Veigar Build Guide

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written by 11qwert11

Veigar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, You are probably reading this guide because, you want to learn a GOOD veigar build or how to play. Well... You might be at the right place.. I THiNK XD
    Ill go over the problems people have, How to improve on them, things to note. Who to kill, how to engage, knowing when to flash out, aggressive flash, learning cds, AND HOW TO PLAY BASIC CASTER AP.  

  • Masteries + Runes

     Why this setup you may ask?
    Well for mastery it's clear that you need 9 in offence. But my 21 defense some people may not like... let me explain. 
    YOU NEED MANA REGEN, Veigar loves his mana like crack; expanded mind and meditation need to be maxed, for more mana regen.  Why the [i]movement speed?[i] because veigar is slow as fuck, the extra speed helps to keep up with some of the other slower champs.
    Extra exp boast (5%) is always good want to stay ahead of the other teams mid, meaning you will get level 6 faster and have an advantage over the other player.
    6% cool down why not, and 15% from flash is like a lifesaver.  __________________________________________________________________________________________
    PEOPLE may say why not any defense mastery's?
    SIMPLE they do not help AT ALL, If you are caught in a bad position you [i]WILL DIE[i] a 5 extra armor wont save your life 99.98% of the time. So rather get more ap 

  • Items

    Before I derp derp more Ill tell you my opinion of why I believe in guides with a small number of items.
    If you are following a guide that tells you a build with 10k plus gold, and then "you will own everyone" that's just stupid anyone can have their lucky game with 10K plus gold can rape.
    A GOOD build in my opinion is a short build that is achievable every game. For my build you need 2 items to rape the [i]enemy carry[i] not a stupid full build of 6 items that require you to have a 60 minute game, and only gets complete one out of 30 games.

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sorcerer's Shoes YOUR ONE AND ONLY LOVE

    Deathfire Grasp YOUR GOD, You are a slave to this item. LEARN TO USE THIS FUCKER (talk about in later)                                                                 DONE BUILD THIS  IS ALL YOU NEED TO WIN GAMES (trust me)
    If you just want be a greedy and not buy wards or shit to help your team out buy this shit.
    Sorcerer's Shoes Deathfire Grasp Rabadon's Deathcap Void Staff Will of the Ancients Zhonya's Hourglass

    NEVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ARMOR OR Magic resist, (heath some times)
    They do not really help and you will die I like said before, Zhonya's is very useful if used right.

  • Abilities

    This gives you extra mana regen, depending on the amount of mana you got.

    Baleful Strike
    Farm this up almost like nasus but this will apply to all your skills. Try to aim for 70+ ap by the end of the game

    Dark Matter
    A fuck from god that hurts the enemy(s) never farm but fuck shit up.

    Event Horizon
    Use this to stun a full team if your good, or nothing and you die.
    TRY to stun the person by dropping the wall on them, this is hard and depends on how much you played, keep trying and think back about what you did wrong

    Primordial Burst
    KIll the enemy ap with this more ap they have MORE damage, YOUR ARE AP KILLER THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOUR ONE.

  • Skilling Order

    Alright this is what makes and breaks people.
    I see a ton load of veigar, having played over 800 games, and about 200 with veigar, I faceplam every time I see a veigar doing his skilling order wrong, only to have the other guy live with like 100 hp.
    1)  Use this first to stun the other person, THIS is also one of the things that separate good and bad veigars apart. 
    USE IT ON THE PERSON MAKE SURE THE EDGE LANDS ON HE PERSON and not have them stand in the middle of it.
    IF you failed to stun and the other person has more then 50% hp and you think you can not kill them, dont blast your spells on them because they will dodge your dark matter (E spell)
    You can also use it as a life saver, not only for your self but team mates, BE careful don't run back to save a person in a 1 vs 5, because not only will your team mate die so will.
    IF you want to kill a person DO NOT USE IT UNLESS YOU THINK YOU CAN BLOW YOUR FULL COMBO ON HIM. what I mean is make sure your other skills are in range and on cool down otherwise by the time you walk up to caste your other skills the stun will run out, making you have wasted mana and pulling the skill on  Cool down.

    2)   Deathfire Grasp <---- YOUR GOD REMEMBER ask him for help use him wisely and you will be rewarded with upwards of 700+ damage, put this item on your first inventory slot and press 1 to use (3 also works good because E-3). 3)   THIS FUCKER, never use it to farm, (unless you got a blue buff then you can spam all day).DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU failed to stun the other person, because people are not stupid they will move. I see this happening so many times.

    4)This next, Why this because if you manage to kill someone with this it just means you saved your self from                 putting the ULT on cooldown.
    5) IF you still have not killed some one and they have about 15-25% hp use your ult, that percentage can vary depending on the amount of Ap the other person has, If they have like 500 it can do about 40-50% damage (also depending on rank)

    Always remember to look at the amount of mana you got before slapping down all spells, click the other champion see how much health they have and calculate the amount of damage you can do.

  • Working in the team

    NEVER attack the dragon or baron, always be the person in the bush as a look out, if you see a bunch of noobs trying to gangk your mates at the dragon stun them and run away, if you get lucky you could even kill one of them.
    Your stun is what makes your a team player and your ability to kill the enemy carry or ap, 

    If the other team has a hard carry and their fed dont be scared to kill them and also die, its your job to kill the other enemy carry. Say if the other team has a bunch of tanks and  1 ranged carry (ashe) and you dive in to kill the ashe also get killed, thats a win win. because after you have blown thee combo cant really do much, you killed the enemy dpser, whiler yours is still alive and you started a team fight, while some of them will be stuned

  • Farming

    Lean to farm with your Q, this not a matter of last hit but remember how much damage each of your Q does at all the ranks from 1-5, Your Q gives you 1 ap for every kill by the end of the game try to aim for 70+ ap thats almost 1700 gold
    before level 6 try to gain about 15+ ap from your Q alone, when your a level 6 and you have done some harass to the enemy champ and their about at  70% or < hp you can kill them.

    DO NOT TRY TO KILL THE ENEMY CHAMPION BEFORE LEVEL 6, Minions alone will kill you like butter

    This is how you should level your skills
    level 5 you want 1 point in dark matter, so if you have harassed before level 6 a bit,
    (not committing to killing the other person, just harass)
    You can stun blow and combo and kill, 

  • Pros / Cons

    RAPE faces of enemy APRAPE FACES OF enemy carrysRAPE faces of noobsRAPE faces of everthing with no mr, and less then 2500 hp

    You will only die if you suck!!you will get focused no one like having a fag that can blow a champion out in 1 combo and stun a whole team.IF YOU SUCK YOU WILL HATE MANA

    PS. First guide

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