Olaf Build Guide

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Olaf Will Nuke You You You You You

written by A Master At Arms

Olaf Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello, I am A Master At Arms, and I will show you how to win the game using Olaf. I'm a professional League of Legends player, and the way I play Olaf is the #1 way to play Olaf. Yes. #1. If you are unaware of the fact that Olaf is a solo top or jungler, then well, maybe ranked games aren't for you. I myself don't jungle Olaf. His ganking potential is just too... I mean he doesn't have a stun or any kind of CC except for the slow on his axe. There are five "You" words in the title because you are going to be nuking five people. You get what I'm sayinnnggGG?

  • Masteries + Runes

    Olaf is 22/8/0
    I'm running Armor Pen. Marks and Quintessences, Armor at level 18 Seals, and Magic Resist at level 18 Glyphs.

  • Items

    Your end game item build should look this

    Berserker's Greaves Wriggle's Lantern Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler[item=Stark's Fervor] Banshee's Veil

    To start yourself off, grab Doran's Blade or Cloth Armor depending on how you feel about your lane opponent. Sometimes I even get Doran's Shield. Well, I did that once, to fight a Garen. The reason why Doran's Blade is so good though is because if the enemy got Cloth Armor and attacks you with roughly the same amount % HP, you'll probably get a kill, because what Doran's Blade does is give you power. I mean just look at the statistics and just look at the health potion nerf that just happened.

    Work your way towards Wriggle's Lantern, and buy a basic pair of Boots along the way. Use Wriggle's as a free ward, to protect yourself against ganks, secure Baron or Dragon, or counter jungle the enemy jungler.
    I get that a lot of people might not want Berserker's Greaves. But you know what, you know what, it is the best boots for Olaf, alright, and let me tell you why right here.

    -The attack speed too good
    -Did I say ChEaP?

    Now you might think how do I survive against casters or heavy CC champions?

    Let me tell ya. First of all, the current meta outlines team compositions that generally have only the AP carry and the support for magic damage. Secondly, you have an ultimate that makes you immune to CC. And finally, if you are walking into CC traps all the time, you're just BAD. ALRIGHT. BAAAAAAD.
    Liek, learn to position yourself! Don't run into range of Alistar's combo for no freaking reason! Don't be moping around the enemy's jungle when you shouldn't be! Is that clear? Good. And obviously don't push when the enemy team is MIA.

    The reason to buy Warmog's and Atma's Impaler should already be clear to you. Warmog's is a mega HP tank item and Atma's Impaler takes that tankiness and sprinkles damage on it. Lots of sprinklessss

    You can't get by with not buying a magic resist item. Therefore, buy Banshee's Veil, the best magic resist item. I mean, Mana so you don't go OOM, Health to make you more epic, good amount of magic resist of course, and the spell block.
    Stark's Fervor is quite an amazing item, because of all the things that it does. Armor reduction, Health regeneration, lifesteal, Attack speed, you know whatever, The Aura is going to make your whole team do better, and if another person on your team bought Stark's, the aura will STACK.


    Even though the typical balanced build is good for most games, I'd like to point out what to do if up against pure AP or pure AD teams.

    Anti AD: Ninja Tabi Wriggle's Lantern Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler[item=Stark's Fervor] Sunfire Cape THEN SELL WRIGGLE AND GET Thornmail

    Anti AP: Mercury's Treads Warmog's Armor Wit's End[item=Stark's Fervor] Banshee's Veil[item=Force of Nature]

    Balanced: Berserker's Greaves Wriggle's Lantern Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler[item=Stark's Fervor] Banshee's Veil THEN SELL WRIGGLE AND GET Guardian Angel

  • Abilities

    Berserker Rage
    This will basically make you attack faster the more HP you are missing. It is quite an excellent passive. It makes backdooring with low health effective as well as dueling.

    Remember that picking the axe up with dramatically reduce the cool down. Use this to slow, chase, and when you duel someone, try to throw the axe directly in front of you. If I'm getting zoned I use this to last hit creeps in my lane.

    Vicious Strikes
    This combined with other life-steal effects makes Olaf an AMAZING sustainer. Click it on whenever you need to get the job done. Pushing, dueling, whatever, but don't use it to farm creeps, that's just wasting mana.

    Reckless Swing
    This is typically the ability that I max first with Olaf, even if I don't upgrade it first. Use it to zone enemies :)
    Meaning whenever they get close, nuke them.

    This is the ability that defines what Olaf is good for. Wrecking. Did Skarner just ult you? RAGNAROK. Did Fiddlesticks just pop his ultimate? RAGNAROK. You get the idea. But do not over extend just because Ragnarok is up. You can push when enemies are MIA, get ganked, pop Ghost and R, and escape. But you just wasted those abilities. When I'm in lane, I nuke my opponent until they're pretty low, then pop ghost and Ragnarok into their tower range, and kill him/her.

  • Skilling Order

    I get Q or E first. Never W. I always max E first, followed by W or Q. Q to be aggressive or W to be passive. I typically max Q after E.

    So let me set something up here. The enemy jungler is Shaco and I'm laning against Lee Sin. I'm going to upgrade Q first and I'll buy Cloth Armor.
    Q because if Shaco ganks me, I will want to be able to slow him and Lee Sin to make my escape more feasible. And Cloth Armor because Lee Sin isn't the kind of character that you can kill easily in a winning fight because he can just dash to one of his minions to get away from you. So he'll definitely beat you if you don't have Cloth Armor and potions.

    Now let's say the enemy jungler is Amumu and my lane opponent is Irelia. Amumu isn't a good ganker, so I'll take E first. Irelia isn't too scary, so I'll run Doran's Blade. Now I walk into lane and start pushing it a little bit right away. Irelia and I are going to kill the melee minions somewhat peacefully. Irelia took Cloth Armor, okay. Now when the caster minions are still attacking each other things are gonna get tense. If Irelia dashes toward my caster creep, THAT is when you open fire on her. Nuke with E, and if you leveled up already, Q too. If Irelia does decide to fight me I can kill her because I bought Doran's Blade and she bought Cloth Armor.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost and Ignite.

    Ghost Ignite

    Ghost because you have to combine it with Ragnarok to kill people. and Ignite because it's a really good offensive spell. Exhaust got nerfed. The new offensive spell called Surge isn't for Olaf. Or anyone, I guess. If Ignite wasn't an option, I'd take Teleport I think.

  • Working in the team

    Working in the team... Well, it seems to me that this section regards some general strategy but mainly grouped strategy.

    If you think you can pull off a backdoor go for it. last game the enemy cho'gath was roughing me up in lane because his jungler fucked my shit. But he left the lane for a couple minutes to bully my team mates and in that time I took his tower down, and from then on he was only able to run away from me. Yeah won that game. he never even got my tower, I wouldn't let him.
    Alright now talking about grouped strategy. Olaf is definitely an engager. Pop R and Ghost when you think you got the upper hand and kill a bitch, while your team mates come in behind you and kill other bitches. You know what I'm sayinnggggGGGggGG?

  • Farming

    When you have Wriggle's and Berserker's Greaves you'll farm super fast. You can take down the lizard or the ancient golem in maybe 3 seconds flat. 5 at most. well those are rough estimates, but basically he just nukes shit UP you know.

  • last words

    This concludes the guide. Hope you read it all. It's not that long. Best Olaf Guide. Right here.

    Look me up if you want. 3zio Auditore. US server. if you have questions feel free to add me and I'll get you good.

    Just keep nuking em. You know. E, Q, if they don't run away W. Wait for them to crawl back in the hopes of last hitting a creep AND BAM THERES THE E, Q, W, R, GHOST, IGNITE, BOOOOOM FIRST FUCKING BLOOD BITCH.

    Too good.

  • Video

    Yeah I might make a video of me laning with Olaf. I did that with my Tryndamere guide. So yeah I'll do that later.

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