Ezreal Build Guide

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Ezreal guide (400 games) ranked,classic

written by Lifefeast

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi guys , so this is my second guide ... i dont do it before because i dont like to see my build in other player hands but i get over it :) and now i will explain exactly almost everything i know for this champion ,and the game ofcourse :) So lets start

  • Masteries & Runes

    That is very depend on what u want and need in game ... i publish my runes that i have and i think they are great for me i will explain why:
    Marks & Quintesence's : Because u need good start with AD for better harrasing with ,,Mystic Shot" U can go Attack speed runes and quintesence's ( i have them too , and i really like them a lot ) AD is good early game , Attack speed is a lot better late game .... Armor pen: is just waste of IP ... is good in early game but you are AD Carry so u will get Last Whisper + Mastery = 49% Armor Penetration ... so u will not need that in mid or less in late game ...
    Seals : HP/Level , is very good because we all know that Ezreal take first places in lowest health from all champions ...
    Glyphs: Only enemies u must be afraid of are Mages , Burst Magic Damage Dealers ... etc... U can outrange them very easily so u are like AD Mage but is better to go in Auto-Attack range for better Damage :)

  • Items

    For better damage output in the first minutes of playing u will like to take Doran's Blade for better harrasment and really noticed health , usually u are with support and that will keep u in good mana/hp condition ... so when someone takes support for u ask nicely for a Clarity if there is not soraka .... , get boots as possible because ezreal have one of the lowest base movement speed (305) so boots will allow u to harras with no counter back ... if u do it fast ofcourse , so next item must be vampiric scepter if u do really bad and u have good harrasing enemies ... and after that u will like to rush sheen .... after that upgrade vampiric scepter to bloodthirster for the extra dmg output and lifesteal ... start with phage (when u get that item u can buy one red potion for double the stats from phage for the next 4 min :) i really like to do this :) ) , and then zeal ... next item must be trinity force , after that make Last whisper if the enemies have 100+ armor so u will notice the difference ... , next item can be second bloodthirster or infinity edge depending on what you want , more lifesteal and sustain damage or 40% chance for making 2,5x AD ... i prefer infinity edge and last item bloodthirster ...
    Maybe you wonder why there is no any defensive items at all ... because you are damage dealer if u dont kill atleast 2 enemies in team fight u are not doing anything well ... and u must be behind ur tank and next to ur support ..
    If u are doing very bad early game and u are outfarmed u can make wriggle's lantern its pretty nice item that provides u everything u need vs another ad (armor) great damage , and lifesteal , so u can take jungle too (in mid-game ofcourse)

  • Summonner Abilities

    Teleport + Exhaust <3 I love these ones .... u dont loose exp , gold .... and u have exhaust, because you are fighting vs another ad carry and the only spell that kinda stop him from make damage is exhaust ..
    Ignite: Can be good .. but both together with exhaust
    Flash: You have flash ,,Arcane Shift" so you dont need another one
    if u never used teleport to now .. i will say only ... you will be amazed how many things can be done with that spell .... i just love it ... :)

  • Pros & Cons


    -Great Damage Output (if played well)
    -Nice Escaping Tool (Arcane Shift)

    -Great Harrasing Potential
    -Skillshot based (so u dont need to target enemy everytime , and he have big range on spells)
    -Global range Ultimate
    -Have Attack Speed increasing/decreasing damage skill (effect is just wonderful .. but the damage is owful)
    -Can be Played as mage (AD/AP) (even in this build , grab the blue and stay behind and spam mystic shots)
    -Great Attack Speed (passive) so u dont need to make another items for attack speed

    -No cons at all...

  • Working in the team

    Early-Game : Go to bottom lane with ur support ... harrass the enemies , make kills ... what can i say ? Do your job
    Mid-Game : If u have to make wriggle go take buffs , dragon and stuff :)

    Late-Game : Stay behind as every ad carry .. leave ur tank (off-tank) to go first and attack from behind dont believe u are superman and go on to make penta (maybe sometimes will happen but ... NO) if u want to be solo go on ... but watch map all the time ... and back before they come to gank

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