Alistar Build Guide

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Alistar - The Demonic Stun Tank

written by bait

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Alistar is the quintessential tank. He has incredible defense, area of effect stun, headbutt, area of effect heals, and horns.
    There are many strategies that use Alistar as the corner stone. Two of such strategies are the pushing strategy and the farming strategy. Whoever lanes with Alistar farms well. Alistar is a terrible farmer.

  • Items

    Trinity Force
    Mercury Treads
    Aegis of the Legion
    Stark's Fervor

  • Item Order

    Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Potions
    Boots of Speed
    Aegis of the Legion
    Sight Ward x2
    Mercury Treads
    Stark's Fervor /*note 1
    Trinity Force

  • Item Discussion

    The items reflect that Alistar doesn't need a lot of defensive items to make a great tank.
    Making sure you can cast Unbreakable Will helps a lot more than having good defensive items.

    note 1.
    Stark's Fervor is a conditional item. If an ally is already making Stark's Fervor, then don't make it. If your team doesn't have that much physical champions, then don't make Stark's Fervor.

  • Skilling Order

    1. Pulverize
    2. Headbutt or Triumphant Roar //Pick whichever you need first. I don't spend this skill point until
    3. Headbutt or Triumphant Roar //I use the skill. Use Alt + W or Alt + E for quick selection.
    4. Pulverize
    5. Triumphant Roar
    6. Unbreakable Will
    7. Pulverize
    8. Pulverize
    9. Pulverize
    10. Triumphant Roar
    11. Unbreakable Will
    12. Triumphant Roar
    13. Triumphant Roar
    14. Headbutt
    15. Headbutt
    16. Unbreakable Will
    17. Headbutt
    18. Headbutt

  • Skill Discussion

    Alistar's Skills are very flexible.
    If the enemy isn't doing much damage, you don't need to level Triumphant Roar. Think of Triumphant Roar as HP regen rather than instant health. The heal/mana ratio doesn't go up as you level up Triumphant Roar so keep it as low as you can while keeping you and your ally's health bars full.

    The choice between Headbutt and Pulverize doesn't really matter. The Damage/Level and Damage/Mana is about the same. Headbutt deals a bit more damage but Pulverize is an area of effect. You cast both of them about the same number of times. I prioritized Pulverize just because it's AOE and better for farming.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner Abilities
    Flash is used for Alistar's combos.
    It's used in Flash + Pulverize + Headbutt
    or Flash + Headbutt + Pulverize
    Using these combos near your tower is absolutely deadly. Even if you are not at a tower, using it on an enemy with low health may be fatal.
    As a rule of thumb, Alistar probably won't be at his own tower but it does happen.
    It is also very difficult to initiate battles without Flash. Without flash, it is difficult to position yourself for a good pulverize.

    The second spell is Clarity. The MP given by it is very strong.

    Aumz uses Clarity + Ghost. It's a good combo if you're going for endurance battles.

    My current favorite summoner spells:
    GnomeChomsky recommended Flash + Exhaust. This is one of my favorites since it's great for early ganking. The exhaust is useful for disabling Twitch or other physical carries in a battle.

  • Masteries

    CD reduction should be the priority.

    -Archmage's Saavy [3/3]
    -Deadliness [1/1]
    -Sorcery [4/4]
    -Archaic Knowlege [1/1]

    -Preserverence [3/3]
    -Good Hands [1/3]
    -Awareness [4/4]
    -Greed [1/1]
    -Meditation [3/3]
    -Insight [1/1]
    -Quickness [3/3]
    -Blink of an Eye [1/1]
    -Intelligence [3/3]
    -Presence of the Master [1/1]

  • Runes

    Marks: Magic Penetration
    Seals: Most of them Dodge, Two HP per Level
    Glyphs: Most of them Cool-down Reduction, Two Magic Resist per Level
    Quintessence: HP

  • Pros/Cons

    High Health
    Great Stuns
    Great Initiator
    Great Tank
    Great Healer
    Great Lane control
    Great Interruptor (interrupting Nunu or Katarina's Ults)
    Amazing Pusher

    Horrible Farmer
    Horrible Jungler
    No skills that improve movement
    Low Damage
    Poor Carry

  • Strategies

    There are many strategies that favor Alistar.
    Disclaimer: I solo queue only so I never actually use these strategies.

    Pushing Strategy
    I would suggest using:
    Alistar, Twitch, Soraka, Anivia, Sivir
    Summoner spells are important. Make sure you grab several Rally and Heal.
    When you get to a tower simply attack it. If there are many people attacking you, use Flash + Pulverize + Headbutt + Unbreakable Will then attack the tower. In the meantime, your allies will finish the tower and gank right afterwards.

    Laning Strategy
    Starting out with a Mana Manipulator puts you at an advantage over just about everybody else.
    If you are laning with a caster, this strategy is even more effective if your ally carries a Mana Manipulator as well. The auras will stack twice.

    5-man Ganking
    Alistar is great at initiating these fights. He uses Flash, Pulverize, then Headbutt the enemy carry to your team. Then he casts Unbreakable Will to survive it all.

  • Combinations

    Laning Tactics/Combinations
    Some combinations are scarier than most.
    Alistar's combinations will make grown men cry.
    Disclaimer: I solo queue only so I never actually use these combinations.

    Death Trap I
    1. Shaco Places 3 or more traps in the bushes.
    2. Alistar uses Flash, Pulverize, then Headbutt the target into the traps.
    3. Alistar casts Clairvoyance in the bushes.
    4. Shaco uses Deceive and attacks the target.
    5. Target dies.

    Death Trap II
    1. Heimerdinger places many H-28G Evolution Turret in the bushes.
    2. Alistar casts Flash, Pulverize, then Headbutt the target into the turrets.
    3. Alistar casts Clairvoyance in the bushes.
    4. Heimerdinger casts CH-1 Concussion Grenade on the target.
    5. Target dies.

    Enhanced grab and doom
    1. Blitzcrank casts Rocket Grab on the target.
    2. Blitzcrank casts Power Fist on the target.
    3. Alistar casts Headbutt, pushing the target into an allied tower.
    4. Alistar approaches the target then casts Pulverize before the target leaves the tower's range.
    5. Target dies.

    Unholy Mana
    1. Alistar gets Mana Manipulator.
    2. Ally gets Mana Manipulator.
    3. Alistar + Ally dominates lane.

  • Special Role in Team

    Alistar is probably one of the best counters to Nunu and Katarina's Ults. If Nunu or Katarina is in the enemy team, save your Headbutt and wait for either one of them to use their ultimates. It's not necessary to knock an enemy carry to your team in most cases.

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