Poppy Build Guide

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Poppy - A passion for the mallet (UPDATED!)

written by Silentecko

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide is for the beginners who want to discover what Poppy is and how to, one day, learn to love her play-style. This guide also is for the Poppy lovers who want to hone on her abilities and skills to maximize her. I have played Poppy ever since she was available. Through time I have learned to love the character she is, and also to never underestimate her true power. This guide is not to show that I am the best Poppy out there, because I'm not, but to simply share the knowledge and passion that I have for this one character. I hope you enjoy! :)

    RATE IT!: If you have read the whole guide and you like it, rate it up. Every little bit helps, and I will also be updating it weekly. Also leave comments on anything that I might of missed out on or suggestions. Thanks!


    Coming Soon!: Now that the Crit Chance and Tank builds are fully complete I will be starting a build for Poppy that involves Ability Power since people requested this type of build. It will take some time since I will not only be including the runes needed and items, but the number inputs of damage done. Bare with me! \(^_^)/

    UPDATED!: I have updated the guild to properly teach people who love Poppy the way of the Devastating Blow. I am so very sorry that I misinformed you all from the beginning and I hope that my mistake does not reflect the way this guide functions. I love Poppy and I love to tell people how to love her for her character and not the fact that she hits hard. :)

    REMEMBER!: If you like what you see in this guide please do not hesitate to Rate up the guide! It will help me greatly! Thank you very much!

  • Patches

    - V 1.1 Update: Poppy's Heroic Charge Is no longer castable while immobilized.
    Also, a new item that might prove useful for Poppy:
    *New Item: Youmuu's Ghostblade*
    +30 Attack Damage +15% Critical Chance
    UNIQUE Passive: +20 Armor Penetration 15% Cooldown Reduction
    UNIQUE Active: You gain +20% movespeed and +50% attack speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemy units with melee attacks increases the duration by 2 to a maximum of 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

  • Abilities

    Valiant Fighter
    Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. This does not reduce damage from structures.

    Passive: This passive is very useful for when you are in the final hours of your life and death is starring at you in the face. This passive alone has the potential to save the life of Poppy. Also this passive is great for when you want to build Poppy as a tank (This guide does not intend on showing any Poppy tank guides, yet.)

    Devastating Blow
    "Poppy crushes her opponent, dealing attack damage plus a flat amount and 8% of her target's max health as bonus damage. The bonus damage cannot exceed a threshold based on rank."

    Poppy crushes her opponent, dealing attack damage (+Character AP x AP Ratio) plus Effect 2 and 8% of her target's maximum health as magic damage. The bonus damage dealt cannot exceed Effect 3.
    Rank---Cost-----Cooldown---Cast range---Spellrange---Effect 2---Effect 3---RatioAP
    1-------55 Mana-8-----------------------------1500---------20---------75---------0.6----
    2-------55 Mana-7-----------------------------1500---------40---------150--------0.6----
    3-------55 Mana-6-----------------------------1500---------60---------225--------0.6----
    4-------55 Mana-5-----------------------------1500---------80---------300--------0.6----
    5-------55 Mana-4-----------------------------1500---------100--------375--------0.6----

    Q Ability - This is Poppys greatest offensive ability. With Devastating Blow, you will show enemies that you may be small, but your Whomper isnt. If you can work it right, you can use this ability early game to force back even the most threatening champions, or even finish some off.

    Note!: Devastating Blow CANNOT CRIT!. I'm not sorry that this ability has no ability to crit, for it already does so much damage if built to do rightfully so.

    Paragon of Demacia
    So sorry about this not having a comment on it, I thought I described this. Anyway here it goes.

    Passive: Upon being hit or attacking an enemy, Poppy's armor and damage are increased by Effect 1 for 5 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times.

    Active: Poppy gains max stacks of Paragon of Demacia and her movement speed is increased by Effect 2% for 5 seconds.

    Rank---Cost-----Cooldown-----Cast range-----Spell range--Effect 1--Effect2
    1-------70 Mana--12------------------------------1500---------1.5-------17--------
    2-------75 Mana--12------------------------------1500---------2---------19--------
    3-------80 Mana--12------------------------------1500---------2.5-------21--------
    4-------85 Mana--12------------------------------1500---------3---------23--------
    5-------90 Mana--12------------------------------1500---------3.5-------25--------

    W Ability - This will be a great ability for when you are ready to start the killing spree or when you have to run away as it gives you 25% movement speed when activated!

    Heroic Charge
    "Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them further. The initial impact deals a small amount of damage, and if they collide with terrain, her target will take a high amount of damage and be stunned."

    Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them for a short distance. The initial impact deals Effect 1 (+Character AP x AP Ratio) magic damage. If they collide with terrain, her target takes Effect 2 (+Character AP x AP Ratio) magic damage and will be stunned for Effect 3 seconds.

    Rank----Cost-----Cooldown-----Cast range------Spell range-----Effect 1--Effect 2--Effect 3
    1--------60 Mana--12-------------------------------1500------------50--------75--------1.5
    2--------65 Mana--12-------------------------------1500------------75--------125------1.5
    3--------70 Mana--12-------------------------------1500------------100-------175------1.5
    4--------75 Mana--12-------------------------------1500------------125-------225------1.5
    5--------80 Mana--12-------------------------------1500------------150-------275------1.5

    AP------Ratio AP----Ratio DMG

    E Ability - Heroic Charge is Poppys "Opener" ability. Poppy will want to usually open up with a charge while having a Devastating Blow already charged so that she may dish out the maximum damage. Charge alone deals damage regardless if it impacts with terrain, but the idea of her charge is to always make sure the enemy gets slammed into terrain so that they are stunned, which will let Poppy sit there to damage them further.

    V 1.1 Fix - Heroic Charge can no longer be cast with immobilized.

    Diplomatic Immunity
    "Poppy focuses intently on a single target, dealing increased damage to them. Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target."

    For Effect 1 seconds, Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target.
    In addition, Poppy's attacks deal Effect 2% increased damage to the marked target.

    Rank----Cost-------Cooldown-----Cast range------Spell range-----Effect 1--Effect 2
    1--------100 Mana--140------------------------------900--------------6---------20------
    2--------100 Mana--120------------------------------900--------------6---------30------
    3--------100 Mana--100------------------------------900--------------6---------40------

    R Ability - What an ultimate indeed. This can turn the tide of any 1v1+ or team fight. You can use this ability for the most part in 3 different ways: 1. Poppy can mark their deadliest dps and gain an extra 40% increased damage to them, 2. You may mark the lowest threatening champion on their team to make a quick and decisive escape so that Poppy may live to see another day, or 3. Use her ultimate for what it is, an ultimate way to make Poppy shine. Mark the lowest threatening champion or their team or a champion backing off or running away, and then show the rest of their team what you are made of.

    Note: Diplomatic Immunity can be countered from certain champion abilities that negate a magic spell on them or certain items, causing Poppy to then waste her ability and put it on cooldown. When this happens (if it ever does, you must react fast to it and go on from there. Also keep in mind that Poppy can still be stunned by the marked target, so if you are trying for the #1 suggestion above be careful to not be stunned for the full duration of your immunity.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Note!: This is based on your play-style, yet again, and how comfortable you feel with the summoner abilities they offer in this game. I will list mostly the play-styles below on how I have seen some other Poppys play or how I have come to learn some of the different combinations of summoner abilities:

    Current 2 I use: Exhaust(A must in my opinion, but again, everyone is different) and either Flash or Ignite. Again I switch between the two just depending on how I feel, it's not set in stone.

    Offensive 1: Ghost(With [Spell=Haste] in the Utility tree) and Exhaust

    Offensive 2: Exhaust and Flash

    Offensive 3: Exhaust and Ignite

    Offensive 4: Flash and Ghost(This combo is used for when you are serious into chasing with Poppy and can also be good for when you seriously have to run away quickly.)

    Note!: As I have said, some of these cominations I have never used but what I have seen first-hand and would make sense of why you would get them. Pick a combination that suits you! :)

  • Masteries + Runes

    1.Defensive Mastery: Now with this mastery build we will use the 2 summoner abilities: Exhaust and Ghost. Exhaust will be good to harass and shut down a champion while going through the defensive tree ghost will allow you to get in the frey without being scared.

    2.Offensive Mastery: Now with this mastery build we will use the 2 summoner abilities: Exhaust and Flash. Exhaust again will be great to have and Flash will be good not only to escape and to chase down your enemies.

    Summary: Pick the defensive mastery build if you feel your beginning game is rough to survive as well as it should, and if you want that extra "oomphf" in your survival overall, or pick the Offensive build if you feel your survivability is on par and you just want extra harassment and offensive ability.

    Runebook: Now with all players, the Runebook is situational to your play-style and how you personally want to build Poppy. The Runes below are the current build that I am going for her and why.

    Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Insight

    Mark: Greater Mark of Insight

    UPDATED!: Recently I have tested out the armor pen scaling with Devastating Blow. I have done multiple tests on this and I can say that armor pen does infact not stack at all with Devastating Blow. This testing was done with a friend named Geckomaster as he played Rammus in a practice game.

    -Test1: Rank 1; Level 1: DB hit for 91 without armor pen. runes and mastery.
    -Test2: Rank 1; Level 1: DB hit for 91 with armor pen. runes.
    -(Some people speculated that armor pen worked with the damage that Sheen proc combined with DB)
    -(Test 3 and 4 will be with the item Sheen. Was obtained at level 6)
    -Test3: Rank 1; Level 6: DB hit for 172 without armor pen runes and mastery.
    -Test4: Rank 1; Level 6: DB hit for 172 with armor pen. runes.

    Seal: Greater Seal of Evasion With the cooldown reduction at cap, we will throw some survivability in the mix.

    Glyph: 1x Greater Glyph of Insight and 8x Greater Glyph of Focus (See CD reduction section)(with just these 8 plus the items we will be perfectly at 40% cap)

    ALERT!: The crit chance and tank rune build will be in there own sections with a full breakdown of the strategy and itemization that goes with those builds as well. ^_^

  • Cooldown Reduction

    For all those wanting to know why I have chosen this path, it is simple (It will blow your mind!):

    1. CD reduction will benefit you by allowing your abilities to come off of cooldown alot faster than what it normally did.

    2. With CD reduction that also means (defensively) that your W ability comes off of cooldown 4.8 seconds faster than what it normally did! So now for 5 seconds you have 25% movement speed, then will be able to use that ability again in another 2.2 seconds! (I know right, brilliant!)

    3. Your offensive abilities are through the roof! Here is how:

    -------------Devastating Blow-----Paragon of Demacia-----Heroic Charge-----Diplomatic Immunity---------
    Max Rank 4 12 8 100
    CD Reduc 2.4 7.2 4.8 60

    Now I don't know about you guys but that amazingly improves Poppy's overall Offense and Defense. Her Heroic Charge will be up alot faster now so that you have a greater chasing phase and her Devastating blow will be up 40% faster so that you will crush them. Her Diplomatic Immunity will be up 40 seconds faster than what it used to be which gives her greater and superior survivability compared to what it used to be. Not to mention that now when you have to run away from enemies you will have her 25% movement speed up "almost" 100% of the time.

    Honestly, I can't stress enough how much this truly ups her gaming capabilities. All I can say is that I am sorry for not letting all you Poppy fans know about this sooner. And if you did I am truly sorry I did not see it sooner, must of been from the time I couldn't dedicate to playing her since I was busy. But now I'm back!

  • Skilling Order

    The skill build listed ensures that your deadliest ability Devastating Blow is maxed out sooner than most skills with also Poppys Heroic Charge trailing right behind, but I didnt forget her Paragon which will be with you within the first 6 levels of the game, but will leave most of the higher ranks of it till later game.

  • Core Hard Hitter Poppy (Finally updated!)

    Updated!: Sorry guys that I have been super busy but I have finally came back to update the guide to reflect off of what I have noticed and tested out myself! Note that I will be including some decent changes into her core build to include more survivability and why these item changes will also greatly help her offense as well. LETS BEGIN!!!!

    Itemization: Now we are onto items, one of the most controversial discussions when it comes to Poppy. I will put it like this: This guide, as stated, is meant to show what I use and what I believe, after some research and thinking, to be the best way I play as Poppy.

    So lets get started:

    Spawn: Get Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion. We will be building Sheen the next time we come back to the fountain. Then later on we will be finishing Sheen for Trinity Force.

    Spawn UPDATE!: I have noticed that to some Poppy's early game can be a bit rough. To fix this problem I have used Doran's Shield with a Health Potion. This will ensure that you will be able to harass, take some hits while the harass begins, and survive to harass more afterwards. Also, see Runes. They have changed to increase survivability as well.

    1st Trip back: Those Potions sure did help depending on how you play. Now we will finish off Sheen. (If you went with the Doran's Shield first, then just wait till you have enough gold for your first trip back to buy the full Sheen!)

    ALERT!: Here is where the boots you decide to make next time you come back is totally SITUATIONAL! The boots you decide to choose are going to be determined by what you are up against but here the list I have used in the past and what I try to use all the time:

    Sorcerer's Shoes: I use these boots almost all the time, sure they dont have a survivability stat on them, but they make you hit harder. (Which I always like to hit harder ^_^)
    Mercury's Treads: When you notice there are too many magic users on the opposing team.

    2nd Trip back: Here is where you choose what boots you will want. Next after the Boots and Sheen we will be going for Shurelya's Reverie.

    Note!: Why you ask? Because I have found out that alone Trinity Force will give you so much damage that you no longer need that expensive [Item=Madred's Bloodrazor] in our Core build! The Health, HPper5, and CD reduction alone will help you greatly with surviving and offense. Refer to the section on CD reduction to show why I think its a great stat for Poppy overall.

    3rd Trip back: After finishing off Shurelya's Reverie, we will now finish building Trinity Force! Now you hit hard and survive. BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE!

    4th Trip back: After you get your Trinity Force and the game is not over yet, go ahead and get Glacial Shroud. Extra mana and extra CD reduction will benefit you beyond imagine. Why not the full thing? Well if you can afford it, then go for it. For the most part just worry about the shroud first.

    1. Frozen Heart: If you have the gold after the shroud by all means I encourage you to get this.

    2.[Item=Madred's Bloodrazor]: I took this out of the core build, never said it was terrible though, not at all. Use this still if you have alot of high healthed characters. (Roughly above the 3k to 3.5k health mark)

    Note!: Any 2 of these items will help you out in some way shape or form. It is up to you to decide how you want to spend the rest of your money on.

    ALERT!: This itemization is for the hard hitting Poppy build with Devastating Blow. The Crit Chance and Tank Poppy guide will be in there own sections with a full breakdown of the items they use and the strategy behind it. ^_^

  • Crit Chance Poppy

    Crit Chance Build: This build implements hard hitting auto swings and a great damaging Devastating Blow. In this part of the guide I will tell you the itemization, glyphs, and strategy behind the crit chance build.

    Runebook: This is where I will discuss something important for the crit chance Poppy guide. For all colors I will be using CRIT DAMAGE RUNES. *GASP!!* Don't worry, I will explain my reasoning behind why I do what I do, so bare with me. :)

    Mark: Greater Mark of Furor

    Seal: Greater Seal of Furor

    Glyph: Greater Glyph of Furor

    Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Furor

    Why Crit Damage Part 1: For now all you need to know is that the items I am about to discuss will put you at the right critical strike chance so that Crit Damage is better off for Poppy.


    Items: These items below will give us the right amount of crit at the end to make the Crit Damage work out for Poppy. Also, the damage output for Devastating Blow will be nice in addition to your heavy hitting auto attacks. (But lets focus on the crit build ^_^)

    Spawn: First off lets buy Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potion.

    1st Trip Back: Finish off the gloves and lets make an Avarice Blade and then start making your Berserker's Greaves.

    2nd Trip Back: Finish off your Berserker's Greaves and then start making Zeal.

    3rd Trip Back: Hopefully by now after making Zeal you can make Phantom Dancer. If you can't, then go ahead and buy Cloak of Agility for it, then next time you come back make the full blade.

    4th and until endgame: We are going for Infinity Edge. First item to start the build for it will be Cloak of Agility, then go B. F. Sword, then finish it off.

    NOTE!: This item build will have you spending 9145 gold. This is usually what a person will see in his game up until you win. IF and only IF you do not see endgame by the time you finish your Infinity Edge then go ahead and finish off your Avarice Blade into a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Why didnt I put Youmuu's in the mix above others? The reason behind that is that Youmuu's doesnt have enough crit on it as I would like, nor does it have the Crit Damage as we would like from Infinity Edge. The Active is very nice, dont get me wrong, but we had to focus on other great choices before going with Youmuu's Ghostblade.

    Why Crit Damage Part 2: Also, dont forget to get the 2 abilities in the Mastery Tree that give Crit Chance and Crit Damage, those crucial to this build. Now that you have been given the items and runes, here is the number crunch we will be looking at:
    Crit Chance: 71.95%
    Crit Damage: 310.61%
    The Crit Damage is good after a solid 70% Crit Chance. Now that we have achieved that through Items, we can easily glyph for Crit Damage runes. I will let you find out how hard your auto attack are hitting for at engame. :)

    Strategy: The Crit Chance build will be tough early game, but by late game you will have your enemies feeling the pain. There is more survival in this build as you will not hit as hard as you would in the Nuke Poppy build, so stay back and push with your lane partner as you see fit. Also, make sure that you always stun the enemy with Heroic Charge. You will need to make sure that your enemy is stunned for the full duration so that your Crit Chances will do alot of damage.

  • Tank Build Poppy

    Tank Build: This build will implement Poppy as a tank. Not my playstyle really, but I must us all builds of her character. This tank build is what I believe to be good for her.

    Note!: Her passive Valiant Fighter is what I based this build around. I used minimal health items when I could with alot of resist and armor values. Her passive will nullify alot of incoming damage with armor to nullify even more. I have currently 3 technical builds for her which I will show you. This part of the overall guide will be long so bare with me. :)


    Mark: Greater Mark of Shielding

    Seal: Greater Seal of Evasion

    Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Shielding

    Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Evasion

    Build 1: Armor/Magic Res.


    Spawn: Get Doran's Shield and a Health Potion.

    1st Trip back: Get either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on what is the bulk of their team composition. After you get the boots start saving towards Guardian Angel.

    2nd Trip back: Finish off the Guardian Angel and then start going toward Randuin's Omen. The omen will help out alot with team fights for slows and attack speeds, plus with all the armor and magic resist you have it will help increase the duration of raduin's active ability.

    3rd Trip back: This should be the final item you will ever have to get so I made another survivability item. Get Banshee's Veil. This item will help out alot when you will be the focus target hopefully and will nullify one harmful spell cast on you. The cooldown of which it does this effect is short too; 1 minute.


    Build 2: Health


    Spawn: Buy a Regrowth Pendant

    1st Trip back: When you finish your boots of choice, start to build Warmog's Armor.

    2nd Trip back: Hopefully you will have enough or close enough to finish off Warmog's fully. After you complete it get a [Item=Soul Shroud]. This item will help all teammates around you in one way or another with the mana per 5 or the reduced cooldowns.

    3rd Trip back: When you complete the [Item=Soul Shroud] start working on your Banshee's Veil. Once again, I just like this item for many reasons and it helps Poppy in mulitple reasons too. The mana is nice for her since we arent getting a Sheen like in her Nuke build so without the veil Poppy will have a low mana pool. The negation of 1 harmful spell is great too, also the magic resist will help as well.


    Build 3: Damaging Tank

    Spawn: Grab a Doran's Shield. Start saving for your boots.

    1st Trip back: Finish your boots of choice. Then we will be going for a Frozen Mallet.

    2nd Trip back: Make sure you get close to finishing your mallet. If you havent already then dont worry finish it on your next trip back. But if you can finish it, do so. Then start saving for a Warmog's Armor.

    3rd Trip back: Warmog's Armor will take some time I understand to make just like Frozen Mallet, but once you complete this we will be finishing the build with another damaging item. Since we have around 3800 health about now hopefully, we will go for an Atma's Impaler.

    4th Trip back: Finish off your Atma's Impaler. By now you should be doing a decent amount of damage for a tank and you will also have good survivability.

  • AP Poppy

    (In work, will update guide with my item build and such for an Ability Power Poppy)

    -For right now check out Belfalas's guide.

  • Creep Jungling

    I will not go into great detail with this aspect, because Poppy cant really kill creeps that well till late game and even then its still pretty bad, but all you need to know is that Poppy has a low mana pool so to keep her up she will need help. The Golem located in the top creep jungle (Spawning from bottom side) and bottom creep jungle (Spawning from top side) will help you keep your mana up in fights. Also if you didnt go the route with Frozen Mallet, you can always go get the Lizard buff which is opposite of both locations and spawns from golem buff that I mentioned. Also, Poppy can also solo dragon for gold at around level 6-9 easily (sometimes it might leave you too weak to where you have to go back to base) so always get dragon when you can for easy money for you and the team.

  • Working in the team

    Poppy, in my opinion, is a great team player. For the most part use your ultimate Diplomatic Immunity to initiate for the team or to push with the team after the designated tank initiates. Also watch for any signs of pressure or focus on a teammate, as Poppy can graciously save the life of a teammate by just simply letting the enemy team know that you dont f*** with Poppy's friends as you ram their teammate against a wall. :)

    *Poppy is great for teamwork so always make your decisions based on the good of the TEAM. Always be on your A game and make the right choices that will lead to a great outcome with Poppy. Its hard for some and it even gets me sometimes, but try not to be too greedy when it comes to playing Poppy. I know that your DB just hit for a ton, but sometimes a 1 for 1 isnt the best thing for the team, sure you killed the person, but you also died in the process, which still hurts the team and your lane partner (based on who they are playing).

  • Solo/Lane Partner

    Ok so as most people know poppy isnt the greatest solo. The reason I say solo in this section would be for a couple reasons such as:

    1. You lane partner has died, and you are all alone.
    2. Your team is fighting in mid against multiple enemies but you believe they are handling it well enough for you to just solo lane, but you know there is a stealth.
    3. You are stuck with a 2v1 while your partner grabs a buff quickly or has to go back for items or health.

    Now lets focus on these problems.
    1 - If you lane partner has died it is best that you keep a fair distance between you and your enemies. Dont try and kill yourself because that will result in that lane being totally vulnerable. Instead keep a creep wave between you at all times. if they are pushing the tower together and your ult is up, position yourself; use it; then charge them into the wall. Now also be careful based on your health and situation. If you know you will be low after your ult is up and you still havent killed your marked target, DONT PUSH, unless you know for sure you could kill them in the tower range and get back to it. Wait till your lane partner is back and see the situation at hand before you decide whether or not it is wise to leave them all alone too.
    2 - While Poppy is amazing for a counter gank or good to initiate team fights, sometimes you will find that when some of your team members are busy with a small team fight, it would be a waste to leave the lane as you know once you get there the fight will be over and you will have to go back to the lane you were in. Now there are some conditions to where when you are in a lane solo and there is a battle going on in a different lane, you stay there, but you know there might be a stealthed character nearby. The main is to stay close, maybe not in range but walkable distance, to your tower. Keeping a close distance to the tower will ensure your safety and you will still be able to kill creeps. If you get pounced on you will be able to DB them once and migh put the hurt on them to maybe wanna back up or you can pop paragon to get by the tower.
    3 - In cases like this it is almost just like your partner dying, but they can get back to you quicker. The main thing to focus on is saving the tower from damage. Poppy can dive at people and do damage so keep the tower alive and keep yourself alive too. Most cases your partner will get the buff and even go around to set up a gank for you and could quite possibly be prosperous for you two.

    *No match is perfect, sometimes you and your lane partner will get pushed back many times to your tower and you will just be going back and forth, but the main thing is to pressure them enough to not take down the tower while not taking damage yourself. Its tricky but sometimes you can pull it off. Play conservative when you must and play aggressive when you know, and only when YOU KNOW, that you can do something that will help out the team and not just you.*

  • Summary

    -For the most part be sure to try and heroic charge always into terrain for the stun and bring the pain with the devastating blow.
    -Try not to run into a death trap and dont mindlessly charge in with poppy and hope to accomplish anything.
    -Your ult will save you in some cases, and will help you crush opponents, but remember, its 6 seconds. and by the time you put the ult on the enemy and charge them its almost up. Keep that in mind.
    -Always remember the Paragon. When you are about to gank or you see that you're about to be ganked, pop the paragon for an extra edge on damage and some armor.

    I love Poppy and will still continue to play as her until she gets deleted from the game (O.O) which I hope will never happen ^_^ but so far I have played 95% of my games with Poppy with over 1000 kills and 500 deaths and over 1000 assists, yes 2.0 ratio. Im not a god or anything but I just love this character and I want to share her greatness with all the players out there. I leave this guide to you guys, and please try not to be rude in the comments ^_^ but I will update the guide weekly. If you want to add me on League of Legends to talk about Poppy or suggestions to the guide add me (Silentecko)(Yes I know its echo, but I like to be different) :) Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy playing Poppy as much as I do!

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