Nunu Build Guide

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Freeze your enemies jungle, Counter-Jungling Nunu GREAT DETAIL

written by cardboardowl

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Why play nunu?

    In short, No one counter jungles harder then Nunu, and he ganks on a Shaco like level early. He gives extreme buff and map control to your team, it is pretty much impossible to steal a dragon or a baron from Nunu, and he steals them like it's his job. cause it is. Late game he transitions into a supporty tank who shuts down enemy carries and protects/buffs his own. he catches enemies out of position and punishes them for it hard, and can carry victories like there is no tomorrow. 

    I will add video guides and certain replays and things to help. If you guys have any questions please ask, and I'll answer. if you also think the guide could use anything else in it, please let me know.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, I go 0/15/15.  Here's a pic.
    For runes I go:magic pen marksArmor sealsAP per lvl glyphs one flat AP quintOne flat armor quintOne movespeed quint.Marks and glyphs you can change out.

  • Abilities

    Make sure to take advantage of this as much as possible. always be whacking something to bring this up if you can.

    Consume is the reason nunu is the best counter jungler out there. It's stronger then smite if you keep it at a decent lvl, and it has a much shorter cd. the heal will also save your butt over and over. Don't write off this skill as useless. its awesome.

    Blood Boil
    This skill is what allows you to move across the map and chase down enemies for ganks. Always always always have it on you when you are fighting. if there is an ally near you, put it on them as well. no reason not to. generally have it on when ur walking across the map to an objective, unless you are strapped for mana.

    Ice Blast
    Nunu's ganking strength comes from this baby. the perma-slow is deadly. the dmg is threatening early, and the aspd debuff is icing on the cake. stick it on someone who is about to get away, the person you are ganking, or in big teamfights, the enemy AD carry.

    Absolute Zero
    Ah nunu's ult. it does many things. it slows movement, aspd, and does dmg. it protects ur team and encourages the enemy to CC you. it's a super duper ult. the trick is the timing on it. I will go in depth later on how and when to use your ult.

  • Items

    Always start with Boots of Speed It's essential to making your ganking and counter jungling effective.with the right masteries you should have enough for two potions and a ward as well.  Health Potion Sight Ward
    Generally on my first trip back, I get a [item=Heart of gold] If for some reason i got very fed, say all my ganks went beautifully, i jump right into building Will of the Ancients. That's pretty rare though. if your ganks are going ok, making enemies go back and giving your allies an advantage, but you arent getting any kills. you should probably grab a Philosopher's Stone as well.

    At some point turn your boots into  Boots of Mobility
    If at this point the game is in your teams favor, go for a Hextech Revolver or Will of the Ancients. if you are behind, get a   Spirit Visage first instead. the health cds and MR should help get you back in the game. 

    It's mid game now, and you should have boots, WotA, visage, and 1-2 gp/5 items. now you counter-build. is the enemy ad carry the real threat? go for a Thornmail Is it the enemy AP carry? go for a Banshee's Veil is there too much CC going around, and lots of ignites? go for a Quicksilver Sash or a banshee's veil. 
    Late game you can end with a Void Staff if ur enemy has lots of mr, Rabadon's Deathcap   if you want some more ap, or more tank items if your team is doing enough dmg and you just need to stay alive longer.
    If it turns into an hour long dragged out match, u can turn ur spirit visage into a Warmog's Armor  or Sunfire Cape  or something.

    Endgame you should have Boots, Wota, visage, 1-2 tank items and 1-2 ap items, depending.

  • Skilling Order

    Start with your Consume consume. you need it to steal enemy stuff and yo do your blue quickly. then get Ice Blast iceball, then Blood Boil bloodboil.

    From then on you level on needs. Is ganking going to be tough? your team pushing all day? get some levels in consume to counter jungle easier and farm the jungle faster.
    Is the enemy jungler hard to track, and clears their jungle too fast? level up the iceball and force some ganks.
    I almost always end up going q/e/w/e/q/r/e/e/e/q/q/w/w/w with ur ult lvling when you need to of course.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite and flash. that's it pretty much. no real wiggle room here.
    flash i suppose you could take ghost or heal or something, but due to the nature of counter jungling, sometimes shit might go down, and you need to have a quick escape. thats what flash is for. I don't recommend anything else.


    I'm gonna work on making a map shortly, but for now this text will have to do.

    You start by eating the enemies blue ghost. be extremly careful though, as it's common for nunu's to do this and the enemy will probably see it coming. go slow, and bring some allies with you and cv when its almost time to eat it. if they are guarding you can try and invade, but be careful, don't give out fb. it's not worth the ghost. While you are there, drop ur ward at his reds. go back to your blues, have someone leash, and take it out. you should be able to get there before it spawns.

    From there you should have your snowball. if mid or top is over extended, punish them with a gank. if no one is gankable, go eat the enemy big golem near top. you should be able to gank top then unless he is pushed to his tower. it's pretty early on, so he shouldn't be.
    Afterwards, see if you can gank mid, if not go eat your wolves.
    Around this time the enemy jungler should be getting to his reds. try to be in that area. gank top again if you need to wait a couple seconds. when he shows up to his red, most of the time he will be low. wait for him to blow smite, then steal his buff.If he is smart and saves it, wait until lizard has around 1k hp, run up and consume and smite at the same second. make sure you know exactly how much dmg you are going to do. if your enemy is low, finish him with ur snowballs. if he is healthy and or his allies are coming to help, get the hell out of there.

    If you have 800ish gold, go back and get ur first gp/5. if not, kill some more jungle or gank until you do.

    After you go back, its time to gank bot or mid again. farm some jungle until the lanes are pushed at least to the midway point and go to town. if you get a kill, force a dragon, then take your reds, and go back.

    After this you should be getting some good items. you just need to keep warding the enemy jungle, tracking him, and keeping buff control. go where your team needs you to be. always be ganking or counter jungling. I am in my enemies jungle almost more then i am in my own.

  • Counter jungling tips

    -Most junglers who start blue clear it around the same time you clear your own. when your's comes up, theirs is probably up as well. steal it.

    -Be aware of all of the enemies positions, and who is buying wards. if the enemy is getting smart and warding their own jungle, be extremely careful. if top or mid is mia, and they weren't going to shop, they are probably helping their teammate hunt you down.

    -The whole point of counter jungling is to control buffs, and shut down the enemy jungler. if a buff comes up, head there. taking the blue ghost and the big golem over and over is nice, but buffs first.

    -Make use of cv. sometimes the enemy will be in your jungle cause they know you will be countering them. have your bot lane cv if you havent seen the other jungler in a while. it doesn't matter if you stole their buffs if they take yours.
    -Dragon as early as you can. you rape him, so if you have a numbers advantage, force it.
    -Wards are really great for tracking junglers.
    -Don't forget your obligations. if top is about to die or is getting pushed to his tower, that's an easy kill. unless you are about to steal a buff in 10 seconds, go help the lanes. your job is to help your lanes win at all costs. don't forget that.
    -Don't get cocky. Sometimes when you steal a buff or two you think you can go anywhere in the jungle. that's still enemy territory. don't think that people will let you take it without a fight. they can be waiting in a bush for you to pass.
    -Don't be predictable. sometimes ganking a lane about 3 times in a row is hard to predict, and don't do the same route if you happen to fight someone who has seen you jungle nunu before. it could be risky.

    if you do a boss job and steal all his buffs and keep him two levels under you that's great, but one death can pass the buffs to an enemy team and give that jungler you've just denied a free lvl and a half. it's a good way to waste counterjungling. 

  • Your weaknesses.

    You don't do a HUGE amount of dmg. you aren't a pushover, but shields and heals will generally deny you kills. be aware of that.
    Some junglers are tougher to counter then others. 
    Udyr and shyvana are real fast, very durable, and hard to steal from. be very careful against this opponents. 

    -udyr's turtle can block alot more then you think,

    - shyvana is faster then you think.

    -A good jungle trynd can clear double buffs sometimes before you think he would be able to. get to his reds early, and beware, he hits alot harder then you do. kite him

    -Warwick is hard to kill, and can smell you if you aren't healthy. it's hard to sneak up on him if he knows where you are.

    -Shaco isn't very strong if you take his buffs, but he is usually tricky. avoid getting baited and chasing. Also face him like a man. backstab damage adds up.

  • Your strengths.

    -You are going to be a hell of alot faster then 99% of junglers you fast. take advantage of that and kite all day. only whack people when you are sure you can seal the deal.
    -Consume is a super duper awesome heal bait, don't underestimate it.
    -Your early game ganks are game winners. gank as much as you can.

  • Working in the team

    -ALWAYS blood boil your AD carry. unless someone is like about to catch a low hp person and they need a mild speed boost. blood boil is a free phantom dancer. give it to your ad carries.
    - Be in the front, and take skill-shots for your team. your consume cool-down is very low and it heals from 700-1k depending on how much ap you have.
    -Snowball the enemy carry 90% of the time. sometimes if someone is about to get away, do that, but generally in a team-fight the slow on the enemy ad carry is crippling and you want it.
    -Whack stuff. all the time. It's a mentality thing. people would hit you if you hit them. you want people to hit u instead of ur carries.
    -Your ult, i will cover in the section below.

  • HIS ULT!

    thanks. most people think that nunu is good bc of his ult. his ult is nice, buts its not what makes him.

    The trick to nunu's ult, is to hit a happy medium of timing in the fight. you don't want to do it too early, or it will be shut off instantly. you don't want to do it too late, because you won't get the full utility of taking the CC from your allies.
    Generally speaking, Do it when people START moving in on your carries. if they are already on your carry you missed out on the sweet spot of timing. people will be tunnel visioned. when they realize that you are ulting, they will turn around and switch to you. if they used flash to get in, they are so slow they proly wont get to you. if they didn't they will proly burn it to get out, which is away from your carry. if they don't they take the massive dmg, and your carry finished them off. you want to be standing in front of the person you are protecting, between his assailants.  if you can time it just right. you get people to change their focus to you, without actually stopping you until you've got near the full channel. the whole time ur team is whollaping them, then ur dmg pulls out, and all of your enemy freaks.
    Another way to do it is the "empire" basically sit in a bush and wait, and have ur friend bait them into it. don't start it until they are damn close to you. They can't see the spell, but they can see themselves being slowed. About half of the distance of your ult is a good time to start it.

    Always break ur ult if everyone is about to get out of it, wait until the last possible moment for as much dmg as you can.

    Remember your ult also slows aspd. throw ur E and R on someone, and they wont be attacking.

  • General Advice.

    - Try to fight near minions or creeps at all times. you want a snack on hand to heal.
    - Take advantage of your passive as much as possible
    - Communicate with your team. Tell them ahead of team if you are going to gank and when you are going to gank etc etc. ask if summoner spells are down and all that junk.
    - Don't be afraid to use your ult as a slow if it will net a kill from someone else. remember it does more then damage. 
    - Know when to bail. Nothing makes you look lamer then trying to counter and then you just end up giving the enemy jungler a kill. 
    - Kite
    - Ward
    - Remain positive! a negative outlook affects your team and your play. Be the glue that holds the team together.

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