Sona Build Guide

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written by Gott der 7 Meere

Sona Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello Summoners,
      reading trough the other Sona guides, I noticed that most of them are outdated and none are close to my favorite build on her. Have fun reading my thoughts and strategies on Sona, the Maven of the String.
      For more detailed informations, try the links - like this one if you have trouble with abbreviations in LoL.
      Currently updating for the patch...

    my IGN is "Gott der 7 Meere".

    Check out my other guides if you like (Taric and Soraka).

  • Background Support Sona

    Sona likes to be the center of attention and the more people come to her parties, the more she will shine. Her signature move is a spammable heal and she is a high priority target because of it as well as her permanent mini ghost and utility nukes. Almost invisible but very potent are her auras that involve all important stats and will boost the team a lot. Not to forget her ultimate which is highly useful. She requires only few items to bring her abilities to shine and is excellent at babysitting carries.

  • My favourite Build

    Example build:
    :   [item_icon=Heart of Gold] Core   Extended Core   and
    Runes:   Red: Armor Blue: MR and CDR  -  Yellow: Armor or gold/10  -  Quints: gold/10, MS or Exp
    Masteries:   0/9/21 Improve your Summoner spells (Clairvoyance and Flash) go for MReg and CDR.
    Skill order:   Crescendo > Aria of Perseverance > Song of Celerity > Hymn of Valor

  • Her Bag of Tricks

       Power Chord
    Sona is helping her team in times of great need and she achieves a masterpiece of musical power: When her team is in desperate need of a heal - your smart Sona can decrease the damage of the requiring-health-cause. When all are running for their lives - it is Sona who gets a pretty slow just in time. Useless to say that when Sona wants damage - she gets what she wants. Your passive is versatile and very potent. In early game it excels because of the different effects you attribute to it, and in late game, it packs quite a punch on top of that. Be careful not to screw up your healing by neglecting the global 2sec cooldown:

    Always after or !

       Hymn of Valor
    Passive: 4/8/12/16/20 AD and AP aura.
    Active: 65 Mana for two 70/120/170/220/270 (+ 0.6 per AP) auto targeting magic damage Notes every 7 seconds (4.2 seconds with CDR maxed).
    Power Chord - Staccato: Deals double Power Chord damage.

    If you like the activation damage, you have to level it more than once. Together with your Staccatos, it can be used for devastating harrassment of the enemy laners over a long periode, setting them up for kills or making them retreat. However, we won't do that because even if it helps in laneing, positioning is much more important in early and mid game fights. Use the aura to buff your lane partner and the chord for poking. Get at least one level here, but decide when to level it depending on how well the lane is going. It is very useful for pushing towers and neutrals too. Because this is the only spell that cannot be used defensively as well as offensively it is a snowball spell that can screw up your lane if you get problems. Be CAREFUL when using this, one stun might be all that stands between you and your death.

       Aria of Perseverance
    Passive: 3/6/9/12/15 MR and Armor aura.
    Active effect: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana for 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.25 per AP) healing of the lowest nearby champion and yourself every 7/4.2 seconds.
    Activation effect: Doubles your Passive on healed champion for 3 seconds (+30 Armor and MR).
    Power chord - Diminuendo: Reduces the target's total damage output by 20% for 4 seconds.

    Your main skill. Use it before fights and during fights and after fights to ensure that your team has more sustain. Keep in mind that the passive boost is just as good as the heal and the activation effect is just awesome. Proper defense against enemy aggression is a must to win your lane.

       Song of Celerity
    Passive: 4/8/12/16/20 Movementspeed aura.
    Activation effect: 65 Mana for a 1.5 second speed boost of 6/8/10/12/14 %, this equals an overall 29/40/50/61/72 speed boost assuming Boots of Speed every  7/4.2 seconds.
    Power Chord - Stato: Slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds.

    A very underestimated spell. The more you level it, the more you will notice, that it really makes a difference. Don't leave it at a dissapointing low level but turn this into a sizable speedup. Your teammates will be a lot faster and can avoid enemy fire and unleash their own powers better. It can be used defensively as well as offensivley and makes your survive many ganks. Its part in winning your lane is not so obvious as healing and harrassing, but it is nevertheless essential. Having this for early and mid game clashes is what makes you collect assists, and NOT feed the enemy. If you are wondering why you are never dead: this is the reason. If you have speed boosters like Sivir and Gangplank in your team, this is not needed that much, you may choose to level your q instead. Many times I still take e first...

    Details: 100/150/200 Mana for 150/250/350 (+0.7 per  AP) AOE magic damage and a 1.5 second AOE stun with dancing enemies every 160/140/120 seconds (90/80/70 with maxed CDR).

    A lifesaver! This is your teams emergency reset button. Use it to save your carries and to disrupt enemy ultimates.

  • Stun - Heal - Ghost - Nuke

    > > or

    The level one Ultimate gives you full stun duration already and I suggest that you only level it once for several reasons. Sona's spells are - individually - very weak and all her game play is about using them more than once. If you go for MReg and want to abuse the passive of your Chalice of Harmony, you will be operating on a very low mana pool. No problem for your Q, W, E since they are cheap and you will regenerate the mana they use up when they are on CD. But the mana cost of your ultimate 100/150/200, once leveled further than 1 is too big to be used after spamming for some time. With maxed CDR you will have it at your disposal in every teamfight even if you don't level it, but its rising mana cost may delay your ability to cast it and - considering that this is the teams emergency button - delaying it even for 1 second can have devastating effects. Another reason is that more levels in your Q and E really help your team more when pushing towers or fighting baron compared to a minor upgrade in damage for an ultimate that is never used because of its damage but rather as a disruptor or life-saver. In my opinion, the small upgrade in your ever-changing stances is far better - still, try out what works best for you.
    Your heal is what makes and breaks a good Sona. You need level 5 asap not just for the heal amount but for the activation and passive Armor/MR boost. Get one level in Hymn to have it just in case, otherwise max out your speed song next. A different approach would be to level Hymn of valor as second or even first priority to do an awsome harrassing job in early game. The downside is that in mid game clashes and pushes you won't have as much mobility, wich I consider to be decisive in this phase of the game. Usually your teammates have enough damage and your biggest issue is lack chasing or fleeing power. Compromising by leveling both the same is another way but gives you only two weak spells, the last patch makes this approach less optimal, as her spells now grant a far lower aura on low levels. You have to decide on your own way and you will have to live with its ups and downs.

    Example skill order (This is an example, it is not a blueprint for every game!):

    Tip: Sona scales extremely well with levels. Don't leave out on experience you could gain during the game. Stay near the minion waves (1600 is the exp-range compared to 1000 range of your W and E), get champion assists and take out baron. Also take the [mastery_text=Awareness] and [mastery_text=Sage] masteries and consider Greater Quintessence of Wisdom (it would be wonderful to have your buddy Zilean's boost Heightened Learning but you can't have it all).

  • Flash and CV

    - Combined with your wards, Clairvoyance will allow you unlimited map-awareness. Best support spell there is.
    - Without means of escape you are dead if focused. This is best avoided with Flash or Ghost. Since Flash provides the most in terms of utility and your E is already ghost enough, it is generally preferred. If you are confident that you can avoid death with clever positioning, there are other - situational - options: Clarity, Heal, Exhaust, Teleport, Promote (I suggest you go premade tough). Please don't ever spoil a game by taking Revive for Sona.

  • Unveiling the Fog of War

    This section is the crucial one. It has the biggest impact on the game and it separates the "oh-we-didn't-notice-you" from the "you-did-an-awesome-job-supporting" Sonas. WARD-ING; buying wards, placing wards, destroying wards. Every one gets wards after they buy items. A good Sona gets wards before items. You don't just buy one ward for emergencies, it is your duty to buy at least 3 green and a pink ward. You ward your river bush AND dragon AND buffs AND if someone asks, you get them wards. That means proper warding. A good support will win games with only 2 items - having spent the rest of his money on wards. A truly outstanding support will win games with only basic boots.
    Let's face it, wards replace the best items. What use is a Rabadons or IE when the person carrying it face-checks a bush where the enemy Warwick, Morgana, Taric are awaiting him. Wards win games. You don't have to spend all your money, don't exaggerate. But you should get used to the fact that you will finish only few item at best when playing support, because your money goes on warding. Not just in endgame, but during the whole game. You buy your first wards as first items, and every time you return. No time of the game goes past when there is not at least one spot - a decisive spot - warded. Gold reg items, masteries and runes are one way to get the money for warding BUT they are not mandatory for spending money on those green and pink Fog of War deniers.
    I usually buy about +20 green Sight Ward and +5 pink Vision Ward. Vision Wards are totally worth their money because they give you true vision, an assurance that is worth the 50 additional gold, especially when a well placed Vision Ward leads to the discovery of one or two enemy wards. Please keep in mind that you don't have to destroy enemy wards per se. Sometimes giving the enemy the illusion of better map control can be an excellent baiting opportunity. Thanks to warding, jungling becomes a piece of cake, dragon and baron are easily done, the enemy Akali curses because she just has been killed in her you-can't-see-me-sphere. Now every one has been angry at the opposing support for clearing wards with an oracle, but you should just continue warding, and bring him down. Don't let him succeed in stopping you from warding - rather place your wards in unexpected locations and bushes. Even a good support with oracle won't see every ward. Always consider that he has given up the equivalent of ~5 wards of money that he can't place. That means his team will have less vision. Map awareness comes from placing wards, not from destroying them. Focus on your job and let another person get oracles. Also, because oracles are very obvious way to detect stealth, I would advise against them if you are facing stealth champions. I generally prefer Vision Wards over Oracle, they are fare better for your team in early game, when you are just soo easily killed. There is no gold lost with warding, and I advice you to only buy oracles when you have boots, and can run away if they chase you.
    Better yet, let someone tanky who comes around more (e.g. your jungler) get an oracle.
    Now you realize how important wards are, they only are as good as their placement. I will show warding examples in the next sections, read the following guide for a summary on warding and you should learn to place them better with every game you play - just buy some wards for "learning" purposes and place them on "new" spots every game.
    Warding alwo includes the wards of your teammates. One isolated ward helps far less than a line of two or 3 wards spread across the map. Tell your Mid/Top/Jungler to ward if they don't, explain them if they place wards badly. This helps a lot if done correctly and ganks will become virtually impossible for the enemy. If you want, you can type something funny into the chat, to make them place wards... like this true story.
    By the way you are supposed to know the spawn and respawn times of major neutrals by heart and type them in the chat so your warding is timed well!
       - Baron Nashor      spawn 15:00     respawn every 7min  (300 gold AND 900 xp for each player)
       - Dragon                 spawn   2:30     respawn every 6min  (190 gold NO xp) for each player)
       - Blue/Red Buff      spawn   1:55     respawn every 5min 
    If you achieve ward dominance over these spots, AND your team abuses this you will win for sure.

    Early game: River and if asked buffs, dragon (dragon always with vision ward).
    Mid game:
    Mid cross-sections and buffs/dragon when respawn.
    Late game: Defensive or offensive warding of jungle cross-sections and of Baron -  but avoid soloing.

    Sadly I can't show you where exactly to place every one of your wards, because it is never the same. You will find a lot on warding in my Build Discussion section, but finally it is up to you to learn it.

    Just let me remind you that you will only become a good or even outstanding support if you master warding.

  • Runes, Masteries, Items

    I am convinced that it is futile only to cheer specific runes, items or masteries. What matters is your total setup. I want to point out which stats are best for Sona and the best ways to unite them all.

    Sona profits the most from CDR and MReg. Having capped cooldown-reduction at 40% and reaching a mana regeneration rate of around 80mp/5sec will bring your abilities to their highest potential. This will be your primary focus. Only if you have trouble despite a lot of mana regeneration will you go for Mana, a sapphire crystal should be sufficient. Almost as important is your durability. Most important stats for that: Movespeed and HP/Armor/MR and Tenacity. Movespeed is what makes your survive even when you are squishy but requires teamplay and a good player. HP in combination with your own wonderful Armor/MR auras and a little bit more, depending on whom you face in battle will make you survive. Tenacity will reduce crowd control effects (stuns, taunts, snares, suppressions, slows blinds...); potentially it is a stat that would save you from a lot of trouble, however since you can stay out of minor clashes and it won't save you if you get caught in major ultimates, Tenacity is situational. I know that most guides favor Merc's or Eleisia's, just make sure you NEED what you buy. Never waste money on stats you don't need right away. Having done the most of your abilities and your survivability you can go for situational things like powerful defensive items or more useful auras.
    Keep in mind that you are money starved and that all the gold regenerating items in the world wont give you the equivalent of 100 creep kills (a lot of money very quickly). Don't get me wrong, buying HoG and Philo Stone helps and is a strong option but it wont change the fact that you have to deal with scratching your living.
    Avoid any items/runes/masteries that give you unwanted stats like AS, AD, AP, APen, MPen, crit, lifesteal, spellvamp for your core build - every piece of gold spent on them decreases your performance. Thats why one particular stat deserves a closer look: HPreg. Only if your mana regeneration cant keep up with your heal or the enemy harassment can't be out-healed should you take Health regeneration into consideration. Remember that you don't have the money for luxuries (even when we buy items that give us HPreg, you should always be aware that you don't need it and thus not prioritize it).

    Your runes are item replacements that you don't have to buy in game. With the usual money shortage of supports runes provide valuable stats for nothing. They are crucial. They have their biggest impact on early game if you take flat stats or on late game if you take per level stats. The same holds true for masteries. Get only the stats you desperately need and upgrade your summoner spells.

    In my opinion you should be flexible with your Runes/Masteries/Items. Tweak your build so it fits your desperate needs always (Read the Build discussion section for further information).


    However, concerning masteries there is little room for changes and the only difference is wether you put 21 or more points into utility. Because surviving is the first prerequisite for helping, I tend to get some points in defence. I like the Swiftness mastery a lot and sometimes I use it rather than Greed. Experiment to find what suits your need. My most used mastery setup:

    Note that Scout is a good upgrade to wards! A 5% range increase equals to 10% more Area covered. You will notice the difference if you play games without this mastery a lot, when using Vision wards (As a side note: Vision Ward have 1000 range compared to 1100 range of Sight Ward), with Scout their range will be a lot closer to that of Sight Ward and you might discover more of them.


    I know that runes are expensive. I don't expect you to try them all out just to know what works best (I have done that for you already). Here is my line of thought: Sona needs levels, she is weak early game, when she hasn't got her Song arsenal yet. Runes improve your early game a lot, and the trick is to understand what early gameplay requires to be successful. To put it simple: Take defense in any slot except Quints. Quints are the only slots that you can use Utility stats in, don't ignore this fact and please do so.

    (Armor) - Bot lane damage is mostly Minion and AD carry dmg and it's physical. (APen) is an option.
    (Armor) or (Gold/10sec) - Defence or Gold.
    (MR) and (CDR/lvl) - Get what CDR you lack from items and masteries here.
    (Movespeed) or (Experience) or "..." (HP) or (MReg/lvl) (Gold/10sec) - Get what MReg you need aside from items here.

    Slightly adjust your rune setup if you know that itimization requires specific stats (e.g. CDR + 4% or just a slight increase in MReg. Sadly you can't escape the fact that Supports are forced to go for Gold/10sec, and there is an overwhelming force imposing Quints and now even Seals of Avarice and the Greed mastery on you. Don't let that blind you to the fact that other stats can be better. I favor Movespeed especially, others might cheer on Health; the higher your elo gets, the less will you have a choice in this matter - in the end, Money and Wards win the game.

    Finally: as a good rune setup for most champs takes Red: Armor Penetration, Yellow: Armor, Blue: Magic Resist, Quints: Movespeed, you might as well use it for Sona, indeed I encourage you to buy these Runes first when you get to summoner level 20 and can buy Tire 3 Runes.



    Utility items:     
    [item_icon=soul shroud] CDR   ( cheapest CDR and quick to get. Remember the 40% cap.)
    [item_icon=meki pendant] MReg   ( is the cheapest and highest Mreg in the game and Sona likes the passive.)
    Mana   (You will probably only ever get mana for or ; MReg > Mana on Sona.)

    Durability items  
    [item_icon=heart of gold] [item_icon=eleisa's miracle] Defense vs. Balanced   (Always get and cheap HP .)
    -> / -> / vs. Physical Damage   ( and its upgrades bring you to +200 Armor.)
    -> / [item_icon=force of nature] / vs. Magic Damage   ( and upgrades get you +200 MR.)

    Situational items:
    [item_icon=Oracle's elixir] On request   (usually is better than [item_icon=Oracle's elixir])

    Not to get:
    or similar items... I know it's tempting to get AP or AD for your own when your team is owning, especially Sheen has huge synergy with Sona. There is also no doubt that with the right items you can become a terrible AD or AP nuker. You can do that, but I assure you your money is better spent on aura items and more warding - well, unless your team has no carries and you feel you can do it (See Win10cent's Ezona guide for more info).

  • Item Discussion

    Is this the best starting item ?
    No, it isn't. Actually, any item with a price tag over 350 is evil. You need those Sight Wards! Although Mana Manipulator and [item_text=Meki Pendant] are good items, I implore you to start with more than one ward. Protection from ganks and better zoning via bush control is what your lane partner needs. When you face stealthers in lane, or have a jungler that want's to gank a lot you will even need a Vision Ward. There will be no money for those items. The only starting options I recommend follow. You can decide to start with only wards in your inventrory. However, if you notice you run out of mana a lot, get some Mana Potion, too. The next option is for agressive laners and gankers: you will need Boots of Speed aside form all the wards you can get. Altough you will stay in lane less time, you will escape dangerous situations, and this allows you to gap the distance to your enemies and still stay out of trouble. The third option I propose is the common Faerie Charm, it is cheap, it gives you much needed MReg and it speeds up your Philo Stone.

    Starting items: 5x + / or + 2x or + 4x +

    First of all, the new items: , and [item_icon=Emblem of Valour].
    Thes items correct the drawbacks of the old "Stark's Fervor" (20% AS, Unique Aura: 20% AS, 17% Lifesteal, 30HPreg, 20 Armor Reduction) that only had ofensive stats, making it a sub-optimal choice for supports, and the Randuin's Omen that is quite expensive and only works vs. physical opponents. In my oppinion we have a nice change, that now allows supports like Sona to buy Zeke's Herald to help your team's AD's due to its HP and CDR, and Locket of the Iron Solari to counter early game AOE and provides some burst "heal" regardless of magic or physical damage. Also, the price tags of both items are in reachable ranges and especially the (new) Locket upgrades your [item_text=Heart of Gold] to something handy, finally. The changes make Zeke's to be considered for your core build due to its wide spread stats, especially CDR - this requires some testing, however. I am unsure about the Locket and how it fits into Sona's build, yet (If you have toughts on that...). The Emblem also seems to be a good item to get on its own vs. physical.

    Uses: Take to upgrade from your Kindlegem if you have a strong AD team.
             Take if your heal is not enough and the enemy has AOE damage.

    Why Chalice of Harmony ?
    Sona's spells are not meant to be used just once. This item suits my personal playstyle. I like to spam my songs. And this item always marks a huge change in the game. Its the point where Sona starts to make a difference. Because her individually week spells, combined with the unlimited mana supply of the Chalice net to a huge amount. You will outheal any enemy harrassment in lane, you will quickly move over the map, you will keep the battles going and in the end, all your team will have survived with low hp, but somehow they always stayed alive and out of enemy reach. It has huge synergy with MReg/lvl Quintessences solving all your mana issues with just 890 gold. Even tough I do not use mana runes all the time, this item still clings to me. And to be honest, there is no viable replacement, because neither Tear of the Goddess nor Mana Manipulator meet Sona's requirements. On the other hand, if you play her without spamming that much you can skip this item and supply your mana needs with Shurelya's Reverie. I think it is a waste of potential, but sometimes, when you want to do without... and you can do it.

    Chalice: If you sing all the time, drink from , else be a greedy but silent owner.

    When to buy Mercury's Treads ?
    Check on the different sources Crowd Control.
    I say you don't need it! As an introduction here, remember that half of your use to the team is hidden in passive auras, crowd controll does nothing to counter this. Additionally, since you already need to wait for your cooldowns, a stun in itself is not that bad, it just covers a time that you would have spent with nothing anyway. The bad thing in CC is that it comes with a lot of magic dmg most times, and that it gets you in a chain of enemy actions that will kill you with or without Tenacity. While DPSers or Carries need all their precious time to fight, you as Sona are only annoyed when it prevents you from using your ultimate.
    I say: stay out of trouble and don't initiate teamfights. If you are annoyed by a specific source of cc, like a malz ultimate, you better get a Quicksilver Sash instead of Tenacity. A duration reduction of 35% means you are still dead if focussed. But if you have some MR and keep them buisy while your team kills them after they waste their ultimates on you... HP and MR are much more worth it than Tenacity. Your tools to avoid CC: Clever playing, movespeed and a competent team. Your tools to survive CC: HP, your "w", MR and your team.
    Don't prematurely decide on Merc's but get other boots first, you can always upgrade your Philo Stone to [item_text=Eleisa's Miracle] later. This goes for balanced team compositions... if they have only Casters, these are the perfect boots.

    Merc's: Don't waste your money on these if you don't really need Tenacity AND tire 2 boots AND MR at the same time.

    How to upgrade your Boots of Speed if you dont take Mercury's Treads ?
    First let me say that Movement Speed is the one and most important survivability stat for supports. Your positining and your casing or fleeing are paramount. The obvious choice would be Boots of Mobility. This allows for quick ward placement without loosing xp from lanes, and enables you to participate in more fights, netting you more assists. These are also the boots I use on most ranged supports - except on Sona. On her, Ionian Boots of Lucidity are definitely my favourite boots, due to the fact, that they provide you with the cheapest CDR in game and on top of that are not that expensive either. You will notice it makes a huge difference and once you have these boots (together with chalice) your team won't loose fights if their focus is good.
    Don't get me wrong when I say you need superior movement speed, that only means you have to be quicker than the enemy, not that you have get to 500 MS every game. Your only goal is to avoid getting into enemy range, a Surelya's can be better than quick boots sometimes. Depending on your enemies, it is wise to switch runes, or masteries or even your boot choice. Also it is quite obvious that if you only have Tire 1 boots, any opponent with upgraded boots will chase you down quickly. Therefore I sometimes buy Ninja Tabi just because they are so cheap and I need to upgrade my boots now or never (and obviously if you want to counter stupid all AD teams...).

    Boots: are too good an item to be discarded easily.

    Aura item discussion:
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor] [item_icon=Soul Shroud]
    Sona THE aura champion in the League. No one has better synergy with aura items. But even if they are relatively cheap each a piece, you will never afford them all. You will decide on one of them, and if you are already winning, you might aford another one. Choosing the right aura enhancement is crucial, therefore.
    Even tough Auras will buff the entire team, there is always one specific carry that you may want to buff specifically. Choose according to him:
    Your AP DPS Carry (Cass/Ryze/Karthus) is doing well ? Get Will of the Ancients (wota).
    Your AD Jungler (Lee/Xin/Jarvan) is on a killing streak ? Get [item_text=Stark's Fervor] before he is shut down.
    If your team is balanced and no one requests specific items: Aegis of the Legion. Altough only a shadow of its former self this item still helps even after several nerfs (when it still worked on minions, it was mandatory). Feel free to replace it with [item_text=Soul Shroud] if you need more Mana/CDR yourself or your team is loosing all blue buffs (But because Shurelya's Reverie is kind of redundant with [item_text=Soul Shroud], only get one of them).

    Aura items: Take what your team needs, experiment to find out what impact the auras have. It is very difficult, because they are so subltle in their influence.

    Activating items discussion:

    Sona already excels in utility and I would say that these items, fit other supports more, because they may lack a speed up or slow; however, Shurelya's Reverie is an excellent item. If your team asks for it, get it. Randuin's Omen is situational and you will only get it vs strong AD carries. I have never taken Deathfire Grasp (dfg) on Sona, just because there are so many other options, but it can help to bring down a HP heavy champion. The new Locket of the Iron Solari is a cheaper form to upgrade your HoG, and has more uses vs. magic damage dependent teams. We have yet to see what it is worth. To sum it up: All these items are possible upgrades from your gold/10 items, that you may consider, but don't buy them every game, they are very situational counter items, generaly you should stick to the before-mentioned aura items.

    Active Items: is frequently used, it is not mandatory however.

  • Cheap CDR Build

    Getting MReg and CDR is easy and without enemy focus you should win any game with just Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Chalice of Harmony. However, any clever enemy will realize that you are the reason they loose teamfights, and on top of that, they will know that you are squishy. Supports in general have - and specifically Sona has - a reputation to be squishy. So alltough we keep in mind that CDR and MReg are what we need most, we will pay more attention to buy items that make us survive AND give us utility instead of just grabbing [item_text=Morello's Evil Tome] (It's evil !!!).

    We got the build for Normal Games and Low Elo, where there are kills all over the place and your assists are going trough the roof (Games end with something like 1/1/20). And we got the build for High Elo were games are decided by CS scores and not K/D/A's. Because Assists are your main source of money, the second build will incorporats gold/10sec items, while the first won't.

    Build progression:
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] -> -> ->
    Start with either Boots or MReg and as many wards as you can carry. Rush Chalice because with unlimited mana in laneing you can now refrain from recalling until your wards run out. Get CDR next with Ionian's and your usefullness to the team makes a giant leap forward. Next on the list: pure and unmitigated HP. Upgrade your Ruby's to Aegis and more CDR and you and your team will become a lot more resiliant. Now most games will end, but if they don't, you have the lovely advantage that with this build you can get: [item_text=soul shroud]. Other good options would be Chain Vest/Negatron Cloak, [item_text=Stark's Fervor] or Will of the Ancients depending on wether you like to buff your team, or counter specific champs.
    This build is incredibly cheap and quick to get, but your runes need to be adapted. You MUST get blue CDR/lvl runes. Plus you need to take MReg/lvl quintessences (they are the most effective) and more in blue and yellow if you need them. Red are up to you, but I usually get armor, since I lack the defense in yellows. You will see that these runes will gradually give you more and more spamming power.

  • Gold/5 Item Build

    But since this build DEPENDS on assist money for warding (and warding is what a good support prioritizes) you will use a different build for very long games (as your early strength might go unnoticed but your lack of money won't) or high elo games where you won't get that many assists at all. Preferable in this case:

    Build progression:
    -> -> [item_icon=Meki Pendant] -> ([item_icon=heart of Gold]) -> /[item_icon=Eleisa's Miracle] [item_icon=Heart of Gold]/
    Rush your Philo stone. Together with masteries (and if you like runes) your income will start rising. Now the progression is the same as above, with the option to HoG if you need even more money and the upgrade to Shurelya's.
    This build gives you more CDR and MReg from items, and your runes are free. I take Avarice as quints and yellows, round up my lacking CDR with flat blues and get Armor and MR for the rest IF I know I won't have troubles in laneing. For difficult opponents, I start with Boots and use Movespeed quints instead, as well as buffing my armor with yellows even further. Don't ever give away first blood, with this tougher setup you will survive their combos - BUT don't get a feeling of invincibility - it just enables you to stay near the creeps without dieing and getting your much needed levels.
    Try to always have one Gold item and keep the warding up.

  • Physical Counter Build

    Now these builds will work for nearly all games... but sometimes the enemy makes the fatal mistake of taking ALL physical or magical dmg (or their only one different carry fails). That is the time for hard counter builds. All pysical teams are EASY to shut down completely with the following:

    Build progression:
    -> -> [item_icon=heart of gold] ->
    Mandatory are Ninjas and Movespeed quints. Get some HP and Armor next and go for either Randuins or Frozen Heart or even Thornmail.
    Again, only use this when their ENTIRE team is ad dependant and the ap carry (if they have one) has failed completely.

  • Magic Counter Build

    All magical teams are more difficult to counter because they mostly have a lot of CC, Dots and on top of that: nukes.
    Lets face it, when they really focus someone, he will probably be dead if he isn't the tank (All the more reason for your team to have a decent one like galio :). However, your chances go up a lot if you get Tenacity and MR so they don't do true dmg to you (and your team):

    Build progression:
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] -> -> -> -> ()
    Be advised to get MR early! Mandatory are Merc's, a lot of HP and MR (get these in rune-from too if you can); for nukers get Banshees, for dots get Force of Nature, for suppressions get Quicksilver Sash. (On a side note, Soraka is certainly a better counterpick for all magic dmg!)

  • Offensive Aura Build

    And finally, you can go about supporting from a different perspective:

    Build progression:
    -> [item_icon=Emblem of Valour]/ -> / -> [item_icon=Soul Shroud]
    Different approach for supporting a AD or AP carry passively. You won't spam but rather keep a situational aura active and stay back (Item-aura-range: 1200, your own Auras: 700-900). Especially if you play with mostly tanky champs where you don't have to worry that much about healing, this build makes them a lot more dangerous and increases their self-healing capabilities.  Adjust your Runes and Masteries to get more money, since you buy no gold/10 items, and defense penetration to enhance your more offensive setup. You may neglect Aria of Perseverance and go for Song of Celerity and Hymn of Valor instead. Other summoner spells than flash and CV are a good idea too (Clarity,Heal,Ignite,Exhaust).
    After the changes to Stark's, I am not so sure about this build anymore.

  • Dominion Build

    Sona is a very good Dominion champion and, altough most people believe that you have to play killing machines on this map, don't mutilate her to an AD/AP carry only to justify playing her on the Crystal Scar. With this build, you can support your team in this game mode (For details on Dominion, see:

    Build progression:
    -> / -> [item_icon=Soul Shroud]/ () -> parts: +/ -> +/
    Alltough you have similar needs on Dominion, there are some pecularities, that you should make use of, to better support your team. Speed is essential on Dominion, start with Boots of Mobility, take whatever upgrades you can get here and Summoner Spells take upgraded Flash and Ghost! As the map has an innert multiplicative MReg bonus similar to that of a Chalice of Harmony, you don't have to get one and some MReg early already gives you all the Mana you need. Very important item here, is the Mana Manipulator as this aura, together with the Map's passive, provides all Mana requirements of every teammate around you. The upgraded item here is perfect for you too, as you need HP for survival as quick as you can get it. A more selfish decision for a Philosopher's Stone is also possible, if you prefer to backdoor a lot on your own and want Shurelya's Reverie later. Sona's heal is perfect for this map, as it is the most flexible one with the shortest CD (Alistar's Triumphant Roar works well too), this hold also true for the rest of her skillset, as she can give her team the a small speed or damage advantage, just when it is needed the most. One particular Item should be rushed vs. any form of stealthed champions: the Hextech Sweeper! Especially Akali and Shaco are strong early, but rely on their stealth to succeed... Trinity Force is a good item too, giving you more utility and together with your Power Chord around ~ 600 burst dmg, enough to finish someone of, or hold your ground on a Capture Point - just don't rush it, survivability comes first. On Dominion, there will always be fed enemies, so be advised to get Resistance quite early, when you see an enemy getting stronger. Very good items here: Thornmail or Quicksilver Sash.
    Skill order is flexible, I get either Song of Celerity or Aria of Perseverance to level two (and one point in the other) when starting and take Hymn of Valor on my way to the top Capture Point, this way I have all my spells ready and can react to anything that happens. The speed boost on the way even might get us the capture (you can also take your team's mid and right after it backdoor to the enemies mid...).
    I still think your heal is your priority spell number one, when leveling further, but really it makes no difference since you level quite fast.
    Supports are very underrated, due to the current meta game on Summoner's Rift. I love to play her on Dominion, since it is way more fun to support when getting the same money and xp as your mates and you don't have to buy wards...

    I think, Dominion is the place for supporting as it should be!

  • Gameplay (Part 1) - Protect Your Jungler

    Protect your jungler:
    "Sona admires those heroes that fearlessly enter the dark places between our birght roads of marching armies; to battle with nameless beasts of terrible strength and power. Bring some light and soft tunes to these people to ease their burden."

    (If you don't know what a jungler is: What's a jungler - and check on Golems and Lizzards.)
    Jungling is the most challenging and rewarding champion role in the team. Having one player carrying both powerful buffs in the game roaming on the map is undoubtedly handy, and ensuring permanent control of these buffs via warding and  ganking at respawn is your key to vitory. Another reason is getting dragon asap. Having said that you should realize how important their protection early game - when they are yet weak and locked in an epic battle with a giant stone golem - is. There are two types of junglers: The Udyr, Amumu, Fiddlestick, Warwick (...) fraction is usually starting at blue buff, and easily ganked early. Everyone of your team should protect them. While some of them can still jungle if successfully ganked, most of them will fail and you are likely to loose. Of course that goes both ways, as you can shut down an enemy jungler most effectively when you gank him at blue. Many reasons for staying together as a team. The other type of junglers are Xin Jao, Tryndamere, Lee Sin (...) who start at small golems. While they can be ganked too,  there are save towers near and the enemy will loose more xp going there in full force and killing those as opposed to laneing (Same goes for those starting at wolves). Your job is to make sure your team detects the enemy. Your teammates should surveil the jungle entrances to the respective jungle areas. This gives you a warning should things go tough. Now Clairvoyance has a CD of 70 seconds, meaning you can use it twice until spawn of Blue (1:55) or small Golems (1:40) once at the very start (until the 30 sec mark) and then at spawn time, or shortly before. Usually, a CV of the enemy summoner platform will already tell you if your enemy is capable of invading your jungle - the more you know the better. If you detect the enemy team at blue or golem, your team is save, can pull and walk away.  Else you better beware of enemy intrusion. Be ready to place a ward in the bush when you see the enemy comming and retreat to another bush as group. Ping them and attack if your team is dominant early or retreat until they start blue to surprise them then. Do never ever steal a kill, and especially not the first blood, the money is way better for other carries.
    Sona can ease a junglers start by taking Aria of Perseverance and healing him once he takes damage while walking away (make sure you don't steal his xp though !).
    However, your duty to the jungler is not over yet. You should ward at his request if he fears for jungle intrusion and you have to track the enemy jungler with your CV. If he deviates from his rute, alert your teammates of possible ganks.

    Protect your jungler:

    Tip: If your jungler is confident, you spotted the enemy and invasion seems unlikely, you can take the small golem champ with your lanemate. Pull them and let them chase you, let your carry lasthit them, obviously.

  • Gameplay (Part 2) - Lane Control

    Lane control:
    "Sona's songs and tales encourage undecided wariors to become true menaces on the Field of Justice."

    What is lane control ? On the one hand, you want your carry to get as many lasthits as he/she can, and ensure you don't get ganked. On the other hand, you want to prevent the enemy carry (or support) lasthitting and you want to gank them.
    There are two ways to reach lane control: Hymn of Valor or Aria of Perseverance.
    Hymn of Valor and its Power Chord Staccato combined with some auto attacks can seriously cripple your opponents and allowing you to claim the lane (By zoning your opponents). Try it out to get a feeling for it, but usually I stick to Aria of Perseverance. Her W is just awsome, the more you level it the stronger it gets. Dont miss even one level in it. Take it first and after helping your jungler, it will do you justice in lane. The passive and active attenuate almost any dmg. Sona is incredibly weak early and you should avoid harassment at all costs. Use Power Chord Diminuendo to prevent your Teammates death when he is focussed. Also for you and your carries wellbeeing you need Song of Celerity. The speedburst makes your ganks succeed and helps you flee the enemy, plus the slow from Power Chord stato is really good.
    As a rule of thumb, get one point in all your spells, max your heal, and decide in q or e depending on your team composition and how well the lane is going.
    One way or another, you need Mana Regeneration to sustain your songs, so your starting item, and your first finished item and runes/masteries should provide you in this regard. Now I am sad to tell you that the ideal MReg runes and items conflict with a wonderful thing called Goldgeneration. The best MReg runes are Quintessences, and the best MReg item is not Philosopher's Stone but Chalice of Harmony. Therefore you have to decide if Gold or MReg is better in every game you play. Another conflict later in the game is [item_text=Heart of Gold] or Kindlegem (No objetion in the Utility mastery tree, fortunately).
    To solved this dilema think about the champions you play with and will face in champion select and ask yourselve the following question: How many late game champions has your team ? (E.g. Tristana, Nasus, Jax, Yi, Tryndamere)
    If you know that the game will last a long time, your lane is not doing well, or your teammates simply focus on CS-ing, Goldgeneration becomes the best stat you can get, and there is no harm done in delaying other items.
    Most other times, however, early and mid game decide the game, and especially if you expect people to be discouraged from a weak early game (In low elo Ranked solo Q ^^) and possible surrender, dont take Philo Stone and Gold Quints. HoG is an option when the enemy has strong AD's and the game suddenly starts taking longer than expected. Another MReg/Mana Item you might want to consider is Tear of the Goddess - but I prefer the MR of Chalice of Harmony and Sona likes MReg more than Mana. Mana Manipulator is an interesting choice because you can upgrade your Kindlegem to a [item_text=Soul Shroud] - that however is up to your team if they want such an item, else don't take it early. There is defenitely no justification in taking it as a starting item, since your need for wards is far too great. While we are at it, lets discuss two other stats that are important for laning: armor and movespeed. Since minions and the enemy ad carry do physical damage, it is good to have some form of additional Armor. Greater Seal of Resilience and Hardiness are good to have. Against quick enemies use Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, Swiftness and Boots of Speed.
    Your task is to make sure you have the vision on the river and bushes and that the enemy does not; ganks can change everything and they are the greatest threat to your carry. Every support gets Sight Ward and thinks this problem is solved. That means you don't challenge the status quo of both teams vision. Well, you should. Make the enemy loose sight. Thats why I usually start with a Vision Ward to clear out enemy wards (and it comes in handy when your enemies are Teemo, Twitch, Shaco etc.). Where to place your ward? Fact is: You will never get full vision with just one ward. There are two ways the enemy can come. You can choose between the Jungle entrance tribush (usually Sight Ward enough) or either the river some way upstreem, to see the entrance to blue or the river bush. This is important since wards have sight from, but not into bushes (ward in bush = saver ward). If you see your enemy place his Sight Ward upstream, do it too with your Vision Ward, else you place it into the river bush to reveal enemy wards inside the bush. Note that warding the mid and bot jungle entrances gives your team assurance about jungle invasion.
    Because of the long CD on Clairvoyance you should not use it for minor things. Use it if your jungle asks for it, and to help him: CV the enemy jungle when your jungler is attemting red, to check if the enemy jungler is on his ordinary path or comming for ganks. CV when your jungler is ganking to make sure that the other jungler is far away. CV bushes when someone is chasing for the kill. Misuse of CV means you would be better of taking a different summoner spell. Learn to use it wiesely especially now, after it got nerfed.
    Remember that zoning and lane controll is always temporary. Don't feel overconfident because you made your enemy miss some lasthits, be aware that you should never die in laning phase. One stun is all that stands between you and your untimely demise.

    Laning phase: /[item_icon=Meki Pendant] and later /

    Tip: Support every lane you can. Tell them to ward if they don't, warn them from incomming ganks, keep an eye on the minimap and ping if people are missing. You are the eyes and ears of your team and you can prevent a lot of mistakes. One of the most important things for your team is the reaction about a lane that is having trouble. Don't leave that lane alone. Tell the jungler to help, help yourself or make lane switches. This can completely turn the table for the enemy laners and is your biggest instrument to prevent enemy freefarm. Try it and learn how to do it properly. (The earlier you suggest a lane change, and the less feeding, the better it will work.)

  • Gameplay (Part 3) - Dragon

    "When awakening the terrible dragon in its lair, your team will test their skills for the first time in an epic battle. But the enemy lurks in the trees around and may challenge the honor of killing this beast. The Couragious and Cautious are honored with the last strike and will ravage in their wrath on the grounds of Summoners Rift."

    There are two different kinds of dragon fights: I call them Private and Public fights.
    The best case scenario means, your jungler tells you he is ready for dragon, and you take one minute to place a Vision ward at dragon, clear the enemy ward, and then proceed to place one or two more wards on the pathways to dragon (mostly blue buff and mid jungle entrance. Then you and your jungler quietly do dragon, he provides the damage and you the heal. After that you type in the respawn time, e.g. dragon killed at 12:56 means you type "drake 18:56". Two things are paramount for this. One: you have to know the enemy jungler is somewhere top. Two: you are confident that your lane partner bot can handle a 2v1 for the time. Essentially this scenario assumes that the enemy is not ready for dragon yet.
    Now the other type of dragon fights is more common and more interesting. If you start challenging the enemy vision, there should be some reaction, a CV and a new ward mostely. Now the battle has started. It is not so much about the dragon itself, but about who has vision on dragon and champion presence in the area and therefore this is about the better position in the battle to come. When your position is better you will start to battle dragon, tank it, lure it from its lair and bring it down. Because killing dragon rewards 190g per player and is roughly worth 2 kills and you should expect the enemy to gamble at least two lives for it. Mostly that of his jungler. Therefore having smite ready in your team is paramount when attempting dragon, so it can't get stolen easily. You should also make sure that the enemy teleports (if he has some) are on CD so that no solo top can suddenly appear out of nowhere and cc your team. Now there is no harm done in aborting dragon. But there has to be a path you can retreat to. You should never do dragon, when you see the enemy converging at your position from all sides - in this case better isolate the highest priority target (mostly mid) and catch it in a bad position. That means when the shoe is on the other foot, only go for dragon as a team, use CV in advance and ward all over the place.
    Now on a side note. Sure dragon is "decisive", the ~1000g is nothing to laught at. But it only bacomes a game changer when your entire team is aced because they ovestimated the value of it. Only attemt to steal when you have retreat ways, e.g. Flash up, strong cc... Dont take dragon at all costs. If you trade dragon for a tower... thats not bad at all.


  • Gameplay (Part 4) - Pushing

    "We shall gather our strengths and strike for their defences swift and enduring we must be."

    Pushing means applying pressure to a lane that - if no enemy reaction comes - will eventually result in the destruction of a tower. The new masteries are a huge boost for tower destruction, just couple [mastery_text=siege commander] with [mastery_text=Demolitionist] and On The Hunt (and your buddy Taric's Radiance) and win the game. Now, how can Sona contribute to proper pushing - she is not a pusher herself? As a support, your job is lieing out vision in the contested area so that the gank on your push is detected in time for an ordered retreat or a quick combat in your favor. You will speed up minions with your Song of Celerity and provide the damage aura for your team with Hymn of Valor (plus your Power Chord damage applies to towers). You can even tank towers if you have a Chain Vest and your Aria of Perseverance. One tower rewards your team with 750g, that is one big step towards winning the game. Get towers whenever you can and make sure that when you retreat, the pressure on that lane doesn't suddenly disappear and the enemy counter pushes.
    Pushing is very dynamic and when the element of surprise is gone - the enemy has gathered undere the tower and will make his last stand - pushing stops. If you want to push effectively, then quickly adapt. With enough vision, you can easily apply pressure on more than one lane (Split-pushing) and lure the enemy out of the safety of their tower. Yes, you can force a fight and tower dive too, but that is not pushing, that brings us to the next point: Teamfights.

    Pushing: for tower-tanking

    Tip: Use your superior mobility to quickly change objectives, if the enemy is too slow, you can easily take a tower or a buff. Don't hesitate to ping and lead your team to the next quest, stationary poking is not your thing, you are a dynamic champion. If your team stays with you, your quick and purposefull gameplay will often decide the match.

  • Gameplay (Part 5) - Teamfights

    "New courage comes to those that stand at Sona's side - everyone likes to sing the song of Battle."

    If you look at sonas spells in comparison to other supports, it is obvious that the more people are around her, the more she excels. Soraka or Janna may save or buff one teammate considerably, but Sona always improves everything around her. Needless to say that teamfights are her true strenght. Alternating between your W and E and throwing in your R in the right moment, you will win any teamfight. The enemy will try to kill you very hard and a good Sona will use that to bait them, always luring them to strike, yet using her E to always stay out of trouble. Late game you may even choose to become a decent tank that will just float through their desperate onslaught and then activate his Randuin's and watch as your teammates rip them appart. (I am in no way suggesting that Sona replaces a tank or that she can survive such battles if her team is not good, but she has something like a global taunt, especially with an oracle, and can soak up quite some dmg with the right items). Now for a successfull teamfight, respectfully learn the following points by heart:
    - Before starting a teamfight, mark the target with the highest priority. (You can't fully plan a teamfight, but at least try to and it makes your team feel more secure.)
    - Let the tank initiate and dissable any target with dangerous ultimates instantly.
    - Speed him up with E and Shurelia's active if you have it.
    - Let your carries do their job and help them with your E - speed them up and hit the enemy with your slow.
    - Use Randuin's Omen if you have it.
    - Instantly switch to your W when it comes available and make sure you stay in healing range.
    - Use your ultimate to trap as many of them and make them loose their minds completly - aim properly.
    (- If that Akali tries to save herselve: Vision Ward her Twilight Shroud and get that ward money back via assist! The same goes for Twiches or Eves or any other nasty stealther, just ward in advance of theamfights here.)
    - Now alternate between E and W and hit the remaining greatest threat with your Damage reduction.
    - Use flash to kite and stay out of trouble, yet still stay near your team.
    - Don't make the mistake of running away from them - it will weaken your team and you.
    - Speed and Heal from E and W will keep your team healthy and together.
    You can see that the key to a good Sona lies in the right POSITIONING to stay out of trouble yet helping your team. It can take quite a while to get the hang of it. Task accomplished. Now for proper teambattles you will need both Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity as high as possible. You may ask why not use [spell_text=hymn of valor] ?
    The reasoning here is your global 2 second CD and the residual aura effects when switching stances. The passive benefits of the last activated aura will remain for the global CD and then dissolve. With maxed CDR your Q, W and E will have  a 4.2 sec CD, wich is just enough for chaining them (naturally 4 sec would be ideal). Now if you are switching stances that means you can keep two of the passives indefinetely, and it will be up to you to decide what your team needs just now. As I said before it is my belief that your teammates should provide enough damage and that speed is more usefull to them. If you believe otherwise, do it, by all means (Of course I use the Hymn too, just very situational and only when I am sure my team will survive). Just remember that using q makes no sense if you havn't leveled it in the first place(Of course if your q is lvl 5 and your e is only 1 there is no question what you have up and running in teamfights)

    If EVER you die; learn from your mistakes. If you are too slow, get boots. If you notice some crazy high magic dmg, get MR. If they kite you to death, get a Quicksilver Sash or/and Shurelya's Reverie. If they kill you alone, stay with your team. If they kill you with your team, tell them who to focus. If they nuke you, get a Banshee's Veil.  And so on...

    get 40% CDR and +70 MReg (with Chalice at 0 Mana, so around 35 MReg if you are full Mana) and have your ult and flash ready.

    Your auras of course and [item_icon=Soul Shroud] [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]


    Tip: Positioning is your key to survival and victory. Be fast and learn where you can survive. Try to learn ALL champion abilities and ranges, so you know when you are save from them. As a final note here: You are disposable. Do not hesitate to sacrifice yourself if that means you win a battle, or a carry escapes.

  • Gameplay (Part 6) - Baron

    "Rid the world of the biggest of evils !"

    Money. Experience. A BUFF; healing, replenishing mana and giving AD and AP for your entire team. I see you get the big picture. Baron means victory. So please, by all means, try to get it! Similar to dragon you will ward and quarrel over the positioning, and there will always be clashes in the area. Warding it properly is even more important than at dragon, clearing enemy wards just the same. But most important of all: Do not split up when baron is possible. You need everyone together. People with teleport might wander, but only when ther are ready to hop right into the heat of battle.
    As with dragon: Accept defeat when you see a hopeless case. Running for baron with only parts of your team is stupid. Your jungler might try to steal it, but nothing more. Prepare for a long siege and hopefully you will only loose one or two towers.

    Baron: everything you got!

    Tip: If you are not absolutely sure of it, don't attempt baron. You just don't attempt the VICTORY thing. You DO it, or you DON'T do it, there is no in between.

  • Guidelines for Decent Playing

    When I first played League of Legends, what I valued most, was the easy-going attitude on low levels. It was indeed your skill (not very advanced skill), that decided the games. The more I rose, the more people took this game seriously. I mean, SERIOUSLY. That was the time when emotions started to decide games. I wish I could go back to this happy playing, and I detest those summoners that poison the community by mistaking League of Legends for more than a play ground! Real life is serious enough. You are allowed to loose when you fought valiantly. You are allowed to make mistakes if you learn from them. The enjoyment comes if you can improve yourself as a player and a teammate and see that all those qualities that others neglect will indeed make you win games. I am talking about the Code. Honor the Code. If you have a hard time understanding the Code, I will help you with finding the ways a decent player behaves himself: for honorable Ladies and Gentleman. Furthermore there are plenty of fantastic "general Gameplay" guides out there that will help you become a winner. Remember that we all belong to a brotherhood (and sisterhood) of brave people that enjoy playing together in the League. Your opponents and teammates are not so different from yourself. Don't be quick to pass judgement on others, talk about other stuff as well, and not just about bad skills.
    If you are tired after a game that went bad...

     I propose to you: A new game mode. Open a custom game with the title "ALL TROLL - NO RULES".
    It is the easy-going attitude in a free game, where all options are open, where you can experiment with unusual things, where dieing is part of learning and loosing just the clarification of the fact that your way did not work as intended.

    Someone tells you AP Miss Fortune does not work ? All roaming: fail ? Promote is bad ? That two supports are too many ? Don't believe him. Try it out yourself. You think my guide is wrong ? If you don't try it out, you will NEVER know.

    I will join you if I see an open game, because I always want to try new ways and I figure bot games are not the place to try things that require teamplay and are a bit boring. Have fun!

  • Conclusion

    If you truly are interested in Sona, try out all of her aspects and variations to discover how versatile she can be. I'll be glad when you tell me about your way with her, and how it works.

    Thank you for reading my guide. I look forward to seeing you play Sona on the Field of Justice. Special thanks to leaguecraft and all the valiant LoL players that put up with me.
    Since this guide is brand new (28/01/2012), I appreciate you helping me improve it (seriously, I do).

    My ingame name is "Gott der 7 Meere".

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