Gangplank Build Guide

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Gangplank, the hard hitting one-shot carry

written by throatslasher

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello! Welcome to my first guide. I mean...WELCOME ABOARD ME HEARTYS, GRAB A STOOL AND A FLAGGON OF MEAD YAR HAR...
    Anyways, I wrote this guide to expose pirate's raw potential to dish out inSANE amounts of damage. This build emphasizes a gp5 build to quickly build into raw damage and crit power. Not much in the way of defensive items, but if you follow my strategies and have a competent team behind you, they won't even be able to get near you. Pirate is a very unique hero in that every single one of his skills has utility beyond the obvious. Pirate is a "deep" character with tons of utility. He may not have much CC, but with a teensy bit of luck, and an item build that does away with luck altogether, you won't need CC.

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    This is a free damage healing. It usually is worth it in teamfights to pop mundo, taric, or any strong healer with a physical attack to watch them weep as they heal themselves for peanuts.

    This is your bread and butter skill. Your build revolves around this skill. This skills' versatility lends itself to you in many fun ways. Besides being your core farming technique, it's also your main attack early through mid game. All items and effects are transfered through your parlay. The range allows you to farm off of any opponent, and the gold bonus really is noticeable once this is levels 3-5, unlike (blech) plentiful bounty.

    Remove Scurvy
    Free cleanse. This makes pirate a poor choice for the opposing team to focus. It also frees up a summoner skill that I would usually fill with cleanse. It's mana cost is a bit high to rely on as a heal during the laning phase, but it can still function as that one or two times.
    *edit* Upon getting feedback from Locodoco, he brought to my attention that you only need 1 level of this skill early to be used as a cleanse. I believe that he may be right, and many VERY high elo pirates may only invest in one level of this, but personally, I'd rather have a 300 hp heal than a paltry 2%+ movespeed bonus.

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    I really ignore this skill. I think the mana is better used farming instead of denying your opponent creeps. The attack and movespeed bonus is nice, but I generally focus on farming with parlay during the laning phase. If you would like to incorporate a level of this early, it won't kill you, as long as you level up parlay asap.

    Cannon Barrage
    This ultimate allows you to garner kills and assists while farming you lane. It also is a useful tool for pushing back lanes that aren't occupied by any of your allied champions. I have awful luck with this, so I generally save it to try to save teammates from 2-3 opponents or while trying to net my team some kills against 2-3 opponents. I will rarely use this on 1 enemy, as I never seem to hit.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I generally go 21/9/0, but instead of maxing alactrity, I max sorcery. You won't be doing much melee attacking, so the cooldown on your ult and parlay helps. I also get a point in the 15% spell penetration for my ultimate.

    9 Greater Marks of desolation (1.96 armor pen X 9 = approx 18 armor pen)
    9 Greater Seals of Repleneshment (.41 mana regen/5 X 9 = 3.7 mana regen/5)
    9 Greater Glyphs of Warding (1.49 magic resists X 9 = 13 MR)
    3 Greater Quintessences of Fortitude (32.4 health X 3 = 97 HP)

    This rune setup gives pirate all he basically needs. The armor pen is a great way to add damage to your parlays without building armor penetration. Any opponent foolish enough to roll around late game without any armor items will cry as you penetrate the majority of their armor (heh, penetrate). You will use a lot of mana early game. You can say you will use a "boatload" (heh heh). The magic resist runes I roll with on every hero, because 13 MR is imbalanced, and 50 armor resist at level 1 makes their solo annie weep. The hp is pretty self explanitory. Feel free to substitute any of these runes. Dodge seals work pretty well too.

  • Summoner Skills

    spell_icon=teleport I'm pretty inflexible about this one. This is a must for pirate. Pirate is extremely item dependent, and this allows him to leave a lane to purchase items and return to that lane as fast as possible. It also correlates with his ult. If need be, you can ult a location and teleport in. It's extremely handy, and through experimentation, I've found no better summoner skill.
    spell_icon=flash ZOMG NO GHOST? Yes, no ghost. I've tried out ghost, and as useful as it is, late game, when you have finished my build and maxed out raise morale, you should be moving lightning fast without this. It also allows you to get off an unexpected flash-parlay, and has netted me more kills than I care to count.

  • Items

    I will lay out the order of your build here. You should buy your items in batches when your teleport spell is cooled, or when you MUST go back, or when you die.
    1. Meki pendant+potions
    2. boots, complete meki to philo stone
    3. 2 or 3 avarice blades, depending on how well you farm
    4. your 3rd avarice blade if you haven't gotten it and bf sword, or bf sword if you have your 3rd.
    5. complete your boots to any boots you'd like.
    6. complete bf to infinity edge
    7. once you have 2800 gold, sell your philo stone and buy phantom dancers
    8. sell one of your avarice blades and buy either atma's impaler or if you need the LL, executioners.
    You question my build? I'll tell you what's up. I'll feed you, baby birds. I'll break each item down one by one.
    Philo stone = This item works towards my gp5 build, and also provides pirate with all the regen he will need for the entire game.
    Avarice blades = This is an inexpensive way to boost your crit chance while providing gp5. These items pay for themselves very quickly.
    Infinity edge = This gives you the damage, crit chance, and crit boost that makes pirate a killer.
    Phantom dancers = This gives pirate a good amount of crit chance and attack speed. The dodge and movespeed bonuses are really nice and work well on any hero, especially pirate.
    Atma's impaler or Executioners = EXECUTIONERS ON PIRATE? DUMBBBB! Well, not dumb actually. You see, with 2 avarice blades, boots, infinity edge, phantom dancers, and atma's/executioners, you achieve 100% crit. I tend to go executioners for the life steal. When you have insane attack speed and auto attack for 400-500, it's nice to have a little bit of survivability. You can tank 2-3 heroes just by auto attacking with this build. The Atma's is nice if you need a bit more damage, and MUST have some armor.

  • Skill Build

    1. Parlay
    2. Remove Scurvy
    3. Parlay
    4. Remove Scurvy
    5. Parlay
    6. Cannon Barrage
    7. Parlay
    8. Remove Scurvy
    9. Parlay
    10. Remove Scurvy
    11. Cannon Barrage
    12. Remove Scurvy
    13. Raise Morale
    14. Raise Morale
    15. Raise Morale
    16. Cannon Barrage
    17. Raise Morale
    18. Raise Morale

  • Early game

    You really should try for solo mid for a couple reasons.
    1. Your ult is broken, and one of the best ults in the game. When, lets say, annie gets level 6, she can only use her ultimate on her lane opponents. When pirate 6's, he can ult any lane, and when you ult people who are level 3-4, it really hurts.
    2. You can't afford to have your last hits interrupted or messed up by auto-attackers and people that spam their spells on creeps. You should have the most creep kills in the game, all game.
    3. Pirate can farm off of anyone that would solo mid. Not only can you successfully farm against anyone, you can beat many of them. If you go to the side lanes, you run the risk of encountering zilean, or strong harassers like mundo. It's not worth tanking a bomb or cleaver to get a creep kill. Steer clear of the side lanes if possible.

    Get real familiar with your pistol. You should try not to use parlay every time it's up when parlay is level 1 or 2. The bonus gold doesn't warrant the stiff 60 mana casting cost. You should stagger parlays with auto attacks. It's worth tanking an auto attack from annie, ashe, or tristana to get a creep kill with your sword. It's not easy, but it's entirely doable. You really need to practice picking your moments. Once your parlay hits level 3+, try using it as much as possible. Depending on their setup, you must always save mana for your remove scurvy. However, it becomes less necessary if they are light on the cc, or the person you are soloing against poses no threat to you. Make sure you save mana for cleanse once your opponent hits level 6 if you are fighting an annie or an ashe. Once they hit level 6, they will get very aggressive.
    Veeery difficult. Since pirate has no cc and is melee, generally they can run away from you. You also have to spend precious mana shooting your opponent with parlay to harass them, which does pretty paltry damage. I'd rather have a creep kills and 9 bonus gold than hit my lane opponent for 120 damage. You really should not try anything unless they get careless and overextend. However, in the off chance that you are laning against a melee, go crazy. Every time they go in for a creep kill, pop them with your sword. Your grog soaked blade almost guarantees that you will outdamage any melee hero blow for blow. Just wait for 6 and place a well timed ult top or bottom for your allies, kick back, and let the 175 or 300 gold bounty roll in.

    You should start the laning phase with a meki pendant and 2 health potions, or a health potion and a mana potion if you are feeling frisky. You should go back to base when you have 1100 gold and complete your philo stone and buy boots. You should be around level 6 at this time.

    Teleport back to your lane and farm some more. Make sure to call your lane opponents mia. Continue farming. Then, farm some more. I generally don't gank a lane unless my teammates' lane is very pushed, and my allies have good CC between them. There is no point in ganking a lane that is pushed. or a lane where your allies can't hurt them. Don't rely on your ult as the only source of CC, because with your luck, you won't hit crap.

    Once you have either 1500 gold or 2250 gold, go back to base and buy 2 or 3 avarice blades. This signifies the end of early game. You should have no deaths. Not one. Zip.

  • Mid Game

    This part of the game is tricky. I try to play a hybrid of helping my team while I farm. I generally return to my mid lane and continue to farm. However, once I see a teamfight begin to unfold somewhere, I make a beeline for it. This allows me to maximize my farm while I stay useful to the team. There's nothing wrong with arriving late to a teamfight and picking off some stragglers. As long as you use your ult wisely, your team should not get into too much trouble. Try to flank the opposing team and pick off some of the wimpy heroes in the back, or try to catch any heroes fleeing. Again, try to be smart, and don't allow yourself to get jumped. Try to use your flash defensively in teamfights at this point, unless it will 100% net you a kill while giving you at least a 50% chance of getting away. It's generally not worth getting a kill that you might not even get experience for while feeding 3 heroes gold and experience. Just play smart. Once you have 2300 or so gold, which won't take long if you have an extra 20 gp5, go back and buy bf sword, and any boots you want.

  • Late game

    At this point of the game I like to mix it up and stay with my team most of the time. At late game, it's almost impossible to farm a lane as assuredly some of your towers have been knocked down. And at this stage, they could tower dive you anyways. Stick with your team, and parlay creeps during pushes. Knock down towers. If you kill neutral creeps, do everything you can to finish each off with parlay. While killing ghosts, it's better to kill each one with parlay and spend 30 seconds doing so than blowing through each one and getting one parlay off. Parlaying each ghost yields double bounty on the red ghosts. Finish infinity edge. Become a terror. Roll with your team. During teamfights, assess which enemy hero that is getting focused has the least armor and parlay them. At this point, don't be afraid to get in the melee and hit enemies with your sword. You should have around 67% crit chance, and your crits HURT. Only be hesitant if they have tons of CC. If they do, let your initiator take all of their disable and follow your team into the fray. Make sure you ult, and never use parlay on a hero that has more than 120 armor. Chances are, they will also have over 2k hitpoints, and popping someone with 3k hitpoints for a 200 damage crit is pointless. Focus down their support. Keep the push on, and pray you get 2800 gold before you win the game. Once you get 2800 gold, sell your philo stone and buy phantom dancers. This is where the game gets interesting. You do far more damage auto attacking someone than you do with parlay, as you will get off 4-5 attacks while parlay is cooling. Virtually nobody can stand toe to toe with a pirate that has 200 damage and 97% crit. Enjoy my friend, you are a teamwrecker.


    I forgot to mention a few things in my guide. Golem is godly on pirate. Beyond godly. Try for the buff if nobody else on your team can make better use of it. Infinite mana and a low cooldown on remove scurvy basically means your invincible. Teamfights should be a breeze with golem on.
    I would leave lizards to any range carry you have. However, once you finish infinity edge, I would start insisting to your teammates that you be allowed to have it, ESPECIALLY when you finish phantom dancers. Enemy heroes will melt to your swords when you have all of your items completed and lizard buff.

    I apologize for the long guide. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to be making a youtube video to go alone with this guide.

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