Ezreal Build Guide

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Ezreal (Pew Pew)

written by Ingalls

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I feel that Ezreal is one of the, if not the, strongest champions in the game at the point this guide is being written. He has fantastic range, great maneuverability, and a strong teamfight presence. While he is difficult to play at first because of his many skill shots he can be extremely effective whilst in the right hands. In this guide I hope to enlighten you as to some strategies and tips about playing Ezreal, as well as ways to counter him if you are playing against him.

  • Runes & Masteries

    Ezreal's Rune Page is still a mystery to me because I can't seem to decide whether to focus on Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Cooldowns, or what. The Rune Page I show on her is all flat mana for a bonus 330 mana at level 1. While I don't necessarily recomend this Rune Page I kind of like it if you rush Manamune because of that Unique Passive. My masteries were pretty simple, focus on attack damage and speed, while delving into the defensive tree for a little more durability in the early game.

  • Items

    Due to the fact my "Access the League of Legends Database" tab isn't working you'll have to bear with me and I hope you know the items I'm talking about. Ezreal's core build as you saw was Manamune, Cooldown Boots, Blood Thirster, and Trinity Force. The late game/luxury items were Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, and Banshee's Veil, and the Situational items were Thornmail, Guardian's Angel, Force of Nature, and the Black Cleaver. All these items and my reason for choosing them will be explained below:

    Manamune: Ezreal is (or should be) constantly spamming his Q while in lane, either to last hit or to harass your laning opponent, either way whenever you do this your max mana pool will increase, and a percentage of that will be added to your attack damage, which will further increase the damage of your Q

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity: These boots are the ones I recomend because of the cooldown they give. This helps because it makes Ezreal's "flash" or Arcane Shift ready more often and it scales of his Q, which everytime it hits an enemy the cooldown of all his skills are reduced by 1 second.

    Bloodthirster: Using his Q Ezreal is really adept (or good) at getting minion kills which helps stack up the Bloodthirster by giving him more attack damage and lifesteal for sustainability in lane or in 1 on 1 encounters.

    Trinity Force: Trinity Force is a key item on Ezreal because of this passive it gets from Sheen. Ezreal spamming his abilities a lot will make him trigger this passive a lot and as a result he will be able to do more damage with his next auto attack in addition to his regular abilities and ultimate. The move speed, health, and 20% chance at slow don't hurt either.

    Infinity Edge: I don't recomend getting this before any of the items I mentioned earlier, but if you get all those and you're looking for ideas, the extra damage, crit, and crit damage is always nice.

    Phantom Dancer: This item is for helping you move around the map more by getting that extra movement speed and the critical strike and attack speed help you melt those squishy targets that don't have a lot of health or armor built up.

    Banshee's Veil: This item is helpful if the enemy team has a lot of magic damage/cc/focuses you. The passive ability helps you stay alive in the initial assault of the teamfights, and should keep you alive long enough to flash out and snipe from the outside.

    Thornmail: This item is if the enemy team has a lot of physical damage (AD Carries, champions who use their auto attacks as the primary form of damage) and you are getting focused a bit. This item helps you fend them off and stay alive longer.

    Guardian's Angel: 'Nuff said, if you're getting focused a lot you need this item so you're not totally useless in teamfights.

    Force of Nature: This item is for a team that is heavy in magic damage, so you don't get burst/nuked down that quickly. The extra health regen and movement speed is nice too.

    Black Cleaver: I only go for the Black Cleaver if they enemy team is really tanky with a lot of armour and you need to penetrate that armor to do some damage.

  • Summoner Spells

    When I play Ezreal I go for Flash and Ignite. Ignite to shut down any healing, or to get off that extra burst early on, and Flash because it can be used both Offensively and Deffensively. Other summoners that would work are Ghost, Exhaust, Clairvoyance (for your ult), and Teleport. If you have others that work for you, that's fine.

  • Pros and Cons


    1. Good harassment
    2. Good at farming
    3. Global, AoE ult
    4. Built in Flash
    5. Built in Cooldown Reduction
    6. Built in Attack Speeds Buff (for allies)





  • Conclusion

    In conclusion

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