Lulu Build Guide

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Support Snusnu Lulu

written by Kinesys11

Lulu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Here is a Guide to Lulu, note this guide covers how I play her and that you should always adapt a champion to your playstyle.

  • Runes and Masteries


    3x Greater Glyph of Sheilding

    2x Greater Glyph of Resilience

    4x Greater Glyph of Refreshment



    9x Greater Seal of Resilience



    9x Greater Mark of Warding



    3x Greater Quintessence of Avarice


    I use these due to her squishy nature and in an attempt to counter Double Bruiser bot when you are Supporting an AD bot lane. Making Lulu a bit tanky is key in teamfights to take some amount of AoE damage, as well as sticking in to assist your team during pre-fight poking and et cetra. I also feel that a small amount of Mana/5 is a good idea to pull off possible last second E's or W's.


    Here is a link to her Masteries.


    I choose an 8/1/21 build. Again, I choose to take Mana/5 and Gold/10 Masteries to assist you as a Support. Starting with a total of 5G/10sec allows for easy money throughout the game and to buy wards or another Gold/10 Item quicker. The 1 point in Defense is only to add an additional buff to your Heal as it can be used to save your Carries or yourself, plus the 15% makes a huge difference during ganks and counter ganks. ?Lastly in the Offense tree flat AP and CDR should always make sense.

  • Laning Phase

    The Laning Phase is what will make or break you and your team and sets up the entire game.


    As Support, be standard and let your lane partner farm while BUYING and USING WARDS.

    If you are planning on a non-aggressive lane, do not be afraid to burn your E when your partner has to extend for a last hit or two.

    If you are planning on an aggressive lane, then do not be afraid to shoot your Q often and Auto Attack poke enemy lane champions.

    Using your W is always situational, however I recommend using W on an enemy during initiation for ganks/hard pokes as well as using W on a friendly as you retreat.

    Similarly use your Ult like you would W, but try to save it at the time when you can secure an assist or use it to save an ignited teammate since the bonus health is not affected by it.

    Your Q should always supplement your lane or jungler's CC.

    Always let your partner know that you are recalling, and attempt to recall as soon as you can get a Gold/10 item.

  • Build Order

    Here is a link to which Skills to Level Up.


    Link to Champion Builder for Final Build.


    Priority here is R > E > W > Q


    I start with:

    1x Faeire Charm

    3x Vision Wards

    2-3x Health Pots

    0-1x Mana Pots


    Recall 1 or Buy 1:

    Complete Philosopher's Stone from the Charm, and get Boots of Speed


    Recall 2 or Buy 2:

    Finish Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and get Heart of Gold; get Wards if you can buy them


    Recall 3 or Buy 3:

    Buy Kindle Gem; get Wards if you can buy them


    Recall 4 or Buy 4 (Mid Game):

    Complete Shurelia's Reverie and Locket of the Iron Solari; buy Wards and/or Oracle's


    Recall 5 or Buy 5:

    Buy Will of the Ancients and Wards


    After you are done building Core, then start build towards Luxury or Situational items.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I run with Heal/Flash as a Support. Heal is key becuase her abilities do not heal and is her pure weakness compared to Taric/Soraka/Janna/Sona/Karma. However if you feel that gear dependancy will be a factor more than your teams' skill then feel free to choose Teleport/Flash. Even using Clairvoyance/Flash isn't bad either, like I said play to your own style.


    However I caution against using all of these:








    Use these to play style:



  • Tips and Tricks

    Here are things to note as you gain experience and play Lulu.


    Her Passive auto attack Pix will only hit the closest target in a line and not the target you are auto attacking if blocked.


    Your Ult ignores ignite for the Bonus HP, use it to your advantage.


    Blue makes you Stronger, massively.


    Laugh at the enemy Carry as you turn them into a Squirell mid-fight.


    Don't Suck and enjoy your games on Summoner's Rift! :)