Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle - Destroyer

written by Inf1d3l

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    UPDATED 6/9/2010: This ability makes Kayle incredibly more powerful than she used to be, and opens up a new gate to Kayle DPS that previously never existed.

    UPDATED 6/9/2010

    Good damage, slowing effect, and fast cooldown. Use it to open every battle, as the damage bonus to enemy champions is incredible. Moreover, if an enemy champion is fleeing, use this and then Righteous Fury to kill them from a distance before they can escape.

    Divine Blessing
    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    :While the heal itself is not that powerful, it was buffed, making it somewhat more useful in the grand scheme of things. The movement speed buff can get you, and allies, out of danger quickly, or give you the edge to catch that fleeing champion and cast Reckoning again.

    Righteous Fury
    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    With the newest update, this skill, also, became more useful for Kayle. The fact that the splash is magic can help or hinder you, but it also allows you to do extra damage coupled with Reckoning to seriously injure, or hopefully kill, any enemy champion you encounter.

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    A wonderful ability that can save the lives of you or your teammates. It's short duration is a drawback, as it is hard to get away in just a few short seconds. Also, it does not remove or prevent any slowing or stun effects, so be careful not to overestimate your invulnerability.

  • Introduction

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    Kayle revamped is an amazing force on the battlefield. She can still be played to tank, DPS, or support, but now has a greater role in the DPS side of the battle. Knowing this, I will show you how to build Kayle to juggle her passive ability with your items, and be able to seriously contend with any enemy champion.

  • Summoner Abilities

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    I still find that Ignite works well for me, but now I enjoy taking Cleanse with me as well. My old build used to call for a Rod of Ages which gave Kayle some more health and survivability. However, she's now a better DPS class and we shall be using her as such. Therefore, Cleanse is good to help escape tough situations.

  • Items

    UPDATED 6/10/2010:

    With the revamp of Kayle, many new doors for itemization have been opened, allowing her to dominate the battlefield in ways not previously possible. I will share with you an Itemization I enjoy the most.


    Purchase an Sapphire Crystal and two Health Potion to start. Stay focused in your lane, and make sure you communicate with your teammate.

    Once you are able to, upgrade to a Sheen and, if possible, purchase Boots of Speed
    These two items will sustain you for a short while, and, most importantly, will give you a serious edge in killing enemy champions. I'll explain more later.


    Ok, hopefully by now you have a Sheen and Boots of Speed If not, get them ASAP.

    Build a Guinsoo's Rageblade as quickly as you can, and attempt to keep the buff on you at all times, especially when facing any enemies. I, personally, find i do better when i cast Divine Blessing first, to give myself an extra stack, before I engage an enemy.

    At any point during this process as well, finish upgrading your boots. I suggest Mercury's Treads unless the situation calls for different.


    Now, if you have all the previous items, work towards building a Trinity Force This item will give Kayle many of the final bonuses required to make her an overall powerhouse.

    Once finished, if the game is not completed, I top off my build with Hextech Gunblade, it's an impressive item, but not required for the build.

  • Skilling Order

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    1: Reckoning
    2: Righteous Fury
    3: Reckoning
    4: Divine Blessing
    5: Reckoning
    6: Intervention
    7: Reckoning
    8: Righteous Fury
    9: Reckoning
    10: Righteous Fury
    11: Righteous Fury
    12: Righteous Fury
    13: Intervention
    14: Divine Blessing
    15: Divine Blessing
    16: Divine Blessing
    17: Divine Blessing
    18: Intervention

    The new Reckoning + Righteous Fury combo can spell doom for enemy champions. Harass with is at will.

  • Early Game

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    If you happen to be soloing the middle lane (which I don't particularly suggest), creeping and pushing is your main goal. Once you have the skill, gear, or level to attempt to kill your opponent, do so. If you have Intervention, or the skills to tower dive and survive, feel free to try it if you feel you can get the kill.

    If you are in the top or bottom lane with a partner, be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and do not allow you, or your partner, to overextend themselves. Doing so can easily lead to the enemy killing either of you.

    I have always tried, and mostly succeeded, in getting an early kill on an opponent if you and your partner are on the same page. Using Ignite early can increase your DPS enough to truly grant you that quick kill.

    If you cannot get an early kill, or are pushed back, use your Reckoning and Righteous Fury to harass enemy minions and champions. Also, communicating with your lane partner can grant you those kills you would otherwise lose solo. Otherwise, farm what xp and gold you can, and quickly obtain your Sheen and Boots of Speed.

  • Mid Game

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    Once you have your Sheen and have begun to build towards your next item, begin to harass more openly with your partner. Also, do not be afraid to help gank enemies in other lanes. Your Reckoning can slow an enemy long enough for the group to kill him.

    Otherwise, continue your normal laning patterns, and attempt to bait enemies into your kills. Hitting an enemy with Reckoning will give you a proc from your Sheen Use it and attack the enemy as quickly as possible. If they are ranged, or once you've hit them and used your Sheen proc, cast Righteous Fury. This will increase your DPS, and proc Sheen once again, causing ever more damage to the enemy. You may also choose to cast Divine Blessing to, once again, proc Sheen and increase another attack's damage.

    If you have built a Bilgewater Cutlass, use it's active ability when you may lose a fleeing champion, or once your Reckoning slow has worn off, robbing them of any chance of escape.

  • Late Game

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    This is where the game can become increasingly difficult, as not only are you geared, but so are your enemies.

    Once you've finished completing your upgraded boots, and your Guinsoo's Rageblade, work towards completing a Trinity Force as soon as you are able. Your DPS capability should be pretty high now, and most champions will not stand a chance against you. Those enemies with high lifesteal values can pose a great threat, so be sure to call for back-up and not get greedy.

    Also, if teamfighting hasn't started yet, it soon will. Don't get caught by yourself at this stage. As strong as you may be, you can't win when heavily outnumbered.

  • Pros / Cons

    UPDATED 6/9/2010:

    High burst damage thanks to Reckoning and the debuff provided
    Ability to easily pursue enemies
    AoE damage from Righteous Fury allows you to creep easily early
    Ranged ability from Righteous Fury allows you to kite melee characters
    Ability to heal and cast Intervention allows you and your allies to continue to push
    Using Divine Blessing as a run speed buff can get you or your allies out of trouble quickly, or allow you to chase a retreating enemy champion
    Coupling Reckoning with Righteous Fury can do heavy damage to enemy champions

    Low defensive stats can easily spell doom if outnumbered
    Snares and stuns can quickly turn your assault into a retreat
    Items like Wit's End, and silencing spells, can easily counter Kayle's ability to heal or cast Intervention
    Enemies with high lifesteal amounts, such as Warwick, can pose a challenge for Kayle
    Low mana regeneration from itemization requires a level of restraint on casting until an opportune moment arrives

  • Working in the team

    Working with a tank or DPS character can prove to be a strong combo with Kayle, as the high damage output and snare ability allows you and your teammates to single out and destroy enemies. With Tanks, your ability to heal, though only lightly, and cast Intervention, is a strong component.

    Working with other support characters is also useful, as many don't get the damaging abilities that Kayle does. Allow them to support you and use their damaging abilities when an enemy champion is singled out.

    Also, if a friendly champion is in a world of trouble, make sure you Intervention before you cast Divine Blessing on them. Allowing them to fully recover the healed HP and gain a movement boost while invulnerable can get them out of harm's way and rob the enemy team of a kill.

  • Summary

    All in all, Kayle's abilities truly are unique and it makes her a jack-of-all-trades type of character. Hopefully, this guide will allow you to take the fight to your enemy and surprise them with how damaging and useful a properly geared, and played, Kayle can be. Remember, even though Kayle may be strong with this build, do not get greedy and allow yourself to be outnumbered heavily or cut off from your allies. Play smart and don't ignore your teammates, if they need heals or may die, play support and save their life while also robbing the enemy of a kill!

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