Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere - Every hit a crit.

written by Xyltin

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Trynda is still hard to play and master.

    In this guide I will build Trynd as a DD.
    There are also good buils for him as a DD/Tank hybrid.

  • Changelog

    06/01/2010: Updated for v1.0.0.86
    10/19/2010: First Updates for

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Learn to take usage of that passive as much as you can.

    Important early game for healing yourself and staying in lane.
    Later important to use after Unying Rage so that you don't die instant.
    Gives always a good DMG bonus, espacially late game when u crit a lot.

    Mocking Shout
    A great physical damage debuff and slow in one ability.
    It's a must have for chasing with Trynda, but also great for teamfights.

    Spinning Slash
    Allows you to spin through walls, move faster, escaping, chasing and deals good AOE DMG.
    The bad thing now is that you can't use it anymore to escape from snares.

    Undying Rage
    This ulti allows you to use the full potential of Battle Fury for 6 sec.
    It also makes you immun to death.

  • Masteries + Runes

    damage + a little armor
    damage + utility

    Based on the summoner spells you pick, you can change the points from Archmage's Savvy, Sorcery, Evaion, Harden Skin, Good Hands or Perseverance to upgrade that spells.

    What can also be altered:
    Offensive Mastery instead of Sorvery.
    Utility Mastery instead of Greed.

    I won't suggest picking Perseverance with him when you can't play him well, cause he doesn't have mana and only 4% HP reg is too low. He can heal himself, so use that.
    When you get better and die less and less you can switch to Perseverance.

    Greater Mark of Malice or Greater Mark of Desolation.
    Greater Glyph of Malice.
    Greater Seal of Malice.
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Malice.

    Good Armor pen and still a lot of crit. Helps you to deal full dmg till around lvl 5-7 and do enough crits for your DMG and healing.
    If you want less crit and more Armor pen take red Armor pen and Quint Crit.

    Greater Seal of Malice helps you now early game with +3.8% crit (nearly the same % crit you had before with lvl 3) cause you have no more +% crit/lvl. So you can start with 5.8% crit and you will only lose 7.8% crit DMG.

    When you want MR use Greater Glyph of Warding or Greater Glyph of Shielding.

    When you want Armor use Greater Seal of Resilience or Greater Seal of Defense.

    MR and Armor can help him survive early and late game and will give you more time to bring out your DMG but you lose DPS.

    Why only changing yellow runes with +% crit?
    Comparing Greater Seal of Furor with Greater Seal of Malice you get a 0.48 ratio (0.48% crit for every 1% crit DMG) which is the highest among all colors.

    This is all based around farming a lot early and mid game.
    If you dont want to farm and be good early and mid game but much worse end game try to use Greater Seal of Malice and Greater Glyph of Malice and maybe Greater Quintessence of Malice.

    Recommended only in low to mid Elo. From mid to high the enemys know how to counter that most of the time.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Trynda can use a lot of summoner spells. I give u only my ranking.
    Based on your team/enemys you can pick some spells before some others.

    1.You need anti CC espacially while Undying Rage is up. But cause your utli is now castable while CC'ed and the CD on that spell is now 150 sec (30 sec longer) it isn't a "must have" anymore. I still like the spell and prefer it, but the other ones are now on par with it for Trynda.
    2. / Ignite gives you a nice DOT when an enemy runs away and it reduces healing. Exhauste is easily skilled and gives you a better chance to chase or escape. It gives you a big advantage in 1v1.
    3.[spell_icon=Rally] Trynda never needed the healing Rally much. So the new one with less CD is better for him. Brings a lot of DMG into every teamfight.
    4. / Flash is nice when you are snared and helps a lot after Undying Rage wears off and you try to escape. Else Ghost is better.
    5. Healing after ult is always nice, else it is nearly useless for Trynda.
    6. Very good when you are harassed a lot at the begining or when you have to def a lane quickly.

    */* means: NEVER pick both.

    If you have a lot of problems early game, pick at least Heal or Teleport.

  • Skilling Order

    Till lvl 4 you should skill all of his 3 normal skills and 2x Bloodlust.
    The order lays in your hands, but i prefer

    After lvl 4 you can skill based on your favourite play style.

    The Road to Manhood (DD) (based on the guide The Road to Manhood fom xmashamm):
    that build can be used by every Trynda player, from starters to pros.

    To get that build running you have to farm a lot and make some kills. But you can stay on a lane all the time after reaching lvl 6, so that you can lasthit a lot.

    Bloodlust Early it increases your AA DMG and gives you a continuous stream of healing what allows you to get harassed a little bit while killing some creeps. It also provides u with the HP needed when you jungle.

    Mocking Shout When you try to kill someone alone or in a team this ability makes that much easier. And in a team fight you have the ability to reduce every DMG based on AD by 100 for 4 sec. So a Tristiana for example will do around 20-50 AD for 4 sec.

    Spinning Slash The DMG increase by maxing it isn't that great and it scales with your DMG, too, so you need it more as a movement ability than a damaging one. Sometimes i skill a 2. point in Spinning Slash at lvl 8 or 10 for faster farming.

    Spinning like an idiot (DD):
    I would suggest that build only very experienced Trynda players.

    This whole build is desinged on very good farming, so that your got your items very fast.

    There you try to farm a lot with your Spinning Slash DMG and use it as an opener for every fight you try to start.

    So your skill order will be something like this:

    When the laning phase ends you can kill every creep wave with 2x Spinning Slash.

    I prefer teleport as a summoner spell with this build cause you want to farm a lot every lane that was pushed by the enemy and so you have to run around a lot.

  • Items

    There are a lot of items wich you can take at the beginning, like:
    Regrowth Pendant or Vampiric Scepter, which aren't bad, but I suggest Brawler's Gloves + 2x Health Potion for everyone. It gives you a good crit % for healing and the potions allow you to risk a little bit and to endure the harassing.

    Upgrade it to Zeal and buy Boots of Speed.
    From there on you can try to get a Avarice Blade based on how good you farmed.

    Upgrade your Boots of Speed to Berserker's Greaves, Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness based on the enemy team.

    Then buy as fast as you can an Infinity Edge (Some people maybe want to buy a 2. Zeal for additional MA and AS).

    Next, upgrade Zeal to Phantom Dancer.

    From here on the standard build is finished. Now you can buy a lot of things based on how the game evolves.

    Normaly you want some life steal and even more DMG. For that buy The Bloodthirster or [item=Stark's Fervor].

    If the enemy has a lot of Armor i normaly take a The Black Cleaver cause it stacks best with [item=Stark's Fervor] and Youmuu's Ghostblade better and gives a lot more AD (so you can ignore around 120 Armor).

    If you bought the Avarice Blade you can upgrade it with The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade. This is a great DMG boost when the enemy doesnt have too much armor (around 50-100) and increases your MS for a short period what is very important when you are CCed.

    My preference list from UP to DOWN in each categorie.

    DMG items:
    Infinity Edge Don't habe to say much about it.
    Phantom Dancer When you want to crit every time buy it. Gives good MS, AS and evasion, too.
    The Bloodthirster End game when you want lifesteal. Best +DMG item in the game.
    The Black Cleaver Gives -Armor and a lot of DMG.
    Youmuu's Ghostblade Cheap for it's stats when you buy the Avarice Blade early.
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Deals a lot of DMG end game and has a lot of AS.
    Guinsoo's Rageblade Provides good +DMG and AS and you can use the AP for healing and spin.

    Team items:
    [item=Stark's Fervor] Good when you have some AA DDs in your team.

    Tank items:
    Spirit Visage Good agaisnt casters early + increased healing. Very good for Trynda.
    Warmog's Armor Stacks up a lot of HP and regen for Trynda. Good in combination with Atma's Impaler
    Guardian Angel Not much to say about. Imba for tanks. Good for Trynda after the Core build.

    Frozen Mallet good for HP and slows.
    Last Whisper Must have aginst every Armor tank.
    [item=Force of Nature] When u need something agaisnt a lot of spell DMG buy it. The MS will serve you well.
    Quicksilver Sash When you don't have buy it.
    Executioner's Calling Only against Healers.
    Sword of the Divine Against evasion.
    Banshee's Veil Gives good HP and a spell block, but for Trynda it's expensive and he doesn't need mana.

    A thing my cousin likes to do with Trynda is buying Vampiric Scepter + Madred's Razors for faster healing and jungling and later he upgrades them to The Bloodthirster + [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. You can kill the dragon with that items easily, while you are healing yourself on him.
    Your DMG is insane at that point and your and you have a very good AS. The increased Armor and Life Steal will help you surviving a fight.

  • Build Example

    Increasing your crit and giving your livesteal

    When the game lasts long

    High crit MS, and AS. Additionally extra MR and evasion

    And the invincable Trynda Tank/DD combo

  • How to play

    Stay away from enemys early game. Dont let them hit you if it's possible. Take a ranged laning partner who likes harassing more than last hitting, cause you need the last hits and you can't harass.
    Let you partner hit the enemys so that they don't stay near the creeps every time and with hitting an enemy the melee creeps will try to hit him and will come nearer to your side so taht you can kill them more easily.
    When you enemy is a melee and comes close to the creeps to hit them try to get there, too, and hit him one time after he made the first hit to a creep.
    So you can harass and if you have luck you will crit him very hard.
    But watch out for the 2. enemy.

    Always stay in a save position (brush or behind your creeps away from the enemy) when you have around 50% HP.
    The brush is your friend. Use them to hit out of it some creeps and vanish in it again. The enemy has to go in to take a hit on you. Use that chance to bring on a hit and spin away if it isn't too dangerous.
    Try to get as many stacks of Bloodlust as you can before you attack an enemy, cause you will need the dmg and healing.

    Don't try to kill someone before lvl 6 (if they are noobs you can). Cause you will be focused and dead very fast. Last hitting is your job on the lane. Your partner makes the harassment and will kill someone if possible (You can only help with your Mocking Shout or finish him with Spinning Slash and a hit). You aren't the opener for fights early game.

    Stay farming as long as you can and help your team with Mocking Shout to make kills or to escape.
    When you have your ulti ready watch the enemys with low HP. If one goes too far away from their towers try to kill him with your mates on the lane.

    If there is no Jungler in your team (e.g. Warwick) then it's your job to kill the dragon. If needed take someone with you.
    The Lizard buff is godlike for your DMG. With the slow nobody is able to run away from you.
    Help your casters to get the Golem buff if he needs help (e.g. Zilean).

    When you get Infinity Edge your time has finally come. You will be feared in every 1v1 and even 1v2.
    Always watch out for traps. Watch the CD on your ulti. Every 1v1 is a 1v2 or 1v3 very fast, so have a look where the enemys are and if you would be able to escape if they are all next to you.

    Your priority are suqishy champs with low armor. Pick out someone who doesn't have a stun or escape mechanism ready if possible (e.g Veigar used his stun, so kill him. Ashe used her ulti). When you have a cleanse even stuns are nothing for you.

    Don't use your ulti to destroy towers.
    Tunneling towers will be possible, but care about the tower shots. When your ulti wears off and the tower gave you a last shot it needs time to hit you. So escape from the tower range early. Even Spinning Slash won't make a change most of the time. Sometimes it's even worse.
    The tower shot a last time at you and you would be hit while the ulti is still up. Your reaction is very often a spin away from the tower. So the shot needs more time to reach you and deal DMG. But at that time you ulti is already away => dead.
    Such desicions are very hard to make. Get a feeling for it.

    Now that you dont have an enemy Garen in every Game, the brush is your friend again.

  • Farming

    Only last hit creeps or hit if you need stacks for your healing. You can use Spinning Slash to kill creeps but be careful when enemys are near cause you maybe need the spell to escape.
    When your lane is pushed to the enemy tower go jungling some creep spots while your mate lvls alone and falls back to your tower.

  • Creep Jungling

    You can try to jungle from the start, but the beginning is very hard (I wouldn't recommend it but i got some nice victories with that strategie). Take at least and use it every time you can. Start killing the wolves and golems, then the ghosts and then go reggen. Here you should be lvl 3.

    Take Bloodlust every time you can and use your potions.

    When Jungling you should skill Awareness for 5% more EXP.

    Start with Brawler's Gloves or Vampiric Scepter and some potions.

    You can also start with [item=Elixir of Agility] or Elixir of Fortitude but then you will have to farm more gold.

    With lvl 3-4 and a smite you will be able to kill the lizard or the golem but i would suggest you killing the 2 small creeps next to him before returning to the base the first time.

    After reaching lvl 5 you can farm easily in the jungle. Only the dragon will make you some problems.
    Stay killing creeps on both sides of the map and use Sight Ward to know when an enemy is coming.

    When you have no teammate that jungels a lot take your time and jungle as much as you can after hitting lvl 5-6. you will get a lot of gold and EXP while the enemys don't know where you are right now.
    You can also help the other lanes getting kills when there is a chance.

    If your old laning partner needs help go and help him.

  • Working in the team

    Try to go around with your team and make kills. Stay behind the scene till the enemy makes his first move or when they run away. You normaly aren't a tank so your job is dealing DMG and when you get in first all the focus will be on you, why you have to activate your ulti early and then one CC will give you the rest. You weren't able to deal a lot of DMG but you tanked. THAT WASEN'T YOUR JOB. When a ranged DPS from your team is attacked first try to spin in and while they focus him kick out all your DMG and reduce their DMG with your Mocking Shout. He will live much longer and maybe he will be able to escape the focus.

    Use your ulti late all the time. 2 sec before it wears off try to spin out and get out of range from the enemys. Heal yourself and wait some sec. You can try to go in again and heal yourself again as soon as possible. Then you can finish the rest of them. If the enemy wins the fight stay out of it and don't go in again or don't go out in the first place and die in the fight.

    Let your tank make the first move or try to set up a trap in a brush.
    Run in the fight and use Spinning Slash when you get slowed or kicked away from your traget.

    More to come soon.

  • Summary

    Trynda is can be both. A DD or a Tank (or the combination).

    To bring his full petential into the game you have to be ready to fulfill both roles.

    Playing him as a DD makes a lot of fun and you can win a lot of games but you will have situations where your team needs an off Tank that can still deal DMG.

    But his strength is not to be a Tank or DD. It's that he can deal a lot of DMG with only 2-3 good items, and still tank with some other items and/or his ult. Use your MS and Spinning Slash to kite and initiate while killing the enemys with your ulti and your insane DMG

    Hold in mind that you can crit more often and with a higher % when you have more HP or Armor.

    Learn to master it!!!

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