Master Yi Build Guide

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Master Yi - Critical Chance Style

written by AresRC

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This build is for those out there who are balls to the wall, offensive only, hardcore gamers. If you aren't and you try this build, you WILL feed more than you can possibly imagine.

  • Quick Reference

    Quick summary for in-game reference, or just for the lazy. Refer to this pregame for setup or while in-game for item build.



    Summoner Spells

    Skill Priority

    Starting Items

    Early Items
    [item_icon=Emblem of Valour]

    Mid Items
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    Late Items

    Final Items
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

  • Base Stats

    Health: 530 + 86/lvl
    Mana: 235 + 36/lvl
    Health Regen: 1.48 + .13/lvl
    Mana Regen: .85 + .05/lvl

    Move Speed: 330

    Armor: 20 + 3.7/lvl
    Magic Resistance: 30

    Attack Damage: 56 + 3.1/lvl
    Attack Speed: .699 + .019/lvl
    Critical Strike: 3 + .4/lvl

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Pretty decent passive. Great for builds such as this one that focus attack speed.

    Alpha Strike
    During the laning phase it's great for harrasing. Especially if you're being forced to tower hug. As you get later into the game though, it'll lose it's effectiveness against creeps. But, around the same time that happens you'll get into mid game and the ganking phase. Now what brings back it's usefulness here is using it for chasing/last hiting champions. I like to keep it in reserve until the speed boost from Highlander runs out then warp to them as they run away.

    No. Just no. Don't bother with this. No joking, no bullshit, forget you even have this skill. Early-Mid game you want to focus on your killing power. I know it's great in other builds, but not this one. Once you get to late game and you finally do get your points in it, you can pop it to avoid big damage spells/ults such as from Ez, Nunu, Panthion, or Veigar.

    Wuju Style
    Free damage all the time? And bonus damage for 10 seconds. Hell Yea!!

    Increased movement, attack speed, and immune to slow. Pop this, Wuju, plus exhaust on a target. It'll basically guarantee a kill. And if you can pull it off before the timer runs out, all of your abilities are refreshed. The only downside of it is the 75 second cooldown if they get away.

  • Pros / Cons

    *Very high DPS
    *Great Chaser
    *Great Pusher
    *Can beat nearly anyone 1v1

    -Squishy, dies quickly when focused
    -No CC/AOE
    -No escape abilities

  • Masteries + Runes



    More/less the norm for any DPS. Offense is for eating creep waves/pounding towers and champs; Utility is for health regeneration and experience. Which are all smexy as hell for Yi.


    Marks: Greater Mark of Malice
    Seals: Greater Seal of Malice
    Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Malice
    Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Malice

    Alright, now calm down. I know you're going to start yelling about **** or **** being better for him. But you know what? The 20.46% extra Crit Chance that I walk into a match with says otherwise.

  • Summoner Spells

    Exhaust = Slow and blind. Helps you get the last blow on runners, and blinds would be gankers when you're low on health or your Ult is down.

    Cleanse = Removes CC effects. Wasn't needed before the nerf to Highlander, but now it pretty much is.

    I'm not saying that you can't use other Summoner Spells, but from my experience none of the others can compete for Yi.

  • Skilling Order

    Oh noes!!! Where are the heals??

    Well, Meditate at lower levels does piddly amounts without AP. So I'd rather get more kills and heal from lifesteal. Remember, this build is all about bending both towers and unsuspecting champions over and having your way with them. If you want to get in a prolonged slugfest, then go back to playing your nancy boy 'Not in the bum, that's where the poop goes' character.

  • Items

    [builder=Master Yi/3facb3c16bde83e8e86266a8aa3a3adc]

    Starting Items
    (455g) - Dagger + Health Potion

    Early Game
    (800g) - [item_text=Emblem of Valour]
    (500g) - Berserker's Greaves
    (1195g) - Zeal

    Mid Game
    (1750g) - [item_text=Stark's Fervor]
    (880g) - Cloak of Agility
    (1320g) - Phantom Dancer

    Late Game
    (880g) - Cloak of Agility
    (975g) - Pickaxe
    (2225g) - Infinity Edge

    At that point you'll have spent 10980g, giving you 82% crit, 1.8 att spd, and 197 att dmg. Which means after a little math, you have a dps of..... 820..... And that's before you factor in Wuju Style or Highlander. Can you say win?

    Normally the game ends within the next 5 minutes if it hasn't already. But if it turns out to be one of those hour long affairs, go for a Frozen Mallet or a The Bloodthirster.

  • Early Game

    Don't Die.

    It's that simple. Yi has one of the hardest early game's out there. If you have a decent lane partner, then try for an early gank. Your best chances are before the first wave hits, or just after you come back from buying your Emblem. Now here's the deal, after getting the Emblem/Greaves, you have to choose between jungling or staying in the lane. If you have a good lane partner hit the jungle, but if he sucks stay in the lane to protect the tower.

  • Mid Game

    From 4-6 until 12, you should be in the jungle. I'm not saying you absolutely have to be in the jungle, but it makes things easier and gives your team more xp. Plus when they can't see all of your team on the map, generally they get scared and play defensively.

    Normally when I jungle with Yi I'll start with the mana buff, Alpha him and then pop Wuju (Highlander too if you have it). Alpha the next 3 camps of guys, then wuju/ult for the other buff. At this point look if there are any easy ganks in either mid or your old lane, if so then get to it. Otherwise pill back and get your Zeal. Once you have Zeal and are around level 8 you can kill the dragon, though generally it's better to just gank bottom. Rinse and repeat this until you're at 12.

    Around this time you should be finishing Stark's, and can go 1v1 with anyone out there and win if both Wuju/Highlander are up.

  • Working in the team

    Before we get into late game discussion, it's probably a good idea to put this section in first.

    This is somewhat of a tough issue for Yi. He can't initiate without being focused and killed instantly, and generally the enemy team won't attack so long as they can see you standing directly behind the tank. So more often than not I like to sit in the jungle nearby where the team-fight is going to take place, and come in about 5 seconds after it starts. Remember that Highlander recharges all of your abilities if you get the killing blow while using it. So even though this seems cheap and selfish (which in some ways it is), in the end it should help net your team the win.

  • Late Game

    That being said, most of the time when late game comes around and the team-fights begin, I normally start pushing the side lanes and let mid duke it out.

    Once you have Stark's (and Phantom Dancer perferably), even if the tower is at full health, you only need 3/4 of your creep wave to be alive and you can solo the tower in one go. Just be careful and watch out for ganks. If you don't see all of the enemy team in mid, pull off your lane and hit the other one. Or if your team just made a push and are falling back to your side of the river, flank mid. You should be able to get one or two ranged/casters before they realize you're there.

    A big thing many people forget or don't realize about Yi, is that between his movement and attack speed, he can push 2 lanes at once. Which doesn't sound too amazing, but in most cases if you have more creeps on the enemies side of the river, than they do on yours, you're winning. Because not only is it damaging psychologically for the enemy to see a 'noose' closing in on their base via the mini map. But if the enemy were able to score an Ace, they have to deal with your creeps before they can start hitting your towers. Giving your team time to respawn and get back into the field.

  • Summary and Notes

    For the most part Master Yi is an easy champion to learn, but hard to play truly well. He has high damage and speed, but little defense. A 'melee glass cannon' if you will. So if you aren't able to pull all those miracles out of thin air that you've seen others do, don't be put off. Given time you will be able to do it as well.

    Remember my friends, "Time is the cruelest teacher; first she gives the test, then teaches the lesson."

    Authors notes

    This is the first guide I've written. So please leave comments and rate it up/down.

    And I'd like to give a little thanks to some people for helping me test things or give me tips/ideas for how to write/format the guide. Those people being Lathian, Scummybear, UmbrellaExile, Toreador9, Sipcup, Wazzabi, Hyfe, and Noraa.

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