Xerath Build Guide

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A Xerath guide without a good title.

written by Hardline

Xerath Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    There are probably tons of spelling and grammar mistakes because english is not my native language. But I´ve tried my best to phrase understandable.

    As I started to play Xerath, I´ve noticed that there is no guide up to date for the new masteries. After alot more games I fell in love with Xerath (don´t take this to literally) and I decided to honor this underplayed champion by writing my first leaguecraft champion guide about him. The whole guide is about Summoner´s Rift. I haven´t played Xerath in the Twisted treeline or Dominion.

  • Summary

    An overview of my setup, in case that you don´t like letters, but colorful pictures!




    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency
    9 x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9x Greater Glyph of Force

    Summoners Spells:


    Champion Skill priority:

    [spell=arcane barrage]  >  Arcanopulse  >  [spell=locus of power]  >  [spell=mage chains]


    Start item:
    Optinal:     [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] 

  • Pros / Cons

    What is Xerath and why should i play him?:

    Good question. Do you know Warhammer 40k? Xerath can be compared most likely to a Tau XV88 Boradside Battlesuit. A high armoured infantry unit which sacrificed mobility for firepower. It can entrench itself to increase it´s range and damage, and that is exactly what Xerath does. The burst damage can be compared to Annie as his range comes close to Kog´Maw`s Living Artillery.

    -Long range
    -Strong laning
    -Easy Farming
    -Good Harass and poking
    -Ridiculous long range
    -High AoE burst damage
    -Integrated Spell Penetration
    -Ludicrous long range

    -Hard learning curve
    -Main damage source are delayed skillshots
    -immobilized in exchange for increased range
    -Needs his ultimate in order to burst
    -Weak (dead) if actual someone reaches you
    -No escape abilities

  • Abilities

    [spell=Ascended Form]
    Many people consider it rather weak because with Xerath´s range you shouldn't be hit. That is correct theoretically. But the truth is in an average game you will be get hit. In fact, the enemy team will do anything possible to hunt you down! And that´s why this passiv can save your life. 15% doesn´t sound much but it will grant you a free Chain Vest every 300 AP. With a full item build and ~680 AP there are more than 100 armor for free, and over 220 total armor at level 18 with Zhonya's Hourglass as the only armor item! However do not consider yourself as a tank. It´s still not a good idea to rally the enemy team around you, just because you want to deal more AoE damage.

    Xerath deals damage to all enemys in a straight line after a short delay. Your main damaging spell. Use it to farm. Use it to harass. And use it to kill. Or for all three at the same time! With [spell_text=Locus of power], you will be able to hit enemies without being in their sight range. Since you can shoot over every wall, it is awesome for poking, finishing off fleeing enemies or kill stealing. (But I do not recommend this unless the kill would go to a Teemo).

    Cost: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 mana
    Cooldown: 7 / 6.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 5 seconds (3 with 40% cooldown reduction)
    Range: 900
    Range With [spell_text=locus of power]: 1300

    [spell=Locus of Power]
    It transforms Xerath into a living artillery. Other mages needs to get close and endager themself to cast their spells, but not Xerath. Have you ever tried to kill a Veigar beneath his turret, then get caught in Event Horizon and raged even though it was obvious that you would die? Well as Xerath you just activate [spell_text=locus of power] and nuke this nasty Yordle to hell without being in Turret range! You are able to sit behind a wall or in a bush and take out the enemy carry or half of the team before they reach you. As if this isn´t enough it also grants 30% magic penetration and bonus movement speed, which will help to reposition yourself or to run like a little girl if the enemy team decide to kill you (what will be very often).

    Cost: No cost
    Cooldown: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 / 4 seconds (2.4 with 40% cooldown reduction)
    Increases the range of all other abilities by 400.

    [spell=Mage Chains]
    Xerath´s only targeted spell, but unfortunately it also has the shortest range. The stun can be used offensively to prevent this annoying thing called "moving" what makes it far more easily to burst down your opponents. Or defensively to safe your life or the life of your teammates (except it is a teemo then you should let him die. Humanity will thank you!). It should always be triggered with Arcanopulse so you can cast it a second time, once the stun ran off and your pray tries to get away cause it can´t accept it´s inevitable death.

    Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana
    Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds (4.8 with 40% cooldown reduction)
    Range: 600
    Range With [spell_text=locus of power]: 1000

    [spell=Arcane Barrage]
    The reason why Xerath is a burst mage. Fairly high mana costs but after casting once, you get 2 more shots for free. It can devastate a single target or an entire group. If all 3 charges hit (and they better do!) it deals AoE damage equals 375/600/825 + 1.8 times your AP. I punched those numbers into my calculator, it makes a happy face. It Also grants vision and 3 attempts to steal Baron Nashor or the Dragon nuff said.

    Cost: 150 / 180 / 210 mana
    Cooldown: 80 / 70 / 60 seconds (36 with 40% cooldown reduction]
    Range: 900
    Range With [spell_text=locus of power]: 1300

  • Skilling Order

    Unlike the tooltip from leaguecraft , the range of [spell_text=mage chains] and [spell_text=arcane barrage] will NOT increase with further ranks.

    Usually I go with this skill order:

    Unless your jungler wants to gank early, you should take [spell_text=locus of power] at level 2. Even with a 20 second cooldown, you will often benefit more from a long range Arcanopulse, than from [spell_text=Mage chains]. However, if you got a very agressive opponent and you dont like to play defensively, you may take [spell_text=Mage Chains] at level 2. If you trade hits, show him that it hurts. Annie will think twice if it´ll be fun.

    Either way, prioritise Arcanopulse and [spell_text=arcane barrage] since they are the main source of your damage. Beside that, you want to cast from max range as often as possible. The increased damage and slightly lower cooldown of [spell_text=Mage chains] is negligible if compared to the benefit you will gain from the short cooldown of [spell_text=Locus of Power]. Think of [spell_text=Mage chains] as an utility spell rather than a primary damaging spell.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Offense vs. Utility

    21/0/9 or 9/0/21 what´s better? Well, the pros for utility are the increased experience, cooldown reduction and lower summoner spell cooldowns. As the pros for offense are damage, damage, a little bit more damage, and damage if the target is low on health.

    I go with the offense tree for two reasons:
    1) To max out Xerath burst damage, besides it synergies very well with Ability Power Runes.
    2) The CDR from Intelligence is only usefull in the early game cause I build Ionian Boots of Lucidity. With Sorcery + Crest of the Ancient (blue buff) or [item_text=Morello's Evil Tome] I´m at 39% CDR. (Even though many games end before I buy [item_text=Morello's Evil Tome])

    For runes i use:

    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency = 14.85 AP
    9 x Greater Mark of Insight  = 8.55 Magic Pen
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity  = 0.58 Mana regen per level (10,44 at level 18)
    9x Greater Glyph of Force = 1.53 AP per level (27,54 AP at level 18)

    This setup is a nice overall package. Runes and masteries provides 22 AP at level 1 and the mana regen helps since i dont buy any mana items.

    In my opinion the Quintessences and Marks are not changeable since they provide a huge early damage boost and make laning even more easily.

    Other Seals:

    Greater Seal of Force = 0.9 AP per level (16 AP at level 18)
    The best choice if you don´t need the mana regen.

    Greater Seal of Replenishment = 3.69 Mana regen (Greater Seal of Clarity exceed at level 7)
    These can help if you play aggresively early on.

    Other Glyphs:

    Greater Glyph of Warding = 13.41 Magic resistance
    A valid option since most of the time you will face another AP Caster in mid lane.

    Greater Glyph of Potency = 9 AP (Greater Glyph of Force exceed at level 7)
    Take these if you don´t have AP/per level.

    I don´t like CDR Runes on Xerath for the same reason i don´t like the utility tree. But if you dont build Ionian Boots of Lucidity, you might choose them.

    Greater Glyph of Focus = 5.85% CDR (Greater Glyph of Celerity exceed at level 13)

  • Summoner Abilities

    What i use:

    Nerfed, but still unarguable. Xerath has no escape ability and this will help alot to, survive a gank, get away from those nasty melees, or teleport over a wall with 50 HP left and kill Annie with Arcanopulse while enjoying the flames in "/all chat"

    A pretty handy spell. You can go shopping without losing XP or farm the whole day untill you notice a fight on the other side of the map and teleport to a ward or minion. You can save your turret after you died or prevent that this stupid Twich backdoors your just respawned Inhibitor. Long story short. It grants you incredible map movability but no active combat ability.

    WTF why no ignite?:

    Most mid champions take ignite to ensure a kill with their burst damage. It´s a really nice spell, but not for Xerath. Truth is you are almost never in range to use it. I´ve played three times against a Xerath with Ignite and they didn´t even used it once against me. If the range would be doubled or trippled, hell take this spell and dominate! But until then it´s not worth it.

    The "but teleport sucks" choices:

    The same range issue as ignite. Therefore it can´t be used often, especially to kill someone. But it helps greatly to survive if Tryndamere decides to play "for how much do i crit" with you.

    The movement speed can save your day. Due to Xerath´s long range, you should have enough time to run away. It also helps to chase down an enemy since you need to stop to cast spells.

    It´s always nice to have one. In case that no one in your team took it and you are in a really good mood or that you want to play support Xerath (whyever you want to do this?) you can think about taking it. At least you can benefit a little as you can spot for your attacks.

    Situational choises:

    If the enemy team has tons of disables it can help to survive a second longer or two. Combined with
    Flash it may safe your life but I won´t relay on it. However against a Kassadin or LeBlanc it can turn the tables if you remove the silence and nuke them to death.

    More AP, more damage, more kills! Maybe exact the damage you need to finally kill that Nidalee with blue buff, but mostly not crucial. I think there are better summoner spells. Even though the 35% Attack Speed helps to damage your opponent at level 1 while Arcanopulse is on cooldown...

    In case that you are new to the game, below summoner level 20 and don´t have any mana regen runes, you can take it. If not, you should shame yourself for even thinking about it!

    Why on earth do you want to take these:

    It empowers a siege minion who comes every 3rd and later 2nd wave. It can help to farm some gold and maybe even scratch the turret but do you really want to sacrifice a summonor spell for this? I know someone who pledge it´s awesome on a mid champion (Yeah I mean you!). But for real, it´s not.

    A heal will sometimes save you, other summoner spells will often save you.

    I admit, I´ve never tried to jungle with Xerath. If you think he could be one of the best jungler in the game, feel free to convince me. However you should not try it in games where actually human people are involved, because the outcome will be most likely not very positive.

    There is no situation where you should take it. I don´t know what you think about it. But I prefer summoner spells that actually helps me not to die, rather than this one.

  • Items

    I don´t have many item builds. Usually I stay with the same items, unless I need more magic resistance or tenacity.

    Start item:

    I used to hate Doran's Ring, really. It can´t be build it into anything and you need to lane without a Health Potion. But it has all stats you need for a strong laning and if you play well, you can keep distance to your opponent as you poke him. With Doran's Ring and my recommended runes and masteries, you will start with 38 AP what gives you an early advantage.

    You probably already figured it out. But just in case, i say it. Start with a Doran's Ring!

    Early / mid game:

    The next step depends on how well the early game went for you. Best case scenario you´re farming minions and champions until you got ~1950 gold for a Needlessly Large Rod and Boots of Speed. If you need to go back earlier grab Boots of Speed and if possible a Blasting Wand. Try to finish Rabadon's Deathcap first, but if you need more movability build Boots of Speed into Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Mercury's Treads.
    Aim now for some sustain and utility. Buy a Giant's Belt and once you have enough money a Blasting Wand and Amplifying Tome. Upgrade it into Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Congratulations! Your core build is finished.

    In case you lane against a Kassadin or LeBlanc i recommend to buy a Negatron Cloak ASAP. It helps alot to stay in lane and increases your chance to survive LeBlanc´s spell combo. You can upgrade it later into a Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Scepter or, what I prefer, into a Quicksilver Sash.

    late game:

    What comes next, depends on what you need. Is the enemy team stacking MR? Buy a Void Staff. Are the ADs farmed and give you trouble, Zhonya's Hourglass can help. In case that you dominate without fearing anyone and for some reason they don´t build MR, take [item_text=Morello's Evil Tome].

    An example for a full itembuild:

    At any point don´t forget to buy Health Potion, Sight Ward or Vision Ward if needed. They will save your life.

  • Item Overveiw

    Items you can´t life without (aka. core items):

    Rabadon's Deathcap: It will increase your ability power like no other item. It is essential for your damage, and thanks to Xerath´s passiv, it also provides more than 30 armor.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: The slow makes it almost impossible to dodge after you landed [spell_text=mage chains] and a long range AoE slow will help your team to catch up with enemy Champions. Besides it grants a good amount of hit points and ability power.

    Good items:

    Zhonya's Hourglass: The only armor item you should build. Not only the stats are awesome, but the 2 second stasis is a lifesaver and therefore usefull even against other mages.

    [item=Morello's Evil Tome]: It has everything you want. AP, mana regen and high CDR. And the best part, it´s fairly cheap!

    Void Staff: Due to the diminishing returns when stacking percentage penetration, you will gain only + 25.2% magic pen with [spell_text=locus of power] at rank 5 and [mastery_text=arcane knowledge]. Therefore you should not get this item if the tank is the only one who stacks MR. But it still helps alot if 3 or more enemies have bought magic resistance.

    Decent items:

    Will of the Ancients: Spell vamp can save your life, but mostly won´t. I am serious, in teamfights you´re either not in range for enemy attacks, or try to get away, or dead. Spell Vamp won´t change this. But that doesn´t mean it´s bad at anytime and any situation.

    Archangel's Staff: You can run out of mana easily, especially during the early and mid game. but that can be solved with some mana management, Runes, or Crest of the Ancient (blue buff). Don´t get me wrong, it´s a great item, but it delays AP if you build a Tear of the Goddess early, what can heavily reduce your kills.

    Rod of Ages: A good item, but rushing it would delay the core items. However, if you struggle during the laning phase and there is one or more burst assasins who prefer to take you apart, it can help to get this instead of Rabadon's Deathcap.

    Bad items:

    Moonflair Spellblade: If you need tanacity, you should get Mercury's Treads. Item slots are rare and you will lose less stats from the shoes.

    Haunting Guise: You should avoid stacking Magic Penetration since [spell_text=locus of power] grants 30% for free.

    Deathfire Grasp: You are almost never in range to use the active if you need it. [item_text=Morello's Evil Tome] is the better choise.

    Magic Resistance:

    Quicksilver Sash: It purges even what Cleanse can´t, like Nether Grasp or Infinite Duress. A good amount of MR and a really nice active for only 1440 Gold.

    Abyssal Scepter: Xerath can outrange the aura (1000 range). But if you outrange everyone you don´t need MR at all. The point is everyone who hurt you will be in range.

    Banshee's Veil: Since you stay behind your team, the spell shield should not be triggered by some initiate AoE spells and ready if something really aims for you.

  • Sorcerer's Shoes VS. Ionian Boots of Lucidity

    Some of you maybe wonder why i don´t build Sorcerer's Shoes. Well here we go.


    The spreadsheet shows the amount of MR that the target would have.

    The calculations assume that you have:
    Greater Mark of Insight x 9 = 8.55 Magic Pen
    [mastery=arcane knowledge] = 10% Magic Pen

    External Image
    I rounded to .0 or .5

    The difference between Sorcerer's Shoes and Ionian Boots of Lucidity is ~18 MR or ~11 MR with Void Staff.

    The same calculations but this time in addition with:
    [spell=locus of power] at rank 5 = 30% Magic Pen

    External Image
    I rounded to .0 or .5

    Now the difference is only ~12.5 MR or ~7.5 MR with Void Staff.

    In the early game or while you are not in [spell_text=locus of power], the Sorcerer's Shoes will give you a fair damage boost. However, with [spell_text=locus of power] or once you grab Void Staff you will benefit much less from it. And that is why I prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity. If I Compare 15% CDR to ~10 Magic Penetration, the CDR wins.

  • Magic Resistance

    To long, wont read!

    The whole part is about how magic resistance works. I wrote it in case that you want to understand the game mechanic and how I did my calculations.

    Note: Armor works in exactly the same way and the formulas can be used for it.  

    What is Magic resistance?:

    Magic resistance is this annoying stat that people buy in order reduce your damage. On a scale, with the things you hate most about a LoL game, it´s somewhere between players who are Afk and Teemo.

    How Magic resistence works:

    Magic resistance (MR) reduces all incoming magic damage. No matter if champion ability, or item (Deathfire Grasp, [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor], etc.) that deals magic damage. MR does have a diminishing returns what means that every point will reduce the damage by less % than the previous. For example 30 MR reduce the incoming magic damage by 23% and 100 MR reduce it by 50%.

    External Image

    However this does NOT effect the effective health. Every point MR increases your effective health by 1%, no matter if you have 1 or 1000 MR. The effective health is the amount of health you gain due to the reduced damage.
    For instance if have 2000 health and 30 MR your effective health is 2600.

    External Image

    In layman terms, 1 point MR stands for 1% increased HP against magic damage. 100 MR reduces the magic damage by 50%, so you must deal 100% more magic damage in order to kill a Champion.

    How to reduce magic resistance:

    There are 2 ways to reduce MR. Either through Magic Resistance Reduction or Magic Resistance Penetration. The difference between penetration and reduction is, that reduction can reduce below 0.
    For example:
    30 MR - 40 Penetration = 0 MR
    30 MR - 40 Reduction = -10 MR
    Negative resistance will allow to deal extra damage.

    Magic reduction and penetration are applied in this order:

    1. Percentage reduction (Bushwhack / Pounce)
    2. Flat Reduction (Abyssal Scepter, Dread)
    3. Flat Penetration (Sorcerer's Shoes)
    4. Percentage Penetration (Void Staff)

    Flat reduction and penetration are calculated additive.
    20 (Sorcerer's Shoes) + 20 (Haunting Guise) = 40 Penetration

    Percentage reduction and penetration are calculated multiplikativ.
    40% (Void Staff) x 30% ([spell_text=locus of power]) x 10% ([mastery_text=arcane knowledge]) = 62.2% Penetration

    With that in mind, imagine you have an Abyssal Scepter, Sorcerer's Shoes, Void Staff and [mastery=arcane knowledge].

    Scenario 1)
    An Ashe with 30 MR.
    30 MR - 20 Reduction (Abyssal Scepter) = 10 MR - 20 Penetration (Sorcerer's Shoes) = 0 MR - 46% (Void Staff + [mastery_text=arcane knowledge]) =  0 MR

    You are not able to lower the MR below 0, cause reduction is subtracted first. And the Void Staff is fairly pointless.

    Scenario 2)
    An udyr with 100 MR
    100 MR - 20 Reduction (Abyssal Scepter) = 80 MR - 20 Penetration (Sorcerer's Shoes) = 60 MR - 46% (Void Staff + [mastery_text=arcane knowledge]) =  32.4 MR

    Scenario 3)
    The same udyr with 100 MR but this time without an Abyssal Scepter
    100 MR - 20 (Sorcerer's Shoes) = 80 MR - 46% (Void Staff + [mastery_text=arcane knowledge]) = 43.2 MR

    With 20 reduction less, the difference between scenario 2 and 3 is only 10.8 MR, because percentage penetration is calculated at the end.

  • Playing Xerath

    OMG stop talking, just show some vids!

    Unfortunately i don´t have any recordings. Maybe I add some later. But untill then, I do my best to explain it in this way.

    Spell combo:

    Without [spell_text=locus of power] at rank 5 and without or minor CDR:

    [spell=locus of power] > [spell=mage chains] > Arcanopulse > [spell=arcane barrage] x 3 > Arcanopulse

    If you know that you´ll need one more spell for the kill:

    [spell=mage chains] > Arcanopulse > [spell=arcane barrage] x 3 > Arcanopulse > stick with your target > [spell=locus of power] > Arcanopulse

    With [spell_text=locus of power] at rank 5 and ~40% CDR :

    [spell=locus of power] > [spell=mage chains] > Arcanopulse > [spell=arcane barrage] x 2 > Arcanopulse >
    [spell=arcane barrage] x 1 >  Cancel [spell_text=locus of power],  stick with your target > [spell=locus of power] > Arcanopulse

    Cast Arcanopulse immediately after [spell_text=mage chains]. Due to Arcanopulse´s delay, it will hit right after [spell_text=mage chains] reaches your target. However, if you cast [spell_text=mage chains] on max range while in [spell_text=locus of power] and your target moves away from you, it can occur that Arcanopulse hit first.

    On which lane should I go?:

    In the current meta game, the AP carry has to go mid. And as we all know NOBODY change the meta! Or he will be flamed as noob during the champion selection and beyond.

    Anyway you should aim for the solo mid lane simpley because you benefit more from a higher level since all your damage comes from spells. Furthermore you have the shortest way back to your turret in case that you´re being ganked. Besides I´ve never tried to duo lane with Xerath and I´m to lazy to write about it.

    The laning phase:

    In the early stage you should play passively and focus on last hitting. Stay out of your opponents range and if you see an opportunity to land an Arcanopulse without pushing the minion wave, use it. It´s important that you don´t push since you are very vulnerable to ganks, especially without Boots of Speed. However do not spend all your mana on a rank 1 or 2 Arcanopulse. Harass smart, mana management is the key word.

    Unless your opponent can´t hit back, you should avoid to get close for the Arcanopulse > [spell_text=mage chains] combo. It´s not worth taking damage for it since you can only autoattack while the target is stunned. Besides 2 Arcanopulse deals almost the same amount of damage but without the risk of being hit. That´s also the reason why i prefer [spell_text=locus of power] at rank 2.

    Once you are level 5, try to save some mana. At level 6 Xerath will have: Arcanopulse at rank 3 (75 mana), [spell_text=mage chains] at rank 1 (70 mana), [spell_text=arcane barrage] at rank 1 (150 mana) and 582 total mana. One spell combo costs 370 or 445 mana that are 63.5% or 76.5% of your mana pool. Therefore you should try to have and keep at least 3/4 of your mana pool if you reach level 6.

    If your jungler started with the Golem (blue buff), it will respawn at ~7:10 minuets what is soon after you reached level 6. That´s the perfect time to ask friendly if you can get the next blue buff and if he can help you.

    If you harrased your opponent well, he will most likely not come into range for [spell_text=mage chains]. That makes it a bit complicated to kill him. However, do not use Flash for a kill attempt. Due to the delay of Xerath´s stun combo, your target will most likely Flash away. What leads to nothing, but then the jungler comes and kills you, since you don´t have Flash. Or you stun and kill your target, but then the jungler comes and kills you, since you don´t have Flash. Or you stun and kill your target, somehow manage to escape the jungler (i´m serious he will always be there...ALWAYS!), but during Flash is on cooldown, you will die in a situation that could be easily avoided with Flash. What i´m trying to say is be patient, wait for a mistake from your opponent and use it. Every day to many champions die because they rush in for a kill.

    After you killed your opponent or if there is no iimmediate threat for your turret you can look at the other lanes. if you see an enemy who overextends or is low on health, you should go for it. Xerath has a stun, burst damage and long range. In other words the best qualification for a successfully gank. Show them that they shouldn´t feel safe with ~30% HP beneath their turret.

    Kassadin and LeBlanc:

    If you lane against a Kassadin or Leblanc I heavily recommend to build a Quicksilver Sash for two reasons. First it will absorb much of their burst damage and give you good sustain. And second due to Xerath range they will most likely use Riftwalk or Distortion to get close to you, what leaves them vulnerable. Beside their burst damage is the most annoying part the silence. However if you remove it with Quicksilver Sash you turn the tables, you can stun and burst or even kill them. Most Kassadins don´t want to die twice only to cast one Null Sphere on you.


    If you have time to obtain position before the fight starts, you should aim for an unseen spot, like a brush or behind a wall. However don´t separate yourself from your team since the enemy can trace your location by simply following the big green line from Arcanopulse. If the fight breaks out, focus with your team or, if they decide to go for a tank, the AD or AP carry. Even if he survives he should be so low on health, that he must retreat. While fighting, don´t forget that a teamfight is dynamic. Don´t stay in [spell_text=locus of power] until it ran off, move with the battlefield and between your spells.
    You should try to keep at least one teammate in front of you since you are an easy target if you´re alone. He will not only help in combat, but is also a good decoy if you start running away. What, he didn´t make it? Well don´t care about him, he happily died in your position! Anyway, if you see someone´s coming for you , you have 3 options. Stun and kill him with your team, cancel [spell_text=locus of power] and run until he draws back, or you stay where you are and pray that he´ll die first, but I wouldn´t bet on that one.

    If the enemy team intiate while you or your team aren´t in position, there are several options depending on the situation and chaos. Save a teammate with a stun, focus with the rest of your team a target (unless it is a tank), or shoot everything you got into the crowd and hope that your team kills more.

    There are 4 types of teamfights, the good ones, the bad ones, the ones where both teams poke each other until someone makes a mistake. And the teamfights which aren´t really teamfights because one team was totaly annihilated and the word teamfight contains the fact that the team actually fought back.
    When it comes to annihilation, remember: "A smart man knows when it´s time to run like a little bitch."

    Tips, Tricks and stuff that´s maybe intressting to know:

    -Xerath is not an 1v1 Champion. If you can´t kill your target with your spell combo or at least drop it´s HP really low, you are most likely dead.

    -With Arcanopulse at rank 5, you can two shot an entire minionwave.

    -Take your time to aim because missing one skillshot will heavily impact your damage ouput.

    -[spell_text=Locus of Power]´s cooldown at rank 5 is slightly lower than the cooldown from Arcanopulse at rank 5. You can and should move between your Arcanopulse so that your target hasn´t time to run out of range.

    -If you push a turret, activate [spell_text=Locus of Power] if you anticipate that an enemy will come. If you end it, the speed buff will helps to retreat.

    -Arcanopulse and [spell_text=arcane barrage] won´t deal damage if you die during their delayed cast animation.

    -Arcanopulse´s cooldown begins if you start casting and not when it deals damage.

    -The Unstable Magic effect from [spell_text=Mage chains] remains circa 4 seconds.

    -You should trigger Unstable Magic with Arcanopulse. However there are situations where a stun is crucial needed and if Arcanopulse miss, use [spell_text=arcane barrage].

    -If you cast [spell_text=Mage chains] and miss with Arcanopulse, you can trigger Unstable Magic with a second Arcanopulse if you have it at rank 5 and ~40% CDR.

    -After using [spell_text=arcane barrage] there is a short delay before you can cast it another time. However this delay does not effect any other spell and it´s possible to cast them immediately after using [spell_text=arcane barrage].

    -If you activate [spell_text=Locus of Power] there is a short delay before you´re able to cast. If you give the order to cast a spell, it will be executed as soon as the delay is over.

    -If you gave the order to cast [spell_text=Mage chains] on someone who is in range during the delay of [spell_text=Locus of Power], it will be casted even if the target has move out of range. (I think that´s a bug though)

    -While in [spell_text=Locus of Power], if you order Xerath to cast [spell_text=Mage chains] on someone who is not in range, he will cast it automatically if the target comes in range. (Assumed that you don´t cast any further spells.)

    -If you activate [spell_text=Locus of Power] while moving and cancel it without casting anything, Xerath will move to the last position you ordered him to. The same will happen if your last action, before [spell_text=Locus of Power] ends, was to set a waypoint.

  • Final words

    I´ve tried to write the guide so that someone without much game experience can understand it. If you find a mistake or something that is unclear please let me know. As i said before this is my first guide, constructive criticism and improvement is welcome. And by the way the titel isn´t intendet as joke, I realy didn´t came up with anything.

    I will try to keep this guide alive and update it if necessary.

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