Alistar Build Guide

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Alistar Jungle: Not trolling trust me !

written by Swisside

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi everyone !

    I'm Swisside, a swiss player from EUW. Reached 1560 elo season 1 and I'm now struggling to get out of the so-called elo hell. I feel the best way to carry games is to try new things. Such as Maokai Jungle, GP support and other fancy setups. 

    I recently started experiencing with Alistar jungle and so far it seems his strong CC's can help secure ganks or force enemy use flash to get away. However as the time goes on you will be get a little slow in the jungle due to the absence of wriggle in my build but lot's of solo tops and some carrys take it so it shouldn't be a major issue. Most of all, I find him very fun to play and not boring for a second. He's said to be easy but trust me landing 100% of your W+Q combo is not a piece of cake !

    I will write here about my thoughts on this champion in the jungle along with runes, masteries, items recommendation and jungle path I run on him.

    Hope it will help.


  • Updates

    14/12/2011 : As Alistar is really strong in early levels, playing as recommended in this guide can make you totally useless endgame, it might be a good idea to rush AP items if you feel your carries will not be able to actually carry ( Example : Kassadin 4-0 focusing the enemy tank instead of silencing/bursting Annie)

    200 views, comments are welcomed guys.

  • Abilities

    This passive really helps a lot while jungling.

    In order to save some mana, wait until it's over before you cast another spell !

    Finally it allows Alistar to pass through units, really interesting in teamfights. (Use Triumphant Roar before to run in !)

    A stun that you cannot be cleansed and that is not reduced by tenacity, what makes your ganks strong.

    When used in combo with Pulverize it's a really good gap closer. You can also Pulverize first then bump your target back into your ally(ies) making flash useless.

    Triumphant Roar
    With this you will be almost always 100% in the jungle meaning you are hard to counter or to gank.

    Unbreakable Will
    Allow terrible tanking alongs with tower diving. Incredibly useful. Wait to get CCed at least once before you use it !

  • Spell order

    Pulverize The CD gets lower as you update this skill, as it's your major source of CC I max it first.

    Headbutt Not as strong as Pulverize but the CD goes down too, maxed second

    Triumphant Roar Your goal is to help get kills, so except to help in the jungle this spell won't be used that much.

    Unbreakable Will Take whenever you can !

  • Runes & masteries

    In this section I will cover runes and masteries what I run and what are the other possibilities offered.


    They are many viable rune pages on Alistar. You will find her my favorite pick along with some other I find viable.


    1) Greater Mark of Insight : Your abilities will hurt more with those

    2) Greater Mark of Desolation : Help your auto attacks to get through creeps and enemies armor.

    3) Greater Mark of Alacrity : Attacking faster is always good, I don't really like those on Alistar but it's viable


    1) Greater Seal of Resilience : Best choice. Since dodge is getting remove nothing else is really viable, except if you want to start Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion which I don't recommend on Alistar.


    1) Greater Glyph of Shielding : Really interesting, makes you less killable when you gank mid.

    2) Greater Glyph of Focus : Alistar has high CD, those runes help a bit early. Per level also viable.

    3) Greater Glyph of Potency : Even if his ratios were nerfed recently it's still viable and give you a boost early.


    1) Greater Quintessence of Desolation : Really help with red buff and helps your hurt champions a little bit more

    2) Greater Quintessence of Fortitude : Works well on Alistar.

    3) Greater Quintessence of Potency : 15 AP isn't bad even with new ratios !

    So this is what I run, if you have any other ideas please feel free to comment !


    The best tree in my opinion is defensive with 9 points in utility to have the increased buff duration. You could also go offense tree but I don't really like it.

  • Items

    They are mainly two paths when you jungle with Alistar : Be a carry or be a support. The problem is that a team has mainly 2 carries which are AD bot and AP mid if you steal kills when you gank they gonna be weaker endgame which could lead in not killing or even worse losing.

    This is why I prefer to play as a second support early and then go more tanky. Playing as a support means : Buying wards and helping your mates be safe, buy gold/5 items and NOT steal kills from the carries ( or even from the top laner).

    Here is the build order I like the most :

    START :

    1) Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion : allowing sustain in the jungle and rushing Philo Stone is always good

    2) Doran's Ring : Some would say it's a waste of money but still it's a good item for Alistar, you can even stack some (3 max). The only problem is that it's a dead end item and you will need to sell them back.


    1) Philosopher's Stone + Boots of Speed +(if you got an assist) Sight Ward


    Doran's Ring + Boots of Speed +(if possible) Sight Ward

    THEN as soon as possible !

    [item=Heart of Gold] and [item=Kage's Lucky Pick] : Both work fine on Alistar. If you are doing really well you might skip one of those

    Sight Ward : Always buy if you have 75g or more left !!!!!!!!! Wards win games !

    BOOTS :

    1) Boots of Mobility : Deadly ganks ! [NB : Healing doesn't put you in combat state !!!]

    2) Ionian Boots of Lucidity : Alistar's has long CD early , a way improve it.

    3) Mercury's Treads : If they have crazy CC ( let's say at least 3)


    1) Rod of Ages : Everything Alistar needs !

    2) Lich Bane : Incredibly good to get kills or to kill towers

    3) Rabadon's Deathcap : The best AP item in the game

    4) Zhonya's Hourglass : A good tanky/offensive item but not really shinning on Alistar


    1) Frozen Heart : Incredibly good on Alistar provides all you need along with a strong debuff. Must buy if they have more than one AD carry !!!

    2) Randuin's Omen : Good item against physical teams ( which are pretty common :D ) and adds a control in your skills pannel !

    3) Banshee's Veil : Terribly hard to protect your carries from Alistar with Banshee's : you need to CC him three times to stop him, and those CC you won't use them on the enemy carries :D 

    4) Warmog's Armor : Won't be this very often actually, but HP is never bad on Alistar ( works well with your ultimate)

    SUPPORTING (auras) : Be careful not buying twice those items ( except Shurelya :D)

    1) Shurelya's Reverie Strong item to engage or run away from danger. 

    2) Aegis of the Legion Good early item, help a lot your carries !

    3) [item=Soul Shroud] Good but your support will most likely buy this !

    This is it ! If you have any idea feel free to comment !

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash+ Smite : Flash is really strong to initiate with Pulverize and jungling without Smite is terribly slow.

  • Build Example

    This is an allround build that would work in most of the situations. Don't forget to adapt to enemies it's just a sample


  • Creep Jungling

    So this is the path I use for now :

    Before you start :

    Ask for damage on wofles ( AFTER you hit them) and then leach blue.

    ALWAYS back when you have enough for philo + boots (+ward) (unless you have a 100% gank chance, the sooner you have Philosopher's Stone the better !)

    1) Wolfes (if help)

    2) Ancient Golem

    3) Wraiths

    4) Golems 

    5) Look for gank opportunity i

    6) Wraiths

    7) Wolfes

    8) Use your imagination !

    [9)] You can also take the Lizard buff but you don't really need it, it's better to gank level 2-3 to surprise the enemies !

    [10) Dragon and Baron are though without wriggle ]

    Here is a map :

    NB : Yeah I know, I'm a terrible picture editor :D

  • What you are supposed to do !

    In my opinion, Alistar or any support oriented junglers like Rammus/Amumu that don't rely on expensive stuff to be effective should never take kills from carries or top lane unless you need to take it to secure it !

    Moreover try not to overkill target, maybe the enemy jungler will come to get a low HP mate so you better have some CDs available !

    Until late game you are more a support than a tank, which means you can take some damage but don't go crazy, your ultimate won't transform you into God !

    Care about people with true damage, mainly Vayne, Olaf, Irelia, Kog Maw and finally Ignite. Those things go through your ultimate !

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros :

    - Really scary ganks

    - Never low hp in the jungle

    - Fast and deadly with boots of mobility

    - Doesn't rely on red buff that much

    Cons :

    - Damage not so high

    - You fail your combo you fail you pretty much fail your gank.

    - Slow on dragon/baron.

    - People will most likely thing you are trolling. So if things go bad it's mainly your fault :D But don't worry you will win !

    - In solo queue, it might be better to play full AP and get kills fast instead of supporting carries that won't be able to lead your team to victory.

  • Summary

    Here is the end of my guide, I hope you found it interesting and will try it in ranked/normal even if people gonna think you are a troll !

    Good luck and if you ever want to play add me : Swisside!

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