking and lategame. Jungling with dorans blade/no smite requires a teammate to help you killing blue golem (blue buff). If you want to have an easy time jungling, you can start with the usual: 5 health pots + cloth armor. You can build armor into razor and have an easy time killing minions. However, health pots seem like a waste to me. You are paying money for something that only helps you at the start but is gone later. That's why I prefer dorans blade/ring etc. Once again, if you are new to the game and want to try jungling I recommend smite.

  • Masteries&runes&summoner spells

    Masteries I like 21/9/0. Because warwick deals both attack and magic damage, he can pretty much use every mastery in the offensive tree. Because his ult/passive/hungering strike deal magic damage and the only thing that deals attack damage is his auto hits, I like to take the 10% magic pen instead of the armor pen. The 3 lifesteal is something I prefer so you can stay in lane a little longer. You can also take the attack damage per level, works as well.


    Why I put 9 points in defensive masteries I dont really know. The additional health/armor is nice but he would also survive without it. Id say you can either put 9 points into defensive or utility. It doesnt really matter.


    About the runes: since you dont buy sorcerers shoes, you are going to need the magic pen. Even if you do buy sorcerers shoes, you are still going to need the magic pen.


    On yellow I like to build armor and magic resis on blue. Hp also works, but since you have lots of lifesteal, the less hp you have the better. Its easier to survive with 100 hp (which you can regenerate in a second) and 999 armor/magic resis than 9999 hp (100 sec to renerate) and 1 armor/magic resis, if you get what im getting at. If you dont, feel free to leave a comment.


    For summoner spells I like to go ghost/ignite. While the other summoner abilities are also pretty good, those two seem to be most usefull. Ghost is to catch up with the enemies untill they have 50% health or less. Also ghost is a good way to get away. Flash is also an option but since your ult has pretty much in inbuilt flash, I prefer ghost.


    Ignite is to make sure the enemy reaches 50% hp or less before they are trying to get away. You can apply ignite while using ult so this makes it easier to get someone at low health (so you can use aura to catch up with them) . Exhaust is also a good summoner spell because you can use exhaust them when they run so you can damage them till low health anyway. However, with exhaust instead of ignite, they can use flash to get away before they have enough damage, preventing you from killing them. Still, exhaust is a better summoner spell because it also decreases their damage. I prefer ignite.

  • Enemy Champions

    Assuming you go top, there are some enemy champions you should care about.


    Yorick can harass you without getting close enough for you to use hungering strike. Also, he can harass more than you because he doesnt have the mana problem you do.


    A good Irelia can also cause trouble. Because she can pretty much dash between enemies she can hit you a couple of times and then slow/stun you before you can make use of your passive. Her ability to regenerate is also pretty good, while she is somewhat heavy. Be carefull.


    Another champion that can cause trouble are the likes of olaf and gangplank with an inbuild cleanse mechanism. That stupid pirate can eat fruit whenever he wants to, getting out of your ult whenever he wants to. What happened to the good old days where pirates teeth fell out because they didn't have fruit? Olaf same story. With his ult he can also stop your ult. A warwick without ult isnt really scary anymore unless really fed.


    Also check the enemies summoner spells. Cleanse isnt really used that often but with it, the enemy can simply stop your ulti.


    Lets see, you shouldnt really have trouble outlaning/farming/killing/dancing (micheal jackson thriller dance!) the enemy champion top. In teamfights, you can target whoever you want. You can kill enemies with low health (mages) pretty fast but you can also kill tanks because of your madreds. Do keep in mind though, you don't want to use ult when you can expect teammates to stun/silence you.


    If the entire enemy team does have cleanse for some reason, it might be a good idea to not build on hit effects because you will rarely be able to finish ult without getting interrupted.

  • Frequent Asked Questions

    Feel free to ask questions in the comment section. If you ask a good question, I will answer them here.

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