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Kennen - Big targets are the best! [AP Guide] (Updated TT guide)

written by Exhale

Kennen Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I have been playing Kennen alot since he was released and have taken a liking to his killing potential; if I handle him properly of course.
    I always play him as AP and I believe an AD and/or AS build is wasted on Kennen, as it simply does not utilize the champion, therefore this guide will also be about two different AP builds: one pure AP build and one hybrid build prioritizing AP. Later on I might look into AS/AD Kennen.

    Whenever possible I prefer control over raw damage and my guide (soon to be guides I hope) are coloured by that, but I will include pure-dps builds to my guide(s) to fit the needs of different playstyles.

    I will give you a somewhat thorough walkthrough of his abilities and how I have chosen to play him.
    I hope you will gain something from reading my guide, and feel free to post a comment if you have any questions or comments. I will also make sure this guide is updated to fit the latest patch notes.
    Enjoy the guide.

    To come:
    -Finishing up the 'Pointers against different foes...' section. It does, however, require some time as I am testing laning against every champion.
    -Im running out of things to add to the guide so if you have suggestions then drop a comment :)

    -Regards Exhale

    NB: Be aware that the guide is somewhat long and if you do not wish to go through the entire wall of text I suggest you look up the section that you believe to be relevant and just read that section.

    Added this for funzies: (yes I know its geeky :p)

    I take no credit for this vid whatsoever.

    Thanks to:

    P.S: I know I have not kept my guide up-to-date but as I am studying at the moment I have to keep on top of the reading and the gaming have had to suffer.

  • Abilities

    Mark of the Storm
    This is the very core of Kennen - his stun along with a very vital source of energy. When an enemy get 3x Mark of the Storm (MotS for future reference) they will be briefly stunned and you will be refunded 25 energy. MotS is indicated by a debuff on the enemy along with 1-2 bright swirly ball(s) around them which indicate how many charges of MotS they have on them. The marks stay on the enemy for 8 seconds before disappearing, adding more marks renews the timer.
    Do keep in mind that diminnishing returns is appllied if the stuns occur within 7 seconds of eachother.

    When you apply a MotS to an enemy 3 orbs will appear buf if you look closer one of them will be brighter than the others, implying that you have 1 MotS on that given enemy. Enemies also gain a debuff on them that might be easier to track if you are only fighting him/her.

    Thundering Shuriken
    Your skillshot which increases in damage according to your AP. Has a slightly longer range than your normal attack and applies a MotS on hit. Has a few other uses which I have explained under Pointers in the 'Unique Skills' section.

    AP scale: +.75 magic scale per ability power.

    Electrical Surge
    This works like Annie's Pyromania only it gains stacks from your regular attacks and not spellcasts. This is a very reliable source of MotS (and damage) along with the active part of the ability which shocks everyone within range if they have an MotS on them while also applying another MotS. The passive also deals 40-80% of Kennen's AD in additional magic damage when applying MotS.

    The active scale with AP as follows: +.55 magical damage per ability power.

    Lightning Rush
    Probably the most infamous of Kennen's abilities. This works like the Ghost and lets you pass through creeps and champions at a vastly increased speed while dealing damage and applying a MotS as you pass through them. You also get 40 energy refunded when passing through an enemy with this ability - can only happen once. Great initiator/chase/getaway tool but keep in mind that it drains 50% of your energy (unless you have +max energy runes).
    Lightning Rush also grant you 10/20/30/40/50 MR and armor for 4 seconds.

    AP scale: +.55 magic damage per ability power.
    Adds 230 MS for about 3 seconds (235 when you have Boots of Mobility for some odd reason).

    Slicing Maelstrom
    While this ability does not really feel like an ultimate ability like Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm you should never underestimate it. This is your key tool for teamfights and ambushes as it will randomly hit enemy champions within it's range, dealing damage and applying one MotS every time it deals damage to each champion. Keep in mind that it has a max number of hits, which luckidly increases per level 6/10/15. Hits a single champion a maximum of 3 times.

    As this ability now applies a MotS every time it hits it can be somewhat unreliable as it might hit the same champion(s) a few times and screw with your MotS appliance and the use of Electrical Surge, so keep an eye on the target you wish to nuke and on how many MotS they have on them.

    This ability has great synergy with Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel and Zilean's Chrono Shift as Slicing Maelstrom will continue to be active despite any of these 3 activating (with Guardian Angel and Chrono Shift your ulti will actually keep dealing damage despite you being dead).

    AP scale: +.40 magic damage per ability power.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Uses energy; allowing him to permanently harass without having to use pots or return to base for mana.
    -Kennen can be built in multiple ways in order to suit ones personal preferences.
    -High burst potential.
    -Decent survivability with a swift getaway.
    -Provides brief stuns for your team in teamfights along with a great synergy with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Revolver/Will of the Ancients.
    -Can be a great sololaner.
    -He is a ninja (yeah thats a pro!)

    -Quickly depletes energy during prolonged fights if not able to pull of multiple stuns, greatly reducing his damage. (Can be helped a little with the recent energy-runes - see the Runes section.)
    -Requires a little practise in order to fully utilize his potential.
    -Depending on build he can be a real glasscannon.
    -His abilities does not scale very well with AP, though still enough to be balanced.
    -Combo based requiring you to land all of your abilities.
    -Very expensive core build.

  • Quick Reference:


    Remember to swap [mastery_text=Cripple] for [mastery_text=Deadliness] if you don't have Exhaust

    Summoner Abilities:
    Flash+ Ignite/ Exhaust

    Doran's Shield or Boots of Speed+3x Health Potion

    Core I: (Glasscanon)
    - Sorcerer's Shoes/[item=Mercury's Threads]
    - Rabadon's Deathcap
    - Zhonya's Hourglass

    Core II: (Utility/Sustaining)
    - Sorcerer's Shoes/[item=Mercury's Threads]
    - Hextech Revolver/ Will of the Ancients
    - Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Good items: (Besides the ones mentioned in Core I+II)
    - Abyssal Scepter
    - Void Staff
    - Lich Bane
    - Guardian Angel

    Always remember to buy Elixir of Brilliance and Sight Ward!!

    For further information I urge you to read on :)

  • Kennen 101

    This is just how to use Kennen's abilities very basicly.

    When you go into fights you will want to stun them as best you can and these combos provides you with quick stuns. Keep in mind that there is diminishing returns on your stuns so if you stun the same target twice within 7 seconds the stun will not last as long.


    Apply MotS by Thundering Shuriken (1 MotS) -> Electrical Surge passive (2 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active = Stun.
    This can also be done in any other order to achieve the same effect.

    Lightning Rush (1 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active (2 MotS) -> Thundering Shuriken = Stun -> Electrical Surge passive for another MotS.

    For continously harassing:
    Despite being able to lasthit more effectively by leveling Thundering Shuriken you can prioritize skilling Electrical Surge as it goes down in CD for every level. This means that if you can apply a mark to an enemy that flees you can keep applying marks whenever he gets close to you as the MotS stay on for 8 seconds and the CD goes belows 8 seconds on Electrical Surge when is a rank 4 (rank 3 if you have CR in masteries and runes). This is a relatively easy way to keep enemies from creeps in fear of taking more damage. See how below.

    Apply MotS by any means (1MotS) -> Electrical Surge active (2 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active = Stun -> Thundering Shuriken / Electrical Surge passive (1 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active (2 MotS) -> etc. etc. etc.

    Lightning Rush (1 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active (2 MotS) -> Slicing Maelstrom = Stun.

    As Slicing Maelstrom randomly hits targets you cannot be sure how many MotS it applies to your enemies which can make it hard to succesfully use Electrical Surge to stun as many as possible so I recommend going for the prementioned rotation when in teamfights for a more predictable outcome.

    When maxxed Slicing Maelstrom will hit every enemy champion a maximum of 3 times, stunning them, but this is not the case at ranks 1 and 2 of Slicing Maelstrom. So rank 3 of the spell allows a more successful use of the following rotation:

    Slicing Maelstrom = Stun -> Lightning Rush (1 MotS) -> Electrical Surge active (2 MotS) -> then just use Thundering Shuriken or the passive from Electrical SurgeElectrical Surge to pick out whatever enemies you want.

    The most effective way to enter a teamfight has to be:
    Lightning Rush to tag as many as possible with MotS -> Slicing Maelstrom -> Electrical Surge. This ensures a stun on everyone and leaves them with 2 MotS for a second stun.

  • Unique Skills

    Kennen's uniqueness is his passive which is also the hardest part of him to master. You can spam his abilities mindlessly and still be quite effective, but in order to excel you will have to learn how to properly manage his stuns and energy gain.

    It is also very important that you keep an eye on your Electrical Surge counter as this is what will make you stand out as a Kennen player - especially during teamfights.
    It is also very important to understand that you have to utilize your entire arsenal as Kennen, as it is the synergy between his skills that make him unique - and effective.

    If you have sololane I would suggest taking Electrical Surge as your first spell, and use that to harrass and lasthit with, as it is a far more stable source of DPS.
    If laning with a partner I always pick Thundering Shuriken, so I can scout ahead if we decide to go for a pre-minion kill. (See Pointers)

    I myself rarely take up a solo lane as I would rather have someone "better" soloing. An example being Karthus or Ezrael as they have global ultimates which I believe can be of more use than Kennen's ultimate earlygame. Just always keep in mind that you need that farm and as such you are a great solo-top choice.

    -Kennen's Thundering Shuriken gives off a distinct sound when it hits something. Use this to scout brush. While this no longer gives off a sound when hiting wards or Noxious Traps you can still use it to hit stealthed players.
    -Lightning Rush also gives off a sound when passing through stealthed players.
    -You cannot activate Electrical Surge if your enemy does not have any MotS on them, so remember to apply new marks after you have stunned them. If you have marks on a stealthed enemy you can also see their position due to the "ray" from Electrical Surge
    -You cannot use your normal attack when in Lightning Rush, so if you have to get in close and apply marks with your normal attack remember that you can switch off Lightning Rush again by pressing 'E'. There is a .5 second delay from activating Lightning Rush untill you can deactivate it.
    -The Golem buff provides you with an additional +1.5% extra energyregen which really makes a difference along with the CR. I do not believe Kennen should take the golembuff over mana-dependant carries or supports as they need it more! (It is also the only thing increasing your energyregen besides the fountain at the base and the energy-runes)

  • Skilling Order

    Thundering Shuriken is more or less the best choice no matter what as it deals more damage than your other 2 skills in a level 1 fight (we dont want you in harms way). Gives great poke off of level 1, should you be against a hard sololane such as Brand you can use this to last-hit quite effectively while dodging Pillar of Flame

    Against champions such as Brand I suggest taking Lightning Rush fairly early (level 2-3) as you will need it to harass and lasthit while dodging skillshots.

    Despite being able to lasthit more effectively by leveling Thundering Shuriken you can prioritize skilling Electrical Surge as it goes down in CD for every level. This means that if you can apply a mark to an enemy that flees you can keep applying marks whenever he gets close to you as the MotS stay on for 8 seconds and the CD goes belows 8 seconds on Electrical Surge when is a rank 4 (rank 3 if you have CR in masteries or runes). This is a relatively easy way to keep enemies from creeps in fear of taking more damage.

  • Masteries

    I usually go for the popular 9/0/21 Offence/Utility specc as this provides allround support, especially magic penetration, cooldown reduction and extra XP. It does, however, leave you with one spare point in the utility tree that does not do anything for you, unless you get Flash in which case you can trade the one useless point in Meditation for [mastery_text=Blink of an Eye]
    You can always take 1 point from Deadlyness and put it in Cripple if you are going for Exhaust.

    Otherwise you can experiment with a defence-oriented build which shines earlygame with Doran's Shield and HP runes.

    Remember that all guides have speccs which are prone to costumization depending on what summoner abilities you prefer.

  • Runes

    Greater Mark of Insight (410 IP) This is a must for any AP build. Also relatively cheap.

    Greater Seal of Vitality (410 IP) More HP if you need it.
    Greater Seal of Resilience (205 IP) A little armor. Can be a lifesaver whan facing physical harrassers earlygame. Also works great with +HP Quintessences and are dirt cheap.
    Greater Seal of Lucidity (820 IP) These have become a personal favorite of mine for obvious reasons: Minimizes Kennen's greatest flaw; low sustained damage due to lack of energy. A great addition which allows you to toss around a few extra abilities and it allows for a little more flawed play in case you are still learning to play or get in a tight spot. They are, however quite expensive.

    Greater Glyph of Warding (205 IP) More MR. Great earlygame when harrassed by magic damage. Also goes well with +HP Quintessences and then they're cheap :D
    Greater Glyph of Force (410 IP) Some more AP. Keep in mind that Kennen's abilities does not scale very well.

    Greater Quintessence of Insight (1025 IP) I usually go for these but I am playing with a team of players who knows what they are doing so I usually do not need that much extra HP.
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (2050 IP) Even more HP. These along with Doran's Shield allows you to take quite a punishment early on.
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (2050) Mainly just for trolling but still I suggest you try them out. Some love them, the rest learn to appreciate them.

    I do not get CR for Kennen as I have some from my masteries and I wont be able to utilize much more CR due to the recharge rate of Kennen's energy. If you do have Greater Seal of Lucidity, however, you can go for some CR on items or get it from your runes as they will grant the extra energy needed to be able to utilize the extra CR

    My own runebook looks something along the lines of:
    9x Greater Mark of Insight (3690 IP)
    9x Greater Seal of Lucidity (7380 IP)
    9x Greater Glyph of Force (3690 IP)
    2x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (4100 IP)
    1x Greater Quintessence of Insight (1025 IP)

    All in all 19885 IP for a full runepage.

    As of LoL v1.0.0.94[b] there is a few new runes to assist energyusers and I will just give my opinion on them.

    Greater Seal of Meditation Greater Seal of Lucidity instead.
    (9x0.6=5.4 extra energy per 5 seconds)
    Greater Seal of Lucidity This is my favorite of the new runes; it allows you to regenerate energy at increased rates (moreso than Greater Seal of Meditation lategame) which allows you to dish out even more damage in extended (team)fights.
    (9x1.05=9.45 energy per 5 seconds at level 18)

    Greater Glyph of Acumen These provides a little extra maximum energy from the beginning, though nothing really noteworthy.
    (9x2.00=18.00 extra energy from the beginning).
    Greater Glyph of Sapience These provide extra maximum energy scaling with level but still not enough to compete with other glyphs.
    (9x2.64=23.76 extra energy at lvl 18)

    Static extra energyregen making you more viable in prolonged teamfights. Still raw HP, MP or MS is better.
    (3x1.5=4.5 energy per 5 seconds)
    A little extra maximum energy.
    (3x4.9=14.7 extra energy)


    With 3xGreater Quintessence of Meditation and 9xGreater Seal of Meditation you would get 9.9 energy per 5 seconds.

    With 3xGreater Quintessence of Meditation and 9x you would get 13.95 energy per 5 seconds at level 18.

    With 3xGreater Quintessence of Acumen and 9xGreater Glyph of Acumen you would get 32.7 extra energy.

    With 3xGreater Quintessence of Acumen and 9xGreater Glyph of Sapience you would get 38.46 extra energy at level 18.

  • Summoner Abilities

    This is really up to you but I will just throw in my two cents.
    I would suggest a combination of these three
    Ignite I would always advice for at least one of these on a team due to the healing reduction later on. Also allows for a quick kill early on and saves an itemslot which would be used for Executioner's Calling in case your team did not have heal-counters.
    Exhaust Great for kiting, chasing and getaways, killing and frying bacon! So popular it is self explanatory.
    Flash I used to take this before I swapped it with Cleanse and I have been switching a little back and forth between Flash and Cleanse depending on what setup I play. Most of the time I do tend to opt for Flash as Cleanse has had one too many run-ins with the nerfbat. Also remember that this has 1001 more uses than just getting away; getting in the midst of the fight with Slicing Maelstrom, jumping barriers and cliffs and the trick i like the most - blocking skillshots from players that otherwise would have killed your teammate :)

    These are also viable
    Cleanse This allows you to survive almost any gank. It has been nerfed several times and is nowhere near as powerful as it used to be.
    Clairvoyance This ability is great with a team due to the map awareness it provides, but keep in mind that wards are your friend and that your support should have this!
    Ghost I feel this is just obsolete with Kennen. Might still be very handy but I believe there are better choices.

    I would not get these
    TeleportI believe this is wasted on Kennen as he can spam Lightning Rush to get from A to B.
    Revive Not worth it - in lower ELO games it might be fun to die to towers/creeps early on for a HP boost if you have it improved but other than that do not get it.
    [spell=Rally] Nope...
    Smite Kennen is a great farmer and smite is just not worth taking over any of the others as you cannot jungle effectively.
    Clarity Wait... What?
    [spell=Fortify] This is very situational and I usually do not get it when I do not have the mastery to improve it.

  • Items

    The Items section is always one of the most disputed parts of a guide - especially a Kennen guide so do not follow this to the letter but take it as an inspiration to find your own builds.

    Aaaaaand, youre finally done waiting for people to load....
    Get Doran's Shield(475 gold) or Boots of Speed(350 gold) along with 3x Health Potion(3x35 gold)

    Whenever you are back and have the cash then get your (350 gold) and upgrade them if you have that much money. If you have spare gold then get a or two.

    When it comes to upgrading your boots it is really up to how the fight goes.
    (1100 gold) Adds some MP thus increasing your damage output.
    (1000 gold) Increases you MS making you that much more mobile. Especially good if you do not have Flash.
    (1200 gold) Adds CC reduction and a little MR. These are invaluable vs. mass CC teams.

    I rarely or never get any of these:
    Berserker's Greaves (920 gold) You will not be needing the AS as this is not your source of DPS.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity (900 gold) CR can very quickly become wasted on Kennen as his energy will limit the use of his abilities very quickly - these are quite simply a waste imo.

    Boots of Mobility (1000 gold) Simply inferior to Boots of Swiftness when used with Kennen due to Lightning Rush.

    Ninja Tabi (850 gold) While these are quite cheap and may very well safe you from physical DPS champions AND are made for ninjas, I do not believe Kennen benefits very much from these as you are not the tank anyways - might still be a lifesaver agains mass physical setups!

    I usually go for Sorcerer's Shoes, Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness.

    The following items are what I like to get on Kennen along with a few words on as to why I like them. I have put them in the order according to how useful I believe they are.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3105gold - This item is probably the single best item for Kennen due to his spamming nature. This more or less allows you to keep one or more players slowed for an entended period of time which can be great for... well everything... Also grants a good deal of HP and AP. I suggest getting Giant's Belt (1110gold) asap as you are quite squishy but that is entirely up to you.

    Will of the Ancients 2400gold - After extensive testing I have come to fall in love with this item along with Hextech Revolver as these allows you to outharass anyone in your lane while also providing you with a good deal of AP. I either get Hextech Revolver before I start building Rylai's Crystal Scepter or I go for a pure glasscannon build with Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass being my core items.

    Zhonya's Hourglass 3300gold - This provides a great amount of AP and the 2second invulnerability from it is great when you use Slicing Maelstrom in teamfights. When choosing between this and Rabadon's Deathcap you basicly chose between survival and DPS: If you have opted to get Mejai's Soulstealer i would get Rabadon's Deathcap due to the immense AP increase it offers. If you have not opted to get Mejai's Soulstealer then I would get Zhonya's Hourglass first - remember the first does not exclude the second :p
    I know a high-ELO friend of mine swears to Mejai's Soulstealer and Rabadon's Deathcap.

    Rabadon's Deathcap 3600gold - This item provides you with 201,5 AP hand down and on top of that it increases tha AP you gain from other items - its like bacon, only for AP users!!

    Lich Bane 3470gold - Another expensive item but also one of my absolute favorites (I know many would not prioritize this as high as I do). I rarely rush this as you will want your AP to be higher than your physical damage before you upgrade Sheen to Lich Bane. This item has great synergy with your Thundering Shuriken as the CD on Thundering Shuriken fits the CD on Lich Bane and Sheen. Also allows for some quite high bursts with your Electrical Surge passive. Remember this works even better with mass AP builds instead of magic penetration builds!

    Guardian Angel 2600gold - This is usually the only defensive item I get on Kennen (besides the use on Zhonya's Hourglass). This provides you with a little of all you need, being armor and magic resistance, along with a 750HP ressurection every 5 minutes. This item can also turn the tide of any fight.

    Deathfire Grasp 2610gold - While this item does not grant as much AP as many other items at the same price you can only love the use on this item; a burst of 30% of the enemy's current HP (reduced by MR) which scales with AP (+3.5% dmg for every 100AP). This is the best item available for a single target burst.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade 2235 - I like this item I really do but it is also very situational and the item only really pay off when you have the stacks up at which point it gives you a total of 93 AP, 35 AD and 32% AS. This will however dominate turrets and inibitors and will give you an edge in prolonged fights. It also works wonders with Sheen and Lich Bane.

    Abyssal Scepter 2650gold - This is a very good item in teamfights as it reduces every nearby enemy's MR by 20 which works great with mass caster teams and items like Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise. The magic resistance from this is also a very velcome addition.

    Void Staff 2295gold - This is a relatively cheap item which provides 70AP along with 40% magic reduction which will mean a huge difference against champions with a high magic resistance.

    Haunting Guise 1485gold - This is a very cheap item considering the magic penetration you gain from it. This is all in all a great low-tier item which provides a little of everything you will want; AP, HP and the 20 magic penetration. Especially earlygame where you do not have alot of AP MrP is a very velcome addition and I believe this item is very underrated.

    Hextech Gunblade 3625gold - This is a great item if you are going for a hybrid build but it is quite expensive. Hextech Revolver is a quite good item though, as your spamming nature allows you to gain quite alot of HP due to this item. The use on Hextech Gunblade is also quite good for chasing and escaping.

    Nashor's Tooth 2885gold - I have not really spent that much time testing this item but what I have learned is that it works great with Guinsoo's Rageblade and the 25% CR is quite useful but while this item is great for an AS Kennen I would not get this as you will drain your energy in no time by spamming your abilities with 25% reduction and the benefits of alot other items is just better.

    Trinity Force 4070gold - The only reason this is here is because this is a great item for a hybrid build. Overall this is a great item but keep in mind that the "Sheen-effect" on this item scales with your AD and not your AP.

    Mejai's Soulstealer 1235gold - The only reason this item is so low on the list is that you will need to have at least 5 stacks on it to make it worth it (5.2 stacks actually according to Auster Delaura's calculations on cost vs. usefulness). In high-tier games you will simply get to have a problem maintaining the stacks unless the game is really in your favor. Very situational and I trust you will have an idea of when you should and should not get this.

    Quicksilver Sash 1440gold - This is a very situational, yet entertaining item to have and it will get you out of alot of a tight spot every 105 seconds. Entertaining but easily replaced by.. well.. everything else :)
    The only reason this item is here is actually because I had alot of fun toying with enemy CC using it.
    Also remember that this unlike Cleanse removes every enemy debuff on you also ignoring effects such as Warwicks ultimate, Mordekaisers ultimate and Ignite so this item is not as bad as it might seem.


    As I said in the beginning there is loads of different ways of building your Kennen.
    I have made this example so you have an idea of how you can build him.


    This is a very AP heavy build and I have opted to get Lich Bane but if you want more ap and damage from your abilities in general you ought to get Void Staff.

  • Calculating Magic Penetration

    Remember that the magic resistance reduction from Abyssal Scepter is calculated BEFORE the % penetration from Void Staff and Archaic Knowledge and the penetration from runes and items such as Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise.

    This also means that if you are planning to take Void Staff then you'll make Abyssal Scepter partially obsolete (This also applies for [spell_text=Archaic Knowledge] though not to the same degree). Abyssal Scepter might still be a better choice when it comes to supporting your team which is also why I chose it. Keep all of this in mind when playing.

    As of League of Legends v1.0.0.86 the magic/armor penetration stat works as below...
    Magic resist reduction>>Direct Penetration>>Percentage penetration.

    So if the enemy has 100 MR and you have Abyssal Scepter and =Archaic Knowledge along with 14 MP from runes (3xGreater Quintessence of Insight 9xGreater Mark of Insight) the calculation would look as follows:

    100MR-20 from Abyssal Scepter = 80MR

    80MR-14 from the prementioned runes = 66MR

    66MR-15% from [spell_text=Archaic Knowledge] (66-9.9) = 56.1MR

    Besides this the percentage penetration now stack up multiplicatively and not additively.

  • Playing Kennen

    I usually go with a teammate in top or bot lane and leave the sololane for a champion with a global ultimate such as Ashe or Gangplank (if they want mid of course).

    For items and builds see the items and build sections above.

    Important: Kennen is not a carry as champions such as Ashe, Tryndamere, Master Yi etc. and if you have to sacrifice yourself in order for your carry to survive then do so. The carry is worth more than you and you do not benefit as much as they do from masses of gold.

    Kennen works well with all champions and you will quickly get a feel of how it is to play with different champions in your lane. What I usually focus on is getting to harrass the enemy and if I can then I try to keep them away from XP and money. This should only be done if you can harrass without taking significant damage yourself as you will quickly end on your back foot and die if you are not careful.

    Now you want as much time as possible in your lane (duh - obviously) which is why it is also vital that you try and keep in control of your lane. This can be very difficult against champions such as Ashe or Janna.

    If you are in control of your lane then there is not really that much to say except that you should try and get a few hits in on their tower and keep an eye out for ganks (I am a very big fan of Sight Ward and as Kennen is a great farmer I suggest getting a few of them as they can be a really great help to your team).

    If you are not in control of your lane or getting pushed back you should keep your focus on trying to stay alive and get a few easy hits off on the enemy champions. If your enemies are very aggressive you might want to try and bait them into a towerdive (should only be done if you are sure to kill them) as you can quickly get a lot of damage off on them with a quick burst and a stun without having them chase you too far. Always keep in mind that running too far back will cause both you and your enemy to be out of range of the tower and usually without the backup of minions so you will be worse off than before.

    Also be sure to call out for ganks if possible as Kennen is very easy to assist ganks with due to his high MS and burst/CC capabilities. A surprise "outbreak" can also turn the tide of battle as an overzealous enemy gan get stuck with you and your lane partner hammering on him if they are not careful.

    All in all make sure you deal a lot of damage without taking too many hits (duh) and make sure you get the MotS system down.

  • Pointers against different foes...

    Some of these pointers are common knowhow; applicable for more or less every champion. Others are more specific to Kennen. Besides the pointers here you should ALWAYS be aware of what potential teammates and enemies are doing aswell; going all in to kill an Annie can quickly end up in total failure if she has friends around.

    NOTE: I am testing this by playing every champion against Kennen in addition to playing Kennen against every champion along with reading some guides and taking tips from players at at least 1500+ rating. Some of the matchups have been tested 1v1 against 1500+ rated players in practise games.

    Besides reading these pointers I suggest you try and play the champions as you will then learn of their pros and cons and first hand experience can never be replaced by studying.

    Kennen vs. Akali
    In the laning phase you have to make sure to deal as much damage as possible to her while only taking damage from her ranged part of Mark of the Assassin, as the melee part of that attack will quickly wither you down. In order to do that you will have to avoid her Twilight Shroud and try to apply MotS as she enters it, or when she is invisible.
    When she reaches level 6 and gets her Shadow Dance you will have to see if you can get a few MotS up before she jumps you, as this allows you to stun her the moment she jumps and will get you through some nasty burst from her entire arsenal. Keep in mind that Shadow Dance has up to 3 charges. Akali does tend to be somewhat squishy and you might even be able to kill her if you can avoid her burst for a little while. Also keep in mind to use your items such as [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] or Deathfire Grasp

    Kennen vs. Alistar
    Alistar will almost always have friends with him in a lane, and if it is squishy teammates he has gotten with him I would recommend going for them first as Alistar can take quite a beating. Do not, however, be afraid to use Lightning Rush to harass him as he does not have that great a damage output. IMPORTANT: Do not use Lightning Rush to harass him when he is near his own towers, as he has great CC and towers are not what you want beating you to a pulb. Later on you should be aware of his CC, especially if he has Flash and otherwise ignore him as he will bee practically harmless to you damage wise. Do not burn cooldowns on him when he has his ultimate Unbreakable Will up.
    And just to make sure you get the most important part of playing against Alistar: Beware of his CC!

    Kennen vs. Amumu
    I rarely consider Amumu much of a threat earlygame as his damageoutput is quite limited and he has not yet strong enough to tank. What you have to be aware of is if he is foresting as he can forest quite well and then suddently jump you with Bandage Toss and his umtimate Curse of the Sad Mummy as it is really Amumu's ultimate that is the true problem of fighting him. It allows his allies to get a few free hits in on you as you are stunned and if they have AoE DPS such as Fiddlesticks they will be able to decimate entire teams in seconds.
    To avoid this you ought to spread out your team when fighting Amumu so he cannot hit your entire team with Curse of the Sad Mummy.

    If he is laning against you you should also beware of Bandage Toss/Tantrum bursts and harass.

    Kennen vs. Anivia
    Anivia is in my opinion on of the most exiting and strong champions in the game and there is a very huge difference between a good and a bad Anivia player, she is also one of my favorite champions to play besides Kennen. She provides great CC and burst to her team and you will want to be aware of her Flash Frost as this ability will slow and stun you - it can, however, be dodged just as any other skillshot.
    If you should get frozen (slowed) by her she will follow up with Frostbite. If you have Cleanse you can use this before Frostbite hits you to halve the damage it does.

    It is somewhat easy to avoid her Flash Frost and you ought to harass her as much as possible untill she is level 6. Just never chase an Anivia too far as she has the Rebirth passive which will have you kill her over again while she ressurects; this passive have a 4 minute CD. Anivia will have a small buff on her showing whether Rebirth is ready or not. (For further info see Anivia's Rebirth). It is vital that you keep harassing her in the beginning and try to prevent her from reaching level 6 for as long as possible - she is reasonably easy to harass untill she reach level 6.

    When she reaches level 6 and obtains her ultimate Glacial Storm she will cast it on the ground where you are, slowing you, and then cast Frostbite untill you are dead so you will have to stay at a range that allows you to get away from a potential Frostbite as the range on that ability is only mediocre. Keep in mind that all her damage comes in bursts and that she can seperate you and your team with Crystallize.

    Kennen vs. Annie
    Annie is a purecaster wuth a great burst potential, though not much of a threat untill she reaches level 6 and gets her ultimate Summon: Tibbers.
    As I said she is a great burster and after casting 5 spells she is able to stun on her next cast due to her passive Pyromania which works a little like your Mark of the Storm except it is on casts instead of regular attacks.

    In the lane she will be lasthitting with Disintegrate as it refunds the mana used to cast it, if it deals a killing blow. She will keep on lasthitting untill she has the stun ready from Pyromania and then probably try to harass you a little.
    Try to harass her as best you can but be very aware of when se has stun ready and do not overextend when she is level 6. Most Annie players will most likely have Flash and with that they will be able to get close to you and burst you down with Summon: Tibbers as it deals instant damage and instantly stuns you and then finish off with Disintegrate and Incinerate.

    Kennen vs. Ashe
    She is a physical carry with a long range on her regular attacks along with a very potent toggle-able slow on her attacks called Frost Shot (much like the Drow Ranger from DotA). Ashe will most of the time do her best to avoid getting harassed as she is quite squishy but at the same time she will harass you to the best of her abilities with Volley which also slows you if she has Frost Shot. As always you should harass her as much as possible as she will outfarm you due to her Hawkshot passive. All in all she is not the hardest to harass if she overextends just a little and she is not that much of a threat unless you overextend alot. An Ashe that does not overextend is virtually impossible to harass without losing alot of HP and if this is the case then just farm up 'till later and assist your team.

    She becomes a very substantial threat once she reaches level 6 due to her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow which can reach the entire map and a very good Ashe will be ganking other lanes with her ultimate despite not being in their lane. Enchanted Crystal Arrow cost 150 mana to cast at all levels and the stun duration increases the longer the projectile travels (think; Mirana arrow from DotA). If she has Teleport she might try and cast her ultimate and then Teleport to the lane as she might time Enchanted Crystal Arrow's arrival with her own arrival and thus gank you or others in this way.

    Lategame she will deal alot of damage with her regular attacks and is one of the champions that is easy to kill so if you can, then nuke her af one of the first.

    Kennen vs. Blitzcrank
    Blitzcrank is an interresting champion to play against, and another one of my favorite champions to play, and if you are not awake he will be the end of you. He has an unique skillshot called Rocket Grab (like Meathook from Pudge in DotA) which pulls whatever enemy champion or minion he hits towards him enabling the use of Power Fist which knock an enemy up into the air when struck by a regular attack. To avoid being pulled to towers and killed you ought to be standing behind allied minions at all times. If Blitzcrank has Flash then note that he can use that to flank you and then pull you to him and his allies, he can also try to flank your minions by using Overdrive. You should not position yourself in front of your minions in order to prevent a Blitzcrank from getting XP as there is a risk he will pull you to their tower if you are not careful, but besides that he is quite easy to harass - though you have to keep in mind that he has Mana Barrier which grant him a little extra survivability when being focused.

    Later on you and your team have to be careful not to allow him to pull squishies to the enemy, but it is possible to bait Rocket Grab and then have a tank of yours run or Flash in front of it allowing you to initiate with one of your tanks amidst them. Especially useful with tanks such as Amumu or Galio. This maneuver is quite hard to pull off as you might imagine. Sight Ward is a great way to counter Blitzcrank if he likes to camp in the forest or on the side of lanes and I recommend you stay aware of where he is at all times.

    Blitzcrank will be able to dish out quite a burst with a combination of Rocket Grab, Power Fist with Sheen and his ultimate Static Field. All in all Blitzcrank is a force to be reckoned with but sadly there is far between the good Blitzcranks as it is a very interresting and educational to be fighting a good Blitzcrank.

    Kennen vs. Caitlyn
    I do not know whiat is it with Caitlyn but I hate playing against her, despite being a horrid Caitlyn-player myself imo.
    First of all you will have to watch out for Piltover Peacemaker which is not really that hard to dodge once you get the hang of it but secondly it is vital that you keep her from hitting you with her passive Headshot, as this very quickly wears you down. To prevent frequent Headshot harassment be sure to keep her from entering brush but at the same time be aware of getting trapped in brush with her hammering on you doe to Yordle Snap Trap.

    Luckidly Caitlyn is not the greatest threat lategame but quite potent early- and mid-game and in late-game scenarios I have had no problems taking her out.

    Be aware of her ultimate Ace in the Hole which bears resemblence to Dwarven Sniper's Assassinate from DotA, except from the fact that it can be blocked, so be sure to get behind tanks and infront of dying teammates to prevent Caitlyn from easy kills! (do not get your teammates killed with this!)

    Kennen vs. Cassiopeia
    I rarely meet Cassiopeia in neither ranked or normals, but the ones I meet usually got their shit together and are a force to be reckoned with. Cassiopeia is a great harasser early-game due to a Karthus-style skillshot called [spell_text=Noxius Blast] and along with Miasma and Twin Fang she can be quite hard to get away from.

    She is still, however, quite squishy and if you make sure to dodge her DoTs and get in a little harass of your own you can make quick work of her or at the very least keep her from XP and gold.

    Later on she becomes a sustained-DPS caster which will not be dealing a great deal of burst damage but she will be able to tear through your team if she is not killed nevertheless.

    Her ultimate Petrifying Gaze is quite hard to use effectively as all have to be looking at her in order for her to stun them. This also means that you cannot just focus her in a teamfight as this ultimate can render your entire team useless for 2 seconds along with doing quite alot of damage.

    Kennen vs. Cho'Gath
    Most of the time you can harass Cho'Gath without worrying too much about recieving alot of damage (depending on his teammates of course) but you will have to be aware of his Rupture ability which can be a real pain if you do not avoid it. It is, however, quite easy to dodge as there is a very distinctive sound when he casts is (you cannot hear this if he casts it from brush) along with some "dust" on the ground where it is about to hit - slightly harder to spot in the winter version of SR. While laning you have to keep in mind that he will outlast you as his passive Carnivore replenishes HP and mana if he is allowed to lasthit; which is quite easy for him due to Vorpal Spikes. If he has plenty of mana he will also use Feral Scream to keep you from creeps.

    When he reaches level 6 he will get his ultimate Feast which is a very potent nuke and finisher which grants him extra HP whenever he kills something with it. 300 puredamage at the first level, scales with his AP. If he has Flash do not take any risks and go back to heal, as Feast extends a little bit beyond melee range.

    Later on he will be the source of a great deal of CC due to his Rupture and Feral Scream which both are AoE CC abilities with a relatively low CD. He will also be able to tank quite a bit as he will recieve a fair amount of HP and people usually build him as a tank (somewhat viable as AP aswell).

    Kennen vs. Corki
    Corki can be built as both AP and AD adn you will have to react a little differently to his abilities whether he is AP or AD. He is not the easiest to harass as he has [spell_text=Phosphorous Bomb] which will blind you, preventing you from getting in regular attacks for a short time. He will also get Valkyrie which allows for quick getaways.

    If he goes AD you have to watch out for his regular attacks as they deal increased damage due to his passive [spell_text=Hextech Schrapnel Shells] and his Gatling Gun which scale with his AD and will lower your armor.
    If he goes AP his main damage out will be from [spell_text=Phosphorous Bomb], Valkyrie and his ultimate Missile Barrage so these will be extremely important to stay away from.

    As always harass the best you can but note that Corki is not exactly the easiest to harass unless he overextends himself and I do not know why but Corki players tends to be overzealous. At level 6 he will start harassing you with the previously mentioned Missile Barrage which you will have to dodge - especially 'Big Ones' - every fourth missile. Corki is usually a high priority target in teamfights but again beware of Valkyrie.

    Kennen vs. Dr. Mundoverse!
    There is not really that much to Dr. Mundo besides dodging his Infected Cleaver which deals a percentage of your current HP in damage. He is one of those "im-an-annoying-in-your-face-champion" and can more or less be ignored unless he is build as a DPS at which point you should kite him to the best of your abilities. He is quite problematic to kill later on due to his immense regeneration provided by his passive Adrenaline Rush and his Sadism which also makes him alot harder to kite. Remember that healing reduction effects such as Ignite will reduce the amount of health he gains from Sadism and therefore quite effectively counters him if applied the moment he pops his ultimate.

    Unless he goes DPS you should ignore him in teamfights as he can soak up incredible amounts of damage and live to talk about it. The problem is that he usually does enough damage for you to have to stay out of his way if you dont want to lose too much HP but that is about it.

    Kennen vs. Evelynn
    I feel very ambivalent about fighting Evelynn as she can dominate if noone keeps her down and your entire team plays is if they had never seen a mouse and keyboard before or she can be completely useless besides from forcing the team to buy stealth detection consumeables. Anyways, [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] is a must-have when fighting her as it renders her Shadow Walk completely useless. Other than that you have to kite her as best you can lategame and harass her as much as humanly possible early as she is really easy to keep from XP when she is not invisible.

    Evelynn does immense single-target damage lategame so be sure to pick her out first when engaging in teamfights and have as many people with [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] as possible.

    Kennen vs. Ezrael
    Ezrael is a pure skillshot champion and his main source of DPS is Mystic Shot. Ezrael will usuallu be built as AD as AP Ezrael have been nerfed immensely - he is however still viable and if he goes AP you will have to be very aware of his ultimate Trueshot Barrage. Ezrael is very mobile due to his Arcane Shift and he is able to dish out alot of damage. His burst (if played as AD) does get a bit lower the longer the game lasts as AD provide a more sustained DPS output.
    Be aware that he can use Arcane Shift to flank you to use Mystic Shot.

    In honesty I believe the best way of learning how to counter Ezrael is to play against him so I suggest playing vs. a skilled friend in a practise as Ezrael is all about how the player uses him. All in all Ezrael is a very strong champion and in the hands of a good player he is very deadly.

    Kennen vs. Fiddlesticks
    Fiddlesticks, often referred to as 'Fiddle', is a very interresting purecaster champion as he can basicly win a teamfight all by himself if he is not contained. His passive Dread reduces the MR af all nearby enemy champions and has a great synergy with all of his abilities. As always; harass but beware of that Fiddlesticks can quickly turn the fight with a combination of his abilities. Terrify allows him to get away or drain your HP with Drain. His Dark Wind is a great harassment tool aswell as one of the best silences in teamfights.
    Fiddlesticks is also a decent forester so buy a few wards to make sure you do not get jumped while pushing a lane.

    When Fiddlesticks is level 6 he will get his teamkiller ultimate Crowstorm. This ability deals immense AoE damage but it has a short casttime and, if you can, you should attempt to stun Fiddlesticks in the short time he casts Crowstorm. If you cannot get to stun him then either make sure you can burst him down before he rips apart your team or get out of his way untill Crowstorm wears out.

    Kennen vs. Galio

    Kennen vs. Gangplank
    Gangplank can be either very easy to play against or very annoying and it all comes down to the roll of a dice. Of course there is good and bad Gangplanks but in the end it is the dreaded Parrrley crit that makes Gangplank annoying. As Kennen you can somewhat safely harass him without sustaining too much damage as you can stay beyond Parrrley's range and cast at him.

    Gangplank can also heal himself with Remove Scurvy, which also removes CC effects (not supression effects). If you keep up a good harass the Gangplank will have to use his mana on this and not Parrrley and thus be unable to shoot you in the face :D

    He has two "team abilities" being [spell_text=Raise Morale] which allows him to 'deny' a friendly minion (if done before the minion reaches the enemy's XP range he/she will not gain said XP from the minion) and give a temporary buff to all Gangplanks nearby allied champions. If you are not carefull Gangplank will outlevel you in your lane so be sure to harass him to keep him out of mana. This ability also passively increases his MS so you will have a hard time landing skillshots on a good Gangplank.
    The second "team ability" is his ultimate Cannon Barrage which has infinite casting range so be sure to announce to your team when Gangplank reaches level 6 as he can then effectively gank all lanes and a forester AND attemt to steal dragon without being present.

    Kennen vs. Garen
    Garen is quite possibly one of the most beefy champions you will get to meet and if you play on his premises you will sooner or later find yourself to be a dead little ninja yordle.

    His passive Perseverance allows him to stay in lane forever but as it requires him not to take damage for 7 seconds you can start out with the usual harass and then when he retreats to heal just be sure not to allow him access to minions and if you can then get a shot in on him every 4-6 seconds so that Perseverance does not activate. This will allow you to gain a lane advantage over him.

    I will assume the enemy Garen is played as a tanky DPS as that is when he excels, and as such he can withstand quite the punishment and is as such not a priority target. He can also remove slows with Judgment so if he is chasing you, and you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, be sure to apply another slow after he starts spinning around. His Decisive Strike will also increase his MS along with silencing you when he hits you with hit and allows for even better chasing.

    Garen's ultimate Demacian Justice works just like Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe from DotA but if he is played a tank you will want to rather die to him than a carry-dps - if you cannot help but getting killed which is rarely the case, as Garen can somewhat easily be ignored even if he is fed and his teammates be focused down instead. It is, of course, never a good idea to feed any of the enemies champions.

    Just like most tanky champions who have no CC: The key to beating them is to kite and CC them while you kill of their teammates.

    Kennen vs. Gragas
    Kennen vs. Heimerdinger
    Kennen vs. Irelia
    Kennen vs. Janna
    Kennen vs. Jarvan IV
    Kennen vs. Jax
    Kennen vs. Karma
    Kennen vs. Karthus
    Kennen vs. Kassadin
    Kennen vs. Katarina
    Kennen vs. Kayle
    Kennen vs. Kennen
    Kennen vs. Kog'Maw
    Kennen vs. LeBlanc

    Kennen vs. Lux
    Laning against her is really all about dodging Light Binding and Lucent Singularity and then get as much harass of on her as possible. This be extramely hard against players who understands how to control her as they will be able to attack you at longer ranges than you can attack them and Light Binding will hit through creeps and hit 1 unit behind it. Also be extremely aware of her ultimate as you will be struck to the ground and stomped on by something heavy if you get caught up in a Light Binding followed up by [spell_text=Finales Funkeln]. Also be aware of her Prismatic Barrier as this will suck up some of the damage you deal to her and might just lose you a 1vs1 fight if you go all in to get her.

    If you feel that you cannot harass her then rely on your teammates to assist you and be sure to assist in ganks yourself. Other than that just be sure to lasthit and outfarm her as best you can and take her on later on.

    Kennen vs. Malphite
    This champion is more or less just as any other tank who does mediocre damage in the laning phase but you ought so look for an easier foe to harass yourself as Malphite has the Granite Shield passive which allows him to keep on running in, cast and ability or two and then run back out again without you being able to do much more than break the shield. When chasing and fleeing from him also keep in mind that his Seismic Shard steals some of your MS. This means that if you use Ghost or Lightning Rush to catch him and he hits you with Seismic Shard he will steal a part of the speed you have when having the Ghost or Lightning Rush buff, making him almost impossible to catch.

    Later on he will start being able to take quite a beating as people usually build HP/armor on him in order to increase the damage absorbed by Granite Shield and the damage done by Ground Slam.
    Together with his ultimate Unstoppable Force he will start posing more of a threat to your team as he is a great initiator as soon as he reaches level 6. Unless he gets fed, however, his damage output should be somewhat limited and you should ignore him in teamfights and go for more squishy targets if possible. Also spread out and avoid having the entire team being his by his ultimate.

    Kennen vs. Malzahar
    Against this guy you can quite easily harass without too many consequences - just make sure he has cast Malefic Visions as it can wear you down if you keep cathing those. Malzahar scales really well with AP and and when he reaches level 6 you have to be very aware of his ultimate Nether Grasp which usually will not kill you by itself but combined with Null Zone, Malefic Visions and maybe even an Ignite you will not be able to stand for long.

    Malzahar is not the strongest of teamfighters as his abilities deal damage over time or in burst and he is quite vulnerable when using Nether Grasp so unless he completely wipes the floor with you I would suggest looking for targets who is a greater threat to your team.
    That being said you also have to help out your teammates if they are trapped by Nether Grasp as you can interrupt it by stunning Malzahar.

    Kennen vs. Maokai

    Kennen vs. Master Yi
    Master Yi is really quite simple to fight against; if he goes AP his burst is significantly higher than when he is AD and you can quite easily counter him by stunning him when he heals with Meditate.
    Whether AD or AP he is a somewhat high-priority target as he can dish out alot of damage, this, however, usually only happens if he has been allowed to feed and farm which should not be a problem if he is in your lane.
    Be aware of his Alpha Strike as this (especially if played as AP) as this can cause quite a lot of damage. Remember that when the Alpha Strike animation is over he "spawns" back at the first creep/minion/champion he hit so if he hits you it is possible you can get a few tower hits off on him if you play it right and the Yi you are against is not the brightest :P

    Kennen vs. Miss Fortune
    This champion is a really strong sololaner if handled properly and you will have a hard time landing Thundering Shuriken (good players really aren't going to let themselves be hit by this) and other harass due to her passive Strut while she will be pounding you with Double Up so if you are not careful you will be flat on the ground in no time. Some players will also have figured out how to use Double Up so it will hit you after hitting a creep most of the time and if this happens you will have to stay away from the creeps, though still withing XP and casting/lasthitting range if possible.

    Later on when teamfights occur you do not want just to blow all your damage off on her at once unless you are sure it makes her retreat away from her team or it kills her, as you will want to be able to stun her as soon as you see/hear her ultimate Bullet Time as this ability has the potential to rip your entire team apart in a matter of seconds. Alot of players will also mass The Bloodthirster on her which allows for some crazy lifesteal so do not go all in to kill her unless you are sure to be able to burst her down.

    Kennen vs. Mordekaiser
    While laning you will want to hit him before he can get to creeps and charge up his shields or constantly bring his shield down as he spends HP using his abilities and thus replenishing his shield and in this way you can wither him down. Mordekaiser is a very strong champion lategame and it is vital that you try to supress him and harass him to the best of your abilities so you can stomp him later on.

    In case you are going back and have the spare money remember that an Elixir of Fortitude may safe you from his ultimate Children of the Grave ticking away as it increases you current HP. Also keep in mind that his ultimate heals him and that Ignite reduces the healing he recieves from it.
    Later on you ought to ignore him and focus on the squishies and DPS of the enemy team as he can be CC'ed quite easily and if you have [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] you will have no problem kiting him.

    Kennen vs. Morgana
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    Kennen vs. Xin Zhao
    Kennen vs. Zilean

  • A little visual stimulation...

    I made this in order for you to see some of the things I am talking about. Unfortunately I do not cover everything there is to know about Kennen in the vid or in this guide but I hope you will have gained something from all of this. Also; I am sorry for the bad quality.

    This is the RIOT champion spotlight made on Kennen in a 3v3 Twisted Treeline and I take no credit for it but it does explain alot of the basics. (Thanks to RIOT and Phreak)

    This is Shurelia's guide to Zoning in LoL and I suggest you see it. (Thanks to Shurelia)

  • Working in the team

    When working with a team it is always vital that everyone is aware of eachothers role in the party. And your role is a caster capable of CC and DPS. Your team also needs to know that you cannot fight for extended periods of time, as your energy will deplete.

    Kennen excels at quick high-burst attacks, and can take a decent chunk out of an entire teams HP if allowed to swoop in with all his abilities. Especially when teamed with multiple AoE DPSers like Fiddlesticks or Nunu they can take out an enemy team very swiftly. If you have Zhonya's Hourglass then keep in mind that you can use the active on it to survive teamfights in the midst of the enemy team while still getting your Slicing Maelstrom off.

    Keep in mind that Kennen is not a tank and with your high speed you can easily end up far away from your team.

    I would suggest running with your team in general as your energy quickly puts a strain on you, and then it is very nice to have a few mates clean up after you as you have just eaten away most of en enemy's HP.
    Also note that it is more important for your actual carries to be fed than it is for you to be fed as Kennen can do fine without alot of kills while most other carries cannot. so if possible leave kills to your carries and settle with an assist as it will help your team in the long run.

  • 3v3 Guide

    So far I have been focusing on playing Kennen in a 5v5 (Summoner's Rift) match but I have decided to see how he works in 3v3 (Twisted Treeline) and this is what I have gotten from my approximately 50 matches intensive TT learning session :)

    [color=#FF0000]Difference between 5v5 and 3v3 I have had very mixed experiences with a pure AP build in TT as it leaves you being very squishy without any sustained damage output, so I have been adjusting my build to a more AS/AP oriented build which allows me to put out an increased amount of damage in prolonged fights.

    One very important difference between TT and SR is the AoE damage as an entire team in SR can be built around AoE damage (Fiddlesticks, Katarina, Annie etc.) whereas a TT team seldomly will be built around AoE damage.
    This allows you to be more aggressive lategame and build a hybrid/stun build consisting of more AS than I used to build. Keep in mind that there is diminishing returns on your stun.

    You are still very squishy and depending on your summoner skills you do not have much getaway potential.
    I start out with buying simply due to the fact that a lot of people start out pre-creep harrassing and Doran's Shield all in all make out a great startitem for Kennen.

    Do not get too aggressive in the begging as your damageoutput is very limited and as I said your possibilities for a quick getaway are very limited. With a few teammates with great CC/burst you can go for an early kill though I would not recommend this in a solo game.
    Make sure to stay alive and level up.

    Moving on...
    I suggest using the same skillorder as I mentioned in the Skilling Order section.
    When I go back the first time I pick up Amplifying Tome which I later on upgrade to [item_text=Rylai's Scepter], [item_text=Kage's Lucky Pick] or Sheen and I get my first pair of boots if I can afford them.

    Now depending on how the battle goes you will either need more survivability or even more damage.

    For survivability I would suggest going for [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter], or maybe though Abyssal Scepter is way more effective in 5v5 matches with multiple magical DPS champions.

    For DPS I have been having great success with and due to the increased damageoutput from normal attacks and the passive DPS from Electrical Surge. These two also work great along with Hextech Gunblade.
    Also remember that you regain 25 energy every time you stun an enemy and increased AS will provide increased energy available in prolonged teamfights.

    Depending on the enemy team you might want to pick up MP instead of AS or AP which can be gained from or . Kennen also gain more damage from MP than he does from AP as his abilities deal relatively large amounts of damage but scale very bad with AP.

    If you are getting stomped by tanks/high-HP champions you might also want to pick up [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] as the increased AS and AD + the procc from [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] helps you bring down high-HP targets alot faster. The procc from [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] is also affected by your MP.

    [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter] is also great in TT due to your ability to AoE slow and of course the extra AP and HP is always a welcome addition :)

    For further information on which items to chose see the Items section

  • Other useful guides

    Purchasing Mathematics by Auster Delaurant. This guide breaks down the mathematics behind purchasing in a logic way. Great if you are into theorycrafting and speculating. Keep in mind that effects such as the slow from [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] is not really mentioned in the calculations but can prove invaluable.

    AP Caster Items by Auster Delaurant. A caster-focused breakdown of AP items and their cost. Much like the previously mentioned guide Purchasing Mathematics which also has the same author. Keep in mind that Archangel's Staff does not give you the 3% added AP from mana and that any items providing extra mana does not affect you.

    Kickapoo's Big Book of Mage. A guide covering the casters/mages of LoL. Also covers items, playstyle, game phases etc.

    Attribute value of items - DBase by Kreicus. A database of all the items and their stats along with a value system. Great if you want to speculate in items yourself.

    Kennen: Let's do it! by CrazyShuda. This is my "competitor" when it comes to a Kennen guide and while I have never played him he seems to be sending the same message as I do. Less of a wall-of-text than mine and with alot of useful information. In short: Read it and give both of us a thumbs up ;)

    Movement speed of all champions by Feanturi. An overview of the base MS of all the champions.

    Mozaiki's awesome guide to champion picks and bans, counter picks, in game counters and all around team comps. (No I do not make up the names i just quote them from the guides). This guide is great if you wish to play ranked and suddently face the draft mode used to pick champions there. I do not agree with everything in this guide but that might just be me who is oblivious. All in all a good guide considering setups etc.

    36 stratagems and League of Legends by Fran Madaraki. An interresting transference of old Chinese strategy to LoL. Might raise more questions than it answers but felt like I would add it here anyways.

    Delepitore's comprehensive guide; Improvement 101. This is a must read if you are somewhat new to LoL or DotA-style games in general, and if you are not then read it just for funzies. Also mentions Shurelia's Zoning Tutorial I have under the 'A little visual stimulation...' part of this guide.

    5g per 10s items by Mossmyr. As the title suggests this guide covers the "5gold per 10seconds" items such as Avarice Blade.

    Things lvl 30s should know and noobs should learn originally by Myridus put on leaguecraft by testdummy653. This covers the basics of what every experienced player ought to know.

    The 10 commandments originally by Condor put on leagucraft by testdummy653. This guy swears alot but do have some valid points.

    Do keep in mind that every guide, including this one, is speculation supported by facts and that no guide is absolute.

  • Summary

    All in all Kennen is a very balanced champion with a lot of potential.

    Thank you for reading.

    AP = Ability Power
    AD = Attack Damage
    AS = Attack Speed
    CR = Cooldown Reduction
    HP = Hit Points
    CC = Crowd Control
    MR = Magic Resistance
    ArP = Armor Penetration
    MP = Magic Penetration
    DPS = Damage Per Second. Also meaning 'dealing damage'or 'damage dealers'
    MS = Movement Speed
    AoE = Area of Effect
    TT = 3v3 Twisted Treelines Map
    SR = 5v5 Summoner's Rift Map
    OOM = Out of Mana


    -Slight updates to the guide.
    -Updated items and abilities.
    -Typos (how on earth can I have ever released a guide looking like this -.-)

    -Reworked the Items section.
    -Added the Kennen 101 section.

    -Fixed typos.
    -Fixed dead links.

    -After a long time I have chosen to get my guide up to date and fix previous flaws in it. Enjoy :)
    -Changed ratios according to LoL v1.0.0.99
    -I am aware that the spells from Masteries does not show properly, and I am working on that.

    -Fixed multiple guide post.
    -Fixed dead links.
    -Fixed typos.
    -Apparently Leaguecraft have been busy so I'll upload this again so it matches the current patch.
    -Fixed typos.
    -Added runes according to LoL v1.0.0.94[b] (Greater Seal of Meditation, Greater Seal of Lucidity, Greater Glyph of Acumen, Greater Glyph of Sapience, Greater Quintessence of Meditation and Greater Quintessence of Acumen)
    -Did basic calcuations for the recently added energy runes as of LoL v1.0.0.94[b]

    -Updated the 3v3 section and updated the old builds.
    -Fixed faulty grammar and some unneeded linking.

    -Updated the Calculating Magic Penetration section to match LoL v1.0.0.86
    -Updated the runes section to include Greater Seal of Evasion

    -Added Hextech Revolver in the items section and changed items setup.

    -Fixed Typos
    -Fixed even more typos ...
    -Added Energycost and cooldowns to the abilities section.
    -Added more to the Unique Skills section.
    -Updated title.
    -Added 3v3 guide.
    -Moved flash to recommended summoner abilities.
    -Added the Calculating Magic Penetration section. (Update pending to match LoL v1.0.0.86)
    -Added my Youtube vid.
    -Added RIOT Spotlight Youtube vid

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