Ahri Build Guide

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Luvs2Fap's Competitive Guide to Ahri

written by Luvs2fap

Ahri Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Eater
    Soul Eater is what makes Ahri so great at harassing and farming and being able to stay in the lane while doing it. Every time you hit a minion, you get one stack of soul eater. Each ability can grant up to three stacks of soul eater, given you hit enough targets. Once you reach nine stacks, you gain a passive buff that causes the next ability you use to grant 35% spell vamp. This is extremely useful in that you can use this in combination with Orb of Deception on large minion waves to heal for massive amounts.

    Orb of Deception
    Orb of Deception is the bread and butter of Ahri. It is absolutely amazing for farming and for harassing. It does magic damage on the way out, and it does true damage on the way in. The ball acts similar to Orianna's, but it will come back automatically and not sit in one place until you reactivate it. I grab this at level one and max this first.

    Fox-Fire has a surprisingly large range. The ability makes three small orbs of fire circle around Ahri and once an enemy is close enough to each ball they will fire off individually. Along with its large range, it does a decent amount of damage. I grab this at level three and max it second.

    Ah, Charm. The things I want to say. Charm is probably, in my opinion, one of the best ability in the game. It forces an opponent to be slowed and walk toward you. Your enemy can not attack or cast spells while under the effect. It has a hidden cast time though, similar to Gangplank's Remove Scurvy, so be sure to practice the timing. The skillshot itself is pretty narrow and can be tricky to land.

    I generally try to bait people into running directly at it, making them feel like I'm an easy harass target. Once they move toward me to harass I fire it and do my rotation for half of their health. The duration increases with rank but I find that only one rank is needed until higher levels, when you're trying to yank people out from under turrets or disrupting a teamfight. I grab this at level two and max it last.

    Spirit Rush
    Spirit Rush is a very interesting ability. It allows you to dash up to three times within ten seconds and deals damage to up to three nearby enemies, focusing on champions over minions for the most part. There is about a half second to full second window of time between each dash, though, so initiating with it into the middle of a teamfight with will almost surely get you CC'd and killed on the spot before you have time to dash back out. I've had many triple kills with this ability alone, and even some quadra kills. Her AoE is phenomenal.

  • Introduction

    To start this off, I want to inform everyone a little about myself as a player.

    This is the first guide I have wrote for Leaguecraft. I intend to one day write a guide for every champion (though I know some of them are so well done already). I've been playing League of Legends since Mordekaizer was the newest champion to be released (since February of 2010). I have over 3000 games played and I own every champion. My favorite champions are the Assassins. And no, It's not because they're infamous for racking up every kill on the board, but because assassins usually have high skill caps, and with a high skillcap - the better the player, the better the outcome. And Ahri is no exception. The moment I saw Ahri I knew she would be not only awesome in regards of how good she is as a champion, but I also knew how much fun she would be.

    And everyone here plays for fun, I'm sure of it. So let's get started.

  • Masteries + Runes

    The masteries I use for Ahri tend to be either 9/0/21 or 21/0/9.

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    The Utility tree I find to be the most beneficial for Ahri. It gives decent mana regen which helps with her lane phase and throughout fights. It also gives spell vampirism, cooldown reduction, increased buff timers, and more gold for kills and assists (important for assassin champions. Almost everything is AoE so every target downed = more gold).

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    The offense tree is what originally came to my mind with Ahri. At first it made the most sense, but after a few trial runs I found utility to be much more fulfilling. However, this guide gives you two ideas for a reason. Do you want more utility or higher damage output? It comes down to your playstyle.

    Greater Mark of Insight Greater Seal of Resilience Greater Glyph of Shielding Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Ahri is naturally a very soft champion. The Armor, MR and health early in the game help more than most may think. She does enough burst that she doesn't necessarily need AP runes for early game, but if you're feeling frisky then by all means slaughter away. If you don't have the runes then AP runes will work just fine, though you'll have to be cautious when harassing in the lane.

  • Items

    I start with a Doran's Ring because it provides health, Ability power, and mana regen. Don't be afraid to grab another on your recall back if you feel you need it for the extra health.

    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome]

    This is the general build I aim for.

    For the spell pen, obviously.
    When I make my first recall back, I usually start to build a Hextech Revolver. This, with your passive, makes for a lot of health regen.
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] I start this item after the revolver and make a Fiendish Codex. It gives great mana regen, cooldown reduction, and pretty good Ability power.
    This one is pretty standard. If you get a few kills before the 20 minute mark, feel no shame in thinking of saving for one of these. Having this around 20 minutes will make your enemy fear you.
    Rylai's is my replacement of the Rod of Ages. The way I build Ahri I don't go for an early RoA, so having this makes up for the lack of health that the RoA would have provided otherwise.
    The Banshee's Veil is good on any and every champion if you ask me. The other day I saw a Caitlyn ult a Ryze at two bars of health and when the bullet hit, 0 damage was dealt. His banshees refreshed the moment of impact and saved his life. This isn't to say that this will happen to you every game, but I think the picture is clear.

    If the enemy team has low CC but high MR, you can switch the Veil for a or .

    As far as the boots go, Sorcerer's Shoes will get the job done the majority of days. Sometimes though, no matter who you are, you just have to suck it up and get Mercury's Treads.

    this item I found to be more useful than I had thought. My idea was to build Ahri squishy but with high AP to make the most use of her mobility and burst. RoA adds some nice sustain however and the health really makes a difference early on. I would recommend this if you find yourself being harassed or often low on health/mana in the lane phase.

    This is an item I have yet to fully test on Ahri. It's very common, but also very expensive. All of Ahri's spells late-game have low cooldowns, so a Lich Bane makes perfect sense. But keep in mind that it should be only purchased late game as the low AP you have early will likely not help your damage output.

    If you start off getting kills right off the bat, you can opt for a . I would be cautious, however. Ahri can get up to 5+ stacks per teamfight with no problem, but she is very easy to take down if you get caught out of position

    The item build is not what makes the player good. It's how you build against the enemy team that will determine how well you will do. This is a guide, not a "how to get free wins" E-book. Look at the situation in every game.

  • Summoner Abilities

    and are the two best summoner spells for Ahri.

    Leading into a fight as a nuke with flash and ignite will almost guarantee a kill every time. I play every nuke such as Akali, Annie, Veigar, Leblanc, etc; and on every one of them I take flash and ignite. The flash will get you in their face or out of a tight spot, while ignite will be continuing to do damage after your spells go onto cooldown. A lot of times enemy champions will try to run away from nukes after they open on them, and ignite is great for picking up the kill after they flash away with half a bar of health.

  • The Release Day

    " class="external_img" alt="External Image" />

    The first Ahri game seen at the bottom of the history is the first game I played as Ahri on the day she came out. I won seven games in a row as mid. The one game I did lose was to a leblanc in mid, but my assists were still higher than almost anyone.

  • Working in the team (Gimme Dem Slapz)

    Before teamfights start it is generally a good idea to stay behind your team. Ahri is very soft and while her ultimate can get her away from almost any danger, you really want to save it for the teamfight. Once the tanks have initiated, you want to lead in with your Orb of Deception, followed by Fox-Fire, and then dash around the fight (carefully!) and UNLEASH THE FURY. Use charm when you see a teammate being chased out of the fight by someone or use it when you have to pick up a straggler. Ahri is an assassin and is meant to kill people as fast as possible, so feel no shame in brutally destroying someone on the run, so long as doing so does not cost you the rest of the teamfight.

  • Farming

    Farming as Ahri is pretty simple. You max your Orb of Deception first, and once you have enough AP it basically takes care of a minion wave by itself. Just be patient. The orb does very little damage to minions at first and is not worth the mana to use to farm with. Once strong enough however it can clear an entire wave.


    Das Fury: Charm -> Orb of Deception -> Fox-Fire.

    Advanced Fury: Charm -> Orb of Deception -> Fox-Fire -> Spirit Rush.x3 -> Ignite.

  • Unique Skills

    Her most unique skill and possibly one of the most unique skills in the game is her Charm ability. It works similar to a blitzcrank grab but at a much, much slower rate.

    When fighting someone one on one, open with Charm to immobilize him. He/she wont be able to cast to damage or CC you. Once charm lands, you can throw your Orb of Deception at him/her. Activate Fox-Fire immediately after. This combo, when done in rapid succession, can do devastating amounts of damage.

    In the solo lane you can really abuse this (if you are sure you can get away with it) by running past the minions to either starve/deny your enemy in fear of being nuked, but be careful as this is technically overextending in most given situations. If they do not move away then look for an opportunity to land charm and pull off the rotation. It can easily do over 50% of someone's health if it all hits. Once you're level 6, you can combine your ultimate into your rotation as well as using ignite for an almost assured kill. Even if the enemy flashes, you can still dash up to three times with your ultimate to catch up.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: Great burst, awesome sustainability with spell vamp, hard to catch due to high mobility, amazingly fun.

    Cons: Has a bit of trouble early on with mana, is squishy by nature, is hard to stop playing after you realize how good she really is.

  • Summary

    In summary, I hope everyone enjoyed my guide and finds it helpful. Ahri is a champion I really enjoy playing. She is fun and effective. This guide isn't entirely finished, there are a couple spots I would like to tidy up and a couple HTML errors I need to go over. Please rate and comment what you think of the guide and post your ideas of what you think makes Ahri such a great champion. Thank you for reading!

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