Soraka Build Guide

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Soraka, The Ultimate Support

written by Healing Master

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    About me

    Hello, everyone. I'm just an average LOL player, who likes to have fun with this great game. I started slaying enemies somewhere around the time, when Renekton came out as a new champion. At first i didn’t want to play it at all, but my cousin talked me into it and i’m glad he did. This game got more and more addictive and here i am, making a guide.

    My problem

    I would not write a guide just for fun. I want to improve my skills and overall knowledge of the game. By letting all out what i know about this champion, it, i hope, will help me too, and offcourse also you, reader. So what's my problem? It's called "Elo hell". I won't discuss what it is, you all know it, i would just like to say, it affects me a lot and im getting tired of it, so again, i decided to make a guide to champion with who i win the most games.

    Right now i'm in 800 elo range, and i have decided to play ranked games with soraka for a while with my build, that i will share to all of you. And let's see what will happen.

    About guide

    I would like to clear things out at the beginning. 

    First, I'm not a pro player, so don't assume, that my build is the best. 

    Second, I will write everything i know and think what is the best game build FOR ME. If you like it, try it yourself.

    Third, I will try to write some suggestions and tips, how to get maximum efficiency from every game

    Fourth, I will take some things from other guides, that i believe, works for me and maybe you too

    Fifth, Feel free to coment, criticise, give suggestions, questions. I'll try to answer, and maybe put something in guide to make it even better.

    Sixth, I'ts my first guide, so don't be to harsh, lol

    I's time to get started.

  • My Soraka's overview and comparison to other supports.

    Before i jump on her abilities, i would like to say some things. I think Soraka is the truest of all supports. Why? Answer is simple, massive healing powers and mana restoration. But i don't wanna say, she's the best support. It depends on your playstyle and your determination of the game.I think you all will agree, that there are two best ways to play Soraka:
    1. Pure support
    2. Pure AP carry
    I heaven't tested her AP carry role, but the best rated guide is for this role, so i guess  it's viable and usable, but in my guide you will not find much things about this role.I will write about first point, that is, supporting, which works very well on me.Let's see what other support's provide.

    1. Galio. Melee+Tank+Support+Mage. His support skill is Bulwark, but it gives health to Galio, if ally suffers damage, but teammate also gets armor and magic resistance. Overall Galio is better played as tank+solo top.

    2. Janna. Ranged+Mage+Support. She's one of the best supports there is. Janna focuses more on immobilizing enemy champions with Howling Gale and Zephyr, while also buffing ally or even turret with Eye Of The Storm and her ultimate heal Monsoon which also knocks back enemy's, so this skill combines both utilities(immobilizing and buffing) Overall great support, best to play with AD carry in bottom, since her E spell give AD.

    3. Karma. Ranged+Mage+Support. This is a tricky champion. I've played her for some time and i gotta say, she's not easy, but using her right, she can be great. The problem with Karma is that she's not pure support and she's not pure AP, so it's har to find a place for her in balanced team. Her [spell=Heavenly Wave] combined with Mantra deals magic damage and on top of that heals an ally, what more do you want? Well, maybe in a decent cone in front of her. It's great skill to use in team fight to damage enemy and heal allies with just one skill. Also [spell=Soul Shield] gives huge ammount of damage reduction shield and with Mantra, even damages all surrounding enemies, great? Yes. Overall not the worst support, but also not the best, better played as AP carry in mid.

    4. Kayle. Melee+Fighter+Support. Called a noob champion by many many people. And again, because Kayle is not a true support, not a true burst damager, it's har to find a place for her in team. And her utimate Intervention is considered as one of the weakest in whole game. Overall not so good support, better played as solo top hybrid.

    5. Lux. Ranged+Mage+Support. Lux is also more AP carry than support, her only skill Prismatic Barrier gives shield to allies that it passes through. Overall better played as AP mid.

    6. Morgana. Ranged+Mage+Support. Very popular champion, her only support spell is Black Shield. Overall not a big support, better played AP mid or solo top.

    7. Nidalee. Ranged+Melee+Support. She's usefull with her [spell=Primal Surge], but overall she's a better solo top or mid, playing her as AP or AD, choice is yours. Also hard champion to master.

    8. Shen. Melee+Tank+Support. Great champion, have indirect heal Vorpal Blade and ultimate Stand United that's very useful, because you can teleport to your ally, regardless of distance. Overall no so bad as support, but i think the best place for him is solo top.

    9. Sona. Ranged+Mage+Support. Great support, have heal, and lot of auras that gives, armor, MR,AD, ability power, movement speed, and offcourse ultimate Crescendo Huge damage and stun in front of her. Overall great support, can be played successfully with AD carry bottom and even with AP carry.

    10. Taric. Melee+Tank+Support. Great support with nice heal Imbue, works like Sorakas Infuse, gives buff to ally and himself, also gives some always usefull armor to himself and nearby allies Shatter, also have a good stun and an ultimate aura, that gives AD to nearby allies Radiance. Overall one of the best supports, best played with AD carry bottom.

    11. Teemo. Ranged+Stealth+Support. Tricky little thing aren't him? He can be playes as AD carry and he's ony support skill is Noxious Trap that can work as a ward and also damage and slow enemies, but for significant output you'll need to stack AP. Overall not a good support, better played bottom as AD carry.

    12. Zilean. Ranged+Mage+Support. Good support, that can give much needed movement speed to chase down low life enemies, but the main thing is his ultimate[spell=Chronoshift] that works like guardinan angel, really saves a lot of asses of your allies. Overall good support, best played bottom with AD carry.

    That's about it for other supports, if i had to list them by my liking, it would look like this:
    1. Soraka
    2. Sona

    But this time about my beloved StarChild.

  • Abilities

    Bonus magic resistance, plain and simple. It works best with ranged AP and AD carries, since their MR is the lowest-30. That makes your ally from 23% reduced magic damage go up to 32%. Thats pretty significant early on. But in most of ranked matches soraka goes bottom with AD carry vs. the same combination, so there isn't much magic damage going on, but it can help if enemy team has Ability Power jungler like fiddlesticks, but you should ward the area, so he even doesn't get near you and your partner.

    1. Gives you and your allies bonus MR
    2. It can save life

    1. Works good only in early game
    2. Usefull in mid and late game only to your AD and AP carries.
    3. Doesn’t much affect other team members

    But most importantly, on top of all this, Consecrations presence on allied champion gives you an assist, if the enemy is killed. That's why in a balanced game Soraka has 20+ assists, which gives you more gold, and more gold means more wards. About them later in guide.

    Overall i can agree with other guides, this passive is not the worst, but also is not the best.

    Ahhhh, stars, they are so beautiful. But the joy ends when they are falling all over the place, it gets very annoying.

    1. It can hit multiple targets and even invisible targets(Twich, Evelynn)
    2. It shreds enemy's magic resistance pretty significant
    3. Has a very low cooldown

    1. Damage output is pretty low(160 at level 5)
    2. It can get you in trouble, when you want to hit all of enemy champions, so you go too close to them and they may kill you, so you could not support your team

    Overall this is great skill for pushing a lane, farming, and offcourse reducing MR. Combined with Abyssal Scepter it becomes scary to imagine.
    Because i'm playing Soraka as a support and not AP carry, i take this skill in level 3 and max it last.

    Astral Blessing
    You steped on some nasty mushroom and are short of health? No problem, here you go around 400-500 HP. Your armor is too low, so enemy champion is shooting you like a dog? No problem, here you go 125 armor for 5 seconds, so you can get revenge on that bastard. This skill is what makes Soraka what she is, greatest heal in game. Use it whenever your ally is missing some hp. I take this skill in level 2, but there are some cases, when you can take it first, for example, if your team decides to invade enemy jungle, it can help your teammate survive and maybe even get first blood.

    1. Gives significant ammount of healt
    2. Gives a lot of armor for a short time
    3. Has decent cast range
    4. Can save ally from dying very often

    1. Has a quite long cooldown(12 secs with 40% CDR)

    Overall this skill is wonderfull.

    You harrased enemy so much, that you are missing some mana? No problem, here you go, but wait, i'll give myself too, so i can help to kill that bastard. I also damage him , so you can lasthit him, but wait, if he decides, that he can throw some nasty Death Lotus or jump on us with Crowstorm ? No problem, i will silence the beast.
    This skill has so much utility, it is amazing. Mana, damage and silence. In certain cases, this skill also can make live or die moments and even to kill or not to kill moments.It also keeps you and your partner on the lane, combined with Astral Blessing

    1. Gives mana to your ally and yourself
    2. Damages the enemy
    3. Silences the enemy
    4. Has a pretty low cooldown

    1. Mana ammount could be a little higher

    Overall great skill, i take it at level 1 and max it whenever i need more mana or more damage.

    All your allies is low on hp, they are running home, but Karthus uses his Requiem and looks like he will get quadra kill, but wait, not so fast evil wizard. I wish that all my teammates are healed immidiately. Beam of light comes down from the sky and all your friends are saved after Karthus ultimate, what a great feling, that Necromacer is so angry.
    Maybe it's too exaggerated, but you got the idea.
    I call this skill a complete counter to Requiem. It heals your teammates regardless of their positions on the map and distance between you and them.

    1. Have a decent heal ammount
    2. Can heal everyone,where ever they are

    Overall a fantastic skill.

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling order is as follows:

    It is not graved in stone. It depends on situation. If your partner is playing aggressive, you can consider first maxing Infuse. If your lane is being pushed hard, then Astral blessing. If you have big advantage, you can consider maxing starcall to bring enemy turret down faster. It all depends on game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    There is one core summoner abilities combination, that supports use almost 100% of the time. It is flash and Clairvoyance. Let's see why is that.
    Flash. Probably the most popular and most used spell in game and for every character. It's greatness lies in chance to get over obstacles like mountain, trees, walls etc. and survive after huge slaughtering. Soraka is no exception, if someone is attacking you, flash over the wall, heal yourself and go back to your team to support them, if you are not chased again
    Overall, very usefull spell.
    Clairvoyance It can be called "Support spell"This is just A MUST spell, without it it's very hard, you will have to put a lot ov wards everywhere, which costs a lot of money, but CV cost 0, just 70 second cooldown. Combined with wards, you should have a great map vision.
    There are also other summoner spells, that can be usefull, but in specific moments and with specific playstyle, let's see:
    Heal Triple heal? Yes, please, bring it on. But...
    It restores 649 HP to you and 325 HP to your allies at level 18(If you take improved heal in masteries) Sounds good? Yes, but there are a couple of bad things:
    1. You really don't need to heal yourself, because you are not suppose to be targeted
    2. Long cooldown
    Overall you don't get maximum efficiency from this spell often enough to take is as your main spell
    Teleport Sounds bad? Maybe, but maybe not. It can be usefull in cases when you are far from a teammate, who is losing 1 on 1 battle. You can teleport close to him and maybe save his life, maybe gt a kill or assist. Or you can teleport to push a lane. But...
    1. That is a job for your solo top champion
    2. Cooldown is too long to make this spell efficient enough
    Overall i don't recommend it to use often.

  • Masteries

    You can see my mastery tree as follows:

    I take 9 points in offence, getting bonus Ability power, CDR and magic penetration, even though i play her like support, it is nice to make some damage too.

    Rest of the points i put on utility tree. 

    I really think, it's the absolute best mastery tree for soraka. You can put that 9 points in defence, increasing survivability, but the thing is, you are not suppose to be taking damage, your tank is.

  • Runes

    With runes there is a different thing, choices are many. Let's see what are the best.

    My current mastery page for Soraka looks like this:

    9x Greater Mark of Insight Most common used markc on supports and AP carries

    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding Even though i'm not suppose to take damage, i can't dodge it all

    9x  Greater Seal of Clarity Soraka also needs mana to be able to hold her and ally on the lane

    3x Greater Quintessence of Avarice She needs it more than other champs, sice Soraka is not suppose to farm creeps.

    Marks improve her damage output combined with 9 offensive mastery pionts.

    Glyphs improve her magic defence, since she's very vulnerable.

    Seals helps to don't run out of mana too fast and allows StarChild to keep supporting lane

    Quintessences provide more gold. Combined with mastery tree, she has 5 gold per 10 at the start of the game.

    There are alternatives and i will discuss the best of them.

     Lets start with Marks:

    1. Marks are best for offensive abilities. The most popular, for what i've seen are:

    a:  Greater Mark of Desolation

    b: Greater Mark of Insight

    c: Greater Mark of Strength

    So there are not many alternatives for Soraka. The only ones i could consider are:

    Greater Mark of Resilience

    Greater Mark of Warding

    These marks can fill up the lack of defence points, since my build have only one armor item, but it's more efficient to buy that one bonus item in game than having small ammount from runes .

    2. Glyphs are best for ability power, magic resistance and cooldowns. The most popular, for what i've seen are:

    a:  Greater Glyph of Warding

    b:  Greater Glyph of Shielding

    c:  Greater Glyph of Focus

    d:  Greater Glyph of Celerity

    Actually all of these runes are good for Soraka. When i first played her, i used CDR runes per level, but now with my build i replaced them with magic resist runes per level.

    Also not a bad choice is:

    Greater Glyph of Clarity

    3. Seals are best for Armor, Health and mana regen. The most popular, for what i've seen are:

    a: Greater Seal of Resilience 

    b: Greater Seal of Vitality 

    c: Greater Seal of Clarity 

    Armor is not bad, you maybe can consider taking it, also health is always good, but i found mana regen. the best for Soraka.

    There is one Seal i'm considering putting in:

    Greater Seal of Avarice 

    Gold, gold, gold. If you combine these runes with masteries, you get 4 gold per 10 at the start of game. But then you lose mana regen. But you can place it in Glyph category. Finally, for magic resist buy Quintessences.

    4. Quintessences are best for everything. The choices are many many. The most popular, for what i've seen are:

    a:  Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    b:  Greater Quintessence of Insight

    c:  Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    But for Soraka i use  Greater Quintessence of Avarice since gold is much needed for placing wards.

    Also worth considering is  Greater Quintessence of Swiftness . Bonus movement speed is always great, either your running away from lost teamfight or chasing a low life enemy when youre the only survivor in your team.


    There are always a lot of choices for runes, but i prefer gold per level runes the most.

    More gold=>more wards=>more map awareness=>more succesfull fights=>more kills=>stronger team=>better chance of winning game=>better chance to rise your Elo=>brings more happiness.

    More gold is more happiness.

  • Items

    Finally we are here to talk about what Soraka needs to save all her team. This is how i build her.

    1. I like to start the game with Regrowth Pendant and Mana Potion. This i do almost 100% of the time. But if you want, you can buy  Health Potion 

    2. The other way is to start with Faerie Charm, 3x Sight Ward,   Health Potion or Mana Potion.

    Both of these starting builds are good. With first build you get more health regen. so you can heal your partner without running low on health yourself. One mana potion keeps you a little longer on lane.With second build there is more security. Ward area, so it is less possible for enemy team to succesfully gank your lane.
    I usually recall when i have 500-600 gold, because abut that time i got low on HP and mana, or my partner died or we killed our targets and have some time to buy items.

    After getting back i 100% of the time buy Philosopher's Stone and if i have 350 gold, i buy boots, if not, i buy some 2-3 wards. This item provides much needed HP and mana regen. also giving more gold. Total 10 gold per 10(5 from masteries and runes)

    Now it kind of depends on situation, if you are targeted more than your partner, you may buy [item=Heart Of Gold]If not, then you should buy [item=Kage's Lucky Pick]. Either way these two items are next two to buy.

    So this is your core buil :
    Philosopher's Stone Boots of Speed [item=Heart Of Gold] [item=Kage's Lucky Pick]

    Health and mana regen, Healt, Ability power, but most importantly GOLD. With this you have 20 gold per 10 or 2 bonus gold EVERY second. That allows you to buy more and more wards and become wealthy beyond belief
    After these items is decision time, it depend to where the game is going:

    More than 90% of the time i buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity It gives more CDR what means, healing more often.

    However there are games when enemy team is just stuning all the way, you can get Mercury's Treads

    If you take movements speed quintessences, you can buy Boots of Swiftness You will be very fast and can escape some nasty fatal damages.


    Abyssal Scepter If your team does good AP damage or maybe always they miss a little to get a kill, i suggest grab this item. It gives you 3 good things:

    a: Ability power, making your heal strongerb: Magic Resist, making you more durable for magic attacksc: Reduces magic resistance. This is what your team needs, it helps your AP carry a lot, and combined with your Starcall, it even shreds more magic defence.

    Overall i found this item extremely effective. 
    The champions who benefit the most from this item is Fiddlesticks, Brand, Xerath... All champions who do great area AP damage.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] On the other hand, if your AD damage dealers need some help or you can boost their damage even more so you can completely destroy enemy, use this item. It doesn't benefit too much for Soraka, but it does very usefull thing to your whole team:

    1. Gives decent health regeneration
    2. Bonus attack speed
    3. Bonus life steal
    But most importantly
    4. Reduces armor

    I think i said it all, this item is the BOMB, your teammates attacking enemy heal themselves, on top of that you heal them,they make more damage and attack faster.

    Overall this is my favourite item.
    I always buy those 2 items, it only depends who i buy first. You reduce enemy's armor and magic resistance by 20, while buffing your ally with bonus armor. Great.

    Deathfire Grasp This can be upgraded from your core item. This item is not a must in my build, but there are some cases i consider buying it. If the enemy team has a nice feeded AP carry, then you have to do something to stop him. First of all, if you are in the team fight tell your team to focus him down, silence him first with your Infuse and then use your item to damage him, rest of the job is up to your team.

    Randuin's Omen The only armor item for Soraka. Also upgrades from your core item. Game rarely go this long to be able to build it, but it is usefull to. Activating it slows enemy's movement and attack speeds, so your team can kill them with less suffering damage. There are cases when this item can be bought earlier. For example, if enemy team has a lot of champions with attack speed or they are very fast and yoor team can't escape and loses the fights.

    Overall great item, with yet another enemy team debuffing

    Shurelya's Reverie This also upgrades from your core item. Activating it gives whole team a bonus movement speed. Buy this item when your team has problems chasing down enemy champions. Combined with Randuin's Omen this item can do miracles. Buy this item earlier in game if there is a lot of chasing from both sides.

    Overall this item is also very usefull.


    These are the items i use on Soraka. Let's see what you get:
    From skills:
    1. Heal's allies with Astral blessing and Wish,
    2. Gives armor for 5 seconds to healed target
    3. Gives you and your ally some mana
    4. Silences enemy
    5. Reduces enemy's magic resistance
    6. Does damage
    From items:
    1. Reduces magic resistance on enemy by 20
    2. Reduces armor on enemy by 20
    3. Reduces enemy's movement and attack speeds by 35% for 2 seconds+bonus
    4. Does damage to enemy AP carry
    5. Increases your teams movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds
    6. Gives your team 20% attack speed, 20% lifesteal and 30 HP regen. per 5

    These are all buffs and debuffs that provides Soraka and that's why enemy team can try to take you down before teamfight, so be smart, stay behind your team where is your place to be invisible and help hard.

  • Build Example

    1. Starting build

    a: [builder=Soraka/198a166c6fd8c5641be547aba2e7e7fd]

    b: [builder=Soraka/f4bbb3ac895b570c5c3ed7d66c6a9639]

    2. First time getting back


    These items you can buy if you have 365+350 gold+150 gold for 2 wards=865 gold

    If you start with Faerie Charm you will need 620+350 gold +150 gold for 2 wards=1120 gold

    If you don't have enough gold, try to buy Philosophers Stone and some wards

    3. Core build


    This is the main build you should have in almost every game, together with masteries and runes they give 20 gold per 10 seconds

    4. Past mid game build


    This my most ussual build, since it helps both, my AD carries and AP carries

    Depending on situation there are alternatives:


    If enemy team has a lot of attack speed and they are too fast


    If enemy teams AP carry is way feeded and yours don't do enough damage to take him down

    c: [builder=Soraka/9db52081b3170fb534b4900290aa8862]

    If your team can't catch enemy successfully enough and need to take them down faster or your team can't escape fast enough after failed teamfight

    5. Complete build


    Complete build is in extremely long games, even i heavent got that far, so it's more informational to what it looks like. These i think are the best items for Soraka, it only depends on the game who are needed more than others.

  • Warding

    I think there is a need for whole section about this. What it is? It is ward placing to help your team know where the enemy team goes an what they are planing to do. This is supports most important job. Thats why i suggest buying gold per second items. Offcourse you can't ward all map and thats not needed, you have to just be smart and use your brain a little bit. Wards must be placed in areas, where enemy goes the most(If they attack you mostly from jungle, ward it. If they like to just go straight into you, ward the nearest bushes etc.). Since [item=Wrigle's Lantern] is a very popular item on junglers, tell him to help you. Let him ward for example dragon on early game or baron on late game.But now let's see what areas needs to be warded the most:" class="external_img" alt="External Image" />

  • Working in the team

    All abilities, skills, items you know, but they are pretty useless, if youre not working in the team. There are some tips i would like to share:

    1.Pay very close attention to the game if you want to win more than lose

    2. Find balance between healing and mana restoring to avoid situations when your partners health maybe is high, but he rans out of mana and maybe enemy champion can escape death

    3. Ward the area, ward the key points, that is close to dragon and in the brushes to mid. However sometimes you will need to be smarter and ward areas where enemy likes to go a lot. If your team is pushing you can ward their jungle, if you ares pushed, ward your jungle. 

    4. If enemy has stealth champions, consider placing Vision Ward where they like to go a lot.

    5. Buy oracle to destroy enemy wards, if they are placing them a lot.

    6. Be smart, sometimes it's more usefull to maybe silence the enemy then restore mana to low life ally, or try to silence champions that makes a lot of damage, if enemy has tryndamere, try to silence him just before he uses his ulti. He will be soo angry on you.

    7. Try to use maximums healing on your team members, that do a lot of damage. For example your fiddlesticks jumped in the enemy with his ulti and they started to hit him. Yes, maybe your all other teammates are full hp and a use of ulti would be waste, but it can prolong the fiddles life so he maybe kills a lot of enemy's. Consider that. It can be uses also on other champs who does a lot of area damage over time.

    8. Try to focus on one ally champion, for example, Vayne. If she's doing a lot of damage, towerdiving,focus the heal to her instead of other allies, except if they are going to die. So don't just run around and heal everything that moves.

    9. Remember, working as a team leads to victory, and with Soraka victories comes often to me, and i hope to you too

  • Summary

    Summing up all that i written, i'm happy about all of that. My first guide is complete. I will try to update it how i can. Always new ideas comes in mind. I said it at the beginning and i will say it again, fell free to comment and tell your ideas, so that this guide can be something better. I'll hope for positive response and i guess see you on the fields of Justice.

  • Update log

    19.01.2012 - Guide published
    25.01.2012 - Changed Soraka's passive description
    29.01.2012 - Modified rune section and Build example section

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