Sivir Build Guide

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written by Robin Sekai

Sivir Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First off, a little bit about myself. I have multiple lvl 30 accounts on both the US and EU west servers, and I rarely play ranked since I find it frustrating for solo que. So in that regard, this guide will be mainly aimed at new gamers and casuals, since I can't guarantee the same amount of success I've been having in normal games for ranked players. Also English for me is self taught(as in I watched a lot of TV), so there might be a few spelling mistakes here and there.
    The reason I am writing this guide is simply because nobody seems to update/post a guide for the new Sivir, and it would be a shame to build her the same as most other AD carries.  As for the tittle of AD Caster, I'm suggesting that the new Sivir is no longer a traditional auto attack AD carry like Ashe, but an AD carry that also heavily relies on their abilities for dmg like Ezreal and Corki, or Riven if you want a melee example as opposed to Tryndamere.  What this means is that this build will be focusing  on heavy AD and CDR instead of the Traditional  AD Crit AS. I will be going into detail about why this  is far more suited for Sivir than the cookie cutter build later on in the guide.

  • Pros / Cons

    You have huge burst damage that will make even Annie/Veigar envious.
    You also have sustained single target dps and sustained AOE dps.
    You melt towers better than anyone else in the game.
    You can chase down people to secure a kill right from the start, even Flash fears you.

    You melt fast if they get the jump on you ( as Sivir you need to have very good map awereness)
    You need to play smart to be effective, most champion do, but you even more so because you have no innate CC ability, what this means is you are specialized in dealing damage so you need to continue doing that to maximize your effectiveness, no stupid Atmog's Build for you.
    You.... I can't think of anything else.

  • Abilities

    Fleet of Foot
    Sivir gains 50 movement speed for 2 seconds when she lands a basic attack on an enemy champion.

    Before the remake, this used to give you 10-25% dodge chance when moving, this however was counterproductive to ranged AD champs since you need to stop moving even for a sec if u want to deal DMG, and ur best defense is killing them before they kill you.
    This new 50 movespeed however is much more suited to your role, start with boots and you will run circles around all other champs at lvl 1.
    Now, since movement speed has soft caps at 415 for only 80% extra movement speed and 490 for 50%, this means that you shouldn't be investing much in movement speed since the more you do the more gold you waste on it which is better spent in your other stats.

    Boomerang Blade
    Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, dealing physical damage to the first unit and 20% reduced damage to each subsequent target. And as the name indicates, after reaching the end of it's range it will return to you hitting things along the way.( this means that you can steer the angle of return by moving after you launch it)

    This spell has seen a great deal of change, first it did magic dmg and scaled with AP, then with AP and total AD , then AP and bonus AD, and now it deals physical dmg scaling with 1.1 of AD only. Now the interesting thing about this spell is that if you place it to hit one target and only that target twice, it will deal 100%+80%=180% of dmg( making it scale 1.98 of bonus AD, AP mages cry in envy). This means at lvl 9, which is the fastest you can max it, It becomes the hardest hitting non ult nuke in the game. With a range of 1000 no less. This spell however is a skill shot so you have to to learn to aim it at where your target is gonna be and not where it currently is. Also it suffers from a very high mana cost meaning you can't spam every chance you get. But we will remedy this with this build.

    Sivir’s next autoattack deals additional physical damage and bounces to 5 additional targets, dealing 25% reduced damage to the additional targets. (only the first hit procs item effects).

    Now forgetting about the bonus dmg, at first glance this seems like a nerf since the mana cost has gone up to 40 from 6 and has a cooldown instead of on every attack. However what some people don't realize is that it R E S E T S your auto attack times, what this means is that instead of waiting for your next auto attack and applying the extra dmg to it, If you cast it right after you launch a normal auto attack you will essentially do a double attack on 1 target.(WoW players can regard this as a ranged mortal strike instead of a heroic strike). This makes Sivir the only ranged champion in the game to date to have a double attack.
    Now the bouncing component means that this does substantial dmg to secondary nearby targets, so if a target half a hit of dying is just out of your range you can use this on a different nearby enemy and it will reach for a killing blow most of the time.
    Please bare in mind that Crits, Sheen proc, Wit's end proc etc only apply to the first target, meaning that this spell scales with pure AD the most.

    The dmg from the extra attacks although it scales only with AD it does however have the advantage of not triggering the return dmg from if the other 4 champs it hits were to have it.
    Before the remake, the bouncing effect was applied on every attack giving Sivir an unmatched AOE potential in team fights. However, the outcome of a 5on5 team fight depends more on being able to take out the squishy dmg dealers of the other team instead of doing all around dmg to everyone. So whether this new Ricochet is a nerf compared to the old one or a buff is quite hard to decide since they cancel each other out. Regardless, with the build from this guide you will be able to dish out lots of Ricochet bounces similar to how it was before while also reaping the benefits of the new found burst dmg.

    Spell Shield
    Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability used on Sivir. Lasts up to 3 seconds. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 150 mana.

    This will block all single target spells including ults such as Ashe's Arrow and enhanced attacks such as the Ricochet of another Sivir or Nasus's or Gangplank's, and the vast majority of aoe spells with some exceptions. This spell however requires that you have knowledge of the enemy spells beforehand, and this makes or breaks a good Sivir player. For new players this will be a hurdle but I recommend that you learn as much as you can beforehand. Sivir was my first champion when I started LoL and I could never manage to use this right when I started, but now that I know what my enemies do I can quite easily make them rage when I cancel their nukes at the last second, and kill them off just because they couldn't dmg or stun me before I do so.
    With this build you can reach the 40% Cooldown reduction cap and thus bringing it to a 6 second CD at max rank. Also since you won't be having mana problems you can neglect the mana regain without having to rely on it to keep your mana up. This means that even if your enemies don't target you, you have bought yourself precious time to either deal more dmg or run away.

    Lastly there are gap closing single target abilities like Katarina's . Bare in mind that even though your shield will cancel the dmg component and other debuff components of such spells it will not stop the fact that they still get close to you. This weak point is most noticeable when a Leona uses to get close to you, not doing dmg but burning your shield and instantly stunning you with her .

    On The Hunt
    Grants Sivir and nearby allies a boost of 25% movement speed for 15 seconds. In addition, for the next 15 seconds, Sivir receives bonus attack speed, and an aura that gives nearby allied champions half the attack speed bonus.

    At max rank this spell has received a nerf to the buff you give yourself(from 90%to60%) this may seem like a substantial nerf if you don't know how AS works, but it's not as huge as it seems. AS works based on your base AS of 0.658 Attacks per second, 100% extra attack speed would give you an extra 0.658 bringing you to 1.316 Attacks per second. Before your ult at max rank would give you 0.6 Attacks per second now it only gives you 0.4. At lvl 18 with your ult on and no extra AS from items/masteries/runes you will not have 1.45 instead 1.65 attacks per second, which although is noticeable to experienced players it is not as a big of a nerf as most make it out to be.

    On the other hand your ult has recieved a substantial buff in regards to your utility in a team. Before it only gave it's buff upon activation to friendly targets near you, now they receive the buff if they are in an area around you( range of which I am not sure but is pretty huge). This means that if your teammates start a team fight without you, you can activate your ult to get to them faster and still give them your buff when you reach them.

  • Skilling Order

    We max out Boomerang Blade first because It is your main nuke and at lvl 9 is unmatched.
    We max out Ricochet second because  by reducing it cooldown you are directly increasing your damage per second. Without the extra dmg component and presuming you are double attacking perfectly with it, at max rank with no Cooldown Reduction it is equivalent   0.333 Attacks per second or roughly 50% extra AS. with Capped out 40% cooldown reduction it reaches a 1.8 second cooldown making it equivalent to  0.55 Attacks per second or roughly 85%  extra AS. This means that this spell increases your single target DPS by a huge ammount while also giving you a burst damage capability that you didn't have before.
    Taking the ult at lvls 6 11 and 18 is a no-brainer because of it's usefulness.
    And maxing out Spell Shield last is because lvling it up gives nothing more except for a lower cooldown. We do however need to take it at lvl 4 since without it we would be sitting ducks just waiting to get ganked.

  • Masteries + Runes

    We go with a cookie cutter 21/0/9 AD mastery build with a few small differences,in the offense tree we take Sorcery instead of Alacrity since CDR is more important, leaving out extra crit since the other masteries are more useful, and also the must take the mana and mana regen from the utility tree since we need them desperately. I will go into detail as to why we need these the most in the Item section.

    For runes you can make any combination of extra AD and armor penetration for the quints and marks , and armor seals, and magic resist glyphs . Armor seals should be flat armor since you might try jungling with them some day, and magic resist glyps should be per lvl since all mages get stronger the more the game drags on.I myself have armor pen halloween quints, extra AD marks , armor seals, and magic resist glyphs solely because they are cheap and I'd rather spend my IP on new champs than making the perfect rune build. And it's a pretty decent setup I might say.

    Also concerning CDR glyphs. If you take the NUKE build suggested below and you want to reach 40% CDR, you can do that by having 9 flat CDR glyphs which give you around 5.60% CDR If i'm not mistaken ( the per lvl ones aren't worth it). The problem with these glyphs is that they are freakin expensive, 4 times that of the other runes I've suggested, I have them on my EU account, but I sure as hell don't feel like grinding for them again on my main US account.   Also you are giving up the magic resist glyphs  which go a long way on Sivir.  I recommend these for Dominion and not for SR since on SR you can always get blue buff/buy Elixir of Brilliance, but in Dominion you can't.

  • Summoner Abilities

    and .
    Flash you need, if you don't see why, you should read a guide about flash. this game is centered around flash, any summoner going into battle without flash either has a champion with a built-in spell similar to flash or is an Idiot. Ok I'm being a bit harsh, but even after the nerf to Flash it still brings so much utility to the table you just can't pick something over it.
    Teleport is switchable based on preference.  As a tower melter teleport enables you to backdoor twice as often.
    Another good choice would be since you don't have any innate CC.
    If you want to make those lifesteal/hp regen champions nice and tender. 

  • Stats for the new Sivir explained

    For this guide we are building Sivir as an AD caster, why we are building her this way and NOT like a cookie cutter auto attack range carry with is because by wasting gold on stats like Critical strike chance, Attack speed, and movement speed we are not improving her spells. And in some cases these items are counter productive.

    Critical strikes only affect your auto attack dps vs your target enemy champion or monster, while turrets and inhibitors on the other hand are immune to crits ( this is why our Sivir will take down turrets much faster than even Tryndamere).

    Movement speed you receive from your passive and ult will be reduced if you also stack movement speed from items. It comes down to the choice of whether that extra bit of movement speed is what you must have in order to win the game.

    Attack speed is in most cases good but it has an unwanted side effect. It reduces the effectiveness of .With no items at lvl 18 u have around 1.000 attacks per second ,if you turn on your ult u get 1.400 attacks per second, voila a 40% DPS increase from On The Hunt. With some attack speed items at lvl 18 let's say you have 2.000 attacks per second, if you use On The Hunt you get 2.400 attacks per second, while your ult still gives the same flat amount of extra attacks per second, it only results in 20% DPS increase. The problem lies not with getting AS items, but with the fact that you would be doing more damage if you had spent that gold on Attack Damage.

    With that being said, these stats are NOT bad stats, it's just they don't synergize as well with your arsenal of Spells as bonus Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction. 

    Attack Damage boots your auto attack, your , your single target damage, and the only way to increase the damage from the extra bounces.

    Now Cooldown Reduction for most Champions does exactly what it's name implies, reduces the cooldown of their spells so they can use them more frequently.  For the new Sivir it does much much more.   With the maximum amount of 40% CDR that you are allowed to have the following changes occur.
    -your has only a 5.4 second cooldown;
    -your will have a 1.8 second cooldown which may not increase the burst damage you receive from it the way AD does, but in turn it increases your overall Single target DPS and AOE DPS( which is what Sivir was revered for). ;
    -your has 6 second cooldown, and since the shield lasts 3 seconds, you can keep up your shield half the time.
    -your will go from a loooooong 80 second cooldown to a 48 second cooldown of which 15 seconds are used by the ult resulting in a wait time between ults of only 33 seconds. This means you can use your ult in almost every encounter. Dragon is up, pop On The Hunt and kill it,  a Teamfight in mid is about to happen, pop On The Hunt and demolish the other team, your team is keeping the other team busy at top, and you happen to be in the vicinity of an enemy turret with minions around you, pop On The Hunt and take the turret giving your team more gold.

    So with cooldown reduction you are not only reducing the time between your spells but also granting yourself the benefit of attack speed, the one from your ult of 60% at max rank, which you can virtually use in every encounter, and the one from Ricochet's double attack capability, which is the difference from  3 seconds(no CDR) to 1.8 seconds(40% CDR) of an extra 0.222 attacks per second roughly equal to 35% attack speed resulting  in a whopping 95% extra attack speed. 

    With having explained how stats work with the new Sivir I would like to go into Item Builds.

  • Finally the ITEM BUILDZ

    (By the time I got to writing this part I was starting to loose it)

    THE CORE [builder=Sivir/1a34610567649dd4d2a1b1ba22d35e42]

    Why Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    As an AD champion you have very little variety when it comes to CDR items, so you must take this. If you want tenacity you can always take [item=Eleisa's Miracle] or Cloak and Dagger instead of Mercury's Treads, but since you have a Spell Shield, which your Ionian boots happen to reduce the cooldown of/wink, you don't need tenacity as much as other AD carries.

    Why   Manamune?  
    you have mana problems ,  you need mana and mana regeneration, and this item gives you not only that but also your PRECIOUS Attack Damage. At lvl 18 with just itself, your base mana, and the mana from masteries it gives you 71 dmg. Without the mana masteries you loose 4 dmg from it. All for only 2110 gold, pretty cost effective don't you think.Also the Old sivir couldn't stack this item up fast enough because it the old Ricochet didn't work with it. Now it does, so you MUST HAVE IT.

    Why  The Bloodthirster
    More PRECIOUS AD, and some lifesteal, as an AD lifesteal is the same as increasing your survivability without loosing damage, the downside is if your not doing damage you dont lifesteal, stuns stop you from doing that, Spell Shield stops stuns from stopping you. See my point?  Now the bonus when maxed makes BT a very very cost efficient item, as Sivir even if you die and loose those bonuses no other champion can get them back up as fast as you.

    The order you do this is, you start the game with  Boots of Speedsince with this and your passive you will have 410 movement speed making you the most annoying thing to lane against since Teemo/Caytlin. You then rush  Manamune so you can start stacking mana and annoy people with your BB even more. Next you take a  Vampiric Scepter, and build it into a  The Bloodthirster when you get the chance.

    Oh and by the way, this core build costs you only 6160gold, thats pretty cheap when a cookie cutter [builder=Sivir/f6f2edd1ce6c650def6ec9e1b345cfe5] would cost you 7595 gold and would not melt turrets as fast as your core and give you the benefit of lifesteal.
    With just this core build turrets will melt fast before you.

    you can upgrade The Brutalizer  into Youmuu's Ghostblade if you wish, to use it's active, but if you're new at the game and forget to use items with active abilities don't bother unless you have nothing to spend your gold on.

    40% CDR SURVIVABILITY BUILD [builder=Sivir/e938767d37237e7c8f5c31734ed6bdfd]
    If you die before you can dish out dmg it doesn't matter how much dmg you do, if you have a good team then you can take the first build, if not  and you are dying a lot take this. Since you have Manamune, Frozen Heart and Banshee's Veil will also give you a bit of extra attack dmg(16.5 to be precise, around 700 gold worth of AD) 

  • More FUN ITEMZ

    Trinity Force  Buy this if your teammates are lacking CC abilities, namely a slow.  The AP part of it is useless but you get and extra 5 Attack damage from the mana to make up for it.  The sheen proc gives you around 160 extra dmg every time you cast your Ricochet, but only on your first target.  
    Chalice of Harmony Oh I was waiting for this :D, this item makes me feel like Palpatine( quote '' UUUNLIMITED POOWAAAAAAAAAH'').   Buy it after your Manamune if you think your lane enemies  would detest having to dodge a Boomerang Blade every 6 seconds. Also don't underestimate the 30 magic resist, when you have only your base magic resist, this little amount makes a pretty big difference in surviving that Annie Combo. And it's cheap too. The only downside to it is it occupies an item slot, and slightly delays your Bloodthirster, which in some games can mean the difference between stopping their momentum or not. alternatively you can buy [item=Eleisa's Miracle] if you must have Tenacity, but you can still run out of mana with this item, with the Chalice you can't.

    [item=Stark's Fervor]  (Tony Stark approved) Buy this instead of a second BT if your team has 3-5 AD champs including yourself and the tank. I like taking this item mostly on melee AD champs and not ranged Champs because you can't usually tell if the range of that very important 20 armor reduction debuff will reach them(1200 range). As Sivir your Boomerang Blade(1000) feels this concern the most, because If you move away as soon as you cast BB in order to avoid dangerous things flying your way you can easily get out of range of your target.  Also take not that armor reduction unlike the armor penetration from masteries and the brutalizer can go negative and increase your damage against your target.

    more to come

  • Working in the team

    You are a ranged AD carry, caster spec or otherwise your role in teamfights is to dish out the most damage by focusing the squishy enemy Dmg dealers. Also if your team mates are focusing something and you can't kill a better target  by yourself  faster than they could kill their target with your help, you better focus on that too.  Compared to before, you can pop your ult with a lot more leisure since it's a proper aura now. Imagine having a Taric on your team popping his aura ult at the same time,   IT IS DELICIOUS.

    If you can't reach the team fight in time to make a difference don't hesitate to look for lonely enemy turrets waiting for you to hug them, since your enemies are probably too busy hugging your team mates. BUT this does not mean you should leave your TEAM to take out a turret cause you want to hug it. If your teammates say they can defend  while you are hug.... backdooring the enemy turrets, THEN it's ok to do.

    Also towards new players who hesitate to help their team mates because they are scared of dying. If you don't help your team and you are the only one left, you WILL LOOSE THE GAME.   Sometimes it's ok to leave the alone,but that's only if your involvement would make  no difference , and you staying alive would buy your team the time to revive.  

  • Farming

    Enemy minions come in a line, you throw your BB at them in a line, you auto attack the minion closest to you ONCE and then press W. Congratulations you have farmed a minion wave. ( This is possible after you've stacked your Core a bit)  If there are any minions left proceed to last hitting them.

    Before you get your core you need to focus on last hitting. Read a guide about it since it's a very important part of the game. Also, practice makes perfect.

    The Issue lies in balancing the harassment of that obnoxious lane enemy of yours and your last hitting. If you don't harass him, he will start thinking he can engage you and kill you, and he probably can since you are the definition of squishy, so you need to put him in his place. But if you don't last hit you ain't getting kills. And it's hard to get kills with Sivir if you don't soften em up a bit first, which is why it's important to do both. 


    This has been my first guide for League of Legends, and  I am looking into adding a Dominion portion to this guide.  The problem is you don't have time to stack manamune, but otherwise you have an arsenal very well suited for Dominion.

    And maybe even a jungle guide once they've tweaked it back to being acceptable. As it is right now, you being Sivir have NO PLACE in a jungle, you can do it, of course you can, everyone can, it's just you waste your talents in the jungle when you can farm better in lane even with annoying enemies.

    If you've managed to read the whole thing, props to you for having high tolerance. I would also really appreciate a comment so I know I've reached some people.

    Also I'm accepting CONSTRUCTIVE criticism,  not OMG WTF LOL MANAMUNE, U R SUCH A NOOB like comments.  I don't have the experience of high ranked ELO players so this guide may very well be garbage for them.  But for me it works, so I'm sharing it whoever wishes to use it.

    Lastly it is my hope that LoL and the MOBA community in general will somehow manage to outgrow thrashing new players.  Thrashing may be part of the game but it's good only when it's pointed at the enemy(My version of I wish for world peace, so whether you believe me or not is up to you :D).

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