Tryndamere Build Guide

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Guide to a Better 'Teamfighter' Tryndamere... Beefy Trynd?!

written by LegnaNoir

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

      Sup guys, this is LegnaNoir, a NA player who has been playing Trynd for over a year. Although I've been tending to prefer AD range bot lately, I can still confidently claim myself as a Trynd 'mainer'.

      I've been a fan of pure DPS trynd in the past, but I realized as elo gets higher and ppl start actin better as a group, DPS trynd turns into nothing more than a mere obstacle who can be cc'ed and shut down very easily.

      Ya, I know, when trynd grabs Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper and possibly a The Bloodthirster, he turns into a god who can rape any champ in the game 1v1... but what about in teamfight, fellas?

      In teamfight, 1 Exhaust is all it takes to shut trynd down. Since pure DPS trynds hav 0 survivability, he almost instantly pops his Undying Rage as he charges into a fight, meaning becomes a useless meatbag who tanks for 5 secs and then dies instantly. (Thanks to exhaust and all that cc concentrated on him)

      And I'm pretty sure almost everyone has had this kinda experience where trynd's been dominating early, but turned useless mid or late game... in teamfight especially. I personally have been through this kinda thing a lot, which made me think... why build pure DPS? Why not grab items like 'Atmogs' and just survive a shitstorm and still crit lik mad?

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Crit passive. Your lane's outcome will depend on how you use this passive.

    Heal/Damage ability that will sustain you in your lane

    Mocking Shout
    Awesome slow. Could also be used in teamfight to debuff enemy's attack damage

    Spinning Slash
    Great chase/escape tool. Has good damage later on too.

    Undying Rage
    This is what makes you a Tryndamere. Good use of this ability will change the outcome of any fight.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries,

    I go 21/9/0 with focusing on getting [mastery=Veteran's Scars] on the 9th point in Defense. The masteries are entirely up to you, if you want to play differently.

    For Runes,

    I go Greater Mark of Desolation x 9
          Greater Seal of Malice x 9
          Greater Glyph of Malice x 9
          Greater Quintessence of Malice x 3

    This gives you around 15 Armor penetration and 12% crit chance at lvl 1, which is pretty decent.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Best Choices


    Enuf said. Chase, and something to remove that annoying Exhaust.

    Viable Choices




    I used to run Ghost and Teleport for my solo top trynd. Teleport does give you an upper hand when your team needs you at dragon, etc. However, I prefer Cleanse more now as I don't want to bother getting a Quicksilver Sash

  • Items

    Now THIS is the most important section of the guide, isn't it?

    When most of ppl see the word 'Atmogs' they generally think of rushing Warmog's Armor first, then grabbing Atma's Impaler next. However, I have a different build sequence.

    For starters, I grab Cloth Armor and 5 Health pots, which then I build into

    Wriggle's Lantern. After that, I grab Zeal for increased mobility, crit, and atk speed.

    Here's where the difference takes its place.

    I get Atma's Impaler, then a Giant's Belt.

    As for building Atma's Impaler, I get Chain Vest first if my lane opposition is an ad champion. Otherwise, I go for Cloak of Agility for increased chance of 'lucky crits'

    So my core build would be...

    Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Zeal Atma's Impaler Giant's Belt

    This build is definitely affordable before the actual 'mid game' starts, if your team has been doing fine (As in not feeding kills)

    After the core, I grab Last Whisper to chop those beefy obstacles that stand in your way. Why attack beefy targets? I'll explain more as we get further.

    However, ther's an exception to this item. When your AD range carry or AP carry is simply dominating the opposition and you're just there to make sure they dont die, you should finish your Warmog's Armor first so that you can CHARGE into the opposition and create an oppening for your AD carry and AP carry.

    When you get Warmogs first, you'll notice that beefy enemies will start ignoring you EVEN with your Atma's Impaler. THIS is when you build a surprise Last Whisper to go "WASSUP BRAHHHHH" and start dropping their HP by huge chunk.

    If you build a Last Whisper first, however, you have noticable damage, but you're certainly less tanky. So play with caution, but your target still does not change.

    After finishing Warmog's Armor and Last Whisper, you should then proceed to finish your Phantom Dancer. Upon finishing that item, you'll be able to survive through even the hardest shitstorms and still have the damage to wreak havoc on your enemies. After you sell Wriggle's Lantern, the last item is purely situational.

    Thornmail If your opponents are AD heavy, or the enemy's AD range carry is simply WAY TOO FED TO DEAL WITH.

    [item=Force of Nature] If enemy team is AP heavy. Movespeed is also good for chasing.

    Guardian Angel Want to give your opposition a nightmare of 'Reviving 3.5K HP Trynd'? TAKE THIS!!

    Randuin's Omen Additional HP, armor, and an Active AoE Slow is just awesome.

    Banshee's Veil More HP, nice passive, but not as recommended on beefy Trynd as he's a 'charger'.

    Wit's End Now this item is perfect for increasing your DPS while taking some extra magic resistance.

    The Bloodthirster Want some Lifesteal to wreak even more havoc? This item will quelch your thirst.

    Frozen Heart This is the last item I'd recommend although it has nice unique stat (Atk speed slow), but It's pretty expensive, and should be built by your support or tank.

  • Build Example


    Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Zeal Atma's Impaler Giant's Belt

    Full Build

    Mercury's Treads Atma's Impaler Warmog's Armor Last Whisper Phantom Dancer

    (Notice that Wriggle's has been sold, as it no longer serves much purpose later on. You can replace it with better items. However, if you like it as it is, you can leave it there.

  • Pros / Cons


    - You're a god damn Barbarian King. You charge in like a true warrior, and withstand heavy punishment like a true King.
    - You no longer have to wait for enemies' casters to use their nukes. It's very unlikely that they'll use it on the tank, and Tryndamere would call this an act of 'pussying out'
    - Exhaust will no longer be your problem as you're not a 'useless meatbag that tanks for 5 secs and dies instantly' anymore. Besides, you have your best friend, Cleanse.
    - You're not only tanky, but also are very strong. Ever had problem with tanky Lee Sin, Gangplank and Nasus? Witness their HP drop in huge chunks as you chop'em.


    - You deal slightly less damage than your pure DPS friend on the other side.
    - You can only start calling yourself a 'beefy' after you get the Giant's Belt

  • Working in the Team

    This is how beefy trynd will work in a teamfight.

    - You DO NOT have to go for kills, as they'll come naturally.
    - You DO NOT have to charge their AD range and get kited.
    - You DO NOT have to insist on killing their squishies.
    - You're a beefy fighter who can withstand heavy damage, but don't overestimate your HP pool.
    - Use your Undying Rage wisely. Enemy AP cannot instakill you, Nor can the enemy bruisers. Keep that in mind.
    - Your Undying Rage should be used to earn more time for your AD range and AP to wreak more havoc on your enemies. Extra 5 seconds of tanking will definitely help your team to achieve victory.

    All you need to do, is simply stay in the middle of the fight and just chop whoever's getting close to ur AD range carry. Since with the items i've recommended you'll have over 3K hp and ~150 armor and 100 mr, (and maybe even more armor or mr if you decide to get more defensive item) you'll be able to literally 'sit' in there and chop their beefy champ, if the enemys are intent on focusing your squishies like AP or AD range.

      The point here is to protect your ad range carry since he's all pure dmg build (and squishy as fuck), while having their teams' dmg shoot at you instead of our ap carry or support or... the tank? Shootin' the tank's a dumb thing to do huh? So he'll shoot you most likely.

      In any case, you're not the team's best DPS. Keep your AD range and AP safe from those beefy bruisers. You have what it takes to tank enemy AD's focused fire while killing their beefy bruisers. Besides, if enemy AD if focused on you, your AD range carry will already start tearing the opposition apart.

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