Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Lord Mordekaiser: Slayer of Fodder Meatbag Humans/Animals

written by Superbian

Mordekaiser Build

Starting items

  • OR
  • OR
  • x 3

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

  • OR
  • OR
  • OR

Skill Order

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • Iron Man
  • Mace of Spades
  • Harvesters of Sorrow
  • Siphon of Destruction
  • Children of the Grave

Runes for Mordekaiser

Masteries for Mordekaiser

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Mordekaiser is not an AP Carry, he is an AP Bruiser who excels at wading into the middle of teamfights and absorbing massive damage while tipping the battle in his teams favor with his ultimate. His primary advantages lie in his ability to farm quickly and efficiently, and his superior lane sustainability because his spells do not use mana. Mordekaiser should always have the most farm on his team, and this advantage allows him to outlevel and outgold his opponent. And if you don't know yet, you'll learn. Gold is the primary key to victory in league of legends. Mordekaiser can absorb considerable damage because of his regenerating shield, and is tankier than every AP Carry. He also possesses considerable ability in 2v1 and 3v1 fights, and is thus extremely dangerous to gank succesfully. He is, in short, a fearsome choice for the fields of justice.
    Updated 8/23/2012 (Update Status: Mid-August patch)

  • Change Log

    Mid August Patch: Updated matchups

    Hecarim Patch:

    • Changed Glyphs from Flat MR to MR per Level as a result of the nerf to flat mr glyphs.
    • Changed item build to reflect new Meta.
    • Expanded a few sections.

  • Rune and Masteries

    Mordekaiser runs a standard 21/9/0 Mastery page. His lack of mana allows him to utilize the defense tree instead of the utility tree. Pick Armor if you're solo top, and magic resistance if solo mid. Than choose both HP boosts. Take all the AP masteries in the offense tree.

    For Runes, take 9x , 9x , 9x and 3x 
    This gives you early game damage and survivability. Switch out the Vitality Seals for flat Armor seals if solo top.

    *Note* Attempted Utility Masteries. Was slightly squishier than normal, and my ult didn't kill when it normally would have. Missed out on 3 possible kills because enemy escaped with half a bar.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Must Have
    Ignite: This spell is an absolute must. You do not play Mordekaiser without Ignite, the synergy with your ultimate is off the charts.
    Good Choices:
    Flash: My preferred form of escape, even after the nerf. I don't need to explain what this does. But I like it better than Ghost because of the element of surprise. Can be used to get E/R/Ignite combo off when your opponent doesn't expect it.
    Ghost: Escape. Not my preferred choice, but a decent choice.
    Bad Choices:
    All other summoner spells. You must have Ignite, and you must have an escape/chase spell.
    Death Choices
    Revive: If you choose this, I hope you lose.
    Clarity: Actually a worse choice than Revive, since revive at least has a chance of being used. Again. Die. 

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    Mordekaiser's passive gives him a deteriorating shield based on 35% of his magic damage. This shield deteriorates at 3% per second, starts out at 120 and maxes out at 630 HP (+30 per level). This shield allows Mordekaiser to absorb and negate harass in lane while dealing out significant damage to his enemy. Since Morde just pubstomped in a pro tourney, expect this to be nerfed again soon.

    Mace of Spades
    On next hit, Mordekaiser swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets, dealing damage plus bonus damage. If the target is alone, the attack deals extra damage.
    On next hit, Mordekaiser swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets, dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+?) (+0.4) magic damage.

    If the target is alone, 132/181.5/231/280.5/330 (+?) (+0.66) damage is dealt instead.
    Costs 25/32/39/46/53 Health

    This is Mordekaiser's secondary damage spell in team fights and primary spell in 1v1 battles as the damage is significantly higher against single targets. This is also his secondary farming spell. This spell is pretty useless in laning phase and badass late game, so...Grab a point at level 3 and max it last.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    Unleashes a protective cloud of metal shards to surround an ally for 6 seconds, increasing their armor and magic resistance by 10/15/20/25/30 and dealing 24/38/52/66/80 (+0.2) magic damage per second to nearby enemies.
    Costs 26/32/38/44/50 Health

    Creeping Death is what allows Mordekaiser to be aggressive in team fights. Using it on yourself, you wade into the team fight, damaging every enemy around you, while raising your armor and magic resistance. Coupled with Iron Man, this allows you to absorb considerable damage. Grab a point at level 2 and max by level 13.

    This is also the spell that gets you double kills when people come to gank you. Sit in the middle of the minions, get constant shield, and kill the fools who underestimated you.

    This spell has many creative uses. Including but not limited to: Placing on a minion to farm from range, place on ally to get an assist or protect a squishy carry with its armor/mr boost. Place on minion, or summoned beast like Yorick's wraiths, annie's tibbers and Malz's passive for extra damage as they chase the enemy. Please note that this cannot be used on wards. These are further explained below. These tips are listed in the "Tricks" section.

    Mordekaiser is very prone to C.C. like silence. So before charging into a team fight, put this spell on so that you already have it up if you get C.Ced.

    Siphon of Destruction
    Siphon of Destruction - Mordekaiser deals damage to enemies in a cone in front of him. For each unit hit, Mordekaiser's shield absorbs energy.
    Mordekaiser damages enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6) magic damage.
    Costs 24/36/48/60/72 Health

    Siphon of Destruction is Mordekaiser's primary spell for team fights and farming. If used properly, it allows for quick and easy farming of an entire minion wave. Where other champions may have to auto attack or use single spells like Annie's Q to farm, and thus miss part of a wave, Mordekaiser can easily farm an entire wave using a combination of his three spells. This is your bread and butter. Take this first and max by level 9.One thing to remember with this spell is that its range is actually longer than the smart cast shows you, so try to utilize this.

    This spell used to take considerably more skill, as it gave bonus shield for each target hit, so if you were skilled and manaed to hit all 6-7 minions in a wave with it, you got epic shield. Not it just requires you to aim in a general direction.

    Children of the Grave
    Children of the Grave - Mordekaiser curses an enemy, stealing a percent of their life initially and each second. If the target dies while the spell is active, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds.
    Steals 24/29/34 (+0.04)% of target champion's maximum Health (half stolen initially and half over 10 seconds; deals Magic Damage).

    If the target dies while cursed, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds. Mordekaiser gains 20% of their ability power and attack damage, and the pet's stats are enhanced.

    Pets can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button.
    No Cost

    This is the spell that makes Mordekaiser. There is one rule with this spell, do not waste it on tanks or support. Target the enemy AD carry, either ranged or melee. This allows you to turn a 5v5 into a 6v4. Take the enemy AD carry and win the game. If the AP carry is not available, the AP carry is a valid choice, because you will gain his AP. The most important thing with using children of the grave is judgement. If you hold onto it too long, you may cause your team to lose a team fight, if you use it too early, your target may run away from the fight and survive, and you'll lose the advantage of the clone. Always use this spell on targets last, if you lead with it then your target will probably flash out and wait for it to end. As this is your ultimate, level it up ASAP at levels 6/11/16.. Always be aware of the percentage your ult is dealing, so that you do not waste it. When all the damage items are complete, your ult will deal 56%

  • Item Build

    Your starting items with Mordekaiser are   and one  .
    The first time you recall, you should buy and a if solo top.
    Your first offensive item should be built into a , after that your item path branches. If you're carrying, than you rush , if you're not getting kills and need survivability, you get . The Key to building Mordekaiser is flexibility. There is no direct order you should build in every single game. Your goal is to end up with significant damage AND survivability. If you're taking a lot of damage early, then while building up you can grab a if top against AD, and a if mid vs AP.
    Your end build should be , , , , , and  .
    If the enemy team is AD heavy, switch out  for [item_icon=Rhanduin's Omen]
    Build Order
    Start with  and one or Boots and three pots. I have started using the latter option more frequently lately.
    The first time you go back, you could buy your  and , or  if you've gotten a kill or farmed for a while.
    should be the first item you complete. After that depends on the course of the game, if you're getting kills and snowballing, it's important to keep yourself snowballing. A lot of people ruin their early game snowball by getting too defensive in order to preserve your streaks. You want to be aggressive when you're snowballing, so if getting kills, I'd go right for . Mordekaiser is fluid, I can tell you what build you should finish with, but how you get it is up to you.

  • Build Example

    Primary Build

    Over the course of the past few months, the build I have used for Morde has solidified. Building to directly target either AP heavy teams or AD heavy teams is not necessary. Mordekaiser gets tankier the more damage he deals, thus the best way to beef up yourself is with AP items. Thornmail is a waste of an item slot except in the most extreme cases (4-5 AD team).

    If there is a lot of C.C., definitely consider Quick Silver slash to get yourself back in the game fast.

    Tank Morde
    Before Mordekaiser's previous nerf and then recent buff, it was my opinion that tank Mordekaiser was the best Morde, because he had enough damage, and didn't have to worry about filling his shield. After the nerf, tank Morde was the only viable Morde because otherwise he was too squishy, though Morde was still a broken champion, bottom tier. With the recent buff to Morde's shield, AP and AP Hybrid Morde is now the most viable Morde build because his shield is considerably stronger now. So you can deal heavy damage and still absorb a lot of hurt. But for those interested in a Tank Mordekaiser, this is the build I used
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]   
    This gives Mordekaiser 3200 HP, 220 armor, 150 MR, and 300 AP. It is a decent build, if you can complete it. I just believe AP morde to be better right now. But if your team needs a tank, this Morde is certainly Viable. This Morde is very hard to kill. But remember, you have no C.C. So you are not really a tank because you cannot stop the enemy from getting past you to your carries. Don't pick Morde planning to be the tank, you don't have the C,C, for that. You can't keep the enemy off your carries. Fear of Morde's ult doesn't always work.

  • Gameplay *Important*

    Mordekaiser is a short range AP Carry/Bruiser Hybrid tank. He is not over-powered, as many people will say after you use this build. He excels at a single skill that sets him apart from many other champions. His ability to farm, aka, acquire Gold. And as you know, Gold makes the game go 'round. Mordekaiser will constantly push his lane, because he has no other choice. He farms too easily and too fast. This leads us to something very important. You WILL be ganked, even camped, because you are always pushed and present what your opponents will consider a easy target. In fact, you want to be pushed. Because every wave is a little more damage to the enemy tower, and your opponent will lose farm to tower. And remember, your tower should be the first to drop in game. So, how do you deal with these ganks? Easy, you stay and fight, usually. Most players make one mistake when fighting Morde, and when playing him. You never fight Morde by minions because they give him free shield, and thus negates all your damage. Thus, as Morde, you should never fight away from minions unless you have to, like in a team fight. When that gank comes, if you are level 6, then consider fighting. If both targets have less HP than you, than run into the minion waves around the ENEMY minions, and NOT into the bushes. When they come, focus one of them first, though remember that you'll be damaging them both at the same time. Ult/ignite and kill one, and then turn around and kill the other using the clone. This can be very effective, the problem is that it goes against everything you've conditioned yourself to do with champs that aren't Mordekaiser. You have to stand your ground when a gank comes. The rule of thumb is, if you can kill one of them, then stay and fight. Focus one down, use the clone you acquire to kill the other one. Clones give you enhanced stats AND their damage gives you shield. If you decide to fight, but find yourself low, use the bushes to juke while you wait for your CD's. Mordekaiser has better range than most junglers in the current Meta.

    Harassing with Morde is simple. Mordekaiser's E spell, Siphon of Destruction, has a longer range than smart cast will tell you. So what you want to do is semi-zone the enemy champion by standing in between the enemy melee and ranged creeps. No player will allow themselves to be zoned forever, so what they will normally do is walk in circles behind their ranged creeps to avoid harass and still get exp. What you want to do is use your E to hit both the ranged creeps and the enemy champion. When possible, always try to hit both the creeps and the enemy champion, because hitting the enemy champion gives you a higher % of shield than creeps do. Mordekaiser excels at being able to harass without hurting his farming, he can do both at the same time.

    As you will become aware of, Mordekaiser excels at fighting multiple opponents, and thus requires a lot of judgement. You must be able to properly judge when you can win the 2v1 or 3v1. Remember, another opponent is just another player to proc shield off of. Do remember that you will die in a 4v1 unless epic fed because all your spells can't hit all 4 enemies. If caught, start to run so they follow you, and are thus in line to be hit with all spells, than turn around and and hit them all. Always focus one down first to give yourself a clone. And always try to get the clone with highest damage. A few days ago, with the help of an Ashe ult from an ally, I won a 5v1 after the enemy team caught me in their jungle. Got a quadra kill, and my ashe showed up at end to steal my Penta (though she deserved it for the epic assist). Morde is strong. And people fear him, use this fear against them. Please note that I do not recommend fighting 3v1's. This is a team game, play as a team. I just mean to say that if caught, don't just accept death. Try to take one of them with you.

  • Role within the Team and Team Fights

    Your job in a team fight is a secondary initiator. You either follow or walk beside the tank into the fight with your  [spell_text=creeping death] on and target the enemy AD ranged carry with your Q and E spells. When either of the enemy AD carries (the solo top, jungler or ranged AD) is low enough, ult them and take a clone. Then switch to the other high priority targets, which are the AP carry and the top lane bruiser. Do not focus the tank or support. One of Mordekaiser's advantages is Fear. Do not shrug this off, believe that the enemy team is afraid your ult will turn the teamfight, because they are afraid. They know that once their AD carries dies, it is over for them. Use that fear to be aggressive. There is nothing easier to win than a team fight where the enemy is trying to run away. They don't have time to properly attack and run at the same time, so you can just pick them off. Mordekaiser is not a normal AP carry, he is a bruiser that happens to deal magic damage like Rumble. When possible try to position yourself in front of your AD ranged carry or mid AP carry if you're top, so the enemy team has to go through you to get to them.

    Team Roles:
    Early Game: Pusher/Farmer
    Mid Game: AP Tank/Hybrid
    Late-Game: AP Carry


    Early and mid game, your shield is enough to make you tanky, even without building tank items. Late game, the effectiveness of this shrinks as the enemy team's collective damage grows. Always wait to wade into the fight until after your tank has established himself in it.


    This slightly contradicts what I said above, but when in doubt, always use your ultimate on the person closest to dying. You want to make that team fight 4v6 ASAP. But if possible, focus a damage dealer.

  • Farming/CS

    Mordekaiser's primary farming spell is  Siphon of Destruction. The basic farming method for Mordekaiser is to put  [spell_text=Creeping Death] on yourself, walk into the space between the melee and ranged creeps and then use  [spell_text=Siphon of Destruction to kill the 3 ranged creeps and if possible, 1-2 of the melee creeps once  Siphon of Destruction has brought them low enough, and then using  Mace of Spades to finish the remaining creeps. 
    The key as with all champions is to play them enough so that you have a feel of when your spells will kill the creeps. Once you have Will of Ancients, your Siphon of Destruction should be able to wipe out the ranged creeps (the back row) right away, then you can use your [spell_text=creeping death] and Mace of Spades to finish the siege creep and melee creeps. Your goal should be to get 5-6 creeps every wave once you hit this point. 
    Every 30 seconds, each base spawns a minion wave. Every 3 waves a siege minion spawns. This means the following:
    After 10 minutes, each lane has spawned 114 creeps.
    After 15 minutes, 177 creeps.
    After 20 minutes, 240 creeps.
    Your goal should be to try to get 2/3 of these creeps. Which means by twenty minutes, you should have 160 CS.
    When mid, try to take advantage of the wraith and wolves camps when your jungler allows it.


    If you feel safe doing so, when the enemy laner b's and you are pushed to the tower, walk past the tower to farm the next wave. This keeps your creeps on the enemy tower, which will cause him to lose CS.


  • Pros and Cons

    -Excellent Farmer and Pusher
    -High survivability vs other AP carries
    -Good lane sustainability vs other AP carries due to lack of mana reliance, and in general.
    -Excels at both team fights and 1v1 fights.
    -Excels at 2v1 and 3v1.
    -No Crowd Control
    -Less burst compared to other AP Carries
    -Vulnerable to silence (like most AP carries)

  • Current Meta

    As predicted, the nerf to WotA killed the double AP meta that was getting popular at the time. With the release of a few new top lane champ as well, top lane is again firmly situated as an AD melee lane. Mordekaiser excels at countering certain top lane champs, particularly champions without gap closers.


    The most common and strongest mid lane choices right now are Ahri, Cass and Morgana. Kassadin gets picked and banned at the lower ELO's because he snowballs easily, but he is not as popular in the upper ELOs. Galio mid is also common as a counter to any of these AP champions. Mordekaiser pub stomps Kassadin if you play it correctly. This is because your shield can absorb the harass from his silence, and you easily deny him farm. If he auto attacks, you can Q him. If he farms with his spells, he'll lose mana rapidly. Basically, you are the perfect counter to Kass. You should not find it strange to be up by 100 CS by 25-30 minutes. Deny Deny Deny. Keep him from ganking side lanes and snowballing, and gank yourself.


    Ahri is tricky match for many AP champions because of her dashes. Especially champs like Cass and Annie because she can dodge around their ults, and confuse you. Mordekaiser's ult is targeted, which makes it easier to land. Morgana's shield makes her tricky since she can save herself from your ult after you cast it. Most lanes against Morgana should be played as farm lanes, since Morgana can push as well as Morde. 

  • Laning Partners

    I should first note that Mordekaiser should be played solo because he takes and needs a lot of farm to be successful.
    Good Partners:
    Teemo: Teemo's poison has great synergy with Mordekaiser's ult, and the range helps keep enemy champs back so Morde can free farm. Your teemo must be willing to sacrifice farm, as must any champion who lanes with you.
    Twitch: Same reason as above. Poison, and life draining attacks have good synergy with Morde's ult. This applies to other champs also, like Urgot
    Champs like Yorik, Malzahar and Annie that have controllable wraiths/bears/anything have interesting synergy with Mordekaiser's W. Experiment with stuff, be creative. There are a lot of possibilities for it.
    Champions with good C.C. to make up for Mordekaiser's lack of it, like Leona, Alister and Cho
    Champions with Range to offset Mordekaiser's lack of range.
    Support: Because they allow him to free farm for eternity without going back, effectively outlaning the enemy.
    Bad Partners are plain melee fighters like Master Yi, Olaf, Pantheon, etc because they won't get farm and they don't have range to counter Morde's lack of range. And chances are, a bot lane will have range.

  • Matchups

    Nobody. There is no champion that Mordekaiser cannot handle, HUEHUEHUE. Mordekaiser is not a good match for a ranged AD/support lane, but since you are smart and will play Mordekaiser top or Mid, this will never be a problem for you. Keep in mind that even if you are stuck with one of the lanes, you should still be able to dominate mid and late game.
    Xerath is capable of dueling Mordekaiser to a draw K/D because of his long range, but Mordekaiser still out farms him, and thus is better.
    In All Seriousness...

    Champs that may give you trouble

    Rumble: Rumble like you, has no reliance on Mana, which gives him a legup on other champions that could face you. You'll notice that Morde and Rumble actually build quite similarly. Mordekaiser and Rumble or both close-mid range fights. Which means he will hit you with his spells when you try to hit him with yours. His shield can absorb your harass, his harpoons can slow you, and they will hit you if you engage, and his Q has a really low cooldown. This means he can harass you and absorb your damage. His cooldowns are lower than yours, so if he gets on to you, he can slow you and keep on you and hit you with his q before your spells come off CD. Later in the game, your cool downs get closer together. When Morde and Rumble lane against each other. Nothing will usually happen until lvl 6, and then it's the battle of the ults. This is when you take your chance, he will have to move in close to you to kill you, and he will try to do so. Your fight will be close, make sure you haven't wasted ignite. Basically, Rumble is your match. You'll have an even fight, assuming skill level is the same, so it really comes down to whether you can harass him properly, and manuever out of his ult. Remember this, do not turn your back on Rumble when he ults you. If you run, he will just slow you, chase you, and kill you. You have to hold your ground. Rumble can also farm almost as well as Morde.
    CritPlank/Tryndamere: Champions with Crit can hit Mordekaiser hard early. If you're going to solo top, make sure you have armor runes, and the masteries. Gangplank can heal himself, and has good escapes, same with tryndamere. These champions can outlane you early. So you need to decide whether you're going to play it safe, or be aggressive to keep their backs to the wall. You will gain the advantage over them at lvl 6. Mordekaiser's ult is perfect for tryndamere, you just have to make sure not to use it too early, or he'll heal himself. You will need a chain vest early against these champions. You have to be careful with these champions. You cannot get away from Trynd, so if you make a mistake early, you will pay for it with your life. So don't commit to a fight you don't feel reasonably sure you can win.
    Jax: Jax's damage really surprised me once they remade him. I did not expect it to be so high early, and got foddered by one. Against jax, the longer the fight goes on, the worse it is for you. Because of his ult passive, and the low CD on his W, his damage is very consistent. Morde, like most casters, has periods of high damage output and low damage output. Jax will kill you if the fight goes on too long. You have to just E, and back off.


    Fizz: Fizz is the bane of your existence. His jump counters every one of your damage sources. It will dodge your E, your W won't hurt him while he's in the air, and he's untargetable by your Q and R while he is in the air. This alone isn't what makes him fearsome. He has strong auto attacks that combine with his dot early to deal heavy damage. Mordekaiser's shield can absorb the harass from most AP carries. The problem with fizz is the auto attack damage he has that is greater than most AP carries. So your shield absorbs his spells, but where most ap champs would have to back off, fizz can deal decent damage with his auto attacks. In addition, because he can dodge your spells midair as he closes the gap between you, there is a chance you won't have any shield at all to protect your from his magic damage either. This is the only champ you must absolutely play carefully against.


    Common Top Lane Champions


    Lee Sin

    Lee Sin top lane is considerably easier to deal with then if the enemy Lee Sin is jungling. Lee likes to try to scare opponents from the minion line, and zone. His early game damage is quite high. But without red, he's not nearly as great of a threat. Stay near the minion wave and harass him with Q like any other champion.



    This goes for any champion facing Renekton. Do not fight him pre-4, or even pre-6, his early early game damage is massive. You won't have enough damage to build up shield, and he can lifesteal from multiple minions at once. Harass from far away, and back up if he tries to go in on you early. Once you get to level 8-9 you should be able to outlane him easily, even without a kill advantage.


    Riven's early damage is high, and also has a built in escape. I would not recommend commiting to a fight pre-6. She's one of the few top champions with a hard stun, and her escape allows her to stun, and get free damage on you, and back off before you can fight back. One mistake people make against riven is when they get low, they run. Riven's ult will finish you if you're low enough. Once you get to two bars, if she still hasn't finished her ult off, stay and fight. If you run, it is very likely a guaranteed death. Stay and fight. Once the enemy minion wave is dead, head to the bush to your Q deals the bonus single target damage. Against melee bruisers, Always try to harass them down to half hp or less before engaging for a fight.



    Udyr's Phoenix stance can be difficult for Mordekaiser in the laning phase because it easily eats through his shield. A lane against Udyr can be either really easy or really difficult depending on what the opposing Udyr chooses to Max first. Udyr's natural build has high magic resistence and good regen. Be wary going in, Udyr is considerably harder to kill than other top bruisers for a Mordekaiser.



    This is one champion that I have never had problem fighting, ever. I just don't think her damage is up there with other bruisers unless she gets fed. Nor is she as naturally tanky as say, Udyr. One thing she can do is close gaps. So don't hang out in lane if your hp gets low and she's 6+.



    The nerf to Gunblade hit Akali hard. She just can't keep up with other top lane champs right now, and she's squishy. Your W and E also let you hit her even when she's invis. She's just not a threat.



    Singed is a really odd champion sometimes. You should be able to beat him, but if you give him even one kill early by doing something stupid, he'll suddenly become extremely tanky. Just don't. Singed farms well after the first few levels, so you should be able to make it a farm lane. Sit and wait, and if an opportunity presents itself, then take it. Otherwise, just farm. You're Mordekaiser, the kills will come once team fights happen.



    In my opinion, one of the strongest early game champions. This won't happen much, but do not under any circumstances fight him at level two. That true damage combined with picking up his axe will eat you alive. Ignite will really hurt his ability to lifesteal, once you hit six, you should be able to harass him down and then engage. But don't underestimate him. His damage is high, and if he's smart, he'll max Q and E first. The cooldown gets really low on the true damage, and his ult gives him passive armor pen. His passive will kick in and as he gets closer to death, he will hit harder. Olaf does not have a good gap closer though, harass with E from afar, and you'll be fine. When he gets low, go in for the kill.


    Will add more over time...


    Ranged Champions Top

    This is happening occasionally now, so it's good to prepare a strategy for it. There are a few factors different when an AD Ranged  is top and not bottom. They won't have a support, so if you do harass them, it won't be healed easily. This means they have to be careful just like you do. Assuming you're not ranged as well, you will be out-ranged obviously. Bruisers are considerably more durable than ranged champions, but your advantage in durability is out-weighed by their ranged advantage. AD Ranged top is a high-risk/high-reward proposition. When you are ganked, the ganks will be more dangerous because of the AD carry's range and damage. They can hit you harder for longer. Conversely, if your jungler does manage to stick to their AD carry, they will die faster than a bruiser would. A bruiser is stronger early then a ranged AD champion, so if you do manage to get onto them, you have the advantage. Luckily, as you are Morde, you're not completely out-gunned when it comes to range. Siphon of Destruction has a larger Range than people expect, and slightly longer than what the smart cast will show you. Your best bet is to play passively for the first 3-4 levels until you have all 3 of your spells, and two points in siphon of destruction. At this point, the shield from your spells should be able to absorb some harass from the AD ranged. You may then go back to normal farming methods my planting yourself in the middle of the enemy minion wave and farming. This is effective because it makes the enemy AD carry make a choice. They have the following options.


    A. They can try to farm. But since you are in the middle of their minion wave, if they get close enough to auto attack the minions behind you, they will be in range for Siphon of Destruction. 


    B. Harass you. Your shield can absorb a decent amount of harass from a ranged AD early. If they do this, they will lose farm. It will also cause the lane to push, so they will have to farm on the tower, which also hurts their chances of farming. Once the lane is pushed back off to a safe distance to protect from Ganks. If you're on the blue team, this could include going to take Double Golems. If you're on the Blue Team, you could invade and steal their double golems or attempt a gank mid. If purple team, take your own Double Golems, or scope out the enemy Blue.


    Bushes are a bruisers best friend against Ranged AD champions. Ranged AD champions need to see you to auto attack and deal most of their damage, barring a few champions. Use the bushes to avoid harass and farm safely. If they want to harass you, they will have to facecheck the bush, and then you will be a happy Mordekaiser.


    Level 6 vs AD Ranged

    Children of the Grave is your only spell that is guaranteed to be in range of any Ranged champion. The best way to fight a champion trying to Kite you is a bait and run tactic. If they go in on you, first walk a step to meet them and E, the spell should hit because most players do not react to this movement fast enough. After this, do not try to chase, always make them chase you. If you chase, unless you have faster boots, you will never catch them, and they can freely kite you. Please note this strategy will not work with ashe or a ranged champion with red. As they chase you, repeat the above move where you turn around and walk a step towards them and E. Do it quick, and they won't have time to react. If you get to a point where you're worried they may be able to kill you if you continue this tactic, ult them and keep running. Assuming you've managed to damage them a little, they will not risk chasing you at this point. Remember, if they use Flash to get close to you, they are just giving you an opportunity to use your other spells. By that point, you will be removed from the wave and your Q will deal its bonus damage. Remember that your goal vs an AD Ranged is stay even or beat them in farm, and avoid giving them kills. You will have time for that in team fights. 


    When the AD Ranged has a gap closer, like Corki or Graves, you should first laugh. Ranged AD champions are naturally squishy, especially early. If they actually use their gap closer to get close to you for anything but an absolute sure kill, then they are an idiot. If they do, proceed to put W on, Q and E them, ult ignite and laugh. Chase them as they run away if it's not enough to kill them, and finish with E again once it comes off CD, use flash if necessary. 


    If you get a kill advantage in lane, your damage against them will increase dramatically and you will be able to bully them.

  • Junglers

    Here are some notes about possible junglers you may have to deal with. Not all Junglers are present because not all require special treatment.
    Rammus: Rammus is an interesting case. He stacks armor, so he is vulnerable to your magic damage, but if he gets his taunt off, and both he and your enemy laner are too high health. You will die before you can do anything about it. Rammus ganks are deadly. If the enemy laner is low on health, your goal is to kill him and get a clone before you get taunted, or at least make him have to back off. Then, if you have no gotten a clone and are still alive. You will have two options, fight it out or run. If it's 1v1, fight it out, if it's 2v1, you should run unless one is low enough that you know you can get a clone. Also not, that if you see Rammus coming, unless he or your enemy laner are low, just backup. It's not worth the risk.
    Shaco: Shaco ganks are cheap early game, we all know this. But Mordekaiser actually loves them. Level two ganks, you'll want to run, after hitting shaco with your E. Once you're level 6, you most definitely want to stay and fight. Shaco's clone does less damage than shaco, but proc's the same amount of shield. If Shaco ults, he's actually making it easier for you to kill him. Shaco is very squishy, when he ganks you post 6, stand and fight, take a shaco clone, and get yourself that double kill.
    Lee Sin: Lee Sin has the strongest early game ganks in the game (assuming you're not an idiot that gets foddered by shaco), and he is extremely hard to get away from with red early game. You will want to play less aggressive early when the enemy has a Lee Sin jungler because you will die if he catches you too far from your tower. Flash does not work against Lee because he can dash back towards you, so be very careful. If it's ranked, and you see Lee Sin, get ghost instead of flash. Once you hit level 6, refer to the earlier mentioned section about turning jungle ganks into double kills.
    Udyr: Udyr's stun, slow and phoenix stance can be a problem for Mordekaiser early because the phoenix will remove your shield fast and leave you vulnerable to his attacks.
    Common Jungler Tactics against Morde 
    Camping: One common practice to counter Morde, especially mid, is to camp him. Mordekaiser pushes by default, it is very hard to keep your lane mid or at your own tower as Morde. This tactic is especially common mid because of the difficulty in properly warding mid early. You won't have the money for the 2-3 wards you'd need to have proper map control against campers. Some junglers can camp Morde better than others. If it's one of the squishier junglers, or a jungler that has poor c.c. like Shaco, WW (till level 6), or Olaf, then you'll be fine. But Udyr, rammus and Lee Sin can be difficult. There isn't much I can tell you to counter this besides common sense. You'll have to make a concerted effort to not push the lane as much. Most Morde's get into the habit of spamming all three spells to wipe out a wave and get 5-6 CS from it. You'll have to alter this method and try to last hit when you can, though don't lose CS over it. Just play carefully early until you can get those wards. You'll want to ward the solo bush on either side as that will cover all methods of ganking you besides from your wraiths on the dragon side, or from blue on the baron side. And if they're coming from there, your teams has bigger problems anyway because that means your own jungler has no map control, and  the other lanes aren't warding their areas properly.
    Early game, a jungler with red will shred through your shield, so before level 6, do not stand and fight the jungler unless he is ganking with really low health, most jungler are not this stupid. Once level 6, you'll have to quickly consider whether you can kill one of them before they kill you, and get a clone. The Jungler's first choice for early game ganks is usually top, they normally only gank mid first if you're really destroying their mid laner. So keep this in mind, if the enemy mid decides to help his jungler, and you're level six, do the following. Your first impulse is always to flash away to safety. But if this situation happens, do the reverse, because your opponent won't expect it. Charge the enemy mid, preferably using flash since you should still have it. E, ult and ignite them, and land a q if you can or if it's needed. Then turn around to face the enemy jungler with the clone. They will have to get through you to get to the safety of their turret. Remember that aggression is often the best choice with morde.

  • Tricks of Playing Mordekaiser

    There are a few tricks you can use when playing with Mordekaiser that when used properly, can you help you when faced with difficult situations.
    For those early game 1v1 fights. Everyone has had one, and probably many of those 1v1 early game fights where you beat your enemy but then died to their ignite. There is something important to remember about Mordekaiser's shield that may save your life. He cannot go below one health from his own abilities (unlike Mundo), which as you know, cost health. So if ignited and there is a nearby minion wave, use your E, which has the highest shield/cost ratio, and try to hit as many of the minions as possible. Ignite will target your shield first, using this method, you will almost always survive so long as there are minions around. Also remember this for when turret diving, if you''re about to die from a hit, aim your E behind you to the enemy minions to get shield as you run.
    Dealing with C.C. Mordekaiser is vulnerable to C.C. in a team fight. So there are two things that are good practice to use when entering a team fight with Morde. Have your W, creeping death, already on you, and que up your Q. The que for Q, Mace of Spades, is pretty long, so take advantage of this. This way, you have two spells ready to use, even if silence or stunned, which will keep you alive until the C.C. wears off. Then you can use your ult to pick off the low targets and pubstomp. I have seen many a fed Morde still die because they did not have their spells already up and got C.C.ed.

    Creeping Death [spell_icon=Creeping death] can be applied to any allied target, including minions and friendly champions. If getting zoned out, use creeping death on your siege minion in order to farm and get shield while staying at a safe distance. If no siege minion, try to pick a minion directly by the enemy wave. Can also be used to harass. Also, if low health and escaping the enemy, being saved by a friendly champion or a variety of other scenarios, you can apply creeping death to an allied champion as they engage the enemy in order to get an assist, and assist them in damaging the enemy while also providing valuable defensive stats. This can also net you a kill if you're lucky. You can use this when low on health and you're behind your team's tank. Keep your mind open, there are many possible uses for creeping death. Creeping death may not be used on wards though.



    Children of the Grave also has a few possible tricks you can use. If the enemy is escaping and you have Rylais, you can lead in with Children of the Grave in order to slow them down so you can catch up. This maneuver is risky because you may either be unable to catch them, or this may cause them to trigger an escape and thus elude you. Your ult is your biggest weapon and the main reason you're terrifying in a team fight. You never want to find yourself without it because you made a bonehead move. And as always, remember to ignite anybody you ult unless you know the ult will kill them.

    Another point about Children of the Grave . Your best bet is to steal the enemy AD carry to use to attack the enemy, because that clone will deal the most damage. But, remember that Mordekaiser is flexible. If the enemy has a fed AP carry who is nearbye, think about focusing it. Removing this carry from the fight will remove a big damage dealer on the enemy team. Addition by subtraction. AP carries are squishy and you'll be able to drop them down easy. Remember, Mordekaiser's clones give him 20% of their AP. So if you have rhabadon's, you are being gifted 100+AP to attack with, this is not wasted. So while the clone won't deal as much, you'll have more damage, and the enemy will be without their AP carry. You never want to wait too long to get a clone, and then have your entire team dead by time you have one. Morde excels in 2v1 and 3v1 scenarios. But being the only champion standing against 3 enemy champions, knowing if you die, you'll lose the game, is never a good plan. Luckily, you're Morde. And 3v1 + clone is a situation you can often win.


    Tricks with Clones. One of my favorite things to do is hang back and send my clone in to turret dive. UIf you have a ranged clone, you can send it in to auto attack low life targets. I have gotten extra kills frequently using this method. In a team fight, try to pay attention. You can use Alt to control who your clone attacks, otherwise he will attack whoever you do. If your clone is ranged, use that to your advantage, to attack high priority targets that you cannot reach. If your clone is melee, you can have it turret dive with Creeping death on it in order to harass, or get a kill, or just keep the enemy off their tower while you attack it.

    Spell Vamp is a must for Mordekaiser, but many people consider Hextech Gunblade the go to item for spell vamp, and I see a lot of use of it on Morde. Frankly speaking, you are wasting your gold. The only spell Mordekaiser has that procs AD is his Q, and his auto attacks are weak. Gunblade has a low Damage/cost ratio on Morde, it is inefficient. It costs 3600 gold and gives you less spell vamp and AP ,than Will of the Anciets, which costs 2100. For the cost of Gunblade, you can get Will of the Ancients and your magic pen boots plus have 500 left over. Or Will of the Ancients and half of Rabadon's. Remember that you are an AP bruiser. If an item doesn't give you AP or tankyness, it is useless. Forget the Gunblade, get Will of the Ancients and continue with the above build based on need. Either Giants belt into Rylais, or Needlessly large Rod for rabadons.
    I like to get thornmail often even when not completely necessary because it allows me to turret dive like a boss, use wisely and only when absolutely needed. Mordekaiser is a fluid champion whose role can change based on need. You are the second tank usually after your primary tank, and your role is to absorb damage.



    When doing Baron, I have found that Mordekaiser does not have the best damage. He is often best fit as the lookout, and first line of defense if the enemy decides to come a knocking, while your AD carry and jungler kill Baron. Put your W on whoever is tanking baron and step into the small bush in the river. If the enemy comes, wait for them to pass you if possible than catch their carries from behind. Focus the ranged AD first and either kill him or drive him away from the fight. He is more important to them than you are to your team. If you do this, you will probably win the fight.

    Don't kill your early game snowball and advantage by getting an item like Rylai's first. So many Morde's make that mistake. You've just completely lost your early advantage with that item, and now have no damage. For Rumble, Rylai's is a great first item, on Morde, not so much.



    Lastly, for the love of God, completely disregard any build that says you should build Mordekaiser AD, with sunfire, atmas frozen mallet etc. Utter waste. Buying AP makes him tank because it procs his shield, you don't need to stack tank items on him. One or two tops if needed, but no more. And always try to work in AP with survivability items, like Abyssal Sceptar.

  • Summary

    As Mordekaiser, your job is to fill multiple roles when needed, and to be able to adapt to the course of the game to fill the role required of you, whether that is to tank, or to be the AP carry, or a combination of the two. You should have your lane's tower down before either of the other two lanes. You are a massive, mace-wielding metal suit of mayhem, and your job is to fodder all meatbags that dare stand before you. And when that is done, you go home and cry because Riot took away your rage Spike.
    Also, because I know everybody always thinks "Who is this guy to be telling me how to play?", I have added a section below with my accumulated Ranked Stats with Mordekaiser for this season.

  • Personal Ranked Stats

    These are my Ranked stats with Mordekaiser for Season 2.


    I currently have 48 wins and 22 losses with Mordekaiser in season 2. Sadly, this includes a game I lost, despite going 14/7/10.


    The following is the Ranked Stats of the average Mordekaiser player in Ranked compared to my ranked stats.


      Average Mordekaiser Player My Stats
    Win % 54.30 68.61
    Kills 5.9 7.5
    Deaths 5.5 4.9
    Assists 6.2 6.9
    K/D 1.08 1.69
    K+A/D 2.20 3.13



  • Response to Comments

    XXShadowXX's comment on Children of the Grave dealing true damage: The LoL site, and the tooltip for the spell both list the spell as dealing magic damage, not true damage. Before you comment on somebodies guide, make sure you have your facts straight. If you're too lazy to read the whole guide, do not comment on it.
    XXShadowXX's comment on Will of the Ancients: I used to rush Force of Nature as you mentioned on Mordekaiser because of the speed boost and the regen offsets the HP costs of your spells. I did not believe spell vamp Mordekaiser was the best Morde. I no longer do this since the buff to the % of shield you get. It is now more valuable to build AP Mordekaiser with a tank item or two because of the increased shield. Maximizing damage, and thus the proc on the shield is now best.  It is still viable to rush Force of Nature first, I have simply found that Will of Ancients is a better choice now. Simply put, AP Morde is now better than tank Morde because of the increase to 35% shield on magic damage.
    Also, Rod of Ages is a terrible item on Mordekaiser. Yes, it gives more HP eventually, but the Mana is wasted on him. And Mordekaiser has no crowd control, he needs the slow from Rylais. I can't think of a single other person who would recommend RoA over Rylais on Morde.

  • Recent Game notes

    Will be adding more soon. During LeagueCraft's remake, editing guides was messed up so I lost some data.


    Game Notes (Most recent first)


    Victory: 8/4/9, 169 CS. Made a few mistakes. Stole enemy wraiths after killing enemy Veigar. The Veigar teleported back and instead of going around, I walked right back into lane before I saw them teleport right there. Died from a combo. Also, killed Viegar by purple double golems when I went top, and knew that the enemy Panth, Alistar and Ashe had set up a trap for me in their red bush. I thought I could take them with malphite coming from other side, but malphite turned around and I was careless. I should have sent the clone in first to scope things out, deal damage, and absorb C.C, instead I went in first, took the C.C. and died right before I could finish the enemy Ashe off.


    Victory16/6/12, 250 CS. This game was plain silly. The enemy team had a Shyvana with 16 kills, and I 3v1 her, an olaf, and an ashe. The ashe died and gave me a clone within two seconds. 


    Defeat: 9/8/10, 211 CS- Our top Wukong got Fed, an cocky and started to wander. Game turned after three consecutive times Wukong got caught pushing top alone, team would try to save him, and we'd lose a close team fight. While we were still on control, rest of team refused to gather for a push, instead wukong an cait split pushed side lanes, while the rest of us tried to defend mid. Poor team play resulted in losing a game we should have won. I need to work on directing team as the mid laner, in order to better rally the troops. Wasn't carrying hard enough for them to just blatantly follow me.


    Victory: 9/0/7, 177 CS. The enemy team surrendered at 22 minutes, I had 9 of my team's 14 kills, it was a slaughter.


    Defeat: 1/6/2, 154 CS. Top fed hard. Really hard. To the point where the enemy riven just ran up behind me in mid and two shot me 10 minutes into the game under the turret. I had full HP. Was completely ridiculous. She already had a B.F. and a Brutalizer at that point. Surrendered at 20. 


    Victory: 10/6/8, 171 CS. Enemy team went double AD bottom, so they had four AD. Bought a thornmail. Not much else of note


    Victory: 10/4/7, 174 CS. Went top, forgot to change runes and masteries from previous game, was running support Volibear runes. Was against Garen. Died twice early when I misjudged how much the runes and masteries nerfed my damage, since I had no magic pen, and Garen is naturally tanky. Bought a haunting guise to counteract this, unstoppable.


    Defeat: 14/7/10, 188 CS. Team was just god-awful. Bottom fed hard, and in team fights, would get caught. Almost had the victory, but support got caught, and ad ranged tried to save her. Couldn't win 5v3, enemy team too tanky (Amumu, Volibear, Jax). Jax was fed hard. Hate games like this, did everything I could to win, but team was just too bad.


    Defeat: 7/6/8, 187 CS. Bought a thornmail, as enemy AD carry was super heavily fed. Everyone else on my team had at least 4 more deaths than kills. Had no chance of carrying.


    Victory: 14/7/7, 210 CS. Team's tank was failing, so I bought a Sunfire cape to handle the enemy AD carry, which started to get fed. Also bought Abbyssal instead of Lich Bane. As you can see, the build change to adjust to the flow of the game was effective. Enemy team had double AD ranged bot.


    Victory: 8/6/10, 223 CS. The enemy team had a lot of C.C. and MR, so altered my normal build. Bought a Zhonya's, Moonflair spellblade and a Void Staff instead of getting Deathcap after Wota.


    Defeat: 10/8/7, 215 CS. Team had no tank, so had to get Rylai's and thornmail to stand a chance in team fights. Enemy AD carry was fed. Top and Bottom lost hard, Jungler was decent, but couldn't be everywhere at once.


    Victory: 9/4/6, 181 CS. Bought Rylai's for HP since our tank had bad luck and kept being the one person to die in team fight's we'd win. Game was over in 25 minutes.


    Defeat: 2/3/2, 204 CS. Another Double AD bot on enemy team. Bought thornmail, but bot fed hard, game was over before laning phase ended.


    Victory: 9/2/1, 224 CS. Good Teamwork. Easy game.


    Defeat: 10/6/0, 228 CS. Team was hopelessly incompetant. Bought a GA hoping to somehow come back and win fights after I was focused down. Team had 12 kills, of which I had 10. As noted by my 0 assists, team was worthless. They'd all die before the teamfights were 3 seconds over.


    Defeat: 2/3/2, 125 CS. Surrendered at 20, enemy Cait had 10 minute IE. Bot fed hard.


    Defeat: 12/7/7, 240 CS. Moar teams that are so bad I can't carry. Jungle panth failed hard, Olaf fed GP top.


    Victory: 10/1/9, 145 CS. We destoryed enemy nexus before 10 minutes. Yeah, we beat them that badly.


    Victory: 12/3/8, 205 CS. a Demolition. Enemy had a twitch. Twitch's are squishy. Mordekaiser's like Twitches. A level 6 pink ward got me a double kill early.


    Defeat: 4/6/2, 210 CS. Went top. WW ganks with TF ults from mid are not fun.


    Victory: 13/5/8, 204 CS. Not much to say, foddered them.


    Victory: 13/2/12, 278 CS. Almost full build, just needed a little gold to complete rylai's. Enemy Shyvana jungle was terrible, 0/8.

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