Fizz Build Guide

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So, you want to be a little fish in a big pond.

written by Fronkenstien1218

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro

    Fizz is a great hit and run champion, I will cover this and more here, this is my first guide since joinning here and i hope it will be helpful to the new Fizz player. 


    Nimble Fighter


    (Q) Urchin Strike 


    (W) Seastone Trident


    (E) Playful/Trickster


    (R) Chum the Waters

  • Masteries and runes

    For Fizz I find 21/0/9 works well, I tend to stick to mainly boosting his AP, CD, and MP. Along with putting a point to give Ignite and Ghost a bit of power, and in Utility i go with a point into advanced recall along with movement speed and one point in spell vamp (although i dont see it helping to much, but i digress).

    And i tend to go with a rune page with flat magic pen. marks, AP seals, flat cool down Glyphs and flat ap quint.s

    You can go with scaling but i would suggest against it.

  • Items for Fizz

    This is my personal taste but i find that grabing Doran's Ring early for the AP, Health and Mana Regen helps a ton with Fizz. Also Boots of speed along with some Health Potions can help u stay in lane a bit longer and get some good pokes in on the unlucky player you are fixing to destroy and possibly make rage quit =]

    No matter what your starter is, Fizz gains alot from a early Catalyst of the Protector, the health and mana you will gain when leveling will once again, allow for a longer presence in lane. From here you have two options; build Sheen or start Nashor's Tooth, either way if you're playing right and not getting killed to often you can have both within a few recalls, remember, a brave Fizz early, is a dead Fizz often. I dont normally build him tanky, its an option if you feel the need. After Sheen and Nashor's Tooth are yours, get Sorcerer's Shoes, the Magic Pen will help greatly along with some flat Magic Pen marks. From now on you should be stabbing your trident about half way down anybody foolish enough to lane against you solo, but you can still do more, turn that Catalyst into a Rod of Ages, then I would suggest nabing Malady quick, but getting Lich Bane first works too, and if you havnt sold your Doran's Ring by now, DO IT. After you get Rod of Ages it's pretty much just a waste of room. after you have this if u feel the need to get either Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel go ahead, because at this point you should be target number one for the enemy, and if not, you havent played right and are looking like a fool, or they are just idiots and you should proceed to insert that trident even further down their throats.

  • Skills

    Most people think that Fizz's Q is priority, or that his E is, well i say his W is the one to watch. Buffing it up ASAP will give you the hitting power that makes this little fish a monster, so incase you didnt get it, W first and foremost, then E, and Q can take the back seat till the end, and of course, get his Ult when possible.

    If you follow the item build and masteries along with the runes, your E maxed out or even with just 3 in it, should be clearing minions in one hit, or atleast bringing them to half health, use W to get last hits and to keep Sheen going, Q only if you plan to gank from behind an enemy to get in front of them, or to get to the nearest enemy minion to run away, remeber class, Fizz is hit and run early on, mid to late you should be stomping anybody enough they'll run, in which you can toss that fish and get a shark on them, or you can let your active W tick them out. 

    I would suggest ganking with Fizz only after you have his Ult, make sure it stays off CD, or try and make it so you can take your target by suprise enough they won't know what hit 'em.

    One last tip, pick your fights, and take one target at time, Fizz's burst combo should flow on one enemy at a time unless minion farming early game. 

    quick combo guide, run in from behind in possible, (make sure u can actually start attacking) pop W, they'll run or fight at this point, use Q to get behind/in front of them, E away if needed or E onto them if they run and you know you can take them out. The only time you should be brave Fizz is when you have the back up, or you've done so well and its late game your team is almost letting you get kills.

  • Spells

    Simple do and don'ts for Fizz's SS:

    Do; get Ignite and Ghost, this combo lets you run if your Q and E are on CD, and lets you poke early game with out getting to brave (brave early = Fizz fail), you can also sub out Exhaust for Ignite, the slow can help with runners and the target being weak and unable to run away helps.

    Don't; everything else, if you play Fizz well enough, the first spells i mention are more than enough, and keep in mind i dont, dont, dont, play Fizz as jungle so Smite has a big old NO stamped on it for Fizz.

  • Item builds

    see items.

  • In closing and Pros/Cons

    So, now you know how to play Fizz, atleast on a basic level, work at it and you'll be making people rage quit almost constantly.

    Now some pros vs cons for you.

    Pros- Great Burst damage late game

    good team fight starter/finisher

    can hold his lane very well 1v1 (if done right)

    Cons- VERY squishy, one good 2v1 on Fizz can have you screaming in anger.

    needs to be solo lane if possible or lane with somebody who wont miss the gold from minions, Fizz needs gold

    I already said it but to say it again i probly will need to, Hit and Run, Fizz cannot go toe to toe with anybody for long, take advantage of low health/dies alot/ can get away easy champions, and make sure you poke and run, hit it and quit it, beat them like they owe you money.... oh wait, nevermind that last phrase.

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