Viktor Build Guide

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Viktor, the moving Toaster

written by Morrocker

Viktor Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi, guys

    This is my first guide, so comments are welcome. I'm a casual player with over 1600 games, mainly in normal games. 


    So onto the point. Viktor is a champ with some interesting abilities, however seems like people don't get how to play him. I've got quite a liking for him, so I'll describe how this moving toaster can burn enemies through the field. Hopefully better Viktor's will appear, and he'll get the respect he deserves. (also the buffs and bug fixes)

    Without any delay lets move on, to the details.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Evolving Technology]
    Viktor's passive grants him a starting Hex core, and item which grants 3 AP/lv and that can further be upgraded in the store, for 1000 gold, into 1 out of 3 diferent "augments" which grant him aditional stats and enhances 1 of Viktors abilities.

    [item_icon=Augment: Power] Augment:Power Grants 3 AP/lv, 200 HP, 6 Health Regen per 5 and increases Viktor's MS by 30% for 3 secs after casting [spell_icon=Power Transfer].

    [item_icon=Augment: Gravity] Augment:Gravity Grants 3 AP/lv 200 mana, 5 mana regen per 5, 10% CDR and increases casting range by 30%.

    [item_icon=Augment: Death] Augment:Death Grants 3 AP/lv + 45 AP and applies a DoT over 4 seconds equal to 30% of the total damage dealt by .

    This passive allows some flexibility on Viktor's gameplay. The item cannot be sold, nor can the upgrade. As such it is necesary to understand your playstyle when deciding to buy the upgrade.
    This guide focuses on the damage dealing Viktor, so the prefered augment will be death.

    As a side note this item is quite effective cost-wise (if you account for all of the stats, plus the ability increase). However, the fact that its stats aren't comparable with typical late game items such as Rabadon's Deathcap or Rod of Ages make this item a burden in late game, due to 1 suboptimal item slot used. Hopefully, Riot will come up with some tier 2 upgrade, so that this doesn't feel like you're wasting an item slot.

    [spell=Power Transfer]
    Damage: 80/125/170/215/260 (0,65*AP)
    CD: 9/8/7/6/5
    Mana: 45/50/55/60/65
    Shield duration: 3s (not detailed in the tool tip)

    This skill is a boomerang like missile which can be targeted at an enemy dealing damage, and shielding yourself by 40% of the damage dealt.
    This is Viktors most reliable damage source, however it suffers several issues:

    1) Its range is pretty short (I think its 600)
    2) The shield provided is very low.
    Let's do some math to make this clear. At level 5 it's damage is 260 (lets forget about any AP), even if you happen to hit a target for "true damage" the shield provided will be around 78 (260*0,4=78) (pretty weak for a lv 5 shield)
    3) The shield becomes active when the missile returns to Viktor. That means that against an opponent with the same range, probably the shield will go up after receiving damage.

    This skill is actually no good to trade blows, since the shield will probably not block the damage on time, this skill is best used when one sidedly abusing the enemy at short range. If you're facing an opponent with an easily predictable skillshot you can also try harrasing with this. I don't recomend it though.
    TIP: Shoot it to partially block DoT damage.

    Gravity Field
    MS reduction: 28/32/38/44%
    CD: 17/16/15/14/13
    Mana: 65
    Field duration: 3s (not detailed in the tool tip)

    Gravity field deploys a mid sized area that slows enemies that walk over it. After 1.5s the enemies are stunned for 1.5s.
    Probably the most balanced skill in Viktor's kit. Allows him to block out a path, giving enough time to save yourself or someone else.
    It is most effective use is defensively, since it's range is short.
    Given the fact that it requires the champ to stay in the area, it works like a psycological "death sphere" where champs won't enter normally

    Death Ray
    Damage: 70/115/160/205/250+(0,7*AP)
    CD: 13/12/11/10/9
    Mana: 70/80/90/100/110

    Viktor's 3rd arm shoots a laser beam that swipes in a line, dealing significant damage.

    This is your harrass tool. This will surprise enemies and allow you to safely go through lane phase without problems. The most important detail is that the beam can be fired while in movement and it's angle can be decided just like Rumbles ult. So try shooting this skill while running, autoattacking or simply moving around, make it dificult for your opponent to predict the next shot.

    Interesting fact: The laser let's you check bushes safely. If you got mana to spare, don't hesitate on checking before entering.
    Bug: The most relevant one is that the hit box displayed, when targeting, is actually thiner than it shows. Take that into account. Also, the tip of the arrow actually hits (unlike other skill shots).

    Chaos Storm
    Damage: 150/250/350+(0,55*AP)
    Damage over time (7 seconds): 40/60/80+(0,2*AP)/per second
    CD: 120
    Mana: 125/175/225

    Viktor's Ulti is a Small AoE nuke that deals initial damage and leaves a controlable cloud that continues to deal damage around it for 7 seconds. The cloud movement speed decreases the farther away Viktor is.
    This ulti is quite good actually. The initial damage isn't that incredible, but the DoT is actually fairly high. If you manage to hit a full ult on a single enemy the AP ratio actually hits 1,95.
    Its important to remark that the cloud's MS diminishes greatly with distance, so in order to keep the ult over your enemy you must stick fairly close to them. You can stick the cloud to the ground or an opponent, this is designated by a blue marker on the ground.

  • Summoner Spells

    Summoners Rift
    Decent alternatives 
    Explanation:Teleport and Flash are my standart choice. I personally like the posibility to recall and return quickly in case I need to buy items, heal/replenish myself. Also to help a lane who's in inmediate danger. Flash is pretty much your lifeline, since the only escape method Viktor has is not instantaneous, and thus, can be avoided.
    Since Viktor is pretty mana intensive, new players may want to get Clarity if they cant manage their mana properly. Personally I rely on my runes and masteries (and a [item_text=meki pendant]) to keep the mana high. Ghost is just another decent choice, but without specific purpose for Viktor. 
    Promote is an annoying spell that will decimate the enemy tower. If you chase the enemy out, promote and bust that tower down. (Downside is that it's pretty much useless in teamfights)

    Crystal Scar
    Explanation:Here the spells are dependent of your enemies and you role in the match.
    For bottom lane Promote is a must. It will help unpush your lane and take down theirs with swiftness.  
    Garrison is a spell intended to help yourself with Heimerdinger. Truth to be told, he beats the shit out of Viktor in bot lane (the only one, I haven't been able to defeat despite all my efforts), since all of his spells can be used offensively (to take out creeps), unlike Viktor, who's Gravity Field must be used defensively.
    Flash can be used as a Garrison replacement on bot lane. For top Ghost+Flash are pretty much the only decent choices for Viktor.

  • Masteries

    I go glass cannon 23/0/7

    yeah... Viktor's basic attack is practically a joke. With merely 54 AD and a sluggish AS last hitting is quite hard. With these masteries you boost your minion damage from 54 to 61, which is equivalent to your Lv 4 basic attack. I can live without 3 AP and 1% MS if can get more CS.

  • Runes

    Okay, so since I already said I'm building him somewhat glass cannon, so runes would be:
    Greater Mark of Insight, for more spell damage.
    Greater Seal of Clarity, mana is an issue.
    Greater Glyph of Celerity, his abilities CD need a desperate help.
    Greater Quintessence of Celerity, same.
    You could replace the quints for Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude if you feel a little uncomfortable with your low-HP.

  • Item build

    The kids favorite section :D

    Summoners Rift:
    We start with [item_text=meki pendant] and 2 Health PotionDoran's Ring is a valid choice too.
    I would NOT recommend Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion, since that's a build based on hitting with [spell_text=power transfer], I support the Death Ray build.
    After that get
    1.-  Boots of Speed
    2.-  Fiendish Codex
    3.- [item=augment: death]
    4.- Deathfire Grasp
    5.- Sorcerer's Shoes

    So the core build goes like this:
    (Note the builder bug X_x)
    Anything after that is situational. Given the fact that Viktor's ulti scales decently with AP you could buy halfway AP or go straight glass cannon if you got a good tank to shrug of divers.
    Rod of Ages is a decent choice, normally. However, as you might have noticed taking this item at this point might mean that the passive won't have enough time to max its stacks. If you think the game might take enough time, this is always a nice choice.
    Rabadon's Deathcap Standart hard hitting item. Go for it if you feel safe enough.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter Nice health, decent AP and the slow can hinder some enemies, not to my taste though.
    Abyssal Scepter Needed if you don't want to be 1 shot, by enemy mages. Also to execute Viktor's full combo you must get into close range fight. Thus, increasing the damage output.
    Will of the Ancients Never tried it before, but decent, in theory at least.
    Zhonya's Hourglass Good AP, some armor and the passive is just too good to ignore.

    I won't go into details on defensive items.

    Crystal scar:
    We start with [item_text=augment: death] and Boots of Speed

    After that get
    1.-  Needlessly Large Rod
    2.-  Rabadon's Deathcap
    3.- Sorcerer's Shoes
    4.- Deathfire Grasp
    So the core build goes like this:
    After that just get a  Rylai's Crystal Scepter and some more AP to keep the damage output skyrocketing. 

  • Skilling order

    Priority order: r>e>q>w
    Explanation about playstyle further down in the guide.

  • Summoners Rift, Solo Lane

    Top lane, Mid lane. It work's pretty much the same.

    Start with Death Ray and meet your opponent on the center. Gauge your distance as you last hit creeps. If the enemy is a melee fighter harrass him with the laser as soon as he tries to last hit. If it's safe enought hit them with [spell_text=power transfer] too. Try to last hit as much a possible while dodging incoming harrass and shoot lasers at them whenever they stay still. DON'T go around hitting the minions with your laser. Your mana will burn out, and then you're not a threat, even under the tower.
    If you do this well, you should out poke pretty much any champ and force them into retreat, unless the jungler or another lane comes to assist.
    I'll try recording some games to use as a reference. Meanwhile, just follow instructions.

    After you hit Lv 6 continue to poke until you feel like the enemy will die if your full combo him. At that point, advance and force him to retreat completely or fight you. If he/she feels like slugging it out deploy Gravity Field where the fight will happen and burst him out, if that is not enough. Wait at least until the ulti runs out. If he's alive still, you've got to work on the timing to burst out. Still you should be able to scare what's left of him with the Laser.

    After laning phase is over try to stick with the team. You're the front line and back line simultaneosly, since your poke with the laser is very strong you gotta be in range to throw it, and when a fight starts retreat a little so tanks can do their job.
    In baron and dragon try to place yourself INSIDE the cavity. That way you can place the gravity field blocking the entrance and force enemies into a tight space to blow your ult.

  • Summoners Rift, Duo Lane

    I dont think this is Viktors place, but anyway it's necessary to give some guidance.

    The starting setup is the same as solo lane. The idea here is poke, poke, poke. Use the bushes to their full extent, to shoots lasers and occasional power transfers into the enemies. Don't go on front by yourself. If the enemy catches you, you're pretty much dead. Place gravity fields to zone enemies out. If you reach their tower, laser them if they try to take down the minions. Also you can ult them and force them to: a) Take the full damage of the ult. b) Retreat further than tower range.

    So, lane partners...Since I haven't tried many times I don't have many references. However Leona is one hell of a lane partner. Let her dive, and laser both of them simultaneouly, triggering the passive. The ultimate combo, goes like this:

    1) Chaos Storm
    2) Solar Flare
    3) Gravity Field
    4) Zenith Blade+ Eclipse+ Shield of Daybreak+ Death Ray+[spell=power transfer]
    5) RIP
    You trigger leonas Sunlight inmediately and every time, thanks to Chaos Storm. And stun them for about 3-4s plus slow. And every other skill you may have. It's pretty much an over kill, but worth it if you insta kill bottom lane. 

    According to my calculations the single target raw damage at lv 6 would be:
     200 + 150 +  60 +  160 +  40 +  430 + 160 + [spell_icon=power transfer] 70.
    Plus a few autoattacks, not considering AP.
    So 1270... Against a champ that would have about 900 total HP (most of the damage is AoE anyway). Yeah... it's an overkill...

  • Crystal Scar

    Since Dominion is a fast-paced game and the inherent map debuffs prioritize health stacking and damage stacking most of the time it's a contest of who can out burst the other in short fights. On the other hand bottom lane works quite similar to laning in Summoners Rift.
    If bottom "laning"
    Just like before, out poke the enemy, while continuosly auto attacking minions. Force the enemy back slowly by burning his life with Death Ray. Take as many health relics as you can, so mana is not an issue. 
    Once driven the enemy against his capture point, use Promote to take down the point. Even if you can't completely capture the point, you can keep it neutral for some time by harrassing with  Death Ray. To do this, target it so that the tip hits him, using the maximum range, and retreating once the laser is fired. A few hits and you should have burned at least 1/3 of the opponents life. Then go like you'll dive agressively, thats a bluff. While the opponent retreats place Gravity Field to block his path, and start to capture. If the enemy tries to stop you: laser him, since the field will make his walking path much more obvious. 
    Repeat this again and again. Chances are that they will change the opponent or go 2v1. Case 1) show him who's bottom boss. Case 2) you can hold 2v1 pretty well. (exception: if the fed enemy carry is coming to you with someone else, ask for help, He'll outburst you).
    As stated earlier Heimer > Viktor on bottom scar. Can't say much about it. Try hard, and ask for help. If possible get out of there, you wont push and probably will die or loose the point. If you got Promote+ Garrison you might last longer, but without some solid gameplay you're going down.

    If not bottom
    Still poking with  Death Ray  takes priority. Use  Gravity Field to defend yourself and zone enemies out. There's a little trick on the windmill (top). Hide in top bush and shoot  Death Ray. Range is long enough to cover any capture angle. If they come for you dodge them and use  Gravity Field to buy time.

    If more than 1 enemy is capturing the point use your ult and move it to the farthest enemy and around interrupting as much as you can the point capture.

  • Final notes

    So this is it.
    My first guide. 
    Don't be so harsh with my grammar or word choice since english is not my native language.
    Viktor has great potential. Opinions are divided amongst people, but it's clear he'll be receiving some love in a not-too-far future.
    I'll be waiting for comments and critics.