Annie Build Guide

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Annie, the Scary Carry

written by Nireck

Annie Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    What makes annie scary, make sure you pay attention to your stacks. You can't be a good annie player if you don't.

    Farm, farm, farm and more farm. Oh, and did I mention farm? Always last hit, it will win you games. Even if you're 0/3, if you've got the CS, you can still keep up and come back. This skill makes it tremendously easy. Also a good poke ability to slowly wither the enemies health away till you can burst them down.

    Annie's second highest damage move. It can one-shot an entire wave of minions if you get enough AP. Use it with your stun to AoE stun everything. That is, if you don't have lil' ol Tibbers ready.

    Molten Shield
    Your own personal Defensive Ball Curl, except it looks way cooler. Max this last. Unless you're going AD Annie, then max this first. But your team might hate you. It can be used to get your stacks up on your passive, give you that little boost in a 1v1 fight with Olaf, save your ass from Karthus' Ult, or make you a little less squishy in teamfights. Just don't forget to use it.

    Summon: Tibbers
    Guys, keep it up! We almost got Baron! Alright, everyone go back to base and heal. Turns corner. "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" Penta kill. I've seen it happen so many times. Annie wrecks teams if they are grouped up. Between this and Incinerate, you do insane amounts of burst. Plus their whole team is stunned. Even if you can't finish them yourself, your team has a MASSIVE advantage. Use this ability to insta-nuke things, stun teams, or push towers. Tibbers can tank towers so he can be useful to backdoor if you build a lich bane.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go 21/0/9 for the extra damage. There really isn't another option. I take AP quints, armor yellows(but you can do mana regen if you really want to) and AP blues. The early game is essential, and these will make things easier.

  • Items

    I almost always get a Rod of Ages. It is SO helpful. Gives you everything you need and makes you a tank(not the role, just a beast) if you get it early enough. I once had a nidalee attacking me on her tower, I auto attacked the tower to death (with tibbers help of course) then proceeded to destroy her instantly, and walked away with half health. Sorc shoes always, unless the enemy team has a ton of hard CC (lots of stuns, silences, ect.) then get merc's. You have to use your own judgement on whether to get boots before you finish rod or not, I get boots early in lanes against people with lots of skill shots, like Brand or Xerath. After you have rod and boots, it's your call. Lot's of CC? Get an early banshee's. Lots of AD? Maybe some bursty characters with skillshots? Get a Zhonya's. Enemy building MR or have a lot of magic users? Get an Abyssal Scepter. Doing really well? Grab a Deathcap. Need more general survivability? Maybe lots of slippery people escaping you with no health? Get a Rylai's. It's really situational, but that's the way the game is.


  • Skilling Order

    Max her Q first, it's a guaranteed stun, makes last hitting hella easy, and makes getting stacks for stun easy as well. I've seen people max W first but if the enemy is smart, they won't get that close to you. Sure it does more damage, but the range isn't good and it's not as good for zoning.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash Ignite, the way to go. When do you see an AP carry take anything else? I suppose teleport can be useful, if you want to, say, teleport in on a ward in the bush and tibbers everything. But I find ignite to be too useful in those times where its just enough to finish off the enemy. And flash is a must.

  • Summary

    Early game Annie dominates. Make sure to farm as much as possible. Zone your enemy with your Q and W if they get too close. Keep poking them until they get low. When they're at about half health, and you're 6, get your passive up and nuke them. QWR should kill most champions at 6 if they have half health. If not, Ignite + Bear dot will. Gank top and bot when your lane is pushed. Get blue buff whenever possible. In team fights, engane with a tibbers stun. Also, smart-casting. Smart-casting will help you out a lot. In order to smart cast, hold down shift and press Q, W, E, R, D, or F. What smart-casting does is allow you to cast your spells without having to click. If it's a skill-shot, it will shoot towards your mouse or on your mouse. If it is a target-able ability, it will shoot whatever your mouse is hovering over. The way this helps you is that you can cast your spells a lot faster than if you were clicking. You can get off all 3 of your nukes almost instantly. Learn smart-casting, it helps a lot.

  • Working in the team

    As I said, always try to initiate with a tibbers stun. If your team sees the entire enemy team stunned and at half health, they're likely to follow you. But be careful, there are a lot of dumb people out there who won't follow you.

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