Volibear Build Guide

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Volibear, Champion of Coca-Cola

written by godlykoala

Volibear Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Right, this is my second guide, and the first one was written when I was the biggest noob you'd ever laid eyes on. This guide will focus on the way I play volibear. There may be other ways to play him, and no one way is "correct" but my build and playstyle have destroyed all others I've come across. Now, down to business.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I run magic penetration marks, flat hp seals and quints, and flat CDR glyphs. I find it gives you early game tankiness, bolsters the damage on your W, and continues to benefit you late game. The penetration gives you sustained damage even if the enemy team builds a small amount of MR, as they are wont to do if you're doing well.
    I recommend full defensive masteries, with one point in summoner's wrath. This character benefits the most from a solid defense, and ends up doing more damage this way.

  • Items

    Doran's Shield first item, gives hp and armour, good early game sustain, extra dmg on W, hp regen. I've done consistently better since I started getting this item first.
    Mercury's Treads Always. On top of your full defensive masteries, this makes CC a thing of the past. As soon as this item's complete you become olaf, always ult'd all the time.
    Warmog's Armor If you don't understand why this item is in the core build, you need to look at Volibear's W a little more thoroughly. it gives you massive health, good regen, and makes you hit MUCH harder.
    Warmog's Armor This is the second warmogs, and building this way is the same as a caster building an archangels and rabbadons. it may seem odd, but that's okay.
    Atma's Impaler Here's what you were all waiting for, the item everyone always builds on anyone with a warmogs. just so you know, I actually recommend this be your LAST ITEM. until then you should be relying heavily on your burst damage.

    Before the Atma's, you should build one or two defensive items. You ARE, after all, a tank, and having lots of hp doesn't make you invincible. I highly recommend Thornmail and/or [item=Force of Nature]

  • Abilities

    Chosen of the Storm
    Free Mundo Ult. Remember this at all times. The enemy will NOT expect it.

    Rolling Thunder
    Now you're singed.
    First skill.

    Garen's Ult. what is it with this champion and ultimates?

    Majestic Roar
    Ursine know no fear. but enemy minions do, and even champions will hesitate to run at full speed towards a roaring polar-bear

    Thunder Claws
    hit the full hp champs, chain to the fleeing, almost dead champs.
    also useful to clear minion-waves

  • Skilling Order

    okay, first thing you're going to get is your Q. I know you all want to grab that W and show teemo who's boss, but please, for the first two minutes pretend you're singed. you're going to grab a lane with a Carry, throw the enemy into them, and get first blood.
    next you can indulge your nihilism, and skill into your W. make sure to remember it needs 3 auto-attacks to charge, so hit the minions a bit, Q, W, enjoy the harass.
    Take E next, then max W asap, taking your ultimate when you can. depending on your playstyle and the enemies, decide for yourself how to skill your Q and E. I try to skill them fairly evenly most games.

  • Working in the team

    try not to KS, but if it looks like the enemy might escape, take them down. remember, you're the tank, but you might end up with more kills and assists than the carries. If this happens, fear not, all those warmogs are expensive.
    In teamfights try to use your Q to disrupt as much as possible. your Roar (E) also applies a slow, as well as doing damage, and fearing minions.
    If you see a pesky Caitlyn revving her ult, don't be afraid to get in the way. One VERY important thing to watch out for is madreds bloodrazor. If you see someone with one, you have two options:
     1) you can run, starving them of kills, as well as taking a bear-hide rug out of the near future


    2) hit them so hard they shit their pants, try to run, realize too-late they're the only one on their team who can hurt you, and they die.

    I usually choose option 2, because even if I die, my team proceeds to ace the enemies, who, short a carry, don't have much dps output.

    late game, don't be afraid to tank tower shots. run up to a tower with two friends and start hitting it with no minions around. this will make the enemy team fear leaving their base undefended, and they will always come up short in teamfights.

  • Unique Skills

    Volibear has a 'nerfed' garen ult on 13-20 second CD. Make use of this properly, wait until someone underestimates you, and make them pay. punish the enemy team for trying to harass you, but know when to back down.

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