Gangplank Build Guide

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Tankplank-I ate some oranges, then I was TANK

written by inhuman1

Gangplank Build

Starting items

  • OR
  • OR

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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  • OR
  • OR

Skill Order

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
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  • 18
  • Grog Soaked Blade
  • Parrrley
  • Remove Scurvy
  • Powder Keg
  • Cannon Barrage

Runes for Gangplank

Masteries for Gangplank

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    passive is great! some extra damage for early game dominance, and a slow for you AND your team to chase down and kill your enemies

    great for applying your passive, and even better to last hit with! FREE GOLD!

    Remove Scurvy
    I ate some oranges, then i was.....AWESOME! a free cleanse, YES PLZ!

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    both the bread, AND the butter to tankplank, makes you an early game DEMON!

    Cannon Barrage
    the ult, great for helping out your bros from across the map, your completely destroying some fool who tries to 1v1 you

  • Introduction

    This is my personal favorite way to play Gangplank. I have a lot of success playing tankplank.Remember,we all have different play styles and not everyone plays the same champ the same way, tankplank may not be for you, but at least give it a try first if ur going to bash it.
    this guide is not set in stone, if you wish to play around with it and tweak it anyway you wish, go for it!

  • Summoner Abilities

    i prefer to go with Ghost and Ignite. Ghost because the faster the GP, the scarier, you have oranges if you get stunned or sumthin. Ignite because GP is all about early game dominance, and this helps alot! also, with a combo of ignite, your passive, and your ult, you are near impossible to kill 1v1, heck even 1v2.
    again, this is personal preference, if you find something that works better for you, go for it! 

  • Skilling Order

    ult is top priority, as with any and all champs. At level 1, start with Raise Moral, as it gives you a great boost in both damage and speed, level 2 you get a point into parrley, then level 3 is remove scurvy, after that, sink all points into raise moral until it is 5(putting points into ult when you can of course). then max parrrley, then oranges.

  • Masteries

    for masteries, I use 9/21/0. offensive tree: 1/1 in summoners wrath, 3/3 in brute force, 4/4 in sorcery, 1/1 in arcane knowledge. Defensive tree: 3/3 in resistance, 3/3 in hardiness, 3/3 in vigor, 3/3 in evasion, 3/3 in initiator, 2/3 in enlightenment, 3/3 in mercenary, and 1/1 in juggernaut. Utility tree: no.
    now i know what your wondering...why am i putting points into Arcane knowledge to get magic pen. well, let me tell you.sure parrley is good for damage, but as tankplank, ur not dealing tons of damage with it as many other(perhaps less superior :P) gangplanks out there. i would rather have both my passive, and my ult reap the benefits of penetration.
    however, this is only personal preference, if you want to sink points into weapon expertise for the Armour pen rather than magic pen, go for it. 

  • Items

    start with the dorans shield. then next item is boots, boots will depend alot on the enemy team, if they have lots of magic, then merc treads are your best choice, more AD heavy, go ninja tabi, if you want speed, then boots of item is a giants belt, then catalyst the from here it depends again on the enemy team, more ap heavy, banshies veil will be built first from the catalyst. if AD heavy, giants belt will turn into a sunfire cape. which ever you choose to buy first, the other will come right after it.this is your basic core build, after is completely situational.items that you may consider:force of nature, warmogs, frozen mallet, thornmail, guardian angel, aegis of the legion, atmas impaler, trinity force, randuins omen.

  • Gameplay

    early game you are a beast, you start with a tanky item, yet do damage like u started with a longsword, and a rune page of AD runes because of your Raise moral. you will easily out-play your enemies and get easy kills. your mid-to-late game is a bit of a different story, your damage starts to fall off, but you are VERY beefy because of those kills you picked up early on let you build up those tank items fast.
    through-out the early game, remember to last hit with parrrley as much as possible for easy gold.
    try to help out your team as much as you can by throwing your ult across the map into team fights you may not be in. and activate raise moral when it helps as many teammates as possible, and to help destroy towers faster.

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