Sejuani Build Guide

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Sej - the Boar-ing tank

written by raven_freak

Sejuani Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    S'up this is Raven_Freak here introducing you to laning Sejuani. I mane Singed, the run away and chase me more guy, so I tend to play most of my tanks similar to him(or build them similar). Although I've only played a few games, I am pretty f-ing confident that I know what I'm doing(btw did have victories with her).

  • Abilities


    Arctic Assault
    Chaser, run away, but still applies slow

    [spell=Northern Winds]
    Stacks with passive(slow) and deals more dmg with Permafrost. Mainly for helping deal dmg against minion waves and enemies.

    Dmg dealing slow.

    Glacial Prison
    Almost like Kennen's stun. Great for team fights, people that are running away, or helping you protect a turret.

  • Masteries + Runes

    So far I have 2 movement runes(great for chasing ponies, but you could do 3 even though thats up to you) and one hp quint(flat). Mag pen marks, then flat armor yellows and mag res blues.

    I go either left or right (either way shouldn't matter a whole lot but the 1/x/8 is kinda a core thing on my tank masteries.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost + Ignite (been helping me like a baws)

    Also good(I guess):
    Teleport, Flash, Exhaust(like slowing them didn't do much already), Smite(for you junglers, or at least to help kill Baron faster)

  • Items

    If they're ap heavy might be good to get that   and buy as many hp as you can. Otherwise get a Cloth Armor and 5 hp. of course you can decide between ninja tabi and merc treads, or go different and get Boots of Swiftness. My core item is Shurelya's Reverie, of course if you wanna slow em down you can always get a Frozen Mallet. Build up through them via Philosopher's Stone, or Phage. After these I generally build pure tank, going for Frozen Heart as my first core tank item(unless the enemy is really ap heavy), even if there's only one ad on their team and they're not doing any damage cause you'll love that 35% cdr after completing it. 

  • Build Example

    AD Heavy
    Ninja Tabi Shurelya's Reverie Frozen Heart Thornmail Sunfire Cape Randuin's Omen

    AP Heavy
    Mercury's Treads Shurelya's Reverie Frozen Heart[item=Force of Nature] Guardian Angel[item=Banshee's Viel]

    If you're going the Frozen Mallet route, everything pretty much stays the same. Of course if they're not doing a ton of damage to you and you have at least 1-2 tank items you might want to consider Warmog's Armor

  • Skilling Order

    Either way you're gonna charge in with that Q(or chase) then use W as you're hitting them then throwing your E. Use R when it's a teamfight(ie: when everypony is close together cause they think they're a gang) or picking off the one's that are running away. Of course you can always throw your R when the team fight starts.

  • Pros / Cons

    +Great against ad
    -Not as great against ap
    +slows up the butt
    -Rylai's,Frozen M, and Exhaust are gonna be your worst enemy if you're the last one standing(not including the obvious stuns)
    +Awesome tanking ability
    +Good survivability if played right
    +Good initiator
    +helps team run away if need be
    -ap bursters really hurt
    -freaking hate ap
    -garbage if going ap(unless you really get fed early game)
    (Forgot to say, late game ap may not be that great late game either way)

  • Farming

    Last hit minions if you can, harass the enemy(your teammate better know what they're doing since it's really about communication), and W like a boss.

  • Working in the team

    As the tank (blah blah blah) make sure your team is ready for a fight. Q in there throw up your W and E and before you die (assuming your team got a few kills) throw that R up for an ulti. If this doesn't help you, you're doing it wrong. Of course granted you can also W,E then Q and R. Either way focus on the squishys that really hurt you and your team. Had a turn around thanks to us focusing on a fed twitch.

  • Summary

    Sejuani is an awesome tank. I was really scared when I went solo queing with her the first time cause we just kept losing at bot(didn't help our jungler was a horrible ganker). But we managed to pull through and win our game. If you're not confident with her after one match you might as well play her on a 3, and if that doesn't work stick with bot games for a month cause no one likes a feeder(kidding, a week should suffice).