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Advanced AP Ezreal - Guide and Discussion

written by Rex

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Patch Notes

    Okay lets face it. They do NOT want AP Ezreal. Gogo AD, will leave this guide for reference purposes only.

    [PATCH v1.0.0.87]

    A great nerf for Ezreal this patch. It seems they do not like AP Ezreal. This could be the end of AP simply because the damage from AD will eclipse the team benefits from AP.
    I'll have to go over quite a few things to see what is viable now. Update coming soon!


    * Mystic Shot attack damage percent increased to 120% from 100
    * Essence Flux heal amount reduced to 50% from 70%
    * Essence Flux attack speed buff/debuff reduce to 5/10/15/20/25 from 20/25/30/35/40%
    * Trueshot Barrage ability power ratio reduced to 0.7 from 1

    Despite the many reductions the new items (such as Hextex Gunblade) gives us a chance to build Ezreal a little different and so I'm currently working on an hybrid-ish style. So far it's going great and I will probably redo a lot of the stuff in the guide. It will still be AP Ezreal, but with a twist!
    I'll be updating the guide step by step so some of it might seem a little confusing at times, have patience!

  • Introduction

    This guide includes a Play Style strategy, but how to utilize each individual skill in the best way possible throughout the game is covered in the first section.
    The guide also includes some in game footage/screenshots to show how Ezreal is best used in teamfights, how to position yourself etc. - Minimizing your deaths and maximizing your kills.

    As the title reads - advanced guide and discussion
    I would very much like to hear from you, your experiences with Ezreal, is there anything you think works better etc.
    Leave a comment if you have any suggestions, questions or something you want to discuss.
    Feedback is much appreciated!

    So lets get on with it, shall we?
    Basically Ezreal is a somewhat squishy yet very powerful hero. If you allow an enemy Ezreal to fire off his abilities in a teamfight chances are you will be dead soon after!
    Ezreal's high damage output and low health means he will get targeted a lot. Hopefully after reading this guide you'll know a few tips to avoid being the prey and instead, it'll be you chasing them.

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    With a little lifesteal([item_text=Hextex Gunblade]) this will keep your health topped off when farming Mana Golem and just when farming creeps in general. Also a slight DPS increase against enemy players but nothing major

    Mystic Shot
    At first this is your main source of harass, low mana cost will allow you to spam it until your fingers go numb!
    Use it for harassing the enemy heroes and for last hitting creeps for some extra gold.
    It will proc your Lich Bane so it gets 100% of your AP in extra damage.
    Meaning, late game it will provide excellent damage (500+) making it great for.. well.. killing, stuff..!

    Essence Flux
    Heal and damage, what's not to like?
    Keep your teammates happy and alive with this but don't underestimate the damage this thing does.
    An important thing to remember is that it passes through creeps, the enemy heroes will usually stand right behind their creeps thinking they are safe from harass, let them know they're not!
    If you have a melee lane partner try to use it when your teammate is up in front so you'll hit both your ally and the enemy heroes.

    Don't use this too much as you'll run out of mana but use it if you have an overflow of mana or if it's needed.

    Arcane Shift
    I see a lot of people underestimating this ability, the damage it does is not bad at all!
    With a +.75 per AP it makes a great ability for nuking and getting last hit on heroes.
    The fact that it hits the closest targets makes it a little unreliable though
    but it is ranged after all. It will hit an enemy even if you just blink near them, great when chasing enemies.
    Of course it's also a great getaway ability!
    Use it wisely -
    On enemy heroes if you are going in for the kill for example.
    Using it for harass is usually too risky, you never know when you have a gank incoming!
    In teamfights save it for a neat getaway or for enemies getting away!

    Trueshot Barrage
    Ezreal's ultimate, just like Ashe's, travels across the entire map giving you great ganking potential.
    As of the latest patch it gets less damage per AP but it's still a great ability, expect a little less damage, but with it's fairly low cooldown it's really no biggie.

    Of course, use this in your lane to net you an easy kill. Also keep an eye on the other lanes for people teleporting back with low hp or simply to help your allies, takes some practice to hit the other lanes though.
    In teamfights I suggest using it early, especially if the enemies bunch up so you can hit all of them.
    The damage it does will make a huge impact on the fight and they'll usually start running soon after you hit them. Don't save it for getting you a kill afterwards cause it might lose you the fight!
    In a teamfight you should be more of a supporter than a carry, don't just go for the kills!

  • Pros / Cons

    + Good nuke and harass
    + Blink and heal, yay!
    + Works great with a partner but also good as a solo laner
    + Across the map AoE ultimate

    - Low hp, very Squishy!
    - Uses lots of mana!
    - His abilities are "Skill-Shot" abilities, making it difficult to hit at times

    AD Vs. AP
    Okay, when choosing between AD(Attack Damage) and AP(Ability Power) there are a few things you should consider.

    Do you want to be a hero killer 1v1?
    Or do you want to be more of a teamfight kind of hero?

    As AD Ezreal you will be a beast in 1v1 fights but your ultimate will have less impact on teamfights than with AP (with the AP ratio nerf it's not a huge difference from AP as it was before)

    An AP Ezreal will benefit greatly to a teamfight. His heal which also buffs attack speed and his ultimate will burst half the enemy team for 700-1200 damage which is gamebreaking.

    The reason I chose to play AP is mainly because I usually have a friend or two with me when I queue. Thus making teamfights easier as I can have someone to go in front enabling me to heal/harass and not get nuked as easily.
    I have been playing against a few AD Ezreal's lately but I haven't really lost against one, simply because we win teamfights. It is important to note though, that if you are getting in 1v1 against an AD then you're done for. Flee if you can, wait for a teamfight and tear him a new one with your ultimate!

  • Skilling Order

    Skill Mystic Shot first so you can harass and last hit creeps.
    Arcane Shift does a fair amount of damage so you might want to consider putting a few points into this a little earlier or leveling it together with Essence Flux for some extra nuke. Usually it ends up being used as a getaway ability, making the damage trivial.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I can really only recommend going one way and that's 9/0/21
    You can apply minor changes if you don't want the extra time on golem/lizard buff but I recommend it, a golem buff will enable you to spam all the harass you want and heal as well, not to mention the reduced cooldown. Also you can swap the first point to get improved teleport if you prefer that as a summoner ability.

    A lot of people think differently about runes for Ezreal. Honestly most of them work very well, try a few of them out, see what fits your personal preference best. There is no perfect rune setup it all depends on your play style.

    Greater Mark of Insight Not much to discuss here, magic pen all the way.

    Greater Seal of Clarity the extra mana regen will do you good.
    If you feel that you have enough mana with Clarity then you can use Greater Seal of Force
    Consider Greater Seal of Evasion/ Greater Seal of Vitality if you feel melee heroes are tearing you apart too often. Chances are you'll be needing mana though and so I strongly suggest Clarity runes!

    Greater Glyph of Force will provide you with a decent AP boost.
    If you don't want AP Glyphs you can go with Greater Glyph of Celerity for some Cooldown Reduction.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude you'll be very squishy, the extra HP will make the first part of the game much easier for you. If you don't want HP I suggest Greater Quintessence of Insight more magic pen never hurt.. you..

  • Summoner Abilities

    Choose your summoner abilities depending on your team.
    I usually run with Clairvoyance and Clarity
    Clairvoyance will make it easier to hit across lanes with your ultimate (to spot if someone is teleporting back etc.) and of course to avoid ganks!

    Another thing you can do is Clarity and Exhaust
    Do that if someone else on your team has Clairvoyance or if no one has Exhaust.

    Remember, you can always check the nearest bush for enemies with Mystic Shot because of its long range. (If you have sound enable you can hear if it hits, otherwise look for the shot stopping before reaching full range)

    Other viable spells:

    Cleanse I've actually started to like this for Ezreal, alas, it's not something I would take over the above mentioned. It can get you out of some sticky situations though!
    Teleport gives you better control of the map and if you gotta go back early you'll miss nearly no XP
    Flash Will make getaways much easier but your own blink is usually enough.
    [spell=Rally] A teambooster, always good to have on the team but not many use it due to the nerf.
    Ignite The healing reduction is always nice to have, especially if you end up against Soraka or someone similar.

    Spells I do not recommend:

    [spell=Fortify] This isn't very used anymore, even though it is neat, you'll be better off with one of the above mentioned.
    Ghost You already have blink to chase and to get away, Ghost shouldn't be needed as you won't be having to get in close range of anyone. Of course as a getaway ability it can be viable but you will benefit more from Flash.
    Smite You're only going to be killing golem once in a while, not worth it to lose Clairvoyance or what you might have chosen.
    Revive You shouldn't be expecting to die now should you?

  • Heavy DPS

    To start, buy [item=Meki Pendant] and 2x Health Potion. You'll need the mana regen as you'll be spamming your abilities.

    On what should be your first run back (I usually stay in a lane until I can afford upgraded boots along with Chalice), grab Chalice of Harmony. If you were forced to go back early just pick up Boots of Speed and upgrade them on your next run back. For boots choose Sorcerer's Shoes, although depending on the enemy setup you might want to go with Mercury's Treads but only do so if they have a lot of stuns or if it is a caster heavy team.

    When you have your Chalice and your upgraded boots, get Mejai's Soulstealer
    Next up is Sheen it works on Mystic Shot activating and hitting so it will increase your damage by a large amount!

    The next item to get is Void Staff, start out with Blasting Wand if you can't afford the whole thing.

    The next item is Lich Bane. At this point you should start to see your Mystic Shot hit for a decent amount of damage (200-500 depending on Mejai's).

    The last item is up to you, I usually go with [item=Zhonya's Ring] for the massive AP but if you're really having trouble surviving or if they have some serious stuns (Ashe ultimate etc.) I suggest getting Banshee's Veil , Quicksilver Sash or even Guardian Angel.

    A quick summarize:
    [item=Meki Pendant] + 2x Health Potion
    Chalice of Harmony
    Sorcerer's Shoes/ Mercury's Treads
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Void Staff
    Lich Bane
    [Item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Another item I have been trying out lately is Guinsoo's Rageblade and I found that it works pretty nice for Ezreal, giving 92 AP and 32% Attack Speed when the buff i maxxed out. You can replace your Chalice of Harmony with this if the game just won't end.

    With the latest patch you will get assists if you have a buff on whoever gets the kill, meaning your heal buff will grant you assists. Therefore Mejai's Soulstealer is now a must-have item when building Ezreal.
    You should also consider Leviathan if you are getting a lot of assists but feel you need a little HP.

    [NOTE: As of v1.0.0.85 Leviathan now gains 1 stack for each assist instead of 2]

  • "Survival" Build

    This build is designed for those of you who are having trouble with the DPS build, if you feel you are getting targeted way too much in teamfights or if you are just having trouble surviving harass etc. then try out this build.

    Start out with a Sapphire Crystal or Ruby Crystal depending on your personal preference.

    Try to stay in your lane until you have enough gold for Catalyst the Protector and at least Boots of Speed. If you can wait until you have enough to upgrade you boots as well, do it.

    For boots you should go with Mercury's Treads. Only if they have a heavy melee team with little to no stuns should you pick Ninja Tabi.

    Next up you'll get Rod of Ages followed by Sheen. Just grab whatever items you can when you need to go back, focus on building Rod of Ages first though.

    What you choose to build next depends on how the fight goes.

    If they have a lot of casters get:
    Abyssal Scepter (Great Magic Resistance and some extra damage for you)

    Lich Bane (You can upgrade you Sheen to get some more Magic Resistance but it does not give a lot)

    If they have a lot of melee get:
    Randuin's Omen

    Warden's Mail (If you feel Randuin's is too expensive)

    [item=Soul Shroud] (Also a great item with plenty of extra HP, only pick this if no one on your team has it)

    Some items you should consider despite their setup:
    Banshee's Veil (Will block a spell, great if they have a lot of stun etc.)

    Guardian Angel (Good armor and Magic Resistance, not to mention the reincarnation)

    Quicksilver Sash (Works like cleanse, good against stuns etc.)

    Along the way, or after you have the other items you need, make sure to build Sheen into Lich Bane.

    This build can leave you somewhat low on damage, I usually squeeze in a Void Staff or [item=Zhonya's Ring] as my last item to get a boost in damage.

    Again, consider putting in a Leviathan if you are getting a lot of assists or kills!

    [NOTE: As of v1.0.0.85 Leviathan now gains 1 stack for each assist instead of 2]

  • Build Example

    Full Damage

    Against Heavy Caster Team

    Against Heavy Melee Team

    The caster and melee team builds are examples of how I usually build them. Feel free to mess around with some different item setups with the items from the section above. Find what best suits your needs.

  • Play Style

    Early game
    Harass with Mystic Shot and Essence Flux, use Flux for keeping your lane partner alive as well! Careful though, it will drain a lot of Mana. Therefore do not depend too much on harassing, last hit creeps with Mystic Shot for a little extra gold. Try not to go too far to the sides to harass as you will be open for harass too, and you don't want that with your HP! When you have your 3 first abilities you can do quite some damage and with the right lane partner you can easily get first blood, just make sure to have your lane partner go first as you can heal him, but you can't heal yourself.
    Getting kills gets easier when you hit level 6 as you just have to get them low then you can finish them off. get in the bushes or just out of sight before firing it off, if they can see you casting it, they will most likely dodge it. Also, try to cast it where it won't collide with creeps first as it will reduce the damage done. And of course, keep an eye out for possible kills in the other lanes. (If someone is going back they usually stand by towers while recalling, with a little luck it will net you a few kills throughout the game!

    Mid Game
    You should be putting out some decent damage, especially if you have a few stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer.
    If you are planning to go back to buy, see if you can grab the golem on the way and keep an eye open for opportunities to help allies in trouble with your ultimate, or to finish someone off when your friends can't catch them!
    Farming is not your best option as Ezreal doesn't have much to farm with other than mashing your Mystic Shot button. I find it best to always stick around with someone, unless you are going to go around ganking people.
    (If you went mid at first then you should go gank the other lanes instead of laning with a teammate!)

    Teamfights might occur at this point and if they do, there is a very important thing to remember:
    Your HP, I cannot stress how important it is to stay behind your teammates, if they are initiating a teamfight then consider firing your ultimate right into the enemy heroes. It won't net you many kills, but it will certainly give your team the upper hand!

    After ultimate you should focus on healing your allies and if you aren't taking any damage you can blink around to finish off enemies trying to escape from the fight.
    Never enter the fight before your enemies have started nuking one of your allies, you simply will not survive the nuke. If you have gone with one of the survival builds and they are still focusing you, then you need to focus on getting out of range, use your blink etc. and let your teammates finish them off, you won't be nearly as easy to kill and they should be discouraged from nuking you.

    Late Game
    At this point your Mystic Shot should be hitting for around 500 damage and your ultimate should be hitting for around 1k damage! (Depending on Mejai's)
    Don't run around alone at this point, you're easy prey with your low HP. That doesn't mean you can't win a 1v1 but sticking with someone will make it much easier for you. Keep your teammates health topped off before teamfights. At this point there is not much more you can do other than make sure to get that ultimate off when needed and keep your teammates healed up, the rest is up to your allies. The game should not last much longer at this point. Usually killing a few of them will allow for your team to take out an inhibitor and the fight should soon be over.

    Placing your ultimate and your heal at the right time and place takes some practice, if you aren't very familiar with Ezreal I suggest doing a few practice games until you get a feeling of when and how to hit with your abilities,
    don't get frustrated if your allies are running around and you don't hit them with a heal.
    After a while it gets fairly easy to predict peoples movement, your allies will love you for saving their butts, your enemies will curse you for hitting them from across the map just as they made, what they thought was going to be the best getaway ever.

  • Video tutorials

    First off I'll start out with this video showing some teamfights. I have added no text to the video as I would rather explain it here and let you focus on the positioning etc. when watching.

    [Video removed while guide is being reworked, new one will be up when I finish the rest of the guide. Left the section for reference only.]

    To sum up the points of this video:
    Joining in on a teamfight a little after it starts might get one of your teammates killed, but if you manage to get off a well placed ultimate you will tear the rest of their team apart.

    - Do not save your ultimate for kills afterwards
    - Save your blink for a getaway unless you are very aware of your enemies
    - Wait for a teamfight to start before joining in, you do not want to get focused!

    If you can manage not to get focused in teamfights then all you got to watch out for are ganks. Practice makes perfect, when you get familiar with Ezreal you should never get more than 0-4 deaths in a match.

  • Summary

    Ezreal can be played in many different ways.
    There is a wide variety of ways to play him, along with plenty of item/rune setups to choose between making it a very viable hero in many situations.
    All in all, Ezreal is a hero you can have countless of hours of fun with.
    Should you get bored you can always try out new items, tactics etc.
    You will still be a viable choice for a team.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and found it helpful!

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